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What Cats Are Really Thinking

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How our pets really feel about the ridiculous ways we talk to them. Video by Andrew Grantham: http://facebook.com/klaatu42 (No, those are not my toes) twitter: http://twitter.com/talkinganimals Thanks to snowbirdy6 for supplying the video of her awesome kitty, Jupiter: http://www.youtube.com/user/snowbirdy6
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Text Comments (6516)
Courtney Schwab (21 days ago)
Is that cat really talking
Superstar Family (22 days ago)
Jupiter is such a pretty kitty
NTH THN (1 month ago)
thNk YoU (1 month ago)
i miss you jupiter we all love you
Reb22 Sng Hui (2 months ago)
I AM 😂😂😂
Arbori (3 months ago)
Pause at 13 second, toe has nail polish on it? You paint your toes dude? LOL
Christy Stewart (3 months ago)
I’ve always loved this video. After I first saw it I started saying to my cat, white with caramel colored markings, “Whose my sweet, white, fluffy little ball!”.He’d look at me like “ok, you came up with another one”. He passed in July of 2017. He never did say anything about posting on YouTube though 😀
Kathleen Pecoraro (5 months ago)
He died
Fabian Morgan Harrington (5 months ago)
Still missing Jupiter in 2018 here. We all lost a part of our joy the day you passed.
Raven Vaughan (6 months ago)
"You better not put this on YouTube," I dies. what a beautiful cat
Roblox life (7 months ago)
Jupiter said better not put this on youtube
Antonio Quintanilla (7 months ago)
I remember you :(
Jamie Whalen (8 months ago)
So good.
Tim Sharkey (8 months ago)
This is still one of the all-time best Talking Animals bits. RIP, Jupiter.
M Morin (8 months ago)
Bravo! Right on with your Voice Over just perfect thanks
R.J. Johnson (9 months ago)
Jupiter was my favorite and this video in particular. Love you Jupiter to the moon and back bless you my little kitty with a pink nose! <3
I am Dogge (9 months ago)
THis stuff was actually original.
Pokémon Trainer (9 months ago)
Can you please make more funny animal video please!
Unicorn Wonderland (10 months ago)
Why is everyone saying R.I.P Jupiter.? Can someone please explain? I hava tears stuck in my eyes.
just watch (10 months ago)
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Night Raven (10 months ago)
Daphne Dedrick (11 months ago)
This is the healthiest looking cat I've ever seen! Shiny clear eyes and pink nose. Great video!
Azzareya Velasquez (11 months ago)
why are ur toes painted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vessel pilots (11 months ago)
My teacher put this on in class RIP JUPITER U WILL BE MISSED
SamiSioux (11 months ago)
This video came up in my fbook memories from 8 years ago. Please know that Jupiter still brings joy to the hearts of those who watched long ago. With us all, furrever. 💞 miss you, Jupiter!
Verbs describe us (11 months ago)
I am sorry this cat is gone now, but he or she will live forever on Youtube. I ve been watching this video since it was posted :)
Mewtwo fan (1 year ago)
*Sad Violin*
Jackson Bowman (1 year ago)
I grew up watching Jupiter and now I have a good sized chunk token of my life away from me
Eliana Dobbs (1 year ago)
RIP jupey!
TheDogThatNobodyKnew (1 year ago)
Literally me with my mom
Ricky King (1 year ago)
why is the dude wearing toenail polish?
Rosa Garcia (1 year ago)
Lindiani Syafira (1 year ago)
hope you always happy jupey .. 😢
Emma WhiteWolf (1 year ago)
D': NO! Oh man I'm so sorry Jupey died! Thats so heartbreaking! Death sucks and Cancer is a bitch. I hope he is out of pain and happy now.
Jonell Restivo (1 year ago)
I loved you Jupiter from day one as you gave me years of laughter. Tonight I cry for you and your parents who miss you desperately. You will always live in my heart.
Serenity Murphree (1 year ago)
You should meet sybastion he is just like Jupiter the CAT his owner is steve
Ximena Fuentes (1 year ago)
sorry for your loved one 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😳
exRicer (1 year ago)
Put your channel picture of your white cat name jupiter
Jupiter is just adorable cat so cute!
Anurina Dattaroy (11 months ago)
Work Smarter NOT Harder 9
Lucy Gault (1 year ago)
Poor jupe I did not no he died you had the best videos of talking cat r.I.p dood
Andrade Yesenia (1 year ago)
Lawrence Riitano (1 year ago)
So sad he passed on.  I have a white Kitty Named Luna, and he looks just like Jupiter, except he has a very short tale like a Bunny Rabbit.  I am very saddened to just find out Jupiter passed on and I admit I shed a few tears...
Chris T. (2 years ago)
Damn, 13 million views people love cat videos. Also I like them to so ya.
Cecelia Sherven (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh. I miss Jupiter
Tigerman1138 (2 years ago)
"You...better not put this on YouTube." lol!!!
Breione Rowan (2 years ago)
Steel Wings (2 years ago)
This video never stops being awesome
Beastly Gaming (2 years ago)
who else is watching in 2016
chung chiu (2 years ago)
I liked Jupiter
Mason Hendrix (2 years ago)
What if all these animals are actually talking and were just stupid
sweetCherriBunny (2 years ago)
did jupiter die????
The Evan Dimension (2 years ago)
😿sadly yes😱😰😨😭😪😓😩😫😖😣😔😞😦😧
susan caplinger (2 years ago)
the guys toes have nail polish on then did you know that
Querez (2 years ago)
Look in the description: "(No, those are not my toes)"
Alejandra Márquez (2 years ago)
it's because the owner of Jupiter is a girl
Beanie Boo Sparkle (2 years ago)
IKR I was thinking the same thing
that kitty is like i hate you
Mileka Rose Hamilton (2 years ago)
not cool😯
Xx_Iphone_xX (2 years ago)
It's a her or a him? The cat?
MBH004 (2 years ago)
I so miss jupiterrrrr
ruben balandra (2 years ago)
I miss Júpiter :C </3
Benjamin Runnion (2 years ago)
this is me
sara. heehee (2 years ago)
great work sir
Dragon Jade (2 years ago)
RIP Jupiter.
MOVED CHANNELS (1 year ago)
Dragon Jade nooooooooo don't remind me! *cries*
DanaDoodles (2 years ago)
Carlton Dade (2 years ago)
what is this
Abigail (2 years ago)
It's a pretty kitty
Intense City (2 years ago)
and How Did you Edit this thing!? like Syncing the Recording and making the cat speak, seems one of the hardest things! Hard Because it is a "CAT"(Animal) not a Human to Make lispings as per record TimeStamps
borbetomagus (2 years ago)
+Intense Productions Inc. It's just incredibly imaginative screenwriting, timing and audio creation by Andrew Grantham. https://www.edgestudio.com/blogs/ultimate-animal-dub-addicting-works-andrew-grantham-voice-%E2%80%9Ctalking-an Here are two of the original videos -- /watch?v=m2ZZeetWiZM /watch?v=bMkNl9KhOjg
Cats World (2 years ago)
and btw his name ain't jupey it's jupiter
Cats World (2 years ago)
Best Video In The World!!! Jupiter is so nice MEAT SACK!
Theaux M (2 years ago)
Sky brought me here
skylar baker (2 years ago)
I LOVE CATS!!😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀😺😼😸😹😻🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱🐱
Nancy McGann (2 years ago)
This was one of the first clips I saw of Jupiter and loved him immediately, as I talk to my cats like that, too. It's also one of my favorites along with, 'The Ultimate Dog Tease.' Brilliant. I miss Jupiter, too.
Builder exe (2 years ago)
I miss Jupiter!!!! :C
mb shep (11 months ago)
golden dragon! He died
Tigerman1138 (2 years ago)
She's chattering at birds up Above now.
Josh Dracoian (2 years ago)
I miss Jupiter.
Hoodedmaniac 360 (4 months ago)
Josh Dracoian same and i just found out about his death yesterday
Jaimee Rudick (2 years ago)
Yes, Jupiter died, I believe, a few years ago but don't quote me on the time period.
susan caplinger (2 years ago)
what do you mean did something happen did he die is he ok
Enraged Gamer (2 years ago)
0:48 Nice nails
Avery Konkin (2 years ago)
*facepalm* you just don't understand
BreeSuperHeroPuppy (2 years ago)
You can tell this is very fake because the voise sounds like a boy and look at the video on the bottom the nails have nail polish🕵
Vancou vera (2 years ago)
Jupey's gone? Now I'm sad.
TCM GAMING (2 years ago)
How do you lik yore but
es (3 years ago)
this is the funniest cat video i ever seen.
caleb kassner (3 years ago)
oh god I just had diary while watching this
Jam Jam (3 years ago)
I just started watching and I miss him
Crazy Geek (3 years ago)
the mans teos look paintef
Dani Gossett (3 years ago)
*starts to cry* why Jupiter he's was a jerk but he was funny ;C
Kristin Baylor (3 years ago)
Wheeeeeere oh where is Bad Mystic? :*(
KITTYCATMEOW Gaming (3 years ago)
its upside down
Sam Liew (3 years ago)
M gdhse3 (3 years ago)
Ugh ... My heart aches with you.
Siddhartha Gupta (3 years ago)
Never get tired of this video
rose gleaves (3 years ago)
R.I.P jupy
James Maxwell (3 years ago)
James Maxwell (3 years ago)
How did die
Your Greatest Fear (3 years ago)
Lymphoma, a form of cancer
carebear L (3 years ago)
I'm sad 😓
carebear L (3 years ago)
How I love your videos
Sid Richmond (3 years ago)
K K K K sassy cat tell that to your cat
Nick Howland (3 years ago)
Wait... Somebody said Jupiter is... Dead😨 WHY JUPITER... WHY????
Bean (3 years ago)
He died by cancer
Lolzys! :)
Karen Urquhart (3 years ago)
Ask jupitor for me if he likes baths lol
that one emo (3 years ago)
who's my kitty
TheFunkyHippo (3 years ago)
Did anyone else realise that the guy had his toenails painted. Proving that this was filmed then voiced over! Sad that the cat died though. :'(
borbetomagus (2 years ago)
+TheFunkyHippo It's because they're Andrew Grantham's skillful (and funny) adaptations of these original videos -- /watch?v=m2ZZeetWiZM /watch?v=bMkNl9KhOjg
Carl-Henrik Nystrom (2 years ago)
I know. 😭
Liviah Garcia (3 years ago)
+TheFunkyHippo  I didn't know is cat died :'(  For me, its always sad when an animal dies... :'(
Kevin Roehl (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who doesn't know who Jupey is?
Deadeyeninja (3 years ago)
+Kevin Roehl Jupey is the cat in the video who sadly passed away :'(
mark barbier (3 years ago)
Please make more videos of the talking dogs and cat !! I love them😃
Avery Konkin (3 years ago)
My favourite is the talking beaver in the highway and the wet dog
AngelofGod (3 years ago)
I know fish is what they are thinking
Katie Bell (3 years ago)
I love Jupiter he's so funny
Marilyn Hanson (3 years ago)
R.I.P. Jupiter
GunsForBands (3 years ago)
You will be missed, rest in peace jupey 😭😭🙏🌠
Birdstar (3 years ago)
Me and my cat.

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