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Oracle DBA, SPfile and Pfile, Initialization parameters, 1e14

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Oracle initialization parameter file
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Tiku Tiku (1 year ago)
Hello....Thanks for the video. It is very enlightening. I can't startup my database. It signals error code ORA-09925: unable to create audit trail file. I can not get to my sql prompt line to startup the database using a pfile. Can you help me please with some ideas?
Johnny Phan (2 years ago)
Thank you my friend... I like... where can I find the rest of video...
aswini balaka (3 years ago)
its verrry nice explanation sir thank u!!
naushad naleer (3 years ago)
Thank you.
mutukuris (6 years ago)
very good video.. good explanation.. it was clear..
Atif Ansari (6 years ago)
thanx..... alot...
hammadshams (6 years ago)
@npareek29588 Thanks for the comments. You could have pressed like button to help improve the rating on this video.
nishant pareek (6 years ago)
thank u very much for valuable practical....

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