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Cats mating - Group cats mating on the street

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Cats mating - Group cats mating on the street. Between cars on road and the fence cats mating. Four cats participate in the group mating. Three cat in love with white cat with blue eyes. Today I filming for you funny videos of cats mating. Link annotation: https://youtu.be/SwcEml_tEBY
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Text Comments (6568)
lollipop gachaverse (3 hours ago)
If i was that white cat i,ll beat all there asses up 😡😠
satrio himawan (6 hours ago)
0:24 Like a BOSS #BOSS :v
Tank Destroyer X (7 hours ago)
Ox-Bleach (12 hours ago)
Poor female cat got raped by like 3 cats.... just like every thot in my middle school
Polnisch Feliciano (19 hours ago)
*Oh shit* *Firestar, Graystripe, Cloudtail + Ravenpaw*
McHecz 2019 Gamer (21 hours ago)
WTF!? 😳😳😳
natalie 3 (21 hours ago)
Cat are rapest
TheMaskedKidzbopGirl (22 hours ago)
Doesn't this count as porn? I mean I know it's cats but still.............
Royal Gaming (1 day ago)
Dead ops (1 day ago)
Wow Garfield is getting a viewing
sloth man (1 day ago)
Cat porn
Jacek Matuszewski (1 day ago)
So what and why am i watching again
Dayz (2 days ago)
Gang bang
Game Breaker 100 (2 days ago)
Robin why u didnt help the cat
Squashie TTP (2 days ago)
It looks like the white cat is being raped by all the males .-.... poor kitty D:
DailyOfChloe ღ (2 days ago)
Everyone is going for her. O-O
Boeing 737 MAX (2 days ago)
*Welp, time to clear my search history*
Red Riser (2 days ago)
Somehow Snake (2 days ago)
ding dong u r wrong (2 days ago)
Poor thing 😖 I wonder if she’s blind since she’s white and has blue eyes
josie martinez (2 days ago)
Poor cat lmao she’s runing away
Light Fury (3 days ago)
Why do ppl record real cat porn
Kacper Walus (3 days ago)
XxSøulRosexX AJ (3 days ago)
One like = one cat who DOESNT get r*ped. 😓🤨
foxes 4LIFE! (3 days ago)
that poor white cat!
Cikgu Besar (3 days ago)
Myra Ambita (3 days ago)
The male be like aw man this so gud and female be like its so small I want a bigger one
Damn ravenpaw
CHRIS o_o (3 days ago)
LIKE BOI WHO records cats fucking?
PUBG Mobile (4 days ago)
Why is this cat getting fucked by two cats???
BoCat gaming (4 days ago)
Everyone in The comments be like "why Am I watching this" but The real question is why are The cats watching eachother go and taking turns lmao
Zegovski FF (4 days ago)
Mika Qintha (4 days ago)
Whats mating?
Teayoug and suga Oppa (4 days ago)
Omg what is going on here these male cats must be real thirsty
YeomanWhisper (4 days ago)
Cat Orgy!
LEGITEdits (4 days ago)
Is he turned on by watching this?
Besciotnaia Elena (4 days ago)
Вот это конченный дибил какой снимает его бы этак
Ella Bella (4 days ago)
Oh, poor kitty.. The black one is very insistent.. It felt like he was raping her and she was not having any of that
Jake Robby (21 hours ago)
All three wanted a piece of the action not just the black one
Unknowniswantwed (4 days ago)
She will have aids!
Dr. Boskonovitch (5 days ago)
This is porn ! How’s this allowed first place
the coaster corner (5 days ago)
Idk why I'm here at 1:06 a.m.
Eagles23 (6 days ago)
Cats out here running a train or the white cat smh
ANS SJS (6 days ago)
I saw this my house after watching the video
warrior cats in a nutshell
Useless Doveclaw (7 days ago)
It’s normal cats always do this
دعاء دعاء (7 days ago)
Musa Baysal (7 days ago)
Sapık kedi bu he
Seth Newcomb (7 days ago)
Michael Knight (7 days ago)
She wanted no part of that black peen
Michael Knight (7 days ago)
Reminds me of college 😂 Good times!
brownhippy (7 days ago)
What a hoe
SunnyDayz Gaming (7 days ago)
1 female?? That's just weird and wronh
Beatrix Kiddo (7 days ago)
why people disliking this video? it's cute they making little kittens * - *
hot dog Agayev (8 days ago)
Gemini 64 (8 days ago)
Sherri Peters (9 days ago)
why did I click on this
tøy Ñάςτjã (9 days ago)
Сука бедная кошка заее её уже:с
Alexander Chapman (9 days ago)
Oh my god!!!!!!!
Mafia Level.99 (9 days ago)
They are ready for some *CAT HENTAI* Starting: Robin, as Cameraman. Gray boi as the primary. Fake Garfield as the secondary. N_____ boi as the third. And the real life talking angela as the female cat. they were all payed after the recording
Es por que soy negro :'''v
1=like erase this to your head and sorry to god
3452jerry (9 days ago)
Poor white cat got raped 🌚🌚
Lengliz Wassim (9 days ago)
PIKACHU 01 (10 days ago)
This sex
crazy kid crazy boy (10 days ago)
I love you as a uncle.
Coco TheFox (10 days ago)
The guy who was recording was like "Oh yes free porn"
I hate tiktok (10 days ago)
2:44 that cat rocking that BBC
vinsel barrero (11 days ago)
Poor cat baby 🐈😢😭😭
dtrix10kc (11 days ago)
Cat gang bang.
Danielle Marie (11 days ago)
Shes getting raped smh
Claire月光之神 (12 days ago)
they tree cat want to mating one cat可😓😰😱😨🤮
Claire月光之神 (12 days ago)
wow!the orange cat 。。。。🤨🤨🤨🤨
Ashy Eldridge (12 days ago)
2:08 🤣 he sniffed her butt she just looks at him like "what?"
Tumanuvao Meaole (12 days ago)
The kitty train
Illusive[Brick] (13 days ago)
Did the guy have a sudden seizure at the end
SAKHI 295 (13 days ago)
Cute cat
The therioes (13 days ago)
The street hore
Mohamed Khalifa (13 days ago)
Very funny hahaha lol
It’s Jay (13 days ago)
This lowkey looks like rape
Jesse Bunton-Cole (13 days ago)
Lmao slut
Wolfie Numberone (13 days ago)
This some cat porn right here
Brandon Yepes (13 days ago)
Poor cat
The destroyer venom (14 days ago)
Poor white cat is raped
John Smith (15 days ago)
LOL the white cat drew the line at the black cat.
Forever Alone (15 days ago)
Porn on yt wow
GURNOOR SANDHU (17 days ago)
Seema like a gang rape to me. Poor kitty!
αll thє σthєr mαlє cαtѕ αrє runníng αftєr σnє chíck, juѕt σnє chíck! thєrє αrє mαnч fíѕh ín thє ѕєα, чα'knσw
thє σnlч thíng thαt gєtѕ mє hєrє íѕ... thє σthєr cαt íѕ juѕt wαtchíng, líkє α ѕpєctαtσr єnjσчíng thє fílm. 😂😂😂 thαt gσt mє
ahmed alimam (17 days ago)
Holy crap poor innocent white cat she just got raped by three street cats i dont think she liked it but i am pretty sure the gang liked it i wonder how many kitten she will have and i am pretty sure all her innocent kittens will get raped in the future.
Merlin Cat Division (17 days ago)
The result is my profile picture Edit: 1 female cat and 3 Male cats isn't good...
NGame 66 (18 days ago)
Gang bang
Ты чё её не выручил кретин😡!
XxRhiagamingxX (19 days ago)
0:05 talking ginger is like “why is this 2am in the morning?” And tom is like “angela I will make your warm” Angela is like “I am sleepy”
austin1839 (20 days ago)
These cats don't feel 'love' for the female. They just want to rape her.
Richard Long (20 days ago)
The ginger one got sloppy seconds
Faiz Iqmal (21 days ago)
oo so this is why you got a white, black, and orange kitties
Im Yirtqich (21 days ago)
EllaTheCat ! (20 days ago)
Jeaze!!!!! Those toms really like that one white cat!!! Like....they would just jump on her in turns! And sometimes chase after her when she didnt want to do it anymore! I’m talking to you brown cat! She didn’t want to do it anymore!

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