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From selling muffins to making millions, we get to know this 23-year-old millionaire

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Text Comments (194)
michael aiyepada (10 days ago)
He's a true hustler.... Love him
Rocky Fox (22 days ago)
Should said SA youngest scammer at work right after Ref Wayne
Uniq7 (1 month ago)
he didnt do nuffin
Mohammed x (1 month ago)
His words are ....legendry
abdulkadir aadan (1 month ago)
Mohammed Aleem Hussain (2 months ago)
Risked and Succeeded 🙏🙏🙏
viarod007 v (2 months ago)
Her Body Language 🥒🥖🍆🍌
JoJoe MC (3 months ago)
Public schools don't teach kids on how to get rich.
kuty patooty (4 months ago)
But wait a min how do u trade stocks
Homer Simpson (5 months ago)
Conman - He makes money from Seminars - NOT Forex - Damn Liar !!
Stafford William (5 months ago)
Why wouldn't she be into him ? He is rich
Money Long (5 months ago)
He deserves everything the dude is intellectual and hble what a great trader !
Masingita Majola (5 months ago)
you so wise ....
opon akuom (5 months ago)
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Mr Paul Green (5 months ago)
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Gledex Geni (5 months ago)
Reporternya cantik, manis....
Yank Nba (6 months ago)
This guy is a fraud, just do your research
Thabo Mohlabane (6 months ago)
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timelesskoontah (6 months ago)
So sad he is in jail for murder....
Bonzatee sa (4 months ago)
Oh my word this is the same guy
Dan Sichei (5 months ago)
Evangelista Chisakaitwa (6 months ago)
Could not handle fame very well Shame
Last Greatest (7 months ago)
Always follow your Dream because you are the one that have to Live it. Peace Love and Unity.
Maria Hunt (7 months ago)
inspiring! God Bless!!!
Veli SA (8 months ago)
Just admitted to selling space
DARK GIRL TANTRA (10 months ago)
Very refined young man.....Kudos to him!
Motivação Para Todos (10 months ago)
lil forex.
BrotoSwaggins (11 months ago)
W (11 months ago)
She did a followup video regarding fraud allegations: https://youtu.be/8w4FN5r8JyA
W (11 months ago)
She wants him to play with her muffin
KARTEL MONEYVEVO (11 months ago)
god blesss u
Steve John (11 months ago)
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Musa I of Mali (1 year ago)
Guy looks like a kid... like a 14 year old.
Motivation ForYurLIfe (7 months ago)
Musa I of Mali yeah and he is richer than you silly goose
mccoy1303 (1 year ago)
They're not "interviewing" him, They're picking his brain. For knowledge that they would've NEVER shared with him.
shehu nancy (1 year ago)
My interest is to connect with him attend an online training with him and start making millions too.
nosihle sithole (1 year ago)
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Haizek Haze (1 year ago)
I though this guy was like 7...from the thumbnail??!😂
Nefertiti (1 year ago)
Let's 👀👀👀 how they put a ring on, and if they will strengthen their communities.
Paul Moleya (1 year ago)
l love the way this young man speaks he sounds professional and unique
Shammah Given (1 year ago)
sooooo inspired here! well done brother!
George hannie (1 year ago)
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john mugisha (1 year ago)
i also propose to be like that gentleman
Petre Silegov (1 year ago)
Sounds like my story. My parents are university professors and they're dream is the same as his for me to become an engineer and work 9-5 (I'm definitely going to get a degree because I love engineering) but I aspire to do more
SMART LAD! ... that bih fake!
Abro Nny3 (1 year ago)
He's a super smart. Welldone , bro.
Shittiest interviewer. Who agrees?
Big. R (7 months ago)
White supremacy retardation ALERT HERE ..!!
Fem Mac (1 year ago)
Very intelligent indeed.
angel gabriel (1 year ago)
OHHHHHHHH @ 23.. May I please meet this gentleman??
Erasmus Pongo (1 year ago)
Great young man, great interview. The lady is flirting though, you cant blame her.......she's talking to a millionaire
Quinton Smith (1 year ago)
dat nigga shirt fire af
S'turu For life (1 year ago)
i am so touched by ths boy's testimony.
Ernest Charles III (1 year ago)
These are the type of stories that should be told more often
Nicholas C. (1 year ago)
They were dissapointed, but at this moment I can say, they are proud of me,
Bantubonke Dlamini (1 year ago)
Perhaps Space Muffins ??
we have a student similar to this guy. keep up the good work!!
Randy Randy (1 year ago)
kid sold space muffins
Danny 300 (1 year ago)
fucking incredible. It all begins with a vision that others may not understand or be critical of
hiphopmusicallday (1 year ago)
his 23 but look 13 lol
CilvēksBezKameras (8 months ago)
And speaks as 33
Jim Rr (1 year ago)
She is so beautiful....what was the topic?
Clyde Vaghi (3 months ago)
that's my line bro!!
Anil John (1 year ago)
what's her name?
jonny martinez (1 year ago)
where is his hairline
mark ndonga (6 months ago)
jonny martinez ...lol,you hater
Columba82 (1 year ago)
ImKindaCold (1 year ago)
She wants him to butter her muffin. xD
Akoben Renaissance (9 months ago)
yash srivastava (2 years ago)
man I want to become like you.........how can I........
Adam richardson (2 years ago)
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Michael Namon (2 years ago)
inspiration right here
Zikliv (2 years ago)
she would like him to eat her muffin it seems...
Cheremeh David (2 years ago)
its so inspiring, guy
Dada Babu (2 years ago)
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Geoff Majawa (2 years ago)
Thuli Masina (2 years ago)
way this group have address I struggle to have your address that is wy am sked
Cristian Hueso (2 years ago)
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Joshua Mweta (2 years ago)
ur just lucky young man
Peter Anderson (2 years ago)
Black and brown pride.
Peter Anderson (2 years ago)
That girl is secretly asking for the D!
RobertsDigital (1 year ago)
Money attracts women...
JokerL1000 (1 year ago)
Noticed that 2
Ralfs Lagzdins (1 year ago)
she wants that black clock
Milagros Alcala (1 year ago)
Vic Jones v
Milagros Alcala (1 year ago)
Peter Anderson v
MC JOE BOYE GH (2 years ago)
Audrey Porter (2 years ago)
yes very inspiring wish him much success remember your people and your blessing will be bountiful God bless
sak sezo (2 years ago)
He looks 10 years younger and he sounds 20 years older.
christiana Doms (1 year ago)
sak sezo 😆😆😅😅
Anais TV (1 year ago)
sak sezo I know right. Wise young man :)
Khadar Yussuf (2 years ago)
+Bates Donte ...so how Cn u make it. ..plz advice meh on dis
Bates Donte (2 years ago)
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Adlai Aaron (2 years ago)
Proud so proud to see god chosen people are make it. All the nagative sounds from white people that they are thugs etc are all most propaganda to feed Their racism.🙏🏾
LitoGeorge (1 month ago)
Ah you racist sad person. See where your chosen one is now. Many are called, few are chosen.
Ricardo ryan Govender (2 years ago)
hey....i heard another interview about hes parent gave him funding for university and he dumped it in the stock exchange ?? hes story changed here
kendra marie (3 months ago)
Ricardo ryan Govender me too
Ricardo ryan Govender he said the exact same thing in all interviews
Ryan Junior (2 years ago)
you need to listen what he said because he said the same thing just now smh
Lety Jay (2 years ago)
i like this kid, he speaks well, doesn't boast, understands struggle and ... oh nice shirt !
DARK GIRL TANTRA (10 months ago)
kristen mokgadi
AfricanGod Jr. (11 months ago)
Not a kid
Milt (1 year ago)
He's 23 not a kid...
Bitcoin University (2 years ago)
They are so proud.......of my punk ass!
Omoruyi Foster (2 years ago)
yes we are proud
Nzwakele (2 years ago)
what kind of muffins?
Joan Bend (5 months ago)
Thc muffins
Thulz Nkoni (2 years ago)
Space muffins lmao
The Tillman Review (2 years ago)
She's super cute...
Sam Williams (2 years ago)
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Mike Oxlong (2 years ago)
like a monopoly millionaire with worthless rand? or an actual millionaire with real usd??
LA L (2 years ago)
does anyone agree with me that that girl is into him?
Money Man (12 days ago)
+Abdeljalil Nah, he is a young rich Black man.
Abdeljalil (6 months ago)
Hes à young Rich nigga
Key Atm (11 months ago)
She is like most women. Into money and into who ever has it
christiana Doms (1 year ago)
LA L 😆😆😆😅😆😅yeahhh
Cam (1 year ago)
When you're a black or latin multi-millionaire... the ladies will see that diamond, always.
RapperGeek Media LLC (2 years ago)
Gang B (2 years ago)
respect for you my Friend
Game Hacks (2 years ago)
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tony williams (2 years ago)
wow.... pretty interesting.
theostayszen (2 years ago)
I thought he was a little boy from the screen cap. I was shocked to hear such a deep voice haha
Pj Danita (2 years ago)
Well done young man!
Monica Adams (2 years ago)
Who put that cloths on him?
abdirahman osman (1 year ago)
Beauty4 Ashes (1 year ago)
Monica Adams Someone stylish!
joe pg Pom (1 year ago)
the white man :)
snois2 (2 years ago)
Benjamin McCray (2 years ago)
+Monica Adams that's a $200 shirt LOL
FOREX GDP (2 years ago)
Great inspiration for all Traders ! mainly the young generations !
Manisha Anwari2 (2 years ago)
That's the thing about self-made millionaires. As young as they are, they're very mature. The Only rich young millionaires who are immature are celebrities and then teens who use their rich parents' money.
joni lebaron (2 years ago)
amazing man
jwood88 (3 years ago)
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Thu Win (3 years ago)
Guy only 23 but way the communicates seems like a grown man. Props
Musa I of Mali (1 year ago)
...he is grown.
Funny thing is it's only in modern society that we tend not to think of a young man in his 20s as a 'grown man' but that was how he would be seen traditionally. In many societies a boy becomes a man by as early as 13 years of age. So by 20 he is already a fully fledged man.
Nathan Apollon (1 year ago)
Thu Win he is an adult man
Precious Mkhize (3 years ago)
woohh i envy his girlfriend
Onkabetse Bopape (7 months ago)
this why you are getting burned, you follow the money. then blame all man for your decisions
Motivation ForYurLIfe (7 months ago)
Precious Mkhize your a gold digger
Proud African American (7 months ago)
Smart guy. He has a great attitude. Very humble too.. Much respect from the states
DJ APOCALYPTIC (1 year ago)
gold digger alert
honey Thedi (2 years ago)
im his girlfriend :-P
Always-Stay-Positive (3 years ago)
To be honest, I am not impressed by this at all. The love for money is nothing I would ever encourage, especially when the money is made by playing money games. It is better to learn a trade where you actually sell tangible services, or have a business which actually produces useful goods. Trading is just shifting already-made money from one account to another. It does not add any tangible thing to the community. Well, who am I to judge?
mark ndonga (6 months ago)
Your just sad and poor...seek Gods guidance
Bokani Jacobs (8 months ago)
lol,. do you even know what you are talking about
George Fullerton (1 year ago)
Buying a part of a business is not gambling. You cannot work tho be rich unless you use the money to open a business and when it prospers you stop work and work for yourself instead of slaving for 50 years and when you ar 65 you cant even take care of your health or take a good vacation. Buy some investment books and learn to invest and better yourself
SahL Good (2 years ago)
+Ernest Watson No need to thank me brother, it was just a job. I thank you for your insight.
Ernest Watson (2 years ago)
+Terrance Williams For one, I honor you for serving our country brother. Second, if you place your mind to anything, it'll happen because the universe will provide what your mind is fixated on mostly and what your efforts are aiming towards.  You need to jump into Forex... and you can achieve it, trust in yourself and learn of yourself that you are a winner.
Kolapo Bankole (3 years ago)
Really inspiring... At such a young age in Africa
jacob setati (3 years ago)
you have earned your spur,like they say "congratulations are in order" #motivated

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