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Artists Draw WEIRD Stock Photos Based on Their Descriptions

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Nathan, Jacob, and Julia challenge each other to draw the weirdest stock photos they could find based only on their descriptions! WATCH CARTOON HELL NOW ON DROPOUT! http://bit.ly/cartoonhell SIGN UP FOR THE DRAWFEE NEWSLETTER http://bit.ly/DrawfeeNewsletter VISIT THE DRAWFEE STORE! https://www.teepublic.com/user/Drawfee LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! https://www.facebook.com/drawfee FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! https://twitter.com/DrawfeeShow https://twitter.com/AtNathanYaffe https://twitter.com/caldy https://twitter.com/JuliaLepetit https://twitter.com/FLoaBComic https://twitter.com/LyonatLarge AND ON INSTAGRAM! http://bit.ly/2lres2S AND ON TUMBLR! http://www.drawfee.com THE DRAWFEE SUBREDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/MorningDrawfee/ THE DRAWFEE DISCORD: http://discord.gg/RbXShnq Your comments here may be used as inspiration for our future shows! By commenting here with an episode prompt, you acknowledge that we may use and reproduce your handle and suggestions on our programs.
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The Drawfee Channel (1 month ago)
Don't forget to support your Drawfee pals by signing up for Dropout - http://bit.ly/cartoonhell, where you can watch our show Cartoon Hell, read our comics (Ladies Book Club and Cartoon Hell Presents), and enjoy lots of other neat stuff (Nathan and Caldwell are on Um Actually!). And hey, if it's not available in your country yet, it probably will be soon!
Pineapple (1 day ago)
The Drawfee Channel Was
Katilin spencer (5 days ago)
The Drawfee Channel n n
Nocsha (23 days ago)
I want to use Catsnakes in games i make now, I must You must do a drawfee COMPLETELY with these strange cats
Gidget the Corgi (28 days ago)
The Drawfee Channel Can you draw a mythological creature (like from greek or norse myths) based on their names?
Etterra (1 month ago)
Lol from Chicago - that stupid bean.
asdf (11 hours ago)
dude, you've obtained a dill.
SuperNeonManGuy (12 hours ago)
"beedle from breath of the wild" just like the mario from mario kart
Connor McHarney (13 hours ago)
Can you guys just play a round of the drawing telephone game? AKA The Best Game Ever? Person describes something, next person draws it, next person writes a description of the drawing, next person draws based on that description etc. until you run outta artists (you can also pass it back to people who haven't drawn yet if you don't have enough people I guess)
Konfusa Boy (13 hours ago)
Man Do this again Please Lmfao I love this
Aviva Viva (21 hours ago)
Anyone else thought the cat snake would be a ferret?
Rebecca P (21 hours ago)
right around 48:10 the madness took over and my brain decided the catsnake was the source of the voices as it crept forward
Azn Mayne (1 day ago)
Do this again
preClassic (2 days ago)
Even Nathan's coloring was "I don't like this anymore"
cyberdemon 10130 (2 days ago)
Im confused who is the owner of this channel nathan jacob or julia
Tawny Ventura (2 days ago)
"There is NO combination of words that will make you accurately portray this"
Fredrick Wheeler (2 days ago)
I have found god... All praise be unto Cat Snake for he is great and powerful and... uh... he's uh, cool and shit.
Gir (2 days ago)
I'm new but you guys sound like radio people
Kvallning (3 days ago)
I MUST see a poster for To Quote A McElroy
Zack Fox (3 days ago)
Do this again but let them look at the image for like 30 seconds and they have to redraw it from what they barely remember
Mikki Black (3 days ago)
"Cat snake was not meant to be here"
viziroth (4 days ago)
Cat snake is bad for business man.
Lily Brine (4 days ago)
Do this with cursed images!
Ozne gamer (4 days ago)
When you’re mom gives you a laptop, but you realize it is a Dill tough.
LaydiNite (4 days ago)
Catsnake will haunt your dreams...
KM Hoover (5 days ago)
Julia's drawing made me sing Enya. Loudly.
DoctorShroom (5 days ago)
You know... Why don't you guys make more sequels to these kinds of things?
Captain Moz (5 days ago)
That last one is truly glorious.
Captain Moz (5 days ago)
Captain Moz (5 days ago)
Captain Moz (5 days ago)
b o r k h e a v e n (5 days ago)
I can't believe they left out the classic man pointing a gun at his computer smh
Ashley Claycomb (5 days ago)
Farquad head, Trump hands
catluvr2 (6 days ago)
That was weird. I LOVE WEIRD! Congrats, you got yourself a new subscriber!
DamnedPsychopath (6 days ago)
I want a shirt of just CatSnake
Helgacabbage (6 days ago)
This was the funniest thing I've watched in ages. You were all so good at interpreting each other's descriptions, and that was the perfect order, they got increasingly bonkers. :D Please do this again.
Zia Isa (6 days ago)
I showed it to my mom and she was so dumbfounded by the last image she said there's no way Nathan drew that without seeing the picture first, because it was too spot on 😂
vagrantones (6 days ago)
I always come back to this one. It's just too good.
Conner Hancock (7 days ago)
Please let there be a part two
Tanner Wolf (7 days ago)
can you do redrawing wikihow pictures from their corresponding wikihow step
Madison Wood (7 days ago)
I hope you do about 50 more of these videos. These are so fun.
Top Shot9952 (7 days ago)
It's just zooming in on the cat-snake!! 😂😂😂🤣
Poddington (7 days ago)
I really like the chemistry between you guys (and gal). One of my fave channels.
qPixel (7 days ago)
Amazing art, hilarious commentary, creative content, AND you mentioned my favorite Pokemon, Dratini. You have more than earned yourself a subscriber, my friends.
SotraEngine4 (8 days ago)
The cat snake is like "what was I volunteering to"?
Arcanine-Espeon (8 days ago)
Does that poor man have TV static for eyes?
Arcanine-Espeon (8 days ago)
I must be psychic...as the Sound of Silence continued to play more and more clearly in my mind for had to have been close to 10 minutes, here you guys came singing it.
MrUnknownzz1 (8 days ago)
Wow they really weren't lying about cat snake - my brain is just straight rejecting it like, "Nope!"
Arcanine-Espeon (8 days ago)
8:45 OOOH I hope Manager-chan notices my business!!!
Arcanine-Espeon (8 days ago)
Yep, sounds like Beedle. I know because my boyfriend and I love to say THANK YOOO!! like Beedle. Beedle loves doing business.
scrundler (8 days ago)
I just noticed Julia's drawing and Sprite have the same expression
LeadFaun (8 days ago)
24:38 I'm imagining Jigsaw repeating this guy's crimes. "YOU BEAT TOO MANY OTHERS IN THE COMPETITION GAME"
Fiks Anzo™ (9 days ago)
Something's telling me Julia'd had enough of their hints on the second minute of her drawing. I thought the draw from description challenge was about how creative an artist can get with a weird description, not how well they can follow instructions.
Zom Bunny (9 days ago)
Oh god... I heard cat-snake and thought it would just be a ferret or something, but NO. It's that thing!
Kitty Pryde (9 days ago)
Oof, this came out after the woman who sang Zombie passed away. RIP Dolores O'Riordan.
PetFriendAmy (9 days ago)
Man, this one was so good, I'm crying laughing
Austin Price (9 days ago)
Is it bad that the moment she said the cat snake I knew exactly what picture she was talking about?
Connor Sullivan (9 days ago)
GayBae (10 days ago)
11:11 He looks like Donald Trump. Dirty working baby Donald Trump Stock Image
Rosette Skye (10 days ago)
That slow zoom into Cat-Snake
Esper Pinion (10 days ago)
Half Dead (10 days ago)
33:23 I was laughing to hard lol
Junebug Johnson (11 days ago)
cream faced business boy!!!!!!!
Holly Rosendale (12 days ago)
I drew a snake cat before this video! It's white with lots of grey spots/stripes, and missmatched yellow/blue eyes. It's very tiny though and can curl around your wrist and rest it's head in your palm. Adorable!
rai pika pi (12 days ago)
the businessman in the bathtub was so cute.
Hamster love (12 days ago)
keary chan (12 days ago)
even the draw cat-snake is afraid of the original cat-snake.
Annie Kritzler (13 days ago)
Can we just *PLEASE* appreciate the pure joy in Nathan's voice at the start?? jacob: welcome to drawfee where we take your dumb ideas *nathan* : AND MAKE EVEN DUMBER DRAWINGS :) :) :) jacob: im jacob *nathan* : <3 IM NATHAN :D julia: (add existential dread + sarcasm) im julia ITS SOMETHING NEW ITS NEWSDAY! :D :D :D <3
tired all the time (14 days ago)
the cat zooming in the end physically stirred my own cat so bad she started hissing at the screen and then ran off. not only have we been traumatized.... but our animals too
Jennifer (14 days ago)
Nathan giggling while Jacob read the picture's description is maybe one of my all time favorite Drawfee moments.
Pete Louis (14 days ago)
My name is Peter 😢
JikuAraiguma (15 days ago)
I was listening to this in the background, I come back when they're playing find the knee or whatever *AND I DIED*
Miles Cruice-Barnett (16 days ago)
pin the knee on the business man
Maggie Ennis (17 days ago)
Brooklin Gacha's (17 days ago)
7:17 OoOooOoOooOoOoooOoOoooOoooOoooOoooOooOoooOoooOooOoOoOoOooOooo~
MarianKofmann (17 days ago)
Totally wanna see more of this! This is hilarious:))) And you all are amazing!
Aidan Greenfield (17 days ago)
This is amazing
Concon Hanky (18 days ago)
For some reason, I found it funny when Jacob said, "I love playing find the knee". So I was caught off guard when I drank my coffee and ended up spitting it all over my phone 😂
Ash Menser (18 days ago)
This is one of your best videos. This is hilarious.
Arden McBride (18 days ago)
I love playing find the McElroy quote before they call it, or if they call it at all (such as "cream faced business boy" and "one mo' 'gain?") bc the McElboys have invaded their everyday conversation and im living for it
Petunia Fuellimort (18 days ago)
"Cream faced business boy" is that a monster factory reference i smell?
Petunia Fuellimort (18 days ago)
Yep, it is a reference. I did not take the time to listen past that point i was so elated.
TheRealDavis660 (18 days ago)
More of this.
Wolfram Stahl (18 days ago)
Aaaaw, a reference to the headlinesmasher episode! <3
Danosour Gaming (18 days ago)
47:27 Slowly zooming in on cat snake
HaloCartNinja Gamer (19 days ago)
Oh I forgot about this channel I love this channel
Eri Wickings (19 days ago)
Boxing glove business man looks a l o t like Joseph Oda from The Evil Within.
Inyay Illuminatiyay (19 days ago)
It’s booze day!
Mercury Twins (19 days ago)
This whole video I’m just imagining how uncomfortable it’d be to be in a bathtub with a suit on and it’s making me cringe.
Crooked Mantis (19 days ago)
Do guys need to do this without seeing what the artist is drawing. Less corrections, less accuracy. More wild results.
traedarkness (19 days ago)
That last one was a mind bender. You all did great.
The Average Guy (20 days ago)
Julieas looks like a scooby doo character
The Average Guy (20 days ago)
Julieas looks like a scooby doo character
Dragon Rider167 (20 days ago)
Please please PLEASE do an episode where you draw more stock photos from the cat snake page specifically
Hangaloid Main (20 days ago)
Subscribe to Piewdiepie! >^> Join the PvTs War. Im doing my part! Are you??
Grell C.T. (20 days ago)
- I'm so excited - Can you hide it?
Alyssa Delaney (20 days ago)
I have to say, this is a real testament to their descriptive skills. All of their drawings ended up very similar to the actual photos
Nathan O'Hare (20 days ago)
It looks like they saw the pictures, I mean the cat snake was in the exact same position
Cara Benes (20 days ago)
Best episode ever!
1 random tomato fan (20 days ago)
I love it
Jemy (20 days ago)
Harclave Dawg (20 days ago)
I thought when you said "catsnake" I thought you meant a ferret. But no, that is a literal catsnake!
Dana Bodley (21 days ago)
Andy (21 days ago)
This was truly amazing. Like, it's such an incredible thing when the people making a video are too busy giggling at each other to comment, it's just such a warm feeling when watching. I feel like there's a video in telling a person what to draw... when they're drawing it. Like with Julia's sketch, the curveballs and directions.
LashOut_animates (21 days ago)
blackestjake (21 days ago)
Playing "Find the knee"! lol

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