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Cats mating - Group cats mating on the street

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Cats mating - Group cats mating on the street. Between cars on road and the fence cats mating. Four cats participate in the group mating. Three cat in love with white cat with blue eyes. Today I filming for you funny videos of cats mating. Link annotation: https://youtu.be/SwcEml_tEBY
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Text Comments (7069)
The Legend27 (5 minutes ago)
1:04 that black cats like *NOPE NU UH NOOP NOT GONNA WATCH YALL DO IT AGAIN*
Dude Dude (6 hours ago)
to idiot people:this is not rape
PsyMatterTH (9 hours ago)
So........is this rape?
F C (13 hours ago)
That fluffy cat will make some beautiful kittens!
LeoNtheMLGpro (1 day ago)
Everybody Clicking this: what the hell did I click
tundahking (1 day ago)
Didn't like the black one
it's just ken (2 days ago)
black cat: oo she fine ginger cat: DIBS fluffy cat: TOO LATE!
Papa Stalin (2 days ago)
Aflatoon Kaalia (2 days ago)
Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us Fucking devils around us
Arrow Likexit (2 days ago)
Title : Cats Mating Australia: Am I a joke to you!?
Josh Wright (2 days ago)
She’s a hoe
[bagelz likepatatoes] (2 days ago)
y is there 14k likes??
Msblck Rsx (2 days ago)
Pity her
KING- PK (3 days ago)
Cats seem so innocent until proven kinky
javi jav (3 days ago)
i am touch in my pussy mmmm ahh UUO I like Porn hub
devil animations (3 days ago)
What a slut pussy look like
Knala_ eco (3 days ago)
If she’s getting raped why don’t you help her She looks like a kitten
Anthony Angelo (4 days ago)
2:10 the red cat. Wtf bitch u ain't let me finish hittin hahahaha
Anthony Angelo (4 days ago)
Gang raped kitty. The neighhood ho
Winter Wyatt (4 days ago)
white cat:get this fat bitch off me fat cat:come back babe 1:00
SharLo (4 days ago)
That black cat raped the white one when it wanted to get away
SharLo (4 days ago)
That cat was cheating
İbrahim Tevfik Uyar (4 days ago)
That white cat is some fuckin' racist didn't let that black one mate with her
Devon Peavy (5 days ago)
This is the crazyist thing I ever seen on a cat type Chanel
Dat Poyo (5 days ago)
Oh Robin~ Whatcha You Got Yourself INTO ;) 2:24 'Why are you Running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?'
yanuka herudell (5 days ago)
How did i end up seeing this? *i wss bored, ok?*
James Lustre (6 days ago)
This is just normal.
xxDragon_Wolf (6 days ago)
Cat porn? what am I doing
roland harkai (6 days ago)
I think the cats are sexing with the white one because it a white female cat right? right
Arthur Morgan (6 days ago)
The cat got Raped
Richard Chung (7 days ago)
7.3M views, I’m definitely getting into the Kitty porn industry
Omy Ortiz (7 days ago)
Let me guest cat porn
ShadowFall (7 days ago)
Fucking Fireheart, Greystripe and Ravenpaw... bros what are you doing
Mindy Miller (7 days ago)
All the dads
Rose SA760 (7 days ago)
So basically 3 fucking rapers raped a white kat....wow
Stacy Tucker (8 days ago)
She didnt like the nigger cat 🤣🤣🤣
Patrick E. Battice (8 days ago)
That little bitch. Lol giving it away to any one
Aaron Music (8 days ago)
Running a train 😹
Gina van der Linde (8 days ago)
She has so many lovers
Kuuna. (9 days ago)
That white cat is a slut
He stupid as heck if you see her trying to warn you you need to back up a from her. Not keep going to her
Åñëśšä Vâłž (9 days ago)
Maddie Castillo (9 days ago)
That what happeneds when cats get left in the street
Этому отдала, этому отдала, а этому не отдала....
ultra thot (9 days ago)
I dont remember this warrior cats book
Staples (9 days ago)
Pretense IsFunny (10 days ago)
thats doggystyle wtf bro
lisa ciarletta (10 days ago)
Why did the person recording try to help the cat get away?
The Keymaster (10 days ago)
Welcome to 285 episode why is this in my recommend?
Aubrey Colbreath (10 days ago)
It's like the white cat is getting ganged up by 3 rapists
Any chances for HIV so spread this way with cats ?
TIGER GAMEGIRL peach (11 days ago)
The cat is getting rap
Honey Singh (11 days ago)
Looks like trump get cucked.
Emilis gamer S (11 days ago)
wayyartone takyinsok (11 days ago)
Tom happy sound is up lol
Đuka YT (11 days ago)
Anna Lisa (12 days ago)
Good filmmaking. Human males behave the same.
灰姑娘小姐 (12 days ago)
4some?? 😱😱😱
Somthing Name (12 days ago)
Why you film this to youtube?!?
Canal Mariorlagem (12 days ago)
Youtube delete this p*rn video
Steven Applegate (12 days ago)
That white cat has lots of boys lol
Bop Bops1265 (12 days ago)
Literally just a cat orgy
Venom fan (13 days ago)
Why didn't you save her you bitch
Visenya T. (13 days ago)
Typical black cat xD
XXX_unknown_ XXX (13 days ago)
*Me doing nothing* Youtube recommendations: *HEY WANT TO SEE CAT MATING?!?!!??!*
Cappuccino (13 days ago)
I just watched a cat gangbang my life is in shambles
Edilson MendozaS (13 days ago)
Armando Castellanos (13 days ago)
Apparently she don't like blacks... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
MiniGamingVN _YTB (13 days ago)
LOL 18+
Nnn A (13 days ago)
Give them some privacy!!!!!!
Shea Jacklyn (14 days ago)
The white cat is such a hoe 😂
Milk before cereal (14 days ago)
I like how it didn't want to mate with the black cat and she ran off then the cat ran after her trying to mate again but no luck and chased her again lmao.
FD L7 (14 days ago)
She enjoyed fucling with the brown one lol
Goat Coat (14 days ago)
That’s what you call gangbang
anna subocz (14 days ago)
CZEMU nagrywanie jak który sie ruchaja?Powaliło Was?
jbinkley22 (15 days ago)
This is seriously fucking weird for you to film and post to YouTube. Now this whole channel kinda weirds me out.
Mincraft Bros (15 days ago)
Maximilian Bernard (15 days ago)
Robin... You live in a wild neighborhood... I mean kittens coming out of wall holes, a kitten sleeping on your sneaker, cats being calmed with pocket beef and now cats publicly mating...
friccimtoo thicc (15 days ago)
That orange cat is just looking at them and not givning a fuck😂 (In the beginning)
FernandoFireFCB (15 days ago)
Lol she a whore...
Tari yhuri (15 days ago)
🤣😂😂😂 kerenkan sikit
kitsune spirit (16 days ago)
That cat is gonna give birth to a multiple coloured cat
Janay Clark (16 days ago)
Who ever said the white cat was female :/
Haha Cats Porn day for Robin 😂😂😂
Ibs Osman (16 days ago)
Like why are they forcing her
pindi boii (16 days ago)
*cat getting gangbanged* Robin: ksksksksksks
Dewa Kagamine (16 days ago)
That white female cat does looks so beautiful, that's why she has 3 guy cats lines up for her
Curious Waffle.cringey (16 days ago)
The poor white cat
Gloria Sommerson (16 days ago)
Did you know If a Male cat Mates on a female cat that is young could turn pregnant?
Gloria Sommerson (16 days ago)
Is the white cat A pillow to you? Xd
Devoid & Sharlo (16 days ago)
Devoid & Sharlo (16 days ago)
@Idk what Iam I know nothing, Jon. This is the natural form of harrasment!
Idk what Iam (16 days ago)
That’s how nature works.
Vaibhav (16 days ago)
That's sad I would have helped instead of making video .
Vaibhav (16 days ago)
@Idk what Iam yup maybe Everyone ignore it but this guy is recording it
Vaibhav (16 days ago)
@Quantum Studio Creations duh stopping that sexual abuse in the end Imagine you have a cat now your reaction will be different Maybe you don't care But I'm a animal person And if that camera person have enough fucking time to record it he could have stopped it when it got ugly .
Idk what Iam (16 days ago)
It happens every day.
Vaibhav What given them condoms loool
Lily Kuruzawa (16 days ago)
0:58 Ok. I’m done.
pasta gamer (16 days ago)
Wow why did i click this video?
Farhan Zahran (17 days ago)
Those male cats are fucking pervert.....L O L
Edgil_Rose Mejos (17 days ago)

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