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A Bakery Owner Hires A Young Female Shop Assistant Who Liked To Wear Very Short Skirts And Thong Pan

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Destiny Littleton (3 months ago)
Anyone else kinda wish someone came in and knocked the hell out of those men.
Samuel Eraso (3 months ago)
They need to be arrested. That's Child Abuse!
TC Gods (3 months ago)
How does he know what type of panties she was wearing?
Katherine Draeger (3 months ago)
Ever heard of the #metoo movement?
Rosie Gregg (3 months ago)
That is Just plain Rude and Dirty.
Michelle D (3 months ago)
Purple Unicorn Pug (3 months ago)
I do not find this, funny, I find this disgusting. A woman can wear what she wants to work, and she should be able to do so without being harassed by a man.
Ookami Akai (3 months ago)
She had no idea why they wanted her to climb on the ladder....right
nobody Uknow (3 months ago)
This is like a joke I heard as a child. One day, a little girl, stopped to talk to construction workers repairing a road. One of the workers asked her if she thought she could climb to a small tree next to the road. He said he'd give her a dollar if she could climb it. It was a small tree with lots of sturdy limbs so she agreed. She climbed to the top of the tree and back down without even getting her dress dirty. Another worker offered a dollar to do it again, she did. Before it was over, all the men had given her a dollar to climb the tree. Later, she ran home excitedly and showed her mother the money and told her how she got it. The mother was shaken "Honey, didn't you know all those men could see your panties!" The little girl smiled triumphant "No they didn't. I fooled 'em. I wasn't wearing any underpants!"
George Pollastri (3 months ago)
You Made My Day - well done, but my cat that watches movies with me on the net was bored !!!
Babygirl Ortega Ortiz (3 months ago)
How is this funny those guys are perverts
Thea T (3 months ago)
kathryn cotter (3 months ago)
xVZ Gaming (3 months ago)
Bakeries don’t sell pepper😂
Patrica Dyson (3 months ago)
Why does he say Wamen?
Lu Scoob (3 months ago)
Karena Anderson (3 months ago)
Those men are creeps :(
empress kashy (3 months ago)
2:21 she knew.
Munsanny Money (3 months ago)
How the hell is this funny? We are talking about men looking up a womens skirt. Seems like a violation of her personal space to me!
Beamer B (3 months ago)
Lies Verse. Lol.
Fiona Kerrigan (3 months ago)
Nice I doubt it
Paint Explosion (3 months ago)
👏👏👏👏 wow... the worlds most interesting title and topic. Good job facts verse. 👏👏👏👏
Juan Zapata (3 months ago)
Very good story 😏
Japanna (3 months ago)
Please never say thong panties again. It’s just a crime against people with ears
Project zorgo O (3 months ago)
I love to watch this video
Joey the bmx kid (3 months ago)
Yeah boyyyyy😎
Laurel Lye (3 months ago)
Gross 😷 story.
Sameera Latif (3 months ago)
The narrator makes it sound like as if there is something wrong with women wearing shirt skirts or panties and it was the owners fault, he didnt tell her about dress code.
disney like me (3 months ago)
Not funny
Pikachu Gamer CGZ (3 months ago)
The guy who wanted the raisin bread is a perv I am a guy and that is so perverted
FB I (3 months ago)
well girls from my school always laugh at me not cool
Dave McGuigan (3 months ago)
I would have bought 6 loaves of raisin bread!
lamzydivey (3 months ago)
No it wasn’t funny, no I didn’t get a chuckle, no no no. And that’s the kind of stories of men make up about girls. You should be ashamed of yourself.
harleen queen (3 months ago)
C.I. amo i gatti (3 months ago)
Men are disgusting!
Team Swift (3 months ago)
13k views And 5,5m subs
She Lola (3 months ago)
Not funny....
Dona Lyn (3 months ago)
PewDiePie said " respect whamen" 😁
Karla McClain (3 months ago)
No. 1) this might not be true. Your channel is called FACTS VERSE NO.2) this was not a cute or funny story - AT ALL. I kept waiting for someone to come in and bust the guys, teach them a lesson or two, and teaching the girl to dress more appropriately for the job. THIS VIDEO TELLS MEN ITS OK AND IT’S NOT!!!! EVER!!! I can’t believe that in this day and age that men are still encouraged to be so vulgar and slimy towards women just for a ‘quiver’ or a laugh. Disgusting.
Phiwe Mateyisi (3 months ago)
You are absolutely right , I thought the old man would busy them , but no he joined in .
Dark Gamer (3 months ago)
motoman 0786 exactly
motoman 0786 (3 months ago)
Womens fault why were it if you want to wear it be prepared for men to look its mens nature we cant help it
naya shams (3 months ago)
I am conservative person. She should wear it in party not on the job. It is more professional way to work with some ethic.
Cody same difference (3 months ago)
What's a thong?
Yellow rose Of Texas. (3 months ago)
Well........yeah I can’t say what I really want to without getting a flame war so I’m just gonna say this. Reap what you sew.
Groundswell- Carte (3 months ago)
Wow I made it 1000 likes!
quen of the wolfs (3 months ago)
ERICK4431 (3 months ago)
So this story just proves that men and women are not equal! She was dumb they were smart 🤣🤣🤣
Butterfly Girl (3 months ago)
not funny..true or not..it is disrespectful, sexualy harrashment, etc..true she shouldnt go to work like that. and how could she be surprised by the reactions..BUT just cause a situation presents where you can be a pg doesnt mean you should or it is normal, expected, allowed and blah blah..think what if that was your wife, mother, sister, daughter, etc. would you be ok with the men's reaction either way? it is probably true i sadly think...
#Banana#Republic#USA. (3 months ago)
3 1/2 minutes I will never be able to get back. Could have at least showed us the buns.
Christie Kennedy (3 months ago)
I sub
Vanessa Speight (3 months ago)
I love these stories but I did not like this one. The way those men treated her was so disrespectful. I definitely did not find it funny😠😠😠
Mufaro Mandaza (3 months ago)
😭😭😭 my first really funny and useless vidz
Jessica Mace-ball (3 months ago)
I did not find this funny at all so I don't know why you did
Star_81 (3 months ago)
And those men are shallow pricks.
Star_81 (3 months ago)
That's what women get for dressing this way. Plus it's unprofessional to dress like this in a workplace like the one in the video.
unicorn daze (3 months ago)
Oooohhhhh hhheeelllllll nawwwwwwwwwwwww
slykidman (3 months ago)
Somebody needs to remove facts verse
TrueSolunar (3 months ago)
Sinking to telling dirty jokes... This channel has no shame anymore...
Mishelly G (3 months ago)
Sparkly Bastard (3 months ago)
Ruth Elisa Luna (3 months ago)
I am a female and was not amused by this story. Next?!
Elleander 1 (3 months ago)
Wow so funny... if this was real she most likely did know what they were doing but she also has a job to do. People taking advantage of that are disgusting.
Alexander Uriostegui (3 months ago)
Markel1970A Gamez (3 months ago)
I can't stop watching these stories. I love them. This is one of my favorite YouTube channels.
Man how do you wear thong pans?
Rajdeep Roy (3 months ago)
wtf...ur channels name is something else nd ur content is something else
Frances Elaine Thurston (3 months ago)
Some young women are stupid. It is not a great laugh.
Myra Nation (3 months ago)
Loved thisss and i would gladly share this with my friends...
PhantomChaser09 (3 months ago)
That's a title and a half
OmLamis (3 months ago)
great job
Balmau Mohamed (3 months ago)
I don't know about the story, but Facts Verse is running out of quality content and creative thumbnails, that's for sure
Balmau Mohamed (3 months ago)
+TrueSolunar I agree
TrueSolunar (3 months ago)
It’s been like this for MONTHS... Time to jump ship...
Kawaii Cookie (3 months ago)
Sometimes these titles before you click the video do NOT make sense, until you actually watch it. Good video tho
Eden Kelly (3 months ago)
Wamen 😂💓
Review Everything (3 months ago)
TheConspiracy Realist (3 months ago)
There once was a man from Nantucket....
Jayden Stevens (3 months ago)
Thanks. I believe we all need to laugh and not so be crabby. It great to hear jokeS for once. Need more funny and laughing. 😜🐽
Rohith varma (3 months ago)
Hilarious 😂
Kaizen_09 (3 months ago)
Chicken Plays (3 months ago)
I'm watching in school
Bettyann Dean (3 months ago)
I'm sorry I do not like this story !! Women are to make fun of!!! That is an insult & sexist , it was in poor taste on your part !! We women are to be respect for many more things than that!!!🤔😐😑🙄😮😖😠
jada dary (3 months ago)
TheCheesyGuy ur point?
r/woooshh (3 months ago)
Bettyann Dean feminist
gaming eleat (3 months ago)
No I got a bvoner
Sara Wilcker (3 months ago)
I know exactly how to dress to get promoted and paid more.
mr. T 123 (3 months ago)
Fuck you
Flash1080P (3 months ago)
Women are not people they are devices built by the Lord Jesus Christ for our entertainment.
MrYuckForever (3 months ago)
It might not be true... But the channel is Facts Verse 🤔🤔🤔
KCCAT5 (3 months ago)
They recently changed direction in their content..... there are tons of top 10 Etc countdown channels
Frank Catlin (3 months ago)
My dad told me that one
Roki Fakir (3 months ago)
Wel...who love this?
Laura Kruk (3 months ago)
Hey, is it just me, or is there something wrong with the titles!?! The one that’s being displayed in the video, DOES NOT match the one in the description! This is NOT the first time that you guys do this! It’s VERY CONFUSING! Please be careful! Also I DID NOT FIND THIS ONE FUNNY AT ALL! I FOUND THIS ONE TO BE QUITE BORING! THANKS A LOT!
Laura Kruk (3 months ago)
Alan Button 4 what exactly?! I’m VERY CONFUSED!
Alan Button (3 months ago)
Laura Kruk 4
Laura Kruk (3 months ago)
Melanie Smith So, you agree with me?!
Laura Kruk (3 months ago)
furry_ boi I’m NOT BEING RUDE! They’re the ones that said that was supposed to be!
Melanie Smith (3 months ago)
They said this would be good for a laugh, sorry I didn't find it funny either
Soviet Doge (3 months ago)
*Moral of the Story:* Dress like a THOT get treated like one.
Julie Goodrich (3 months ago)
Soviet Doge I have to agree with you and I don’t give a crap what other women think! I don’t wear a low cut top to NOT get noticed! There’s so many women that need a reality check. It’s called the real world and you have to act (or in this case dress)accordingly!!!
Tass Turcotte-Randall (3 months ago)
Or maybe ya know dont be a perv
lamzydivey (3 months ago)
Soviet Doge It’s a made up story! Just to get you guys to say comments like that… It’s the girls fault it’s the girls fault. Start thinking
sam frost (3 months ago)
can you make the titles less than a small paragraph in length?
Sound like my Secret crushed will do when I wear my school uniform.Until 1 day I caught him And He so Embarrassed.
Jayden Wilson (3 months ago)
Here before 1000 views
Kzama God (3 months ago)
Respect Women *Read More*
Kzama God (3 months ago)
+shrek is life no
Mia Blake (3 months ago)
Seriouslyyyy I been trying to click so harddd
Rlly Lol
TheLoneDragonborn (3 months ago)
Lilau (3 months ago)
MACKENZIE13 XXX (3 months ago)
FAITH NO MORE (3 months ago)
Thats a good one!
Ban Dana (3 months ago)
Mailen Greco (3 months ago)
There’s no resolution or ending
Awad Alamoudi (3 months ago)
love your channel very much fan of your respectfull channel
Karla McClain (3 months ago)
Awad Alamoudi Respectful? Really?
Fortnite Pro (3 months ago)
My friend watches Ali then he made me watch I said I roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbaited and so did you
Daniel Hedström (3 months ago)
Wtf does it mattet
Anthony Anaya (3 months ago)
Wow.... Boring. If were a true story with actual pictures this would've been worth my while.
Gacha Tube (3 months ago)
Anthony Anaya Booo!
Jack/titanic/cats (3 months ago)
Second!! I’m a huge fan!!!
Vanessa McCreadie (3 months ago)
Off. Frank Tenpenny (3 months ago)
Early squad We're you at Did it again boy

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