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tuxedo cat, floyd, black and white cat, funny

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tuxedo cat. our cat floyd playing in an easter egg box!
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Text Comments (12)
Erin Averyt (10 months ago)
So cute
Gina Spano (1 year ago)
that looks like my cat 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Dark Fairy (2 years ago)
I had a cat that looked like that but she died of skin cancer
ITS Anthony (1 year ago)
Cosplay Girl same
Carii24 Banana (2 years ago)
same cat!!!!!OMG!
Daniella Leal (3 years ago)
that looks kindve like my cat same color except its white on it tip of the tail and its so soft and strong it scared off a chew wahh those dog
Inlaricron the rooster (4 years ago)
tuxedos are my favorite cat type! I LOVE EM'!
japanesenoodle (5 years ago)
Look like my cat too lol
Grey Reviewer (5 years ago)
It looks like mine to
Illumanitestar Ace (6 years ago)
it looks like my cat LILO
SnapChat User (1 year ago)
Illumanitestar Ace same
sheka216 (7 years ago)
my female tuxedo kitty nighters has the he looks like me type look once after you get here into youtube type in sheka216 and watch the one of her on the red rug

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