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Nightcrawler (X-Men: Apocalypse) Makeup Tutorial

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X-Men: Apocalypse is already available for Digital Download and will come to Blu-ray™ and DVD on November 7th! Thanks to X-Men for sponsoring this video. ♡ ——————————————————— Klaire's ear casting video ⇢ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n22BAc2V5PY Product list ⇢ http://www.emmapickles.uk/blog/2016/10/28/video-nightcrawler-x-men-apocalypse-makeup-tutorial ——————————————————— « SOCIAL » ⇢ Blog: http://www.emmapickles.uk ⇢ Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/empickler ⇢ Twitter: http://twitter.com/emma_pickles ⇢ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EuphoricCreation ⇢ Instagram: http://instagram.com/euphoriccreation ——————————————————— « CAMERA/EDITOR » Canon 60D / Adobe Premiere Pro CC « MUSIC » Embers (Instrumental) - Amarante https://soundcloud.com/amarantemusic http://amarantemusic.com ——————————————————— https://66.media.tumblr.com/6d41f7e7418f6cba3ff4161f10f6cebc/tumblr_oad2x8pYfL1uccnfoo1_r1_500.gif #secretgifclub ——————————————————— This video was sponsored by X-men. More info → http://www.emmapickles.uk/disclosurepolicy
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Text Comments (240)
Cinzia Pennella (2 months ago)
Nightcrawer in my favourite x men 🤩
Gigi Chan (4 months ago)
Nightcrwler is me favorite too!
Gigi Chan (4 months ago)
Wow cool
Gigi Chan (4 months ago)
Yeah everyone loves the new nightcruwler
Nerdy Nutter (7 months ago)
I'm really into this look, it's so weird and cool. I hope you keep doing more of these fabulous makeup tutorials! <3
Bat Man (8 months ago)
Bat Man (8 months ago)
Love it.
Frank Coraci (9 months ago)
Amazing job! 👍👍👍
X (1 year ago)
I feel like you should be hired for makeup/costume making in Hollywood films.
Olivia Edmond (1 year ago)
Magnifique 💙
Sabrina Borealis (1 year ago)
OMG!!! You're so creative !!! Nightcrawler is my favorite X-MEN! you nailed it!!!! I hope you will make more artworks like this! Obviously your channel is my favorite 🔝👌
Emma Pickles (1 year ago)
Ahhhh! I'm so glad you liked it. Especially if you love Nightcrawler. That means a lot, thank you! :D <3
Nerissa Crawford (1 year ago)
Impressive!!! And since you're a girl Nightcrawler it does make sense you're rocking a smokey eye shadow. Loved the film and IDAFF what the haters say. BTW great job! 👌👍 #NeyaphemNod
Randresson Vieira (1 year ago)
Hello! I want to invite you to meet my channel. I'm sure you've never seen anything like it
i loveeeeeeeeeeee it😠😍😍😍😍😍😍
LucyThePhoenix (1 year ago)
Your beautiful! Kodi Smit-McPhee is so cute as Nightcrawler! I love Nightcrawler he is amazing
Sketchios (1 year ago)
the ear part was so cool :0
Nadya Carollina (1 year ago)
Omg soo goood
Elizabeth Davis (1 year ago)
OMG he is my fave X-Men ever XD I'm so glad u did this my I could use this technique for me when I cosplay for Comic con.
F JØTa (1 year ago)
Hello Marshmello Girl (1 year ago)
Love it! Inspiring!
Jill Penfold (1 year ago)
So awesome!!!
Dj Angel112 (1 year ago)
ugh I wish I could dress up as nightcrawler! 😣 ur so lucky that ur talented with makeup! 😄
Juniever Califf (1 year ago)
TURTLE CLAN (1 year ago)
Emma pickles, hook up with Timmy tomato and make the booty burger
Flashide (1 year ago)
This is literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Your work is AMAZING! :D
Emma Pickles (1 year ago)
Ahh thank you so so much! <3
Alex Grace Flavelle (1 year ago)
Hey Emma, I know it's a pretty old video by now, but a good tip I've learned to blend out thin latex edges from a teacher of mine is to use a 50/50 mix of spirit gum and 99% isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip. I think I saw Freakmo also do it in a video but I can't remember. It's not a miracle worker, but it really does help with slush latex or those ears you made. Hope you see this and it helps :)
Alex Grace Flavelle (1 year ago)
Emma Pickles Hahahaha awesome. Honestly I'm not 100% sure why it works, but it's quite effective with thin latex edges! From what I understand, the spirit gum in particular helps blend down the very edge without it getting all gummy and gross, and the alcohol just thins it down so it's more of a solvent and less adhesive. Once it dries and the alcohol is evaporated you can go over with more latex or prosaide cream... I'm no scientist but it's a super handy technique for prosthetics like this :) I'm still in school and learning but this was like my favourite little trick and I knew I had to tell you when I heard you complain about the edges haha. You're a total inspiration btw, part of the reason I got into makeup!!
Emma Pickles (1 year ago)
Hey! :) No worries - luckily the community tab collects comments from across the whole channel so I never miss one! Can I ask why in this case you would do that instead of just using prosaide or liquid latex? I thought isopropyl alcohol had no effect on rubber latex? At least every time I've tried it hasn't made a difference to anything I've made with this type of latex. Educate me plz. :')
Dave Armstrong (1 year ago)
the Xmen game is on arcade game room
Dave Armstrong (1 year ago)
play the classic Xmen game on appstore nightcrawler is awesome he teleports behind all the sentinels and destroys there bodys
thumbnail kinda looks like miley cyrus
Alan Mooney (1 year ago)
You would be great at film make up
CaptainBTrixPlays (1 year ago)
gaturrocam (2 years ago)
More videos? ;-; I miss you
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
I'm just finishing an edit and will have it up soon-ish. :D <3
Witte Artistry (2 years ago)
This makeup is STELLAR! Nightcrawler is my favorite X-men and you NAILED him! :D Well done! Is lash glue easier to remove than liquid latex? Did you have any issues with coverage over the lash glue and the liquid latex when you were using the water activated blue paint? Very clever solution for the wig!! :D By the way, do you have an instagram? I would love to support you over there!
Witte Artistry (2 years ago)
Emma Pickles hey! That's okay :)! Oh snap! I gotta try lash glue instead of latex then! Latex always pulls on the peach fuz :(! I'm impressed the water paint colored the latex! What brand was it? Yes!! Oh snap I just followed you on Instagram :) great gallery! I'm "witteartistry" on there as well :). No problem! You're a great artist so the comments and support come naturally :)
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Hey you! Sorry I missed your comment. So glad you liked it! :D Thank you thank you. The lash glue is a bit easier, yeah. It doesn't pull out all your peach fuzz either since it's designed to be used in a hairy area usually. :P I can't remember having any coverage issues, either. And I do indeedy: https://www.instagram.com/euphoriccreation :D I appreciate the love and support! Thanks for such a great comment! <3
Atrillian (2 years ago)
You have such an amazing talent! Just subscribed, can't wait to see what else you do!
Aini Shaikh (2 years ago)
Your makeup skills are BOMB! ++ its my birthday :)
Aini Shaikh (2 years ago)
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :D <3 (And thanks lovely!)
corestub (2 years ago)
did she take down the recent nail tutorial video?? the stiletto gel press on one? I can't find it anywhere.
corestub (2 years ago)
Emma Pickles omg thanks so much! I completely understand why it's hidden. I thought I was going crazy... haha!
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
It's still there, just hidden: http://www.emmapickles.uk/blog/2016/10/5/how-i-do-gel-nail-tip-extensions-at-home It wasn't 100% correct and I don't want to spread any misinformation so please make sure you read the blog post and what to do differently if you give it a go. :)
MidnightCall (2 years ago)
You look better than the Real Nightcrawler xD
Whoop Whoop (2 years ago)
Hi Emma! Is there a chance you could do a tutorial on nose contouring? Or does anybody know a video where she does it in detail?😇
Joyce Monica (2 years ago)
Miss you... Want new vid so soon.. Hope your having a great time in LA..
Joyce Monica (2 years ago)
Emma Pickles that's great to hear .. and you deserved it.n everyone needs a break.. get over the jet lag and looking forward to the next video..😊..need my I wish I could do make-up like that fix haha
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Thanks! It was fun but I'm glad to be back. We got back yesterday so I'm having a chilled out day today just readjusting to the time here but I'm back to editing and filming tomorrow. Can't wait to feel productive again! :D
Stephanie Wiemann (2 years ago)
I wish I had seen this video when I went as Nighcrawler for Halloween. The makeup turned out horribly, and ruined how amazing the rest of my handmade costume was.
Hailey Robertson (2 years ago)
this is crazy good!! I can't believe how well it turned out:)
El Lauren (2 years ago)
I've been watching you for years, love every look you do honestly I've used one of your makeup looks as inspiration for my latest project in my art class you are just honestly so talented 😛
Kristina A (2 years ago)
Wow, just wow. Unbelievable. Amazing job
Durenga (2 years ago)
LOVE IT!! and hes always been my favorite ^_^
Klea Radovani (2 years ago)
you're truly talented
This girl deserves like a hundred million subs <3 so much talent omg
Emma Pickles 😚😚its okay xx hope i can see more of your beautiful work
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
So sweet. Thanks lovely! <3
agathaK101 (2 years ago)
Wow you did amazingly :)
Saku Leinonen (2 years ago)
That was amazing!
AkuaDwarf (2 years ago)
Why dont u go outside and maybe prank someone for fun :)
AkuaDwarf (2 years ago)
Emma Pickles But i mean go outside and prank Someone with the cool makeup u have pr try prank brat😂👍🏼
AkuaDwarf (2 years ago)
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Out... side?! But then I'd have to put pants on. ;~;
XYZee (2 years ago)
is she brad's girlfriend?
AkuaDwarf (2 years ago)
XYZee ur so lucky she Saw ur comment >.<
Alice B (2 years ago)
OMG I luv it! can you please tell me the name/brand of your contact lenses?
Fanette BOUCHAN (2 years ago)
You look super badass (I mean, more than usual). The result looks amazing!
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Haha thanks lovely! <3
Krisztii Harangozó (2 years ago)
Wowo <3 Amazing *-*
imyourhappydrug (2 years ago)
This is the coolest sponsorship ever X-MEN LIKE WHAAAA? Congrats this is awesome!!
zeeliani (2 years ago)
I actually never was into X-Men, but after this video I'm in the mood to try & see if I like it!
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
I'd actually never seen any of them until my Brad introduced them to me last year! Then we binge watched everything the Marvel universe had to offer in a few weeks haha.
Allison (2 years ago)
You teamed up with X MEN!? WTF that's so awesome, congratulations!
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
So exciting, right?! Thank you! :D
Karen Hayward: BOBATAC (2 years ago)
I like x1 nightcrawler
SandraOlufsen (2 years ago)
This looks incredibely awesome :))
Kristelle Lumac (2 years ago)
Tbh you deserve more subscribers
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Honestly I'd take YouTube working and sending my videos out to the subscribers I already have over more subs any day. My views compared to sub number is so bad hahaha. Thanks for watching lovely. :D
Zoe KontoGianni (2 years ago)
Lucie (2 years ago)
Wonderful but I think it was better without drawing over the scars
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
I liked it too but from a distance and in the thumbnail it wouldn't have translated and would just look like a smurf lol.
My name Is Edgy Allie (2 years ago)
that looks amazing! I think I'm going to try this look 😊
Fellow Adventure (2 years ago)
Is it weird that I think you make a really cute guy? I'm just saying... nice job girl and love the look.
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
No, I'm actually really glad to hear that haha! Thanks lovely. :D
IssieWeimo (2 years ago)
I love love love the fact that you give alternative products to use if we don't have some of the stuff you use... it's so good and helpful! :0
Magdalena (2 years ago)
You have some talent girl :)
anna (2 years ago)
Best look you ve done !!! LOVE IT. I Always take inspiration from your vids for Halloween :D Thanks
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Nawh, thanks so much lovely! :D
Nicole Clements (2 years ago)
WOW this is amazing!! Great work!!
ZOD4 (2 years ago)
This is fucking gorgeous. Great job.
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Thenkz Zodling. <3
Joy Rusco (2 years ago)
makyaj sever (2 years ago)
you are perfect a mekaup artist
Macabre (2 years ago)
Lovely as ever!
Martina Söderlund (2 years ago)
I LOVE this so much! It really turned out amazing, Emma. Nightcrawler has always been one of my favourite. I remember being in love with the cartoon version of him from X-men Evolution XD.... I might still be in love with him ;)
Alice Harley (2 years ago)
Wow!! That look is amazing!! I love the colour contact lenses, in the way they give a bright pop of different colour on the face. And funny enough, you look nice with blue skin, it's weird but nice!! lol!! Really love the look!! :D
Barros Autumn (2 years ago)
Wow Emma.. this is beautiful
Neea Seppänen (2 years ago)
Wow you're so talented<3
Fai Khalili (2 years ago)
Kurt's design in the Apocalypse was also my fav one! Another brilliant video from you Emma. Have fun wherever you're going💙
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Ahhh isn't it great?! I love how Kodi plays him too. I just want to wrap him in a blanket and look after him even though he really doesn't need any help hahaha. Thanks lovely! We're in LA now! :))
queenshirin (2 years ago)
This is so cool!! You're so talented!
Ali Morehouse (2 years ago)
What an awesome look! You are very talented!
Evil Sasha (2 years ago)
That is some good looking latex. I use the kryolan latex, and either I use it differently, but mine ends up looking a lot thinner and with a ton of tiny bubbles, which sucks :/ great Nightcrawler, my favorite character!))
Jenifarr (2 years ago)
This is my fave look this Halloween <3 Thanks for being amazing!
Ana (2 years ago)
You applying the lash glue patterns was so therapeutic to watch
Tori Tarantino (2 years ago)
I thought I couldn't like you any more and then you did an X-Men tutorial! Yay!
Tori Tarantino (2 years ago)
Thanks for responding! I love that you try to connect with your viewers. Hope you have a splendid Halloween!
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Haha awh. Thanks for watching sweet! :)
RosalineScarlett (2 years ago)
Awesome! I'm into costume vids that have some sort of raised goop because I'm trying to work out 8+ hr wear "oil" drips for my costume, and I'm thinking maybe black lash glue could be a good route for the face. There was a moment that you twitched the side of your face and the fake ear tip wiggled, and it was one of the darndest cutest things I've seen today, idk why lol! Much love :)
Sarah Spillers (2 years ago)
You are so talented! I think I'm going to be the barbecue zombie you did for Halloween. Hopefully it will turn out good! Thanks for the videos!
Victini The Hedgehog (2 years ago)
I love Nightcrawler and I love how you did the makeup.
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
HELLO BEAUTIFUL HUMANS. I'm going to be a bit slower getting back to your comments than usual because I'm about to hop on a big flying metal thing in the sky for many hours then I will probably enter hibernation. BUT. Thank you for all your lovely comments so far! You guys are the best. I'm glad you're liking the video! :D <3
Corey Wright (11 months ago)
Thank you so much.~ This honestly looks so calming as well.~ Nightcrawler is truly one of my faves.
Bunny (2 years ago)
dun dun dun I'm a new subscriber! Completely sold by your talent <3
Kairi_2010 (2 years ago)
Emma Pickles you're awesome! Safe travels! 👽
Ariel Elizabeth (2 years ago)
Seriously Emma, you kill it every time! Mind blown :D
Olivia Miller-Davis (2 years ago)
have you shaved any of your hair off?
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
+Olivia Miller-Davis HAHAHA. I'm not a creepy stalker, I swear. I've just seen your comments before and recognise your name/photo. :P <3
Olivia Miller-Davis (2 years ago)
You know me? XD *looks outside my window nervously* Haha but thankyou! You're lovely too 😊 I love your personality and you are so talented <3
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
+Olivia Miller-Davis Haha not at all! I know you and know you're lovely! Don't worry. :P <3
Olivia Miller-Davis (2 years ago)
Haha sorry I didn't mean to be rude! You're still stunning :D
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Nope, that's just my natural hair line... HAHAHA. I am bald af tho.
texasroper (2 years ago)
Genius Emma...so well done...super talented....best in life to you...Kent, Texasroper
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
Thanks lovely! :D
Popmax79 (2 years ago)
This is so amazing. Best I've seen all year
Paula Rachel (2 years ago)
You are truly gifted. This is amazing.
Brendoodle (2 years ago)
This looks so good! It really suits you too for some reason :) Loved the video <3
Henrietta B (2 years ago)
Oooh using the eyelash glue definitely helped make this easier ahah love it! Your face is so smooth Emma, do you dermaplane/shave? P.S that beaver gif looks like it takes after the GBBO squirrel... ahaha >,<
Theodore Stagnum (2 years ago)
baby nightcrawler is definitely one of my faves too! great video, emma 🌸✨
Desirée Barrios (2 years ago)
X-Men sponsored this video??? OMG LUCKY girl!!
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
It's crazy, right? So exciting. ^_^
Kasy Santos (2 years ago)
Fuck yeah! I love Nightcrawler
Demon Days (2 years ago)
you know she is a real talented gem, she is sponsored by X-Men!
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
I still can't quite believe it. :P Thanks for watching! <3
Sophie goodyear (2 years ago)
this looks amazing!! This is a pretty random question but I don't know how I can get my latex to blend properly so there isn't a visible line that makes it look unrealistic??
Rain P (2 years ago)
Sophie goodyear use thin films of latex, I applied it with the back of the brush, and it looked pretty smooth
Reece's World (2 years ago)
what does your wrist tattoo say? love your videos as always xx
Emma Pickles (2 years ago)
^ there you go. ^_^ Thanks lovely! Thanks for always watching. I always see your name pop up. <3
Emma Leigh (2 years ago)
Reece's World I'm pretty sure it says Nosferatu

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