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Funny Kids at the Aquarium | Girl SPOOKED By A Beluga Whale!

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Subscribe to join the #KYOOTSQUAD!: http://bit.ly/kyootkids Hit the NOTIFICATION BELL  to watch vids before anyone else! Look in the cards to play THE PINNING GAME!  Who doesn't love going on a field trip? I know I sure do! I think we're ready for a funny fails video all at the place we know and love -- the aquarium. That's right -- today's video is funny kids at the aquarium. That's right -- the #aquarium . This compilation features a girl spooked by a beluga whale. That girl scared clip was hilarious to say the least. Trust me, you're not gonna want to miss this funny kids video! With all the fish tanks and cool animals ( like funny beluga whale ), you're not gonna want to miss all of these funny kid fails and cute and cool moments! Like this compilation if these kids fails crack you up! And comment your favorite part down below. Mine easily has to be the beluga break at 3:50. Trust me, you're not going to want to miss it! Funny Kids at the Aquarium | Girl SPOOKED By A Beluga Whale! Kyoot delivers your daily fix of LOL kids clips and premium original content for kids of all ages. Come visit us to see all of your favorite cute baby laughs, funny kids, and parenting fails! Life is better when you're laughing! Connect with the #KYOOTSQUAD online: Like Kyoot on FaceBook http://bit.ly/KyootFB Follow Kyoot on Twitter http://bit.ly/2m6YLAy Follow Kyoot on Instagram http://bit.ly/KyootInstagram For all licensing inquiries please contact: [email protected]
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Text Comments (3543)
girly player (2 hours ago)
Dolphins and beluga whales
Matea Miranda (4 hours ago)
Emily lietz (4 hours ago)
Lacorri Taylor (7 hours ago)
Fish 🐠
Ashlyn LPS TV (7 hours ago)
0:02 I think that beluga is saying, “I hate u”
Emily S (10 hours ago)
omg when the kid hit that guy in the nuts!!! lmao! im ded
mohammad karim (12 hours ago)
Ananya Khushi (13 hours ago)
1:01 same thing happened with me at Baltimore! 😂😂😅
eZed00 roblox (14 hours ago)
My fave is baby shark :)
Shai P (14 hours ago)
why does animals do that because they hate being in a pool when they should be in the ocean
Mert (15 hours ago)
Little girl at 4:09 is the cutest
Kyla Kathryna Basid (18 hours ago)
i am scared on the shark
Merjem Kuduzovic (21 hours ago)
JackDManheim (23 hours ago)
2:14 if that little girl is about to say "Gosh, I'm sorry", she is the sweetest, most politest thing on the internet.
Anon (23 hours ago)
Jotaro: my time has come
Aman Bunga (1 day ago)
Shot im buching have a shark
Aman Bunga (1 day ago)
Shot im
Aman Bunga (1 day ago)
Hahaha so funny 😂🤣😅
Chhuanteii Sailo (1 day ago)
FIDEL HANCOCK (1 day ago)
que lindo
Virginia Mendoza (1 day ago)
rianna haymes (1 day ago)
Susan Orlopp (1 day ago)
Funny funny I like the video
00:00 Baby whats didn't Foca
Eri Morales Garcia (1 day ago)
No están viendo que las vaquitas marinas se están extinguiendo i el primer video no da rrisa
Selin Aksu (1 day ago)
Sabine Doe (1 day ago)
Белуги красивые сотворения, в очередной один в этом убеждаюсь.
Brigitte Horvath (1 day ago)
thats more like funny animals at the aquarium
BeepyLeepy (1 day ago)
Acil Dasweri (1 day ago)
0:30 #PhotbomingStingRay Special: Stingray: HELLO MOTHERFUCKERS
gandia gandia (1 day ago)
Angelo Talisic (1 day ago)
So funny
Ma. Sandra Santos (1 day ago)
My favorite is hydra
Depressed Deku (1 day ago)
Baby shark 😏😏😏
Kajiyama Yuhei (1 day ago)
5:52 Where is this aquarium? I am very interested
The beluga whales are soo cute😘😘😘😍😍😍
merry chase (2 days ago)
Some of these are cute and some make me want to tell the adults to grow up and start being real parents.
Kenny Fletcher (2 days ago)
the "i don't know how to spell" whales are like oh no that fish is out of water i must save him
Makeup Tutorials (2 days ago)
Baby TV (2 days ago)
M4sked (2 days ago)
Are belugas doing that on purpose to scare hoomans are wt
Julie Mitchell (2 days ago)
Dolphin saves kid me dun dun dolphin man dolphin man does whatever all dolphin watchout He likes to headbutt
Craig Tilley (2 days ago)
Seeing these animals in the wild is 100 times more special than seeing them in fish tanks at an aquarium.
Sajida Ayadi (2 days ago)
ما شاء الله😀😀😀
Samira Markai (2 days ago)
shivakumar p (2 days ago)
Sai Kiran (2 days ago)
I myself watched this a million times
Creative Family (2 days ago)
Amazing video , great healthy looking channel - keep growing strongly my friend and we hope you like our work as well - greetings from Macedonia
Alfaz Goundi (2 days ago)
Im scared of dolfins🙁 .
Mcmagicgirl You (2 days ago)
Mcmagicgirl You (2 days ago)
Angel fishes
Mcmagicgirl You (2 days ago)
Dolphins well blue whales catfish rainbow fishes all
vkook's child (2 days ago)
7:47 that scared me Lol😂😂😂
JAMZZ_Brag (2 days ago)
vkook's child same
Firoz Khan (3 days ago)
Tae Tae (3 days ago)
I think The beluga whales don’t wanna scare ppl they just wanna play
Reagan Craig (3 days ago)
The dolphin and the fidget spinner was hilarious 😂
Sharon Ulam (3 days ago)
Blue Whale 🐋
Dusean (3 days ago)
0:34 Bruh! Why yo Mom and Dad hate you so much? Why yall do my mans like dis? He didn't deserve this.
Catu Draws (3 days ago)
3:39 That dolphin saved the girl. She was about to be bitten.
Bam Thapa (2 days ago)
Yeah. 🐬🐬🐬🐬
bluberry xxl (3 days ago)
Que miedosos son algunos niños
Shay Jones (3 days ago)
I'm not scared😊
les chats 1 (3 days ago)
Allah pakistan k bacho pr or dosre mulk k macho pr reham farma
Moritz Sigl (3 days ago)
Actually not really happy seeing so incredible animals in the zoo instead in the nature 😕
Super Gamer (3 days ago)
Someone: so you finaly found a Job what is it Beluga whale : scaring kids
ICEDEVIL gaming (1 day ago)
How much do they pay you Beluga whale: 200$ per month
Super Gamer (1 day ago)
+REMIX Clash Royale i don't understand
REMIX Clash Royale (2 days ago)
Super Gamer حخ٩١على ₩٠١٨قب
REMIX Clash Royale (2 days ago)
Super Gamer ج٠شضضحض٠٩جضضضضضضض١١
Bla Bla (3 days ago)
8:47 I'll just act to make this human happy
Mouzasiq (3 days ago)
I love killer whales
Madu ! (3 days ago)
Beluga Whales are so adorable
Jimi Espinosa (3 days ago)
The scene on 7:48 scared the heck out of me so much😥😱😨😴
Jacob Allen (3 days ago)
I like the seals
아닠ㅋㅋ 왜캐 귀여웤ㅋ 카와잉 소오 큐트♥♥ㅋㅋㅋ
Sudi Rman (3 days ago)
Ibrahim AZ bos dan BSM bantuan
Sudi Rman (3 days ago)
tidak terlalu baik
سحر علي (3 days ago)
RNAmy76 (3 days ago)
Its a manantees
Floki (3 days ago)
Do u know when u see a retarded Kid with a big head? Beluga looks like a retarded version of dolphin
BlAsTeR HaMdAn (4 days ago)
Small cat
Hieu Nguyen Hong (4 days ago)
Sea horse
ANDREAPLAYZ girl (4 days ago)
8:58 is so funny c'mon check that out!
PigMan_ RBLX (14 hours ago)
Face to face
potato _nugget (4 days ago)
4:18 wat up hooman
prakash shrivastav (1 day ago)
andy (1 day ago)
Telnith Chanchari (4 days ago)
donde se encuentra
J'adore cette vidéo ☺️😂😋🤣😍
Siuzanna Khachatryan (4 days ago)
Siuzanna Khachatryan (4 days ago)
semaj Her (4 days ago)
B lol...... I’m just
Indira Barreto (4 days ago)
PantsSquare BobSponge (4 days ago)
0:35 nice hair style kid
Zuzanna Woźniak (4 days ago)
braic lucian (4 days ago)
Darukshan Anjum (4 days ago)
Was it a mermaid
Harshini Angeline (4 days ago)
Beluga is really funny
OgZombie PickleRick (4 days ago)
2:33 Turtle was like, was up dude you gotta follow the waves.
Maddy Thomas (1 day ago)
+Aarav Arunkumar omg yes😂
Mansour Sh (3 days ago)
Yay that's ture
Aarav Arunkumar (4 days ago)
That turtle was the one from finding nemo
Carlos 2004 (4 days ago)
Oliver Render (4 days ago)
Subscribe to there channl
Devit Devin (5 days ago)
zach thompson (5 days ago)
0:32 bruuuuuuuu everyone ignoring this mans fire cut🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maddy Thomas (1 day ago)
😂😂😂 right
Шшшшшшшшшшшш шшшшшшшшшшшш шшшшшшшшшшшш шшшшшшшшшшшш
Alisha Singh (5 days ago)
I like when the dolphin get sleepy

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