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145 year old coffin with young girl found under a San Francisco home

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The red rose is still visible between the hands of a young girl buried 145 years ago in a coffin that was recently discovered underneath a San Francisco house. Construction workers were remodeling Ericka Karner's childhood home in the Richmond District when they hit the lead and bronze coffin buried underneath the concrete garage. The three-foot casket's two windows revealed the perfectly preserved skin and long blonde hair of the girl, who is believed to have died when she was three years old. Construction worker Kevin Boylan told KTVU: 'All the hair was still there. The nails were there. There were flowers - roses, still on the child's body. It was a sight to see.' It is believed the girl was one of the 30,000 people who were buried in the city's Odd Fellows Cemetery, which was active for 30 years before it was forced to shut in 1890. The bodies were moved to a Colma burial plot in the 1920s to allow for redevelopment - but the little girl in the long white dress with lavender flowers in her hair was left behind. There were no markings on the purple velvet-lined coffin to identify the child, who is now being called Miranda - a name picked by Karner's two daughters - after she was discovered on May 9. But Karner was soon surprised to find out from the medical examiner's office that the child was now her responsibility. The city refused to take custody of Miranda, but the problems only continued when Karner tried to have the girl reburied. Karner was told she needed a death certificate to obtain a burial permit for the girl. A Colma undertaker was willing to take the body - for a cool $7,000. An East Bay archaeological company's price was even steeper at $22,000. Meanwhile, Miranda's body was deteriorating inside her coffin in Karner's backyard because the seal was broken after the coroner's superior instructed him to open the casket. 'It didn't seem right,' Karner told the San Francisco Chronicle. 'The city decided to move all these bodies 100 years ago, and they should stand behind their decision.' Karner, who is currently living in Idaho with her family while the house is remodeled, said she felt awful as a mother thinking of the little girl lying alone in her backyard. She considered the girl 'part of her family now'. City Hall finally put Karner in touch with someone who could help, connecting her to the Garden of Innocence, an organization that provides burials for unidentified children. Founder Elissa Davey, who was able to secure the funds needed to have the coffin picked up and temporarily stored in a mortuary refrigerator in Fresno, said they needed to do the 'right thing'. 'That girl was somebody's child,' she said. 'We had to pick her up.' 'If people find out she's lying at a construction site with no one around at night, you can bet somebody is going to steal her. People into the macabre. Into witchcraft. 'I wanted her out of there.' It was obvious to Davey that Miranda's parents loved her very much. 'Just by looking at the way they dressed her,' she wrote. 'Their sorrow was great. We will love her too.' Davey, a genealogist, has been saving forgotten children since 1998, when she read a story about a baby boy who died after he was dumped in a trash can at a college campus. A month later, the boy was still on her mind. She called up the county coroner, who told her the boy was headed for an unmarked grave if he was not claimed. Davey asked what she could do and the coroner replied she could lay claim to the boy, as long as she proved to him she had a 'dignified place' to lay the child to rest, according to Inside Edition. Since that day, Davey and Garden of Innocence has provided memorial services to nearly 300 unclaimed children. The children are all given names before they are buried with a blanket, soft toy and personalized poem in a wooden casket fitted with lace, made by the Boy Scouts. Services are sometimes attended by up to 300 people, including military members, policemen and even parents who have lost children of their own. 'We have become a place where people find closure,' Davey told the show. And it is closure Davey wants for Miranda. She hopes to find out Miranda's true identify and rebury her this summer at the Greenlawn Cemetery in Colma if the organization can receive a burial permit. And Davey has hired her niece to build a second maple coffin that will be large enough to hold Miranda in the casket where she was originally laid to rest. 'I don't want her disturbed anymore,' Davey said. 'She's been disturbed enough.'
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IvVikingBoyvI YT (3 months ago)
To let people know: her real name is Edith Howard Cook :)
Poseidon99Jeus (3 months ago)
145 years old, where is the culprit?
Travis Nelson (7 months ago)
Selling the dead. Disgusting. Absolutely awful.
Alonzo Branson (7 months ago)
Robo-voice = clickbait moneymaking scheme.
Pineapple Pizza (9 months ago)
Why is a robot narrating the video?
Erika Squad (9 months ago)
Omg that is my name I got so scard cuz when it said Erika something was stoping up my stars 😵😵😵😵
Kris Duran (1 year ago)
Omg. How annoying is that narration 😩
Barry V (1 year ago)
Get rid of the robot voice and I will listen
gemini16th (1 year ago)
God, that's twice a nightmare- finding a coffin under your home & being responsible for it. But I would do all I could to give a proper 2nd burial...
Freddy Cruz (1 year ago)
Who cares if u got a robot voice fake
torontotim7 (1 year ago)
whats wrong with his voice
kitty chan (1 year ago)
Is. Pink sheep a narrator?
Kaan Kırelli (1 year ago)
Konya Çatalhüyük bronz baby
The Bipolar Bear (1 year ago)
Is it just me?....or can anyone else see a body, skeleton, roses, or ANYTHING in the tomb?
Channel Fun (1 year ago)
These type of discovery or opening videos should be BANNED!! It's inappropriate opening a coffin. It's like your not respecting the person who died who was in a coffin or that coffin your opening. 1 like = ban this opening coffin thing
Comic skeleton (1 year ago)
....... my God I feel so weird now
Tracy R (1 year ago)
Are the producers low on budget, WTH is up with the robot voice?
John Hoare (1 year ago)
probably ended up on ebay
Sourguy30 (1 year ago)
Where the fuck is the girl siri's husband
Nangid Kram (1 year ago)
Tell the Local Authority on social media that you are leaving it outside your front door for a night so that the real owner can pick it up with discretion and hey presto - gone. The Dead have no capacity to care for these things. That's why one cannot slander The Dead.
Claire Slater (1 year ago)
Why didn't they leave her where she was...I mean she's been there for 145 years
Mariyah Cortner (1 year ago)
peter gent (1 year ago)
Roger B (1 year ago)
I hate these stupid damned robot voices. They need to be banned from Youtube.
FunTimesAhead (1 year ago)
I would've left it in someones trash in the dark of night xD
Mary Brantley (1 year ago)
If this story has any validity , the persons responsible for the opening the casket need to be punished. This is a sad and pitiful story of insensitivity and the most terrible use of a dead child.
Jeff Bowes (1 year ago)
i guess ill have to take you at you word C-3PO. fuck to you
Cynthia Scurlock (1 year ago)
Betty Boop (1 year ago)
Forensic Files narrator voice would be perfect. .
Lisa Ramsey (1 year ago)
This is horrible!!!
Paul Denet (1 year ago)
Steven Hawking narrated this.
flrefliezzn (1 year ago)
Pink Sheep.
flrefliezzn (1 year ago)
She was a fetus
Albert E. (1 year ago)
Ranya natsheh (1 year ago)
This narrator sounds retarded
Anoneeemus1 (1 year ago)
They built a Hudson low income housing project apartment complexes right over a cemetary here.People think that because the place is new it cant be ....
ImperfectElsie (1 year ago)
Who else got creeped out by the mans voice😐
Brian Gates (1 year ago)
it's a dead fucking body. everyone who ever knew her is dead too. stop acting like the someone has to be responsible for her well-being and just dispose of the corpse however you have to
Heather NesSmith (1 year ago)
They found her family. they found a relative. Her name is Edith http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Mystery-girl-SF-coffin-Edith-Howard-Cook-11136549.php
The Unknown Cobra (1 year ago)
Pink Sheep before he started playing Minecraft
Nikki Fernandez (1 year ago)
Poor Miranda.... may her tiny soul rest with the angels!! 😢
pink sheep? is that you?oOo
Erik Nielsen (1 year ago)
a crochet blanket made by the trany scouts how sweet
You can tell even now that the casket was beautiful...Poor child.But her soul is not there just bones..
Dianne Castleburry (1 year ago)
this sounds like pink sheep
John-Del (1 year ago)
I hope they at least take a DNA sample before reburial. If not now, sometime in the future her family genealogy might be known.
EGTV fan (1 year ago)
Sounds like sub zero
D Mauro (1 year ago)
sorry to hear about it on tv at 11 i wish you good luck
Luke (1 year ago)
California liberal government! Useless!
Gustave Frankfurter (1 year ago)
The most sensible way of disposing remains is not burial or cremation, but by vaporization. Do you want to be shoved into an oven or put in a box to rot away slowly? Nuclear vaporization is quick and easy.
Ria Anne Simoens (1 year ago)
Oh please people, just STOP these computer-voiced videos. Is it so much of a burden to simply read something into the microphone yourself?
Dumb Lil Blonde (1 year ago)
the voice makes it even fucking creepier
OCDTraci (1 year ago)
OMG dude, are robots seriously taking over the voice over realm too? I swear no career area is safe!
Is it pink sheep
Irene Hernandez (1 year ago)
uuuggghhh i hate YouTube videos with photos...BYEEEEE
Michelle Coleman (1 year ago)
Newman1971 Newman (1 year ago)
I fill bad
PickelJars ForHillary (1 year ago)
Government bureaucracy at it's finest!
James McCutchan (1 year ago)
if she had been an illegal immigrant san Francisco officials would have all showed up and city wouldve payed for entire funeral.
Emily Hickman (1 year ago)
Sounds like the voice for tornado warnings.... Wtf
Mac McCoy (1 year ago)
Oh! BTW, crappy video, you could have just wrote out the text and added the SINGLE picture. TY for wasting our time.
Mac McCoy (1 year ago)
Hehehehe... sheeesh.... the compter voice tells you everything you need to know about this vid.
Debra Cooper (1 year ago)
I love the story about the girl but why did have to use the weird voice.
GiveMeMilkPls (1 year ago)
hi pink sheep
Mlgswagger 23 (1 year ago)
It's sounds like fAzE
Azputs Keo (1 year ago)
Everyone is just talking about his voice lol
dzb (1 year ago)
The least you can do is have a human voice narrate. This is impossible to listen to!
shabella Lenl (1 year ago)
I wanted to see the body.... Fuck all this bullshit
Charlie Lambert (1 year ago)
the voice is a very fuck fuck fuck that voice😧😧😧😧
Jai McDonald (1 year ago)
Disgusting that in the end it all comes down to money.
Paypay Lit (1 year ago)
wtf I want pictures of them digging it up. who agreess
Delores Nolasco (1 year ago)
her casket is nice i like the little windows i bet u she was a little doll face
Delores Nolasco (1 year ago)
god bless this little 👼 shes ok shes with her mama now
KAITLYN LEE (1 year ago)
It's subzero
James Comer (1 year ago)
OP couldn't you do better than a text to voice?
fartwrangler (1 year ago)
"Leed" and bronze? The narrator sounds like a robot.
Bxmkml01 (1 year ago)
Wtf did fecking Steven Hawkins narrate this ?or google translate ?!
dope286106 smith (1 year ago)
the voice is so annoying
Mindy Comerford (1 year ago)
the voice makes it creepy
Ariel Bunbun (1 year ago)
LunarJupiter Gaming (1 year ago)
Pink sheep is that you?
Caitlin Streit (1 year ago)
What a very kind lady . God will bless her.
Neal Workman (1 year ago)
go to the garden of innocence site and consider donating to them.....looks to be a very noble cause
Genie B (1 year ago)
This is why I want to be cremated.
Isobel's Life (1 year ago)
I would shi* myself lol but the man and woman have loving hearts
Creech Crew (1 year ago)
It is wrong to dig up a person's coffin. It is VERY rude
MrBibi86 (1 year ago)
Anyone else clicked because they were interested to see the body??
Explorer Mike (1 year ago)
the computer narration just sucks too terrible. I didn't watch the whole thing.
Libby Rees (1 year ago)
how sad....the city/state should be ashamed of themselves for not dealing with this child correctly, they missed the child when the moved the grave yard....may she rest in peace
Crock C (1 year ago)
5SuperPowers (1 year ago)
Pink sheep !!!!!
Rick Charles (1 year ago)
Is that a computer generated voice? The cadence sucked.
acg smith (1 year ago)
Come on, lets have a look at the kid.
Littlebodybigheart (1 year ago)
dan hewitt (1 year ago)
Shame on that council to not re bury that poor child and thank god and the founders of the garden of innocence such a lovely idea. May she rest in peace poor little girl. X
Chan Z (1 year ago)
You sound like sub
dingo baby (1 year ago)
wow get over the voice and audio of the clip its about the little girl..
Taylor Casanova (1 year ago)
I just cannot with that voice, I fucking hate when videos are ruined because someone thinks it's cool to have a god damned MacBook narrate it.
XxFox GirlxX (1 year ago)
When your presenting a school project be like

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