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Dyslexia in Young Girl - Tips for Dyslexic Girl 5-9 year Old

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Hi, My Name is Michael and my job is to help kids back on track with reading and writing. I've worked with hundreds of kids with Dyslexia in improving their learning abilities and self confidence. This video is especially for your young girl of 5-9 year struggling with dyslexia. You can find lots of interesting stuff like ‘parent advice’ videos, and ‘tips by age’ at my website - dyslexiaimprovements.com About Dyslexia Improvements: Dyslexia Improvements (http://www.dyslexiaimprovements.com) is a website dedicated to helping parents who are eager to help their children who struggle with Dyslexia. You can watch our videos about how to help your dyslexic child to read, write and learn. Subscribe and get unlimited access to all our free and premium videos. We offer 100% money back guarantee, if you decide things didn’t work out, but that really doesn't happen. Learn more at http://dyslexiaimprovements.com/about/
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