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Defusable Clock

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NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! http://nootropicdesign.com/defusableclock/ NOTE: THE WIRES ARE EASILY REPLACED AND IT COMES WITH EXTRA WIRES. The Defusable Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock that also lets you practice defusing explosive devices just like you see in the movies.
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Text Comments (84)
Cinnamon fox (2 months ago)
Is this a one time use thing??
nootropic design (2 months ago)
No, it's designed to replace the wires easily.
Spudnik (6 months ago)
Counter Terrorist Win
EricWW2 (1 year ago)
Ill put this in my carry on. Hate having no alarm clock on vacations.
hansonsux (4 years ago)
It's easier to just unplug it.
NippelChiller (3 years ago)
thehankman100 (4 years ago)
How would one fix the wire?
Suicide King (3 years ago)
thehankman100 (3 years ago)
+Brandon Does Gaming Oh yeah, I was tired as hell when I asked that. Thank you for that suggestion :D
Suicide King (3 years ago)
electrical tape
Impracticalteens (4 years ago)
WAIT  he cut the wire wtf
Abbas D. Amar (2 years ago)
+Impracticalteens well it has to look epic ;)
nootropic design (5 years ago)
It also works just like an ordinary alarm clock.
88preludedude (5 years ago)
I still don't see how it is an alarm clock?
MXTALE (5 years ago)
Really awesome ! Is it possible to reprogram the countdown timer to set for example one hour countdown ?
Aline Mendes (5 years ago)
I want one, seriously <3
Julian Armijo (5 years ago)
Can you set the countdown time for longer?
Akihabara Senkan (5 years ago)
Awesome work!Would be very useful for airsoft games involving bomb defusing moment!
Akihabara Senkan (5 years ago)
Which is one thing I would love to do;turning passionate hobbies into real fun business!
Nhan Nguyen Hy (6 years ago)
How can I sleep with that tick sound ?
harrisonaard1 (6 years ago)
buy from denkimono and some various bits and bobs. Soldering iron - naturally. Bob's your uncle.
Paddington Bear (6 years ago)
I have one but it isnt together yet
MrChicano209 (6 years ago)
If this really happen then the squad team would should up and blow your had off.
TheHightimes121 (6 years ago)
Do the wires go back together
ADJHD (6 years ago)
Good luck convinciibg airport security that this is your "morning alarm clock..."
XplosionFactory (6 years ago)
Why is there a curly red wire?
ihsan2309 (6 years ago)
imagine how much fun they're having at the AlQaeda camp. u r 20 yrs too late n 20 yrs too lame
Paralyzer24 (6 years ago)
How does the alarm part work... do you have to diffuse it to stop the alarm...cuz that would really help me wake up
DaVoltaire (6 years ago)
Start it off with a thirty second or twenty second countdown then
Kandace Trokey (6 years ago)
The movies always make defusing a bomb so complicated.. I yell at the screen 'just pull out the damn cap already!' no detonator (cap) no boom.. yeah the cap can cause severe injury alone, just not the damage you'd get from the dynamite being set off.
RandomTrollKid (6 years ago)
i got it and its beautiful. if you don't mind buying the explosive prop or making it urself, then buy this for sure.
Matt Weldon (6 years ago)
RandomTrollKid (6 years ago)
i bought this a week ago and I'm waiting for it to get here, but i think its a sick idea. i wanna cut the wires cuz idle be cooler, but i just wanna know how you have to replace them
RandomTrollKid (6 years ago)
i used candlesticks covered in dark red paper. also, do you have to solder on new wire every time you cut it???
nootropic design (6 years ago)
@Controlfreak9989 wood dowels covered with brown paper.
Controlfreak9989 (6 years ago)
what did you use for the tube dynamite?
nootropic design (6 years ago)
@RockComicsKid I'm a software engineer but I taught myself some electrical engineering and started designing products. Hobby turned into a fun business.
My Tunes (6 years ago)
@nootropicdesign You're awesome!!! How'd you learn to make that clock? Are you an electrical engineer or just a hobbyist or somethin???
OPchanUBA (7 years ago)
How inaccurate. Its ALWAYS the green wire
nootropic design (7 years ago)
Now available for purchase!
nootropic design (7 years ago)
@2setro Dude, it comes with a bundle of wires that you can easily replace. I will also be selling extra wire bundles. Also, you don't have to cut the wires if you don't want to -- you can pull them out of the terminal blocks.
Setro (7 years ago)
Dumb invention. Once you cut the wires, you either have to return it or fix it. Though I think its cool.
CNovz (7 years ago)
I dare you to bring this to the airport
nootropic design (7 years ago)
The kit will come with extra wires, and I'll sell additional wire bundles for a reasonable price.
gradius12 (7 years ago)
I don't get it, you have to buy a new wire once you cut it?
legomaniacman (7 years ago)
I want to put that on my apartment window :D Makes me want an apartment now lol.
Taco Belmont (7 years ago)
I would be dead every morning.
nootropic design (7 years ago)
The price for this electronic kit will be about $33 USD. Available at end of October.
GabrielKnight636 (7 years ago)
What's the price of this awesome toy??
kath1234 (7 years ago)
lammee, makes no sense
nootropic design (7 years ago)
> what avr? It's an ATmega328
leadis (7 years ago)
but nothing happens when the time runs out.. ?
maumatos (7 years ago)
hahaha I wanna see you bring one to the airport LOL
Daniel Irving (7 years ago)
so many ideas come to mind when you have a fake bomb :3
BH Prototyping (7 years ago)
that would be somthing i would want to get it looks so cool.
Janos (7 years ago)
thank you for sharing how to defuse a bomb. now i know.
RootSuitMan (7 years ago)
Good job now you gotta replace the wires
nootropic design (7 years ago)
Electronics kits to build this clock will be available in October. Price will be between $30 and $35. See the linked article for details and sign up for notification when the product is available.
rusTORK (7 years ago)
@iHeartMagic Especially for them sent it to buyer already armed. =)))))))))))))))) - Hey, John! Look here, it's not what i am thinking about? - There is some wires, board, nubers... looks like a BOMB! Call 911! This it really funny thing.
Ranact (7 years ago)
I imagine getting this trough customs would be somewhat tricky.
IronHarper (7 years ago)
@originaljulz I'd disagree but there we are, welcome to the internet my friend.
babyjew95 (7 years ago)
Do u have a video of how to make it?
allu771 (7 years ago)
you should attach loud speakers to it
Controlfreak9989 (7 years ago)
Dear Santa....
Carlos Peralta (7 years ago)
Can you ship one to my house?
IronHarper (7 years ago)
@luatfingerstyle let's imagine you don't have more wires. How would you fix it... sellotape? I jumped to the wrong conclusion (replace/solder) but it's not exactly a wild idea. Not like I'm suggesting you spot weld the fucking things.
quick updates (7 years ago)
Wow, you get to use it one time then you have to replace the wires....that is bad
nootropic design (7 years ago)
@IronHarper Uh, I asked "get it?" because I wanted to make sure you understood, that's all. I'm not sure why you took offense to that, and I'm not sure why you are being so mean-spirited.
Blu3W4r10Ck (7 years ago)
@mickarea It wouldn't be practical to use this as a framework for an IED. Also theres the thing where this keeps beeping.
keeper6t9er (7 years ago)
i wonder if they'd let you take this clock on a plane. you wouldnt want to be late
Alwyn Reeve (7 years ago)
Given your fantastic use of the English language, and the fact Australia was a penal colony, I would be vary careful about abusing other English speaking nations
nootropic design (7 years ago)
@IronHarper No soldering is needed to *replace* the wires. They are connected to the board with screw terminals....get it?
IronHarper (7 years ago)
@nootropicdesign you've just cut the damn things in two! You're soldering something :D
IronHarper (7 years ago)
@nootropicdesign you've just cut the damn things in two! You're soldering something :D
nedralovesme (7 years ago)
I don't know why I clicked this expecting to see an explosion
mickarea (7 years ago)
What if someone use it for real bomb ? ....
mpoertner (7 years ago)
But wouldn't it be a lot safer to just pull the detonator out of the plastique?
d d (7 years ago)
the TSA will love this
nootropic design (7 years ago)
@Thereisnosp00000n you don't have to resolder -- they are connected with screw terminals...
Thereisnosp00000n (7 years ago)
Cool clock! Only thing that sucks is you have to re solder the wires that are cut every day. :-)
TRG2221 (7 years ago)
I would buy this alarmer THIS would be so cool...! but not as oneway product...
FutureLaugh (7 years ago)
this is the perfect alarm clock! I cant wait to bring it with me on vacation!
Alex Silva (7 years ago)
Like. oh sorry , like we put on facebook.... i mean : I love it :)
JD (7 years ago)
1 fake wire should fasten the ETA to make it more fun.

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