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This Baby Munchkin Kitten Will Melt Your Heart

267998 ratings | 12214953 views
This is the cutest thing you'll see all day ❤ (By, Cattralpark) » Check out more on Instagram: https://instagram.com/cattralpark » Visit: https://www.cattralpark.com 👀 Subscribe For Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness: https://www.youtube.com/ViralPaws?sub_confirmation=1 ( 🔔 Make sure to turn the notification bell on!) Follow and Like us on Social Media: 📘 Facebook: https://facebook.com/viralpaws 📷 Instagram: https://instagram.com/viralpaws 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/viralpaws » Music: Ikson - Spring (https://soundcloud.com/ikson) » Copyright Issues? Or Lack of Credits? Please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected] or By Facebook/IG message. We will response and get it resolved within 24Hrs. » We donate and support Animal Shelters! » Also, Mail If you have any Enquiries, Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions. © Copyright disclaimer: I do not own this video nor the image featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. 📋 Tags : #munchkin #whitemunchkin #fluffykitten #kittenball #puppyball #kitten #viralvideo #aww #cute
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Text Comments (23913)
Doinkes (1 minute ago)
У какой лапа утя-путя)
Оля Сокол (31 minutes ago)
Кто поставил дислайк такому Крохе..что за безсердечие..
Some one (1 hour ago)
Ahhh 6.7k rats disliked this vid 😔
Zaria (1 hour ago)
That is the cutest cat I've ever seen in my life, makes me want to cry
Will Nongsiej (3 hours ago)
Damn I'm dead already!!!! Couldn't stand it's cuteness!
8D Muzik (3 hours ago)
Those dislikes from puppies 💫
Elite Shubham gaming (6 hours ago)
Is she meow??
Yusuf65_ Official (10 hours ago)
lul ❤❤❤
Sandra E Straume (10 hours ago)
Can you get cats like this
Cherylann (11 hours ago)
The cutest creature on the planet!!! I would love to hold it & kiss it 😚😻 Much much much better than any puppy dog!!!!
fantaesia (12 hours ago)
I would die for her/him
Nay J (12 hours ago)
ooomahgaaahd so cute
\/ikt0r (12 hours ago)
涼星るい (12 hours ago)
世界共通の可愛いさ❤️ 天使過ぎる~💕 (///ω///)💕
Mythus News (13 hours ago)
too cute to be real... what I don't understand is how (as of this post) 6.7 thousand people downvoted this video... I went through a bunch of the comments, not one did I see that explained any reason for downvotes. In fact, all were positive comments. I'm guessing this 6.7K downvotes are some kind of error or hacking or something.
Nahida Magrey (14 hours ago)
awww....kitti pyaali hai...🤗🤗
AaronGamer X360Wood (17 hours ago)
AaronGamer X360Wood (17 hours ago)
it looks like it's a squirrel
AaronGamer X360Wood (17 hours ago)
Minchangas (17 hours ago)
The short limb cats always get me XD
KåtēłÿñWøłf (18 hours ago)
How much for one?
akubenci umno (19 hours ago)
Please dont grow old, kitty
Parma zyxwvu (19 hours ago)
The tiny precious! May God give the tiny perfect adorable life!
I'm Army (20 hours ago)
будто создалось такое красивое творение!????
Islam Daymohk (19 hours ago)
Гasпod oh belnkadyшeh!!
Yusuf Stone (20 hours ago)
made in heaven
Terry Berry (21 hours ago)
Auto like
sara Shaikh (21 hours ago)
Me: hye doctor i am dying Doctor :why ! What happen ! Me:my heart is melting.
Zunken (22 hours ago)
Conscious Robot (1 day ago)
6.7k people are the worst humans on the planet
Conscious Robot (1 day ago)
She's like a cartoon kitten
Cyrax abir (1 day ago)
I wish I could have one 😍
Ed P (1 day ago)
6,700 dislikes? Why? 🐈
Teslaboi18 (1 day ago)
Why people liked it: adorable species, cat lovers, heart melting, etc. Why people disliked it: Stupid background music, or maybe some are cat haters.
Alex Jin (1 day ago)
Titan wonders if he was ever this cute as a kitten ... probably - but he approves of this little one ! Brrrrrrrppppp
Ryder yt (1 day ago)
Cyte cat
Ibrahim Abu Eraq (1 day ago)
How dare 6 thousand people dislike this video?!
Frank Ly (1 day ago)
I could eat that up👌
Ramiz Mansurov (1 day ago)
Aww🤗 i want to touch him from screen 😄
Chinese: i dont know about my heart, but it melted real good in my mouth
code99k (1 day ago)
The people who disliked this, the list should be made public. Those people are dangerous for the society as a whole and should be on the watch list.
Alvin Chua (1 day ago)
So cute ..... I want to put it in my pocket and bring it to work .
kian valian (1 day ago)
Whoeevr disliked are either bots or they have a black heart🤩🤩
Chirag Sharma (1 day ago)
*i know how to make fool of hooman* --part 31
Assunta Capuozzo (1 day ago)
Che amore sembra un pupazzetto
Ravi Kaur (1 day ago)
So cute..💓💓💓💓
Roy Rached (1 day ago)
Why ppl dislike this video ... its overloaded with cuteness
iiBaylarr (1 day ago)
Me: (cals 911) 911: what is your emergency? Me: im dying! 911: how? Me: my heart melted! 911: WHAT HOW me: (shows video) 911:
Femur_Lemur (1 day ago)
you stole this
Abdullah Nasir (1 day ago)
I am having a stroke. This cuteness is too much for one person to handle.
All cats must die!
Too cute!
Not you, You! (2 days ago)
6.7K people disliked cause their heart literally melted
? unknown (2 days ago)
This is not way better than grumpy cat Rip: 2012-2019:(
deon de Wit (2 days ago)
The little show off. Like he knows and understands that his owner is making a kitten cuteness video.
naba tee (2 days ago)
Thaaea (me): ZEESHA ! Zeesha: whut Thaaea (me): look
Andrea Penzo (2 days ago)
Nuuu... 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
julesPal100 (2 days ago)
Please marry kitten. I promise ro provide for you. I promise a nice bed next to my pillow. Let's live in purring heaven!!
Saraswathy Saraswathy (2 days ago)
The cuttest kitten alive!!😘😘😘
Uzair Ansari (2 days ago)
How is this possible how can she be so cute
Anj Gurbani (2 days ago)
I wish i had the munkin cat
Praveen Shinde (3 days ago)
christina albutra (3 days ago)
Cute cute cute cute cute cute 😍😍
Look BEAUTIFUL ALWYAS (3 days ago)
Cuti pieee
Ayesha Gupta (3 days ago)
This is surely the cutest thing I have ever since in my life 😂
Jodi FlutterShy Gamer (3 days ago)
Awwwe I Want That Kitten!It is So Cute!
On love Malk (3 days ago)
i wants to eat him❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺
Aravindh Ramalingam (3 days ago)
Bite me plz
Muhammad Taha (4 days ago)
Most beautiful thing created
Knight Fury (4 days ago)
Am gonna assume these 6.7k dislikes were by mistake....
Game 4 Live (4 days ago)
Where do you find Munchkin Kittens? 😍😍😍 I need one in my life! 😩
Roksana Kakoly (4 days ago)
There are no words to say
Eti Eti (4 days ago)
Hmmm my love you cat,you cutee!! 😘❤️
Marilou Bangayan (4 days ago)
Baby kitten is cute
I bet all the cute dogs disliked this this video
Haunted Warlock (4 days ago)
finally a sensible comment 😊
Meisie Hardigaluh (5 days ago)
OMG that is sooo cute more then my evil cat
HorOsCoPe By Zainab (5 days ago)
The dislike are from the dogs & mice
Avakin life lovely (6 days ago)
With one word you can say she's like a marshmallow fluff but the best one, her eyes show so much cuteness and she has creamy fluff fur color omg so cuteeee everyone would be proud and lucky if they would have this beautiful kitten👌
HorOsCoPe By Zainab (6 days ago)
It's so cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute I love it I'm done I want kitttttyyyy kitty 😚😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😙😙😍😙😗💕💞❤❤💟💟💞💕
Cora Long (6 days ago)
I don't think it's cute very much
Random Stuff (6 days ago)
send help
Manasi Manjrekar (6 days ago)
Oh no 6.7k thumbs down Don't they have a heart😤
I wasn't to buy one 😆😆so cute
《Juliët Gachæ》 (7 days ago)
I hate cats, but this... 😍😍😍😍
rinsa Abdul (7 days ago)
thoso who disliked it must be ugly dogs....
Akirouia Natsuki (7 days ago)
Guy 1: He was ingaged in an act so horrifically unique each witness could onle describe it using the same 2 words Guy 2 wha what were they Guy 1: munskin sodomy Whoever gets the reffrence is a god.
Friend Wars (7 days ago)
The people that disliked this are heartless
Neeraj Powar (7 days ago)
So Adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dead Pool (8 days ago)
Dean Robinson (8 days ago)
That kitten is so cute, I just want to cuddle it.
Amalia Casado Gracia (8 days ago)
Que preciosos gatito como me gustaría tener un gatito asi
Just a Dumbass faggot (8 days ago)
Munchkins die quicker than regular cats
Felipe G. (8 days ago)
Br faz video ingleso nossa
K Lenovo (8 days ago)
It is all cute😊😊😊😻😻😼😺💓👍
BANYA GHOSH (9 days ago)
0:21 soo cute
Dawn Trottman (9 days ago)
My 6 y/o Manx Maxine glared at me when I said I wanted a baby. She IS the queen of this household and she doesn't want more cats. Her sister Libby is more than enough. 😋
Andrada (9 days ago)
Whoever disliked this video can go drown in a lazy river at a water park
majixi AJ (8 days ago)
Hello Hermione
pink princess (9 days ago)
Who ever gave a thumbs down you have no heart or your just retarded
Stephany Sigfried (9 days ago)
Aaaahhhhwwww cutieeeeee 🤗🤗🤗

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