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The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four feat. Wengie

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Meet Australian YouTuber Wengie - the voice of the Fourth Powerpuff Girl Bliss in Australia & New Zealand!. The Powerpuff Girls | Power of Four airs on the 23rd & 24th September at 10am on Cartoon Network. Check out our Cartoon Network Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/CartoonNetworkAustralia Subscribe for more Cartoon Network fun! Make sure to check out Planet 1UP, where Nate gets up to some crazy stuff!! http://youtube.com/weareplanet1up
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Text Comments (1685)
It GiRL (7 months ago)
Wengie is the best! She inspires me so much!
YohanMoshMarsh (2 months ago)
Trinh Hoang (5 months ago)
Nightcore Sounds (6 months ago)
Same I love her
Yeah, she's awesome!
Izzythebanna Cardona (13 days ago)
Are used to watch the Powerpuff Girls all the time and when I saw this the fourth power puff girl I was like wait in the front tires plus girl I’m so excited when I saw this video and I thought I was Wendy and I was excited I couldn’t stop watching Powerpuff Girls and I’ve actually wanted to DIY my own little doll and make it into the power Puff girl bliss
Kelly Geise (14 days ago)
wengie you make me and everybody you meet so happy your dreams will always come true if you follow your heart :D
izzys enchanted squad (14 days ago)
Well done Wengie
Latonya Farmer (17 days ago)
You didn't voise bliss you don't even sound like her! I saw a black woman voise her. And she sounds like her not you!!!!!!!!!
R3AL STUFFZ (17 days ago)
You the bast i also like power puff girls
Kian antivo (18 days ago)
power puff girls i saw an mistake bubbles eye in the costume of blossom like watch it carefully not on this vid the other episode blister sister thats it like if you see it
its alliah gacha (20 days ago)
Cool i like power puff girl too lol
Bashary Latiph (25 days ago)
i thought that it was marceline
Nadine Stewart (25 days ago)
I am the 5th PowerPuff Girl but I am a man
OOF now I like wengie. COME ON GIRL. PUT THAT UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER ON! YEET. jkjkjkjk JK I-IM KIDDING. HONESTLY. BUT STILL, FUNNY EH? Jk I'm not funny at all... Sadly. MAMAAAAAAAA!!! :( ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;
Hearts For Kittys (1 month ago)
YandereGirl Gacha (1 month ago)
I didnt know Bliss was Wengie... P.S Bliss was my favorite character
shainnah robert (1 month ago)
Windy you're the best and i don't know that your that you are speaking likebliss you so cool
Wengie is great
Gacha Tyedye hair 606 (1 month ago)
Danielle Stormont (2 months ago)
emeli adelin purba (2 months ago)
Nicky O'Dea (2 months ago)
in a bit more than a few months a couple 14444445555 minutes
kyla serrano (2 months ago)
Wengie is the best the best!!!!
_Memedud _ (2 months ago)
Hi sisters
MiwaGMKA Wolf (2 months ago)
Why is she so much bigger than all the other why can’t she be like the others ?
alexa micky (2 months ago)
I watch every vid of power puff girl and this vid ....and i didn't KNOW😠😠😠😠😨😨😨😰😩😰😩😱😰 😭😭😭😭
HYPR TURBO (2 months ago)
I did not no my favourite YouTuber is the voice of my favourite power puff girl
Fatima Ahmad (2 months ago)
Wengie i love you
Mad K (2 months ago)
I love wengies pranks the so good she is the master at pranks I love her videos
Coco Nguyen (2 months ago)
Unica Serkovicbi (2 months ago)
Omg im wengies bigest fan
Emol Bean (2 months ago)
and i never knew this why?
Regi J (2 months ago)
I watch this just now
Leela Doggo (2 months ago)
The music is louder than her talking so I cant hear her...
kimberly martinez (2 months ago)
Do a 24 hour in Mick donls
Christine Rosales (2 months ago)
reyn14344 (2 months ago)
Wengie yay btw u have the best voice ever.btw im a big fan off ur channel:3
Randy Torres (2 months ago)
Wengie I watch power puff girl because I am 9 years old and I am so small I am grade three if I am grade four I am going to 10
Randy Torres (2 months ago)
Wengie win the first round to make Patrick pancake
Zhennabrigitha Iryanti (2 months ago)
wengie i love you so much
【Poppydom】 (2 months ago)
Chemical W chemical WENGIE OMG
Funnel Cake (2 months ago)
Wow she's black....top ten anime plot twist.
Xper La16 (2 months ago)
awww goooooood!!!
Conrado Magcalas (2 months ago)
Baby Lyn (2 months ago)
Love wengie but the new power puff girls ain't shit.
Naomi Zamora (3 months ago)
Wengie I love you
Mary Rose Rivera (3 months ago)
Man , I love Wengie's channel Where is Wendie
Reynaldo Tabat (3 months ago)
wengie is cool i love you too powerpuff girls
Dark Joey and Friends (3 months ago)
D78 animations (3 months ago)
OMG wengie your my fav
I am Francesca Molina (3 months ago)
Omg is wengie i loveee your videos i’m a big fan!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜unicorn team
ItsIzzy xoxo (3 months ago)
Im australian so yay
Nadia Tahir (3 months ago)
What wingiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaa youuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaa
i know Wengie shes a youtuber
xXSkylarAyissaYT Xx (3 months ago)
The Light Fury (3 months ago)
Is that your first time being a actor
Kawaii Alisa (3 months ago)
Really!? Wengie
CrypticSanity (3 months ago)
I wish I was a voice actress
bella gallaxylover (3 months ago)
Maricar Romano (3 months ago)
I love wengie! 😘😘😘 ❤️❤️❤️ 😍😍😍 😊😊😊 🤩🤩🤩
awesomegirl5 (3 months ago)
Bliss eyes and dress are same color as Bunny eyes and dress from the original powerpuff girls
Oooo. Bliss its Wenaie
hui huang (3 months ago)
PlebPotatoIrish :3 (3 months ago)
basil walters (4 months ago)
I 💗💗💗💗 YOU WENGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A T E M O (4 months ago)
Wenjie I love you real chanle
Kawaii Cat (4 months ago)
Wow Wengie Actully Speaks For Bliss I Know Bliss And Wengie!
kamini varshney (4 months ago)
I already know who was the voice of bliss
Alister Rae (4 months ago)
Hi, I like in Newzealand and I love the powerpuff girls and WENGIE :DD AND U GUYS ARE SOO COOL :D
rachel Coles (4 months ago)
Wengie is the best inspirational girl i have ever met. She is like the queen unicorn, I'm her best friend, servant. In my dreams though,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😜😜😜😜
rachel Coles (4 months ago)
Vanessa Raj (4 months ago)
Rina Kuosmanen (4 months ago)
Stjia Drawer (4 months ago)
Omg wengie
Alysha White (4 months ago)
i love wengie
sacha falcone (4 months ago)
Rip bunny
Celia Miller (4 months ago)
Ya she is so cool and an awsome person!!
Galxy- Chan (4 months ago)
omg I rlly luv bliss tina and wengie is also my favorite utuber cool
Al Mi (4 months ago)
Im from California So What can I do
Quinn D (4 months ago)
Wait I thought Olivia Olson voiced Bliss... she made a YouTube video about it too..? Hmm
하늘마루 (5 months ago)
wengie your the bast
baby (5 months ago)
isnt there a new voice for Bliss? i watched some bliss vids and it didnt sound like wengie at all!!! but if she is still wengie, good job wengie!!!
GachaStoriesVS World (5 months ago)
I love wengie and the powerpufff but I really wanna be the voice of the new powerpufff if I was a powerpufff I'm strong and crazy and eating only vegetables I would have green hair and teal on my shirt with the strips LOLZ I really wanna wanna be the 5th powerpufff I'm from phillipines so yeah but I am in Qatar
Donna gay lapuz (5 months ago)
Wengie you are the best
Athena Agyapas (5 months ago)
Hi Hi (5 months ago)
Leeza Tikeri sefo (5 months ago)
Omg I have been watching this my whole life and I did not know that wengie my fan is the person who does Tue talking ng I think that I am gonna fain lol
Stellar Moon (5 months ago)
claire sison (5 months ago)
wengie. you have a. YouTube videos
Gaby Lim (5 months ago)
anasya anu (5 months ago)
I live in New Zealand
Verna Dowling (5 months ago)
same i was so suprised when i saw this and i was like,"OMG is this a dream?"
Kihe Lotu (5 months ago)
wengie has a beautifull voic
Farhan Asif (5 months ago)
I love much ppg
Rayre Trc (5 months ago)
WHAT IT’s wengi
Dindo Diamante (5 months ago)
Parking where I want to be you I want to be like I want to make a tons of fun Tronics and tons of fun but you have to make new carpet I'm gonna do Foyce us characters or God I probably have something to tell you I want to be like you I want to be like you wanna can you characters movie is can I control my boys probably I'm going to be can you Cartis voice I'll be are the new characters new voice
The iosefa Family (5 months ago)
Hi Wengie🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 like this video
Amy loves Gacha :3 (6 months ago)
Omg its wengie
Areeb Hammad (6 months ago)
Project Zorgo is Watching........
Stella Chua (6 months ago)
yos i lov u wengi :OOOOOOOOOOO
Harlow Graham Graham (6 months ago)
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa😯😮😱

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