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Maui Dual Sport ADVENTURE!

1139 ratings | 41673 views
Visit http://www.mauidualsport.com for more info. Book Now : 808.495.6094 Just ask for Mike or Chris! **We are the only biz renting Dual Sport bikes on Maui!** Details : We offer fully outfitted Dual Sport Motorcycle's for rent as well as guided island tours. All gear head to toe is included so you don't need to bring anything except your passion for adventure and riding! Experience Maui on the freedom of two wheels!
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Text Comments (222)
killerbeau95 (1 month ago)
love my dual sport too bad I live on shitahu
Maxwell Fox (1 year ago)
Fucking gorgeous video, brah! Companies NEED to be giving you budgets to shoot adverts.
HumDinger (4 years ago)
I'm not sure how I ever missed this one..  Epic Cinemas.  To think what you could do now.  Serious man your calling is to do this you're just that good at it.  I am in awe and brain is blown..
Michael Lipp (4 years ago)
I took that pic and sooo much more lol ;-p 10x better in person!
Mikikorcz (4 years ago)
http://i.ytimg.com/vi/nHBXNuUhlvI/hqdefault.jpg Thank me later guys
ApexIXMR (4 years ago)
So did I just see "her"(sorry, don't know her name) in a Hawaii travel promo? Sure looked like her.
ROTAS DO NORDESTE (4 years ago)
AustinSweet139 (4 years ago)
This makes me want to buy a KLR lol
Bob Duvall (4 years ago)
HEYY !!, I came here to see that Sweet! Ass in the title picture. OK, I'm p[pissed now!  I guess I'm just going to have to come there and have a Talk with You ! About All those great places to ride. I lived Oahu years ago. I guess it is time I came back !! I am SOO jealous of you guys! GREAT videos and Riding. Keep up the good work !! Mahalo Nu'i Loa, Holoka'i
FailsAndFights (5 years ago)
This is quality
Chris May (5 years ago)
iggy3200 (5 years ago)
I'm going to maui this winter and I will definitely be doing a ride with Maui moto!
Branden Henrichs (5 years ago)
perfect song, -American (Whole-Z remix)-
Leon Gous (5 years ago)
who is this music by?  Shazam can't find it.
WingBraapTW (5 years ago)
That video is absolutely sick!
Duckhunterbow (5 years ago)
Excellent video. The camera work and production is great!
DirtMongers (5 years ago)
song is American by Lana Del Rey (Whole-Z Remix)
GnrlBond (5 years ago)
this lana del ray?
turk1559 (5 years ago)
To anybody who is wondering, the song is American by Lana Del Rey (Whole-Z Remix)
Darla vonderheide (5 years ago)
Amazing camera work and editing. You`re the man!
LaggyMcGee (5 years ago)
Great filming, awesome video!! what is the song name???
Jonathan Reichley (5 years ago)
Now come on guys... do you really think they would do difficult shit in this commercial for MDS? that would make potential customers think the terrain would be too difficult. Most customers are looking for a relaxing ride with views. Anyone with an ok business sense focuses on their largest client base. 
SuperSneakyOwl (5 years ago)
Nice :) Looks like the channel have matured again
DopestDope (5 years ago)
where is that butt ass chick??
kafoure93 (5 years ago)
Man I would love to go riding in the places you get to go riding in!
Hataau Rider (5 years ago)
Nice Song and Nice trip,Thank for share trip,Nice to see bike team..Good Job
Ben Dover (5 years ago)
I love these kind of videos! keep 'em coming :)
chris jennings (5 years ago)
freaking cool!
Dracati Ducati (5 years ago)
The transition edit around 3:35 is Holly ! ! Excellent vid, very professional...I will definitely be looking to run the crater ride next time in HI , Happy New Year all
nathan ray (5 years ago)
sweet makes me wannt to move to the islands
Millograms (5 years ago)
which prick disliked this!?
mauidirtbikerin808 (5 years ago)
Squiding it
Millograms (5 years ago)
This is great!
Glaucio Cardoso (5 years ago)
what is the black helmets brand? ...what model?
Cristian Alpha (4 years ago)
Icon Variant
darkdrewmo (5 years ago)
What song did you use for this? I need to download it!
TheCheesyBap (5 years ago)
Tom OfNorthCal (5 years ago)
Glaucio Cardoso (5 years ago)
what is the black helmets brand? ...and the model?
Joseph Johnson (5 years ago)
Very impressive vid Mr Kalani . Much respect yet again.
Howler (5 years ago)
amazing footage and sweet editing make this so enjoyable to watch :-p gotta admit i watched once for the bikes, once for the scenery and a third time for good luck :-)
minecraftkid021 (5 years ago)
also sweet editing i hope i am this good one day
minecraftkid021 (5 years ago)
this is amazing dude!!
TheChris1226 (5 years ago)
What song is this?
series333 (5 years ago)
awesome video.  love this song.  put it on my phone a few months ago after I heard it in your video at the end with your son walking.
Bike Super Four (5 years ago)
Glaucio Cardoso (5 years ago)
Hina kaulana (5 years ago)
MY Home,!!! :)
Nerb1 (5 years ago)
+1 to the 170 positive posts below! AB's top notch quality
Fred Floyd (5 years ago)
if you don't already, I'm surprised you don't have an offer/job in photography, in the off-road category/field 
troyboy986 (5 years ago)
Wow, beautiful views. Hope your venture goes well
hunter ervin (5 years ago)
what is this song i really wanna know plz tell me!!!!!!!!!
Cristian Alpha (4 years ago)
ApexIXMR (5 years ago)
Epic.  Fucking. Video
Brock M (5 years ago)
AMAZING !!!!!!!!!
smschico (5 years ago)
Crazy time-lapses there on top of the montain.
smschico (5 years ago)
Well Done Kalani! nice video awesome places.
poppess90 (5 years ago)
i want you to do 20 ish min vids again 
Joey Jonaitis (5 years ago)
Awesome edit, subscribed!
Holliday Rides (5 years ago)
I swear this has become my favourite song ever
Hunter McDonald (5 years ago)
Awesome video, gonna have to look into this next time we are out west!
mattaria (5 years ago)
The video is awesome though.  Exactly what we've come to expect from you AB!
mattaria (5 years ago)
I wouldn't trust fragmasterkarl....He's ripped off other bikers in the past.  Boy's got some bad karma coming.
jodelboy (5 years ago)
Doesbaddel (5 years ago)
Name of the Song: American - Whole-Z Remix (Prod. Lana Del Ray) 
Kyle (5 years ago)
Damn sweet video, best I've ever seen on Youtube in a long time! What is the name of this song?!!?! 
SKASTMP5 (5 years ago)
Great job on the vid AB
MrDirtrider777 (5 years ago)
whats the name of this song ??????
Cristian Alpha (4 years ago)
Millograms (5 years ago)
American- Whole-Z Remix (Prod. Lana Del Ray)  in fact just search this ... 
Millograms (5 years ago)
Lana Del Rey - American  I think this is a remix in this video though
Dirty Garage (5 years ago)
My bro bought his klr in 2008 he has 110 000 km on it
Aberix (5 years ago)
That was amazing!  Very well done.
1xr (5 years ago)
SPOILER ALERT: squidoverload
arouwenhorst (5 years ago)
and this one tho!!! :D
GeorgiaBoy Boomer (5 years ago)
Very well done and now you have me thinking I might have to take a little trip in the future bro!
sweatiingbullets (5 years ago)
Amazing editing work!  Makes me want to leave Oahu and jump over to Maui.
TheSlashfan21 (5 years ago)
The song: /watch?v=ykVduTV5YkE :)
ThePauljohnc (5 years ago)
Dude, epic video!! Looks amazing!
hanford brett (5 years ago)
that vid has amazing angles and quality, the song also tops it all off! well done Prince. You have an act for making vids
dualsportguy (5 years ago)
Perfect song!!!
impulsivez (5 years ago)
song is American- Whole-Z Remix (Prod. Lana Del Ray)
Kevy Suzuki (5 years ago)
fuck winter snow! I wanna ride my bike!
Paul Fleming (5 years ago)
What's this song? Did you use the uncompressed HDMI out for this? Nice shots!
CleavingCleaver (5 years ago)
Kalani this is so Damn beautiful!!! I wanna come to Maui so bad!!! I wanna bring a 2 stroke and see these views!!!
thebrooklynprepper (5 years ago)
Great job brother sweet vid!!!
JTtheOKIE (5 years ago)
If anyone is wondering, this is the Whole-Z Remix of American by Lana Del Rey.
Crys (5 years ago)
That's the best ad I've seen for anything, let alone motorcycle tours. The state of Hawaii should be hiring you to do tourism advertising for the global market. Awesome work Kalani! 
Deuce Nukem (5 years ago)
excellently put together video, Kalani. I hope y'all do awesome down there.
dylan W (5 years ago)
Can someone tell me the name of this song?
Cristian Alpha (4 years ago)
Mischievous Emperor (5 years ago)
Excellent production m8.
Lawn Chair Aviator (5 years ago)
Turned out nice. Wish we had done that in 06 instead of the crap we did on O'ahu. A full day of adventure for the price of a one hour helicopter ride. Very cool as are you filming and editing skills.
Julian Darkazanli (5 years ago)
sick video! the song is american by lana del rey whole-z remix
SixSpdAdventure (5 years ago)
Simply Amazing, I want to go!
h3rozaga (5 years ago)
I like move to Maui now!!! hahaha
juvey27 (5 years ago)
muy bonito vídeo!!!!!!
JujuARod (5 years ago)
Kalani I am going to MAUI this summer before my engineering classes to meet you... MARK MY WORDS!
Native (5 years ago)
Skills sir skills!
AkDeluxeRider (5 years ago)
Congrats on over 40k subs! This video is as beautiful and thumbnail picture. Absolutely outstanding. It's amazing how far you have gone and will go! Faved this one. Ride safe, bruddah!
The Riding Prospector (5 years ago)
Wow! So beautiful! Awesome video!
mike p (5 years ago)
Amazingly beautiful
Caden Holmes (5 years ago)
bobbyjohnjohn (5 years ago)
Where can I get that wallpaper at?!?
hudsen8 (5 years ago)
Wow man, truly professional work here. Looks like it came off of a visit Hawaii commercial that you see on tv.
Repdan1 (5 years ago)
This is amazing!, nice vid and those icon helmets look sick in hd,god i wish i lived in maui :)

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