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ALL Performances Darci Lynne - The WINNER America's Got Talent 2017

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*Janurary 2019?*
Asia Yusuf (1 hour ago)
This girl is so cute she is so good at singing I hope the best of her ❤️❤️❤️
Zayaa Zayaa (3 hours ago)
Nê Ÿø (3 hours ago)
Décembre 2018 anyone?
Shadd Perry (7 hours ago)
I cried this whole video
Para Uyi (10 hours ago)
Porsha Robinson (13 hours ago)
December 2018?
Porsha Robinson (13 hours ago)
Ocean Girl25 (15 hours ago)
Everyone’s focusing on darci and then I’m here like 19:15 ANGELICA BOOBOO
Kids Simpson (20 hours ago)
You are so good at this challenge Darci lynn
donna fullen (21 hours ago)
I love your American got talent shows
Nicole Weidinger (21 hours ago)
Elle Marso (23 hours ago)
Kelci F (23 hours ago)
Simon cowell is nicer then I thought
Nor-ain Pangcoga (1 day ago)
Best WINNER is the AGTs history!! Wow! Wow! Wow!
Nagihan Ayazoglu (1 day ago)
Darci was amazing and deserved to be winner but seeing another young girl as second place/ not winner breaks my heart; ever person came up to the stage but Angelica was alone on the stage; it should not be that way for a person at that age...
Carolina Letveniuc (1 day ago)
Ich will das auch so gut cönen
Carolina Letveniuc (1 day ago)
Geil und Meyer unglaublich
Emmette Buccat (1 day ago)
Is that outfit even appropriate for children to see.Then she hugs herrr😱
Mia Divina (1 day ago)
Awesome this girl is wonderful OMG 😱
The Tarot DJ (1 day ago)
The Tarot DJ (1 day ago)
The Tarot DJ (1 day ago)
Don't cover Darcy's mouth patunia
AlliePlayz ewe (1 day ago)
3:38 she punched it :/ don’t get mad, just sayin
gravity (1 day ago)
Super krásná a talentovaná holka
Izaak Mahoney (1 day ago)
She's my best friend
Sonia Bazadoni (1 day ago)
Me encanto
Leane Boitiaux (1 day ago)
Cette petite fille est incroyable et magnifique 💗
Huguette Zunino (1 day ago)
Un talent fou cette jeune fille super ..bravo
marame lina (2 days ago)
rubi madin (2 days ago)
good job to both of you
rubi madin (2 days ago)
she has some talent all i can do is play basketball
Dhiya Luhan (2 days ago)
I'm from Indonesia :)
sayema khatun (2 days ago)
December 2018???
choomeilan (2 days ago)
The Tarot DJ (2 days ago)
How could you patunia
Kylee Sommerfield (2 days ago)
They were both so good. I feel so bad though because they were bffs then they felt bad because they knew one was gonna win😂😢 also Simon at 19:17 the only one comforting Angelica. This just shows how much nicer Simon is now😂
terrance wellner (2 days ago)
this girl is incredible
Is so (2 days ago)
The girl is so beatiful! The girl becomes later so so Beatiful!!😍
Kinga (2 days ago)
What is this music? 3:24
Gave 🔼
lps Dumle Daim (2 days ago)
Pero aslo en espallol culia.
Woman S (2 days ago)
Angelica n Darci Sso Lovely💓💓💓💓💓
H2Ø Fahri (3 days ago)
I love all of her puppets they're so cute and adorable It make me feel to do it
Hrithik Mhatre (3 days ago)
Fake video
Nicholas Maietta (3 days ago)
This young lady is bursting with real talent!
Flávia Daiane (3 days ago)
Era bom a tradução kkkk
Mr. muffin (3 days ago)
The winner of 1 million dollars is Dacy line 😁😀
Mr. muffin (3 days ago)
someone say Angelica boo boo in 19:13
BendyBro (3 days ago)
Alexzhul _HD (3 days ago)
She is beautiful
Cheddar cheeseCake (3 days ago)
At the first one when Darci got the golden buzzer, i got heartbroken shes so sweet 💕
Raquel Sillitoe (3 days ago)
Darci Lynn will forever be my favourite AGT winner.
Giuseppe foci (3 days ago)
la prima canzone é musica da film di tarantino
Abraham ZHANG (3 days ago)
Love Darci!!! Watched this many times!!! PS, guys ,who knows the background music of first golden buzzer??
Uzma Pardesi (3 days ago)
*december 2018 anyone ??* ✋
khmer lonely (3 days ago)
hello very nice got talent
•MishMash• (3 days ago)
Micheal Arinze (3 days ago)
I just love her smiles...it could melt a volcano
muhammad hasham (4 days ago)
Love it👑👒
Don 211 (4 days ago)
She looks so much like reese Witherspoon!!!
Keith Spencer (4 days ago)
bellpeppers • (4 days ago)
i-i don’t understand how?????
Genesis Mendoza (4 days ago)
Hamilton family (4 days ago)
Mariam Shehab (4 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Tim Mawhinney (4 days ago)
Darci Lynne is SUPER talented young lady. She looks like Reese Witherspoon, and can clearly act. I hope she has a good agent.. She is just too talented!!
Assim's World (4 days ago)
I wonder what simon told darci at 7:28! I think he said you are a treasure to the world!
Animation Arsenal (4 days ago)
*I agree*
naguri ns (2 days ago)
No words she is ultimate
Landon Mitchell (3 days ago)
Darci:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. Mel b:Were you expecting that. Darci:No😭😭😭😭 I forgot her name😂:WELL DARCI YOU ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO THE LIIIIIVE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺
Petunia has beautiful singing but Darci is so cute😍
Ruth A (4 days ago)
玄 米茶 (5 days ago)
Colleen Little (5 days ago)
Good job Daric lynne
Colleen Little (5 days ago)
Good job Dario lu
Colleen Little (5 days ago)
Petunia is so funny when she sings
Superni Ue (5 days ago)
Simon at the end was great
Christopher Osias (5 days ago)
I think I'm in love with darci
Daralynn B (5 days ago)
This is so cute!
The toys really talks or darci talks while she smile?
Jessie Savchenko (4 days ago)
Darci is singing
Dua Zahra (5 days ago)
The first audition was Adorable<3<3<3....
per pel (5 days ago)
איזה אלופה
小さなのんちー (5 days ago)
この子まじで中毒性あるわ 何回目だろ見たの
みいなちゃん。 (6 days ago)
Kati Jaindl (6 days ago)
Absolutely amazing😍
Charly (6 days ago)
BOY WE GAMERS (6 days ago)
name of sing
Fake Name (4 days ago)
Frickin Hooligan (6 days ago)
Dis shit cringy
Ella Broome (6 days ago)
3:23 That's what got me..💜
can iboy (6 days ago)
deutsch ?
Lovely Oreos (6 days ago)
I love the grandma one XD
Mowcie (6 days ago)
anyone know the song that played at 3:18 ?
Nicholas Newby (6 days ago)
So amazed that she got the golden buzzer
Chloe Matthews (6 days ago)
wait did she forget her line???? when she was singing with Winston??
Chloe Matthews (6 days ago)
3:44 her brothers crying too!
ないさき (6 days ago)
Steven Senjaya (5 days ago)
Darci's High Belted Notes: Oscar: 8:45 C#5 8:57 Eb5 13:44,13:59 E5 14:35 E5 9:43,10:24 F#5 Petunia: 13:39 C#5 6:47 Eb5 14:04 E5
Bryce Raney (1 day ago)
6:47 is Edna not Petunia
saki 0510 (7 days ago)

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