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Zandile Lungah (5 years ago)
Deanna Jones (5 years ago)
Most of what you said is kinda true in today's society. It's a shame!
DiamondRubyJewel (5 years ago)
bethechangeusee (5 years ago)
Amen! It's ridiculous. This video was very well said and done. She wasn't even bashing black men, nor did she generalize all black men. If she did that then I could understand some of these comments. smh
bethechangeusee (5 years ago)
What does that have to do with all black women? It is offensive to generalize. And how are black women self centered exactly?(seriously don't know what you mean by that) She spoke the truth without saying ALL black men think in one way, she didn't say black women were the best or the greatest, she just pointed on some hypocrisy. From what you wrote it sounds much more personal, and you took that and generalized. Because plenty of black women have been taking care of kids while their man cheated
NadiaBello.A (5 years ago)
for the things you said in this video
that's right bro lol
DiamondRubyJewel (5 years ago)
DiamondRubyJewel (5 years ago)
Murdock Sutton (5 years ago)
Imagine how man men before Dna test came about were taking care of kids that wasnt theirs because their wife/lady decided to get dik from another man?
Murdock Sutton (5 years ago)
This video is really showing how self centered BW are. BM across the land in Good ole USA are dealing with cheating,lieing,disresctful BW. Good BM going to work and getting text or phone calls from a friend or neighbor that everytime you go to work another man comes to your house? BM taking care of kids or newborn babies and because he is blind by love and still has a trusting heart he doesnt know that 75% of the time its not his. Thats 1 of the main reasons im glad Dna test exist.
thats a small problem...she would have texturized her afro hair to make it look sleek and beautiful.Maybe she doesnt watch youtube..poor lady. Texturizing afro hair=only£30....to make it straight with a hand flat iron £20
pray she likes you when u meet her.....
im not sure if you are African or not...but im very sure you are not...in Africa that stuff you said abt most people not growing up without a father in a home is a big lie...instead they feel ashamed of such situations and make the marriage work..even if it means the woman suffering within...and thats the case in Africa...maybe you are black but NOT African.
NadiaBello.A (6 years ago)
thank you my sis
Geestyle (6 years ago)
nope because nobody belongs to anybody.. there is one race, the human race. people will be happy and satisfied when they stop seeing and start feeling. we have to stop stereotyping for one because men of different backgrounds share similar characters as do women. im looking for a good man, and God only knows what color his skin will be
Geestyle (6 years ago)
submissive?for what?
DiamondRubyJewel (6 years ago)
DiamondRubyJewel (6 years ago)
Pl3asur3ov3rmatt3r (6 years ago)
"It's like you open the gate for others to curse her". That was so on point in general!
Claire online (6 years ago)
Juanita Johnson (6 years ago)
zemalou (6 years ago)
statistic. But if it is true, I wouldn't be surprised. Because bw don't get married. Majority of them do not value or want to be married. Therefore, if you go study statistics of these black men you are referring to, they mostly grew up without a father in a home. There lies your issue. But it;s deeper than that. I won't continue on. But i just have a question. I'm a black man. If you had no interest in talking to me or giving me your time to get to know you, would you be angered if i date a ww?
zemalou (6 years ago)
Thus being emotional. But it seems that these days, bw are not submissive. They are cruel, selfish and careless. They think of no one but themselves and if ANY bm disagrees with her, she then calls him gay or he ain't sh*t. They are attracted to the so called thugs and claim that their aren't any good bm left. No man wants to deal with this type of woman. I don't care what race she is. That top comment also stated that interracial marriages have the highest divorce rate. I haven't studied that
zemalou (6 years ago)
thing, have you ever asked yourself why bm date ww??? I believe that the bm who do date outside their race does it because it may be his preference or bad experience with bw. And you can't be mad at him for that. A man is made to rule his home and his family. And a woman is made to take care and raise her family. Us men, when things get tough, we press on, push through the hard times and keep moving. Women, are made to pull in everything that means something to her. Friends, family, kids, etc.
zemalou (6 years ago)
and cornrolls. Why is it that whenever you walk outside, ALMOST all bw have on a weave? BW claim to be queens, but always wrap up the crown that God gave them with a rag or cover it in weave. So i disagree with bm helping the media degrade bw, bw did it to themselves. Notice when bw are fighting each other, the first thing they go for is to pull off the weave the other is wearing, and they do this to shame their opponent by showing their NATURAL HAIR which bw are ashamed of. And to another
zemalou (6 years ago)
100% disagree. If you know how men are made, you would understand that we love NATURAL beauty. I don't understand the logic of the BW who agrees with this topic. So correct me if i'm wrong. It's ok if BW throw on european, indian, etc type hair and put in blue contacts to "look beautiful" but it's an issue for bm to date a white woman? One of the top comments for this video says that bm help the media degrade bw. Which is another myth in my opinion. Last time I checked, bw wore afros
monika johnson (6 years ago)
Damn u speaking the truth
uy97 (6 years ago)
i love how you say bum
Gabbi Hudson (6 years ago)
I'm not really a commenter, but ahhh we need more videos like this! You made some really interesting points about how society brainwashes people into thinking that there is only one type of beautiful, even if you fall into that stereotypical category of beautiful, it's NOT empowering, as you say you become utilised as a sex object. It love how objective this video, your pointing out
Mulhat Foum (6 years ago)
Some Black men help and need to decide what they want in a woman KMT
ice cold (6 years ago)
@pjbrown2470 thankyou
TrillRockArkansas (6 years ago)
Hate you feel this way about u us black men. Hopefully you'll find the black man that will sweep you off your feet. I LOVE BLACK WOMEN. I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU. IM A BLACK MAN FROM ARKANSAS. BLACK LOVE 4eva.
5queensway (6 years ago)
5queensway (6 years ago)
my teacher who is black went out wiv a white teacher and he said that he doesn't go for black women because of weave and fake her but one day she came into skl and her extensions dropped off her head ... how do u explain that. its not only black women that wear weave yes a majority but if she looks good shut up about it and y dnt u black men accept being inda wrong instead of finding little excuses to make the situation better its still wrong fix up
TyreeqDeMarious (6 years ago)
LOOOOOL! What was you doing in Barking?? And I missed you?!? Smh... I'm mad right now -_-
kimmoy harris (6 years ago)
JAD1990101 (6 years ago)
alot of black women think its about there looks why alot black men dont like them. alot of the time its to do with the personality with some of the black women (which isnt true its mainly to do with the negative portrayal of black women and attitudes on the internet and reality tv shows). i think if you have alot of black guys/guys in general telling you theses things then your mixing with the wrong crowd (no offense).
JAD1990101 (6 years ago)
this must only be a london thing (based on personal experience) come to other parts of england like birmingham or leeds or manchester. its not about fetish?? you live in england black people make up like 3 or 4% of all of english population maybe less. have you thought it could be about DEMOGRAPHICS. why would you limit yourself to 4% of the population?? theres nothing wrong with black women its just a small amount of ignorant black guys in the uk have a preference and belittle black women.
Zeleka Peters (6 years ago)
idk why ppl only think black girls wear weave tho ..smh...loveeeee your videos!!! <3
BlaqueSwann 88 (6 years ago)
liked your vid!
Micheal Angeo (6 years ago)
and plus its not like most black kids even know their fathers so , black marriages arent all that successful
Micheal Angeo (6 years ago)
thats not a fact you just made that up , highest divorce rate fuck off , white people have been divorcing since the dawn of time
Micheal Angeo (6 years ago)
some people are just sad but you guys are beautiful especially you girl dammit . i swear to god if i was in lodon right now we going on that date some day maybe lol fingers crossed <3
petitepearl15 (6 years ago)
Most of the black guys who live in London are on twitter, and all they ever do is bash black girls for retweets, SAD.
ezrathegreat8 (6 years ago)
We're saying the same thing but you don't get it.Those black men who are with puerto rican and dominican women think they are prettier than black women.So yes, they are with those women because they are not black,because they find puerto rican and dominican women more attractive than black women.
Paige Nakiwu (6 years ago)
mrblackalchemist (6 years ago)
Oghosa it sounds like a bit of jealousy. Come on black women know they are not as attractive as other races. Why put this on black men.
Rachel curlylocks (6 years ago)
Yay for controversy on videos! What I hate the most is when guys will mock black girls for having "flat bums" and then go with a white girl who may have the same lack of bum....nonsense. We need to get it together
Beeblebrox (6 years ago)
whoa! strong opinions in this vid. I'm a black guy aged 20, I've dated white, black and indian girls. not attracted to asian. The thing I noticed about black girls is that they like really bad boys/ gangster/ dont give a fuck types and sometimes I find it hard to fit that mould coz I'm kinda type A, ambitious, focused on my education and dress non gangsta. Yeah, not many black girls get wet from that description of myself, just saying.., I love black girls though :)
iolatunji18 (6 years ago)
omg I feel you girl wooow, I taught I was the only one like i literally did, Im not sure what the black guys are like in England but in Ireland they are such a disgrace, its gotten to a stage where I don't see myself with one in the future, which is sad because I would love to be with an african man
pierre reactionnaire (6 years ago)
this video would have been hotter if you were indian?
VERNITA NASH (6 years ago)
Your words are awesome! I'm new to your channel and you are right on on this topic!
cynthia syn (6 years ago)
Loll date outside yo!!! I don't even give a fuck about what black guys think or say.
bambam60m (6 years ago)
Good video young lady, as a Blackman here in the USA, you hit on a number of good points. I understand what you are saying, we as a people are very confuse in the head on so many issues that effect us, that we are our own worse enemy. Keep up the good work kid!
Beanz (6 years ago)
Woah some negativity here, I can't change the opinion of all of you women. But you should know that not all of us are like that, and that you shouldn't feel the need to live to please us.
ChildofGoodFortune (6 years ago)
Look for the decent ones my dear...
ChildofGoodFortune (6 years ago)
Hmm, looks like I struck a nerve.
GameChanger00100 (6 years ago)
Summary black men complement the things black women cannot reasonably change about her self, ie breast and butt. We only complain about things that she can change but refuse to, ie weight, or hairstyle. Please beautiful black queens of the universe compromise with us.
GameChanger00100 (6 years ago)
I love the way you talk, I listened to your video and for the most part I noticed that the things you quote black men complaining about are things you could change but don't for what ever reason. Hair style, they ability to pull hair ect. You could just not get a weave save money, and listen to black men shut up complaining about hair. Out side of that the major complaints BM have is personality, attitudes, things you can change.
GameChanger00100 (6 years ago)
Men of other races find black Men beautiful, and black girls beautiful, and black boys beautiful, so I am not sure what your point is, if you think that there exist a race of men that seek to worship, black women and all members of it would never degrade you, good luck.
GameChanger00100 (6 years ago)
Ummmmm she is criticizing her own race.
gabs (6 years ago)
The only thing I have to say on is topic is that the men who would say things like this are not men you should be interested. Black white anything, I agree in a sense that its wrong but these men that say this are disrespectful. It doesn't matter if they're black it's just wrong altogether. Regardless of their colour skin. Enjoyed hearing your opinion. It's good to speak out on topics like this. Some men are just ridiculous beyond words.
na2ra41 (6 years ago)
You are an ignorant being...NO Hating!!!!!!
15Productionz (6 years ago)
i go for absolutely any race or any colour whether you're dark dark light asian (especially luff asians \o/) or white i dont really care it's all about personality (looks are involved obviously) i just hate how black guys think mixed/latina girls are the only good looking people ever look at oghosa she's absolutely gorgeous and she's not light skinned -_-
15Productionz (6 years ago)
LMFAO can't believe you actually went out like that at the start :D
Nic xx (6 years ago)
that was real
missklarice (6 years ago)
loooooool your SO on point!
afrikahchick (6 years ago)
Marriages between black men and white women have the highest divorce rate. I wonder why. Smh it makes me sick when black men degrade black woman for how they look. They help the media to degrade black women beauty. So sad.
SGTRDOT (6 years ago)
wait, but if the black guy don't want you then go for someone else lol
The Vleck Channel (6 years ago)
I understand your point about the 'fetishism' of women of certain races and it's certainly valid. However, speaking as a white man, I recognise officially only one race - humans - and some physical characteristics grab my attention more than others - dark skin being one. But for me the woman as a person is the most important thing. I have been and continue to be attracted to women with every type of body and 'race'.
marvily eduards (6 years ago)
Black women are just tooo arrogant , period
marvily eduards (6 years ago)
Black people from Uk ,are mostly very arrogant, first because they never been shown where they are race originally came from, this teaches you to like your own people, because it get u closer to your roots, habits , culture etc... And my opinion is that the ladies are worst. I list the count how many times i have tried to ask a genuine question about a direction to a black women and she blank me. I do think that black people in Uk needs to realise there are not white,start appreciating bng blck.
J BOO (6 years ago)
Honey thats all women, not just black!!! Stop sterotyping one race of women, now this day and age all of them want to be bad bitch. You have media to blame for that, and weakminded ppl.
J BOO (6 years ago)
That comment doesn't make any sense, WTF!! How are white women more feminine?
J BOO (6 years ago)
Girl you are right on point with this topic!
20congo (6 years ago)
its all true u know.... Weldon for saying it, i fell sorry for the black race, they are the only race of men who see their women as worthless
Jennifer Cynthia (6 years ago)
This is real talk right here! x
Micheal Angeo (6 years ago)
you need to get out of that mentality wat kind of research did you do quantitative or qualitative research ? none its so based maybe ur just unhappy
Fee Nartese (6 years ago)
more feminine?? lol. whatever that means. women are women.
different facets of myself through hair and makeup. I think the key thing here is that women from whatever race, the majority of the time are not completely natural. We were not born with makeup on our faces and yet a lot of women wear it, it's kind of the same difference I think. Imho, I think the media is responsible for the way black women are categorised. There are so many dark skinned, gorgeous women out there with intelligence and elegance. Some black men don't care to see it. God bless x
I agree in some respects with what you say but in some respects I don't. I always wear weaves and yes, partly because I wish my own hair was more controllable and I wish I had more time to invest in it. However, I love the fact that as an individual I can be as creative and self-expressive as I want. The majority of the time, my hair extensions are short or shoulder length, it's not that I don't embrace my natural self, it's just that I enjoy so much having the choice to explore different cont..
icewind1906 (6 years ago)
If more women were willing to take responsibility and accountability instead of feigning innocence, then all this "Black Men ain't shyt" rhetoric would fade to black. We like dishonest communication...because if we wanted some "real talk" if we were going to have an honest conversation about all the black men that aint shyt.....then we would have to talk about aint shyt wombs that they came out of.
Silver Stack (6 years ago)
your points are valid because black woman do get treated as seconds but you have to understand the problem only stops with you, Black woman are queens and the fruit of life, its sad over time religion, culture and media has trashed black woman and made us black men who are asleep be discourage at looking at black woman. My advice to black woman is too keep it 100% Discover your self and learn to respect your self oh yh Listen to All Follow none and find your own path in life
celaviedmai (6 years ago)
preachhhhh sister preachhhhhh
Silver Stack (6 years ago)
I wont lie this is bigger issue then us black men not treating Black woman right or wrong the black woman has been trashed by the media for years and most of us black men are raised by the TV which hasn't helped black men in general everyone has there opinion but the news picks bullshit comment on black woman to publish, but Black Woman have not done themselves any favours when most of you try to look like these white woman Straight hair,make up and bein lite skin only beautiful if u accept it
Amanda Wilson (6 years ago)
I agree with you to some degree, it's really sad, that rubbish like this still happens, but did you knw that black people are the most racist against themselves.
tony tony (6 years ago)
Whitewomen are no better looking than blackwomen its just that whitewomen are more feminine than blackwomen thats the answer
tony tony (6 years ago)
You got it all wrong its even sad
tony tony (6 years ago)
You see if a white girl does not fancy you they will still listen you but blackwomen will not even pay you no attention whitewomen are approachable
peenup123 (6 years ago)
shadz scott (6 years ago)
fair point but i fink ull find that its predominantly black ppl ave those features, and im sure if u trace the white ppl who ave those features ancestors one of them was black.
Just stop dating them, stop noticing them, ignore them, get a white man and move on.
poohray12 (6 years ago)
overall BLACK is BLACK it just comes in different shades! its sad how african americans are against each other over "color" it looks dumb as hell and its ignorant. this is 2013 not 1912
AfrikBabe (6 years ago)
Well spoken
TheTruthAlwaysHurts1 (6 years ago)
there is no such thing as black and white features,there is black with different features as there is whites with different features,there is no such thing as that,there is also white people with big noses and big lips and big butts,as there is black girl with little nose lips and ass
RnB4LIF3 (6 years ago)
lol..shit you're stupid! XD
JoJoBa Gal (6 years ago)
This subject is very hard to talk about because there are so many topics you can touch on but i belive everything your saying i 100% true and anyone who denies is it,is in denial.I love it keep speaking thr truth!
h3modynamic (6 years ago)
this video is an accurate depiction of the majority of black men. it's a sad part of our reality. this is why i STRONGLY urge black women to expand their dating pool, look at the whole menu instead of one meal men of other races find black women BEAUTIFUL however since black men continue to degrade black women, they don't see themselves as beautiful hence, they stick to what is familiar to them, black men. the saying that you dont appreciate what you have until you loose it works all the time.
Whitney Bankss (6 years ago)
i saw the tittle and thought nothing other than tell me something i do not now. I really wish i didnt think like that

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