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X-23 Evolution in Cartoons & Movies (Laura Kinney/Female Wolverine) (2018)

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Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23 is a product of the Weapon X program cloned from a damaged sample of Wolverine's DNA. Since she could walk, she was trained to kill Wolverine, but instead she joined the X-Men, becoming his daughter figure and eventually, his successor. 1 X-Men: Evolution (TV Series - 2003) 2 Hulk vs. Wolverine (Animated Film - 2009) 3 Wolverine and the X-Men (TV Series - 2009) 4 The Super Hero Squad Show (TV Series - 2011) 5 Logan (Movie - 2017) Twitter https://twitter.com/SupHeroChannel Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SupHeroChannel
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Text Comments (49)
Dodong Jamzki (7 days ago)
I like the animation in X-men Evolution.
abirami vellaiyan (20 days ago)
Deadpool is nothing infront of laura x23
scetch man izuku (1 month ago)
Laura is bad ass
Andrej Poljansek (2 months ago)
X 23 is laura (dafne keen)
Snoop Beerus (3 months ago)
Holy shit Evolutions Wolverines voice sucks ass
Mayo Tango131 (3 months ago)
I still think that Eliza Dushku could be a perfect X-23.
Logan Jericho (5 months ago)
Superhero Squad Show predicted All-New Wolverine
The prime Master03 (6 months ago)
Evolution and Logan x23 look the same Evolution looks like an version Of Logan’s x23 Can you guys see it or is it just me
zetsuei380 (2 months ago)
The prime Master03 I’m pretty sure that was intentional.
Lora no
Petar Djurisic (6 months ago)
1:04 Logan:Oh come on not fair...
Deana Lane (7 months ago)
Sworm ban Cof (7 months ago)
0:53 Ingeniero eres tu?
X-Men Evolution 2000-2003 Kids WB Hulk VS Wolverine 2009 Lionsgate/Marvel Animation Wolverine And The X-Men 2008-2009 Nicktoons The Super Hero Squad Show 2009-2011 Cartoon Network Logan 2017 20th Century Fox
Tamsicleisbestgirl (8 months ago)
Angelo modz (8 months ago)
Music the final please
SupHero (8 months ago)
Way down we go.
Meijor Emerald (9 months ago)
rodert Goemaere (9 months ago)
Cool video,she’s my favorite marvel character
ALT (9 months ago)
Damn it You remind me of Logan's sad ending
Penny (9 months ago)
And then we call Arya a badass!
Umbra (9 months ago)
Classic (X Men Evolution) X-23 is the best. Wolverine and the X-Men X-23 was great too, despite the fact she didn't get much screen time.
Umbra (8 months ago)
KyodaiKen1979 That'd suck tbh. Kirika is underrated
KyodaiKen1979 (8 months ago)
I doubt they'll introduce the new character if they just can change the future version of X-23.
Umbra (8 months ago)
Tyler Lamb Judging from how the story was fixated on the AOA timeline we wouldn't see Laura, we'd see Kirika Yashida, her alternate timeline counterpart.
Tyler Lamb (8 months ago)
I'm guessing she would have been seen more had Wolverine and the Xmen not got cancelled.
Favourite adaptation of X-23: Logan
Ship Review (6 months ago)
Captain Michael J. Caboose SAME!
Sergio Reyes (10 months ago)
For next Do The Evolution of The Baron Zemo or Red Skull in TV And films.
Edgar RoJazz (10 months ago)
Evolution of ironman armors next plz?
Zain Khabir (10 months ago)
Another great vid from the suphero
Ben Wasserman (10 months ago)
Believe it or not, X-Men Evolution was actually X-23's debut appearance in the franchise
Ukaran (6 months ago)
X-Men's Harley Quinn.
Raghu Seetharaman (10 months ago)
X-Men Evolution and Logan so far have been the best portrayals so far.
Max imilian (3 months ago)
Evolution is where she was debut, the comics actually changed her origins quite a bit, but she's basically Marvel's equivalent to Harley Quinn, in that she was a made for tv character that got so popular she was introduced in the comics and is now a lot of people's favorite character... She makes my top 3.
GreatGreenLeo (6 months ago)
Lol, she was created in Evolutions, not even in comix but in that cartoon ofc it is the best one
Agustin Camejo (9 months ago)
X-men evolution was her origins.
CanadianBlonde (9 months ago)
Raghu Seetharaman YEAH!
Michael Brent (10 months ago)
It soo funny that X-23 Originated from X-men Evolution cartoon just like Harley Quinn originated from Batman the animated series.
Tyto Tech (4 months ago)
My dad said exactly that to me the other say (family of comic nerds)
Neo-Xgray87 (6 months ago)
Michael Brent I guess you can call that being ironic, don't you think?!
I. Th. (6 months ago)
Pelcogo nope. She first appeared on Evolution. She just became popular enough to be in the comics too.
Leigh Silver (6 months ago)
nope cartoon
Pelcogo (9 months ago)
Really, I would have thought she originated from a comic book.
Jevon Jackson (10 months ago)
25 UNIVERSE (10 months ago)
Ummm I guess I'm 3rd.
Do the evolution of Aquaman next, please!
Bustos (10 months ago)
SupHero (10 months ago)
+Random_ Doggo_ good job.

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