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The Powerpuff Girls Movie - First Day

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Fluttershy (23 hours ago)
Alberto Cacioli (8 days ago)
This is probably the cutest scene i'be ever seen
Red Spy (22 days ago)
3:32, a meme plays on this movie
Blossy PPG (24 days ago)
"Hi whats your name" The start of my character
Mariam Hassan (1 month ago)
I like buttercup cuz she’s cool
Sydney W (3 months ago)
Aaahh the memories! I don't even remember how many times I watched this movie.
Ciara Laube (3 months ago)
Million times
shadow blossom (3 months ago)
Me love #ppg1992 #ppg1998
Aidan Gaddass (3 months ago)
0:50 - "Really Professor?!"
Kyle Rowdyruff (4 months ago)
Uh....... don’t yell at me for this but...... I may have saw buttercups panties...... 😳😳😳
Helo Joeywala (1 month ago)
Sami Jay (2 months ago)
Sami Jay (2 months ago)
Kyle Rowdyruff ...
Little Magos LPS (4 months ago)
He just like "what have I created?"
Ghassan Algariani (4 months ago)
cute cute very cute 😎😎😎😎😎😎
Jake Hall (5 months ago)
2:03 it’s cute that bubbles calls the professor “dad”
Now I know why Mojo was so angry!! He thought he replaced Bliss!
Kawasaki Ninja (1 month ago)
But bliss doesn't count...it's cause she doesn't kick ass
Gingerbread Mars (1 month ago)
Foxy&Mangle Shipper/Theories Animal Jam What
Ethan mcquat 1999 (5 months ago)
3:19 looks so evil with the eyes
Michael Gian Carlo Juico (3 months ago)
ethan mcquat radio hey star
Labrador Kill (5 months ago)
tears 😢
Breeze Barry (6 months ago)
So Cute! :3
Brandon Kohout (6 months ago)
This explains the origins of the Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo.
Osvaldo Diaz (7 months ago)
This movie really touched my heart
Kry Kry Stott (14 days ago)
Osvaldo Diaz ikr omg 😍
rivera5b (7 months ago)
I love this at 3:18 click like if you laughed at this part.
Brandon Kohout (7 months ago)
This explains the origins of the Powerpuff Girls.
supermariofan03 (7 months ago)
0:05 Don’t you think you should take the time to let three girls who are accidentally created sink into you first before answering that question? Because that is something that should be answered later after that incident.
Blossy PPG (24 days ago)
He was only trying to be respectful
supermariofan03 (7 months ago)
Ciara Laube ...what?
Ciara Laube (7 months ago)
+supermariofan03 Wow!
Kitty Little (8 months ago)
So cute :) 😍😊👍
missadri 33 (8 months ago)
Bubble is so cute 😀😁😄
ICEO (9 months ago)
How old is the Proffser
Kawasaki Ninja (1 month ago)
That Sci Fi life (3 months ago)
Katja Manning he looks way older than 23
Katja Manning (6 months ago)
ICEO 23....I think.
Ezzuz404 (10 months ago)
sheeply Nico (10 months ago)
Aaaah the old ppgs i missed them
Kry Kry Stott (14 days ago)
Pooru Animations Always
Pooru Animations (8 months ago)
an Djininaw The old Powerpuffs will always be better than the new Powerpuffs
Brandon Kohout (11 months ago)
Note to self: Good parents don't leave their kids home alone.
Miss Joanne Moore (1 year ago)
Aww I love this this is so cute. I had The PowerPuff Girls Movie on VHS when I was little and I loved this movie so much I still do I am getting this on DVD soon. I love The PowerPuff Girls always and forever.
Emely Garcia (8 months ago)
I still have mine on video cassette
Ciara Laube (1 year ago)
+Miss Joanne Moore Thank You!
This is a cute moment.
Rohan Hordern (1 year ago)
4:39 Like if yu cri evertim
Pastel_ (6 months ago)
Learn how to type. its not yu cri evertim its (Like if you cry every time)
rivera5b (7 months ago)
Rohan Hordern awww

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