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What You SHOULD and SHOULDN'T Buy At The Dollar Tree | Shop with Me [ But First, Coffee ]

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In this video, I'm sharing some of my best tips for shopping at the Dollar Tree. I'm sharing what you SHOULD by and what you maybe SHOULD NOT buy when shopping at your local Dollar Tree. If you shop smart you can definitely save money shopping for your everyday items. Check out the Dollar Tree coupon policy: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/coupons-for/dollar-tree/deals/policy 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 Where else to find me: My Blog: www.butfirstcoffeeblog.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/kallie_e instagram: www.instagram.com/kallie_branciforte Snapchat: kallie_e88 email: [email protected] But First, Coffee SHOP: http://www.customizedgirl.com/s/butfirstcoffee 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. I do not accept products in exchange for a positive review and so all thoughts, opinions and words are my own. All products were purchased with my own money unless marked with an asterisk (*). An asterisk signifies a product sent to me for review or as a gift. Some links in this description may contain affiliate links. 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 Hi I'm Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee! I'm glad you found my video! I'm the content creator for the blog and YouTube channel But First, Coffee. Here you'll find videos on topics like best drugstore makeup, DIY, beauty tutorials, life hacks, and everything else a well-caffeinated woman needs to know! IF IT SAVES YOU TIME OR SAVES YOU MONEY...I'M MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT IT! If you wanna know some more, check out my about page: http://www.butfirstcoffeeblog.com/about Watch my vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkYNT4jsaEoyctqRDNL3Bpw 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》
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Text Comments (1999)
Michelle hernandez (2 days ago)
Leo Nardi (3 days ago)
Know it's late but people tend to say they don't trust in rudiments of dollar store brands. When they actually are such a giant industry they have tons of people watching them and checking to make sure it safe. If it wasn't it would be gone instantly. I'm not mad just wanted you to think about it 😊. Love the video by the way
David Hardcore (3 days ago)
I get the nite time liquid from the Dollar Tree all the time and it works absolutely great!. Knocks me out Cold and keeps me sleeping until the morning. Definitely worth it for that one at least
Matt JVLOGS (3 days ago)
I actually agree with the cheese part. My dad and I went to our dollar tree & bought the cheese and when he wanted to broil cheese on bread it made a weird popping sound as if you popped a chips bag. Never again. We stick to buying the cheese from our regular grocery store.
Amyriah Smith (4 days ago)
Girl u don’t tell me what I do and don’t buy
Poopah (6 days ago)
Hey guys today im poop.
Melissa None (6 days ago)
Gift card means card lol
Onyx Johnson (6 days ago)
the cheese was vegan cheese there's no dairy in vegan foods :)
Deanne Rodriguez (6 days ago)
“Gift” Cards?
gift card? ?? u MR. greetings
Renae Cook (8 days ago)
I got scissors from the Dollar Tree and they didn't break I've had them for over a year
Ashley Stack (8 days ago)
Oh my gosh when I was like 20 and just got my first place I was at the dollar tree for so much! I did the same thing you did with the "cheese" 🤭🤷🏼‍♀️🤣
Xavier Rose (9 days ago)
I just don't get people being afraid to buy food or cleaning products from the dollar store. It's exactly the same as the one in stores. It's either - Reject stock sold to the store from an over order, independent brands (which brands like Dawn, Palmolive and others were "off" brands before Proctor and Gamble sold them to upmarkets. Nothing in the dollar store is "watered down." everything is tested and has a standard. A lot of the cleaning products you buy there are concentrated, and smaller in size which is why they can be sold at cheap. Of you're okay with buying cheap brands from the supermarket then you should be okay with Dollar Tree brands
Rosxjun (10 days ago)
The point of the name brand cereal is that it's travel friendly. I personally like the zip lock bag even the cups for the mini oreos. It's reusable. If you're on a road trip it's cheaper than a gas station for a quick snack. Not everything has to be based on what's the cheaper unit price or ounce. When you have $5 who gives a fuck about what the biggest value when all you want is a simple meal...chips, drink, candy etc.
Anaira Xec (12 days ago)
What do you use the scissors for? Cuz they actually sometimes do hold up.
Lyssa Whitten (15 days ago)
The gift wrap is crappy actually
Alston 350z (16 days ago)
4:14 I guess they never miss huh.
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
That stud muffin looks like me
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
They have these big bottles of shampoo and conditioner my hairdresser buys that same shampoo and conditioner for $12 a piece eBay I told her at Dollar Tree anything made in Canada is awesome should I trust Mexican products yes or no let me know
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
For toilet paper you can go to Walgreens I think they're like two for 3 bucks and you get like eight
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
And you didn't mention you have to get the gain detergent before the laundromats get it and the convenience stores come in and buy everything up jack up the price
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
The batteries work for me they make my dad happy he likes the lights in the jack-o'-lanterns with the powerful light not bad for a dollar but you're right I should have vest in rechargeable batteries
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
When I was in my teens I used to buy my black eyeliner for my goth get up
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
Believe it or not some people never been to Dollar Tree because they're lazy and they have no motivation and they'd rather go to a convenience store and get ripped off I ride my scooter everywhere
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
My dad likes the drinks that you put in water bottles we seen these for $5 somewhere else only a dollar a piece Dollar Tree Hawaiian Punch A&W Root Beer Orange Crush grape Crush Strawberry Crush Ice-T peach tea they're all good how could you say no to that sugar free and will help you lose weight if you drink in moderation
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
Same thing with the Poland Spring sparkling water you only get one for a dollar at Dollar Tree Market Basket in Massachusetts it's a supermarket 2 for a dollar
Michael Gandolfo (16 days ago)
I go to all different location of Dollar Trees a visit 3 stores today I made my food from Dollar Tree I bought pasta sauce ziti little meatballs in the frozen section 17 + them in the pack can't go wrong the sauce that I got was hunts garlic and herb you still going to put sugar in it grated cheese mix it up good put some extra garlic powder in it make sure it's nice and sweet with sugar because I'll tell you those cans very sour how you worked in pizza places so I know how to do this just mix it up in the can you all set the meatballs came out Tuesday I put them in the air fryer and I got the Texas garlic bread cook the garlic bread in the air fryer as well Dollar Tree helps people save money
amanda koole (16 days ago)
sarahsmilesx3 (19 days ago)
Alright I know this video is old, but here's my thoughts on some of items she mentioned: 1. Gift wrap and bags are a definite go to. The bigger rolls of wrapping paper do feel cheaper, but i still would rather save my money. Same with the cards.. they're cheesy af, but most cards are. 2. The batteries are intended for "low drain" items. I've used them in my daughters toys and depending on how heavily she was using them they lasted anywhere from 1-6months (before needing changed; not the whole pack). So to me its worth it. 3. The cheese is gross. Don't do it. 4. Most of the cleaning products are just as good as the name brands. 5. Their make-up, lotion, other beauty products aren't poisoned lmao. The way she kept saying "we really don't know what's in these" threw me off. They're not deadly girl, the ingredients are on the back. You can find good things if you look hard enough. The hand soaps are fine too..even the "off brand". They always have the name brand ones too though. 6. All medicine HAS to be FDA approved or it wouldn't be sold. So again, its not poisoned. Its the same shit, just cheaper. 7. Vitamins are iffy since they aren't FDA approved. Research all vitamins before purchasing, not just dollar trees. Sorry for the novel lol. Figured i would give my opinion since ive used a lot of the items she mentioned.
GoldenLG (23 days ago)
I brought batteries for my RC car on dollar tree and then in like 5 days it stopped working
Sorel Johnson (23 days ago)
I got the cactus glass at a resale store for $1 or $1.50... oops! Well, now I can get more! Thanks for the video!
FiveSiblings (25 days ago)
4-8 dollars a roll of wrapping paper elsewhere, gee this girl is exergerating. i see it aleays like from 2 - 4 dollars and its because the rolls have like triple the paper inside
Solitario (25 days ago)
The Wolfe pit helped me more
TheComecats (28 days ago)
Nice Video. like it.
Kiera whisman (28 days ago)
Hit or miss? I bet you never miss huh? You got a boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss yah mwah!! He gonna find another girl and he won't miss yah! He gonna skirt and hit the dab like what's kahlifa.
Kawaiizoey (29 days ago)
I love her videos but I can't watch because your accent is the most annoying thing I've ever encountered. Dahhlor tree
micah boy blue (30 days ago)
I wish the dollar trees in my area looked that nice
Cheyenne Bamford (1 month ago)
I have to completely disagree with this. I buy batteries there all the time and they last just as long as any other brand. LAs totally awesome cleaner is the best; not sure why you claimed that it’s “watered down” when it literally tells you not to use it full concentration on anything. The makeup is great if they carry the colors you like. Off brand is usually just as good as name brand with most things in my experience
captainrobots (1 month ago)
If scissors don't cut just sharpen the dang thing
Kayte Larsen (1 month ago)
vegans dont have worries w the food from DT lol 😉
Amy Bennett (1 month ago)
For a while my local Dollar Tree was getting shipments of name-brand whole wheat bread that typically costs about $4 in the grocery store. We stocked up every week and froze what we didn't use. It got us through some really lean times! Yay, Dollar Tree!
Genifer Romero (1 month ago)
I have always gotten good paper and scissors there. I have also had mixed feelings from other youtubers. Some say yes some say no.
Judy Berends (1 month ago)
The cards , wrapping paper , bags...I like the frozen foods & some of the can goods. I like Dollar 🌳 Tree. They say Dollar Tree may be closing stores. That would be bad bc we like it.
Hurts Publishing (1 month ago)
I love dollar tree
Annie Gill (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for the education!
the Devil's blog (1 month ago)
I don't shop around I stick to my girl Walmart
Celina Moore (1 month ago)
Idk. I have bought alot of stuff from Dollar Tree over the years.Stuff that I still have to this day..Dollar Tree rocks when you first move into a place and don't have stuff. Their Assured brand is good on alot of stuff. Really just the laundry detergent I dont buy from there because we buy the family size.
melini dunican (1 month ago)
Pretty much thinking your not one to take advice from. A lot of what you said is wrong.
KAZZSINGER (1 month ago)
Full of crap on the batteries buy all the time they work well .electronics tech
Alissa Paige (1 month ago)
I buy their ELF makeup brushes and Crest 3D whitening toothpaste
Alissa Paige (1 month ago)
When they have liquid children's tylenol and benadryl I always got it and the cold medicine for adults!
I love the batteries at the dollar tree
Robert Scott (1 month ago)
Read the product then you will know what's in it. Some cleaning products started in dollar store then moved to bigger stores Fabulosso and awesome orange.
I Tried That (1 month ago)
Vitamins and supplements do not have to be regulated by the FDA and thus many brands don't hold up in consumer testing, name brands included. Medication however, IS regulated. Off brands and name brands must declare all ingredients accurately. Off brands Dollar Tree medication is no exception and therefore is just as effective as a name brand from a grocery store.
Klarissa Ortega (1 month ago)
4:15 I guess they never miss hu
Joshua Barry (1 month ago)
In office supplies, your video panned over a pen attached to a D ring. Those are awesome for anyone who has to wear a reflective vest at work! You have to take a little glue on the threads otherwise it will unscrew during a normal work week and you will be stuck with no pen. But a spot of superglue or similar will make a perfect tool for anyone that has to write things in an outdoors environment where carrying a normal pen can lead to loosing or forgetting.
Lauren Christianna (1 month ago)
There's nothing wrong with dollar tree toilet paper, laundry detergent or dish detergent, especially LA's Awesome.
Lladnek 30 (1 month ago)
The Dollar Tree near me doesn’t have a refrigerated isle.
moonlily1 (1 month ago)
LA Colors makeup is terrible. Horrible. The foundation? The texture is like wax. You put it on your face and it doesn't blend, it doesn't spread out. It gunks up in patches on your face.  You have to mix it in with moisturizer to even get it to actually go on your face. Dollar Tree sometimes has ELF and Wet N Wild stuff, and those brands are fine. The food is mostly awful except for the odd stuff you find that's actually name brand, like the microwave cinnabon bites, those are nice.
Stephen O'Laughlin (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tips I’ve looked at those plastic forks n spoons just never bought because no party. You can also buy silver ware 2 for a buck. I always get the comet or mr clean sprays.
Ayla Meyer (1 month ago)
Small laundry soaps and other small but high quality brand things are perfect for traveling
My beautiful Fantasy (1 month ago)
Sounds like ur kinda stuck up and ur giving out false info probs should do reaserch b4 u make videos
Hakeem Shabazz (1 month ago)
You bought cheese "food!" The real cheese @ dollar tree melts, but comes in a LITTLE white bag!
Ange 360 (1 month ago)
Wrapping paper, a dollar roll. You get what you pay for. Garbage paper that is see through and tears all too easily.
mszoomy (1 month ago)
Last time I was a dollar tree the girl behind me was buying a couple pregnancy test kits. I giggled to myself thinking that she probably wouldn't need them if she hadn't also bought her condoms there LOL
MasterDoge17 (1 month ago)
cake snake (1 month ago)
Jax (1 month ago)
I have the 1 dollar Betty Crocker kitchen scissors and they are the real deal and work great🤷🏼‍♀️
Jax (1 month ago)
What I buy at the dollar tree..everything I've ever bought or needed..
Suzanne Lohmann (1 month ago)
those shades are a bit much and distracting
Veragail Faircloth (1 month ago)
On cleaning supplies I have used the Assume products that worked really good !!!
Mister Turk Turkle (1 month ago)
The word Vase is pronounced vahzz
amvids (1 month ago)
just for the record, Walmart has better deals on gift bags & wrap, especially the smaller bags for under $1, but the rest is very valid
MISSCAYLIN101 Gaming (1 month ago)
5:24 Hit or miss. I GUESS THEY neVER MISS HUHH
Juan Garcia (1 month ago)
Woo hooo
Dave Erhardt (1 month ago)
I disagree about the batteries. I buy their alkaline batteries and they work out well for me. Batteries at stores are expensive so I've saved lots of money buying them at the Dollar Tree. Otherwise her advice on most everything else is good.
Dreasugar21 (2 months ago)
That’s great! Always check ingredients! That’s something I fed need to work on! I am trying to go more keto because of all the chemicals and junk they put in our food!
SUGAR XYLER ! (1 month ago)
WALMART icecream is TOXIC. I did a video on ALL the chemicals 💀💀💀
Matte M. Finnish (2 months ago)
LA's totally awesome anything is usually really good
Everything Key (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. Please check out my latest dollar tree haul. https://youtu.be/BDQGWCDHdtI. Thanks Just bought some wrapping paper for a back drop for my videos. Love the two for a dollar for the gift cards
SUGAR XYLER ! (1 month ago)
The mice in the stockroom love them TOO 🐭🐁🐀😁😁
Kendall Seward (2 months ago)
I'm watching this because I'm broke :( 👧 👗 This Lilly she is broke just like but of same name
This is insane. Financially, I'm well off...I don't even have to work. However, I could have saved thousands of dollars coming here instead of normal grocery/utility/office type stores.
BrittleProductions (2 months ago)
I've never had a problem with scissors from the Dollar Tree.
drahow (2 months ago)
Used to be Dollar Tree scissors were world class. Sadly, they've gone the way of the Dodo.
John&Jen Hutchinson (2 months ago)
Love the utensils also- fantastic for adding to school lunches without worrying about them accidentally trashing them
James Reid (2 months ago)
That's funny because I just got finished watching a youtube video where a study was done and dollar store brand batteries are no different than the famous make brand batteries. I use dollar store brand batteries all of the time and they do last just as long.
Evin Scorcia (2 months ago)
Whats her obsession with saying "watered down." It's very distracting.
T H (2 months ago)
LOL the vitamins at any store are questionable. The decongestants were recommended to me by a nurse practitioner. If unsure run it by your local pharmacist. The ingredients are the same and they fall under the same regulations.
Brat Baby (2 months ago)
Teds totaaly awseum laundry soap and cleaner is good.also the cheese is plastic and doest melt.
Daniel Pena (2 months ago)
The knockoff liquid soap is made in Canada and is very good.
country autumns (2 months ago)
Paper cards for birthdays, etc are greeting cards. Gift cards are plastic.
Diamond Marquess-McClurg (2 months ago)
As for the scissors, you can get the white Betty Crocker scissors in the kitchen section. They work perfectly! I use them as my kitchen scissors obviously. Great video!
Crispy Chicken (2 months ago)
Im from mi too! I saw his hat lol
Saved Starr (2 months ago)
If you buy anything from the Dollar Tree your soul is in trouble.
ladyjedi21 (2 months ago)
I beg to differ but the scissors are pretty good.Mine last for a long time and cut almost anything. Like in all kind of stores there are good and bad deals Sweetheart,you need to actually try products before giving out advice .
Cheryl Keil (2 months ago)
I use Family Dollar which belongs to the Dol!at Tree Family. I purchased some off the wall type of macaroni and cheese dinner because the price was right. I no longer get it home, prepare it, and I got sick on it. I was blowing chunks that night! I got in bed, put on my radio and let it lull me to sleep when I started to blow chunks again because I had a little bit of Coca Cola. I was OK the following day but I had to take it easy for a little while
Steven Thompson (2 months ago)
I buy all my batteries at dollar tree, may not last as long but you get 10x the amount for the same prices at regular stores
Vamougnin Konate (2 months ago)
1Cozy Kitten (2 months ago)
I found out that Name Brand Companies process and sell products under a second Brand Name label that many people wouldn't recognize. Just because you don't recognize the name on the product label doesn't mean that it's an inferior product. It may be a Named Brand product in another state or Canada and produced by a major Named Brand company in that State or Canada. Like you said read the label and check the ingredients. For a dollar ($1.00) why NOT give it a try. I've seen dollar store food in major markets selling at higher prices.
Sinister Quinister (2 months ago)
Lola Lola (2 months ago)
please stay away from cheap make up people...you have no clue what's on that stuff....just buy quality...and I don't mean Walmart -_-

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