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loli cat girl;s

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funny scary stuff
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blab mc,blabber (19 days ago)
Why am i still here, just to suffer? every night i can fell my legs
Stomp Chunkman (4 months ago)
This video still exists, this is awesome.
Stomp Chunkman (1 year ago)
As awesome as always.
Nonon Jakuzure (2 years ago)
What the watch did I just fuck
Ayame Kajou (3 years ago)
When you mix drugs, lolicat girls, thriller and the MIB with Will Smith ayyy lmao.
mewimi (5 years ago)
Whoa projection!
dkmeller1 (5 years ago)
Get your mind out of the sewer! Some "pedophiles" may like anime girls (who display a childlike quality) but so do millions of other people who aren't pedophiles. ANYTHING can be twisted to represented, or misrepresented, to represent "pedophilia", "bestiality", "rape culture", "sado-masochism" and so on. Maybe filth-like beauty-is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoy the cutie-kitties because and anime-girls because they are lovable, cute, and adorable-nothing else. No "pedophilia" there!
blab mc,blabber (19 days ago)
dkmeller1 thats not the part you should be conserned about. You should be conserned that you have comes to this part of youtube!
Daniel Blinder (5 years ago)
also representative of a pedophile culture...look it up....it's awful.
dkmeller1 (5 years ago)
I don't know what this is supposed to be about... Invasion of the cutie-kitties? Is it a takeoff on Michael Jackson's American hit "Thriller"? What IS this? The little anime girly-kitties are adorable, when they are not a bit scary!
Juliet Southard (5 years ago)
I love dis!
Alex Velez (5 years ago)
i swear why is everyone calling them cat girls they are a very intelligent and unique not to mention fascinating and very creative race and deserve to be called by the name of there race if there name is unknown and we are referring to group of there species and by the way the name of there race is nekos so please every one stop calling them by cat girls since there was one boy with brown hair and short not a skirt. i am pretty sure you would not like to always be called hairless skin people.
blab mc,blabber (19 days ago)
Alex Velez ok, they are Felis Catus homo sepias
Alex Velez (5 years ago)
you are an idiot these are not otaku an otaku is a human person who is so dedicated they get all and everything of one anime type that is there favorate and without hesitation
eeveeinhoen (5 years ago)
this is the dumbest thing ever... yet strangely hypnotizing.... why can't i stop watching?!??
Zeke Blane (6 years ago)
Otakus that got funk
Zeke Blane (6 years ago)
Guess aliens are otakus...
5Cats (6 years ago)
Chibi Cat Girls, not Loli... But still, CAT GIRLS!
Nephew Dewey (6 years ago)
dat no lolilcatgils
Mudskamp (6 years ago)
How did u make this vid. It's awsome. Nice it's like thriller. Anime thriller.
otaku4dawinz (7 years ago)
please tell me someone learned the moves and dressed up to do this. if so please post video
Shannon Barrie (7 years ago)
akirruryuzaki (7 years ago)
whitewhiskercat (7 years ago)
o_0 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................
Kujiko 123 (7 years ago)
This video still entertains me... Its just that funny! xD
lynn cam (7 years ago)
catgirls are kawaii *hugs nearest catgirl & gets scrated up * lol XD
Veegzee (7 years ago)
No subs needed! ^_^
Rachel A (7 years ago)
is this a video game or something???? lol! if it is WHERE DO I GET IT!!! =D
Razieli812 (7 years ago)
what i would give to see real girls do that...
VolOpt2 (7 years ago)
Sion-Funky Cat Maybe!!!!
Storms and Saugeye (8 years ago)
Came for the to heart. Stayed for the party.
Fubukio (8 years ago)
Who did this video? O: Is there a tutorial of how to make the 3D Environment and the ToHeart 2 girls? O: I would like to make characters with the same type of faces the ToHeart 2 girls have. :3
Kujiko 123 (8 years ago)
lol the one with the reddish-brown hair on the left of the screen in the forefront is like FKIN A WOOOOO. lol
lucyfag230 (8 years ago)
zombies always have rythem although their dead and look retarted
deanofantastico (8 years ago)
@NYtassu somthing akin to horo i presume?
mewimi (8 years ago)
Aww no Nanako in this LOL
darkninja1012 (8 years ago)
this looks like a video game and i mean an old one like ps1 game
Mr. Nice (8 years ago)
loli verion of thriller?
Andrea Clendy (8 years ago)
aaaaaaw ^^
Vaultmon (8 years ago)
Its good, but Three things come to my mind, would zombies dancing thriller with MJ stop the cat girls. Also, if catgirls are Japans Zomvies, all you have to do is shoot them in a the head. Lastly, how does the protagonist become a catgirl?
Shadowrose54321 (8 years ago)
I think the pink haired girl is the one who is controlling everything!
Shadowrose54321 (8 years ago)
One of the best things on yourube!
Asdayasman (8 years ago)
The hell is the songname?
24oscar24 (8 years ago)
so lolicat girls are zombies in japan?
Hiandbye95 (8 years ago)
50% Thriller + 50% Catgirls = 100% Win :D
lastwolflord (8 years ago)
needs tentacle rape in it.
Vinlandic Horror (8 years ago)
Has anyone found out what song this is?
Rarity Kagamine (8 years ago)
OMG awsome, i love the danceing, its sooooo cute! =w= how was this video made? is their more?!?
Anime171 (8 years ago)
love it
Try Guessing (8 years ago)
That is sssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! I love it to pieces.
Contaika (8 years ago)
Rachel Miller (9 years ago)
does anyone know what program theyre using cuz i wanna make one!!
Blagden Le Corbeau (9 years ago)
CHIBI : C-H-I-B-I ^^
That Sodding Gamer (9 years ago)
I saw this ages ago, and found it again by accident, I faved it this time.
Big anime eyes look ok in animation but when it comes to CGI they look creepy lol Haha the dance scenes are cool.
NackWeasel (9 years ago)
Who's the pink haired one who seems to be in control of the others? (She's the only one whose eyes are open, and at the beginning she's up on the jungle gym looking suspicious!)
Noir A (9 years ago)
What the fuck is this, and why did I watch the full video?
Prehnite (9 years ago)
lol its so cute!!
Merimaidk (9 years ago)
is this a game or something? looks fun xD
A3Kitsune (9 years ago)
Kawaii!! Reminded me of Men In Black, with a large piece of Thriller mixed in.
Tondog38 (9 years ago)
This is, wow, I don't know what to say. Go die.
jimmylee23 (9 years ago)
This was very well done, i would love to know how it was done, i too would love to make one for my grandgirl, PLEASE TELL ME HOW, thank you. this is a 5 star. * * * * *
animeguy2356 (9 years ago)
To Heart 2
animeguy2356 (9 years ago)
It may be from the ps2 version of To Heart 2, I'm not sure, but those are definitely To Heart 2 charas.
ghostlysniperx (9 years ago)
seriously what song is this!?
ghostlysniperx (9 years ago)
if nothing else this is very amusing. why can't cheerleaders be like this
qindarka (9 years ago)
shadowlarkmoon (9 years ago)
=o kewl didn't know that
The_Sourkraut (9 years ago)
shadowlarkmoon (9 years ago)
>.>... I though it was Nya... =3
shadowlarkmoon (9 years ago)
Beginning of the actually cat dance is at 2:58
shadowlarkmoon (9 years ago)
Whoever did this... wow... the video wow... the music wow. Everything wow... And also... wow... I can't believe this is actually real.
shadowlarkmoon (9 years ago)
You took the words right out of my head before they could even reach my mouth.
rougekty (9 years ago)
not a big fan of loli lol...but this is cute.
Princess ' (9 years ago)
lol this is 2heart2
ismakami (9 years ago)
thriller Michael Jackson????
jimmylee23 (9 years ago)
oh this is so f#$^ cool,great art work...a 10+
ReverendSyn (9 years ago)
You go, catgirls! Get down with yo bad selves!
ReverendSyn (9 years ago)
It said "Cat Funky Maybe" at the beginning.
ReverendSyn (9 years ago)
The UFO looks like a Dalek ship.
hesstarr2 (9 years ago)
dermil (9 years ago)
lol thriller neko style
tarblenation (9 years ago)
i was kinda creepy when they started dancing,
La Indeseable (9 years ago)
omg it reminds me of like an anime thriller dance!
taimtodie (9 years ago)
creepy, the more you watch it the more it makes sense, and the more it actually gets less... creepy xD haha hmm, alien catgirls, interesting concept but how does the infection work xP
taimtodie (9 years ago)
xD wow.. it does resemble it in many ways, only time i ever saw the video was on vh1 i think, but still, you have the two people walk out... a bunch of zombie critters appear, and then one of the two original people becomes one too xD hell, even the dance kinda resembles it... creepy
taimtodie (9 years ago)
why does it seem oddly like thriller O.o
OmgSuiseiseki (9 years ago)
Oh, the characters are from Toheart2. I was kind of scared of this video existing for a while.
OmgSuiseiseki (9 years ago)
RavenMG1987 (9 years ago)
OMG Catgirl Aliens.!!! And the are coming to dance us out!! Run!!XD
OmgSuiseiseki (9 years ago)
I think this is the most confused I have ever been in my life. Though the animation is fantastic.
OmgSuiseiseki (9 years ago)
summerdarkgoat (10 years ago)
this was very cute keep up the work
Talkernate History (10 years ago)
Protip: if the title has the words "Lolicatgirls" in it, under no circumstances should it actually contain lolicatgirls.
hypnodance (10 years ago)
Like watching the Thriller video, only cute. :)
Heinrek (10 years ago)
i think i died a lil in side, from the cuteness
Xviera4 (10 years ago)
is this from an actuall anime?
Keegan101 (10 years ago)
That was the most adorably horrifying thing I've ever seen...
tikkshamur (10 years ago)
Funky cat, maybe.
GeassgelionNote (10 years ago)
catgirls:there taking over
TajiriOli (10 years ago)
reminds me of the Man in Black Song somehow
Sapphire Thunder (10 years ago)
must...r3sist...t3h...cut3n3ss... g3tting...brain...-wash3d...by...t3h...cat...gurlz... must...r3sist... Oh, what the heck. This is awesome!

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