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How to create Christmas containers that last!/Garden Style nw

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How to create Christmas containers that last!/How to advice for the new and advanced gardener. Owner and operator of Sunnycrest Nursery in Lakebay, WA http://www.gardenstylenw.com/ [email protected]
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forexercises (1 year ago)
Love the "here we go" part!  So well done with the good information before and the speedy show after!
V Archie (1 year ago)
Hi Debbie, just found your channel. I have been binge watching all weekend. Although I am in Mississippi we grow a lot of the same plants. A lot of information and you have a gorgeous yard.
rv63 (1 year ago)
Beautiful arrangement!
Virginia N Carolina (1 year ago)
Thanks Debbie! Do you condition the greenery before using it in the arrangement?
Garden Style nw (1 year ago)
Virginia N Carolina No conditioning needed. The air is cold enough to keep it fresh just like a florist fridge. Thank you for watching and Merry Christmas! :)
Marcia Grant (1 year ago)
Looks great, happy holidays!
Lori Cheatham (1 year ago)
Thanks for the inspiration! Merry Christmas!
69juamex (1 year ago)
Excellent video and ideals but sometimes the video seems blurry.. congratulation on your new business.
doowopshopgal (1 year ago)
I was happy to see your new video up. Great looking pot. Congratulations on your new business and hope it blooms and blooms.

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