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Women respect men with a backbone (What Players Know)

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How to get a woman to respect you. Are you wondering how to get a womans respect? One of the things that guys often ask me is what is it that players know that allows them to get all of the girls while nice guys seem to get left out in the cold. Well one of the things that players know that nice guys don't know is that women respect men with a backbone. A lot of times you see women dictating what they want a man to be like and you see a lot of men running around trying to be that man but that doesn't mean that is the person they are actually going to date. If you want to get the respect of a woman and maintain her interest in you, you need to understand that women respect men with a backbone. Watch this Chazz Ellis Guys Channel video to learn more about how to get respect from a woman. Phone consultations, 20 min, 30 min, and 1 hour or a Quick Question visit: http://thechazzellisproject.com/shop Do you like the AskChazzEllis Videos? Do you feel like they have helped you and want to show your appreciation by making a donation? Visit http://thechazzellisproject.com and click the Paypal Donation link to make a donation to AskChazzEllis. Get Premium AskChazzEllis Videos http://thechazzellisproject.com/premium Visit The Chazz Ellis Project website at: http://thechazzellisproject.com Like the AskChazzEllis Facebook page: http://facebook.com/chazzellis Subscribe on YouTube !
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Dudu Yxl (2 months ago)
So, you are saying when I say “ A real man will never hit woman” , he should be saying “NO! I will do what I want to do, the way I want to do!” ???? Please be more specific because there a lot of dumb fuck men out there who will use your words to be straight up RUDE and DESRESPECTFUL.
Don't listen to them ...My happiness is key and if im happy u will be happy ♎♏♎
Lawrence Davies (6 months ago)
These women are so deceitful this is why I stay single and do me
Mission Possible (8 months ago)
"Be an emotional whore" please tell me I heard that right...
Ray Allen (8 months ago)
Women are a bunch of loosers in their own way most of them can find a man they really like so they settle for potentials they can mold into what they want. I mean why do we live in a society where the men are always ready to accept a woman for what ever fucked up flaws she might have. But on the other hand there are 1000 things a man must know of himself before he can get a woman .the reason is most women are childish an unrealistic about life an survival. In all reality they full of them selfs. I advise you to take a good look at your grandmother or your grate grandmother if you have one because that's the last generation of realistic women you.ll ever see
Ray Allen (8 months ago)
I was with a girl who tried every thing to change me from the way I dress to the type of music i listen to she tried to get me to change my lifestyle because I workout a lot. So I showed backbone I told her fuckoff I ain't doing it. So guess what she realised she couldn't control me an we broke up.so I wanna know what's you point
richard caines (1 month ago)
The point is, although she is no longer around to torment you, you can still rest assured she respects you for having the backbone to kick her ass to the curb, instead of keeping her around to nag the hell out of you on a constant basis
your name has power (1 month ago)
She still respect you and cause women are fucking dumb only time a women is right is when you tell them what to do women. All women are ignorant
Big Terry (8 months ago)
Ray Allen is
Jaime Smith (1 year ago)
Women are confusing honestly they want us to be ourselves but in the same breath want to mold us into what they want us to be but thats some women definitely not all
Jaime Smith (1 year ago)
+Theuniverse Isaniceplace you right i will always be myself if they cant accept they can gtfo lol
Jaime Smith Be yourself, fuck what these bitches want. She will get wet if you do what I told you. That's the secret.
Agustin Magallon (1 year ago)
Truth Brother Chazz Ellis You need to mention Financial Security ,Romance to ignite her Chemistry, Great Video Brother Chazz , Keep Up the Great Work I Wish You the Best Brother Chazz!!
Jutta Fisher (1 year ago)
Maurice Hightower (1 year ago)
it's stupid fuck that I'm my own man if they like me or not
Beauty In The Streetz (2 years ago)
Beauty In The Streetz (2 years ago)
Miss Tonya c007 (2 years ago)
yes!! we need more men with backbones that I'm not abusive. some women are too sensitive and probably don't have enough males in their family to handle a man with a backbone. And I say this because if you have enough fluids around you growing up or in your circle of friends who can give you that mirror insight into the male mind and men who speak up and give their point of view about a certain situation like a brother, a cousin, and most importantly a father!, you are more adjusted to hearing what a man has to say and accepting a man's position on something. I've noticed that these so-called Independent Women have way too many women wall to wall in their family constantly running things and being boss chicks. now you know when you did too many women together nothing but chaos comes out of it. it is just not healthy for too many men and too many women to congregate independently with themselves. 😏 my point is that most women in the black community just don't like hearing what men have to say weather the man are of the caveman variety or of the sobriety. Why is that?? The truth hurts and we as humans or as women, constantly avoid handling things head-on and that's how men handle things. I'm just going to keep it on everything they even if there are 500 pounds and insist on wearing mini skirts. It hurts the woman's feelings to hear from a man that they are way too heavy to be dressing as if they are size 10. their feelings get hurt and they interpret it in their DELUSIONAL minds as: *"UGH.. He's too controlling... he just trying to keep me from attracting a man's attention and sounding the dinner bell because a lot of men would think I'm IRRESISTIBLE & SEXY in this uncomfortably tight bodycon dress and he's too insecure to handle the attention that I will get!! he insecurrrrr...🙄"_* but really the man could be gently and nicely pointing out: *"that you may not have noticed you've gained a good amount of weight and now the dress is SUPER SNUG and shows every crack and crevice, dent & crater in your butt like the surface of the Moon and I don't want you to go out looking like that and have people laugh at you. so I'm going to tell you before you leave the house so that you won't hear them laughing and then blame me for not letting you know that people were laughing at your butt hanging out at Red Lobster, and then I'll be in the doghouse later._* this is a true story: a couple of months ago I was in Bahama Breeze and two black women walk in with their dates and the women look easily close to 300 pounds and they had skin tight dresses on that was way too short for them! And there dates were walking a good distance behind them because they were so embarrassed... The men looked uncomfortable in their facial expressions and pretended as if they were asking the maitre d a question and then they went to the bathroom together and left the women to see themselves and the women didn't even notice! Talk about being oblivious... Everyone in the restaurant was looking at them as if they were real life Gremlins who walked into the restaurant it was still noticeable. These women were laughing and talking to themselves and looking ridiculous and they were loud and obnoxious. I felt embarrassed for them and their dates... and I guarantee that if the men would have said something to them, these women would have went off on them and CUSSED the men out if they would have had a backbone and not let them leave the house that way. I am not kidding when I tell you to mail work humiliated and embarrassed and they stayed in that bathroom for a good while and women totally didn't even act like they wondered why the men were back there so long because they were so self absorbed into the fact they thought they looked so fly and people were staring at them for all the wrong reasons. This is why women need to shut their holes and hearing our men out when they are trying to voice something to us. We're not perfect and we will talk over you at times but for the most part and man knows that we will take their Sage advice and do the right thing, we will be in a better position relationship in the black community. it hurts to pry ourselves away from being selfish but it did have great ideas and they are a lot more balanced than most of us women so we should give them a platform so that they can rise up. Me and with that both are absolutely necessary for society otherwise we will get nowhere if women ran everything and controlled everything especially marriages and FAMILIES! anyone who claims to be a Christian would agree with me I'm sorry because the almighty God instituted families for a reason and put them in head of a woman for a reason and that's Direction and protection - *1 Corinthians 11:3-"But I want you to know that the head of every man is the Christ;+ in turn, the head of a woman is the man;+ in turn, the head of the Christ is God.+* 👌😏
Nick Beam (2 years ago)
Miss Tonya c007 - I love your mentality,why can't more of women think as you..I know your husband is a proud man.
Miss Tonya c007 (2 years ago)
+Nick Beam thank you for your comment also. the comment section can be a jungle so it's nice to converse with people who want to have a civil and meaningful conversation. I'm really glad that you brought to point out about these hard-headed black women running behind the white authority of America shovel and support and respect in the white man's lap. I am not black power and all that jazz I do believe in solid black family because I help build one of my own with children born in wedlock, but it is a slap in the face to black men when black women throw black men under the bus and it's all of them, and I mean all of them are no good and nothing comes out of the white man's hand at the drop of a hat. That's just uncalled for and it shows how shortsighted these type of women are. and I do believe that to each race its own and white people really should take out their own white trash and black trash should be taken out by black people. there are a mountain of problems within our race going all the way back to slavery that it's extremely painful to sort through exactly what happened and when and why. taking care of what goes on between your four walls and up under your roof is the best way to fight back against black apathy and set a good example and build yourself and family Brick by Brick. Even though a woman or man is single with or without children this still applies Kama its proverbial self empowerment and self-help. the next relationship you enter into, you will have more to bring to the table and there will be more of you to love, because the last relationship empty you out. That's just a suggestion that I'm trying to embrace and run with personally.
Nick Beam (2 years ago)
Miss Tonya c007 -you speak with wisdom sista,and this is indeed the problem,the so called black woman has been PROGRAMED by white western society that it's ok to disobey your man,your husband,and a cording to the bible,the woman's head,or covering.now if our women continue to fall for this foolishness, they will continue to be lost and unprotected. when American society falls,(which it will do VERY soon),what will these brainwashed black women do when the "I don't need no man " Era is over?,who's gonna protect them?,the white man who trained them to disrespect us? HELL NO!,cause that same white man will be reeking havoc on them then as well,and as for the black men,yes a lot of us are completely out of order in regards to how we treat our women and children due to our captivity here in this land,we've been taught to walk away from our families,and regard other things.i love BLACK LOVE,and BLACK UNITY,but where does it begin?,in the home with the BLACK MAN,and BLACK WOMAN,,loving each other,and nurturing ,and teaching our children to do the same in their generation for the sake of our existence. but now that's a thing of the past ,because we've been taught to hate each other.so sad because there are good BLACK,men and women who need each other,but the thing is that we can't find each other because the devil has us going through hell as a people.we are almost a destroyed people with in ourselves.but I like your comment mam.
realniggaj91 (2 years ago)
say Chaz, do a video on female players (deceitful women) if u haven't done one already
ChazzEllisGuysChannel (2 years ago)
I can do one about that.
eddier2k9 (2 years ago)
funny how this is a guys channel and women want to interpret this for them. 😂😂
Miss Tonya c007 (2 years ago)
+ChazzEllisGuysChannel true. I've seen women get mad because a man is going intellectually toe-to-toe with them and have intelligent things to offer to the conversation. They get mad, they shut down, they Pearl insults on the man that has nothing to do with the conversation whatsoever! They get childish and aim below the belt to try to shut the man up. nothing ever gets accomplished! I'm trying a lot harder now a days listen Moore, which is, but I have goals that involve me becoming more and more I know I have improvements to make. Listening is a skill that all need to cultivate
Quinn_ the_ QT (2 years ago)
eddier2k9 True LOL but Chazz already knew (and you shoulda known) we'd be here. I love men/the male mind. If anyone wants to have a successful relationship with someone of the opposite sex - the decision to take time to understand how they think/ process in 2016 is a no-brainer.. I've been outta the game for a MINUTE. (!!) Going in ill-equipped would be foolish. ;-)
ChazzEllisGuysChannel (2 years ago)
Man, that's because the guys aren't as vocal. Men are generally programmed to allow women to dominate the conversation for fear of being criticized.
eddier2k9 (2 years ago)
Andrew Johnson (2 years ago)
LOL! Its true. I think what men have to understand is you have to let your "backbone" be apart of you. Not just act like you have one. Women can read when you do.
ChazzEllisGuysChannel (2 years ago)
Having a backbone is really about believing that you are valuable and if you are not being respected then you can and will move on. It only seems fake when you don't really feel that you have the power to move on if need be.
Nick Beam (2 years ago)
the last thing a woman wants,and especially a black woman want is a man with a backbone.cause then that means she will have no control over him,and this i know from experience. I pride myself on being a man,I don't want to have total domination over my woman,but I refuse to accept b.s.from her.when a woman finds out that she can't control a man,,because he has a "backbone",she will leave his ass,because he has moral expectations for their relationship.as for me,I don't want a woman that random men have access to,I don't want a woman who has whores for friends,cause they will always be a major influence to my woman,and I don't want a woman who has to be in the clubs with her whore friends.be a man and have a "backbone" on these issues,and I promise you today's woman,especially the black woman will leave your ass cause she will have to be in order,and we all know the black woman is out of control ,don't we chazz,why don't you do a video on that? but if a man insist on being a man in today's relationship, he will be a single man at the end of the day cause women want control,they don't want a real man.
Nathan Robinson (1 year ago)
Nick Beam . "I pride myself on being a man" and that's exactly what will be used to manipulate and destroy you. being a man is a ideology that dont real but designed to have you forever chasing it. pride yourself on being what you are or can be in the moment it needs you to be. no one knows what we are which is why we're given labels.
Nick Beam (2 years ago)
AllHailKingRyan -and trust me bruh,she was definitely enjoying the life I was providing for her,she just had to bite the devils apple.
Nick Beam (2 years ago)
AllHailKingRyan -like you said,she's immature,now that she see a that the grass ain't green on the otherside,she calls everyday now.i don't say much to her,I'll just let her see everthing I was trying to tell her for herself.
AllHailKingRyan (2 years ago)
I feel for you bro, Ive been in a similar situation. But you have to ask yourself honestly. If she was really enjoying the life you were giving her, would she really be so easily persuaded by her friends to ruin ya'll relationship? Women do not leave men they are head over heels in love with. They dont even do anything small to jeopardize the relationship.
Nick Beam (2 years ago)
AllHailKingRyan -yeah,immature,and the fact that I think she couldn't handle a real man,but it is what it is bruh.i think her mom was jealous too.
parisryan (2 years ago)
The same goes for women we have to have a back bone otherwise men will walk all over you

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