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The Secret Falls - SUMMER VLOGS 2014

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More Pics at - INSTAGRAM : http://www.instagram.com/accidentalbroadcast Summer Vlogs are shot on my awesome Sony baby! Throw one in your pocket and go! http://amzn.to/RgNJB2 WAR OF THE TEES- TRIBE U.S.A - http://teespring.com/tribeUSA -VS- TRIBE U.K. - http://teespring.com/tribeUK Hope you are having a great summer, yo! Episode brought you you by Mr.Shane R.
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Text Comments (178)
Millertime Vlogs (1 year ago)
hey i subbed you man you rock...
Biting Dogg (2 years ago)
what a lovely family you have Kalani. You really are a special person. Wishing you peace and love, Adam
Mgoldenboyz (2 years ago)
the soap plant is called ava puhi
nate souza (3 years ago)
what's up with your hair
KhaoS xx (4 years ago)
I kinda think you are high in the beginning of this ab :P
KhaoS xx (4 years ago)
@KhaoS xx Also cupcake looks so beautiful as always
Jordan Swiizy (4 years ago)
hey want so water        yes           really         yes         NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
annette cheek (4 years ago)
is cupcake your daughter
1CylThumper (4 years ago)
Its so Gorgeous there... I'm Jealous.
Zasico (4 years ago)
I really want to move to Hawaii, the nature, the nice people, its just an awesome place to live. And AccidentalBroadcast you deserve so MUCH MORE SUBSCRIBERS!!! god dammit! You are obviously awesome, why can't other people see that? xD
Stormcloak Gamez (4 years ago)
I'm going to Hawaii next year and I'm from Australia
Hayden Emmerling (4 years ago)
Love ur Videos
Devyn Thoma (4 years ago)
Wish I could go there man
venticeR_ (4 years ago)
Make moreee of thesee vlogs and longer ones like to watch it:)))
jayden smith (4 years ago)
i use Mens Department Expensive But it is very worth it my Mom is a hair styles So we Get Good deals
TheFatmerrill (4 years ago)
McBrappin (4 years ago)
Crushing it with the music, man!
Michael Vu (4 years ago)
Dude your editing skills are perfect!
Manny Pullen (4 years ago)
important message from the deep hick infested part of south jersey, i indeed use axe shampoo and iv yet to get girls due to it 
PLAT515 (4 years ago)
Honking tits
NAMze86 (4 years ago)
I use Tea Tree Special Shampoo, feels so fresh as it burns the eyes!
95TurboSol (4 years ago)
You seem like a great father Kalani!
Dirk Mitchell (4 years ago)
Great video! I love the excuse to smack the kids in the head ;) Now I have another reason to visit Maui!
Tom S. (4 years ago)
Are both kids his?
Scott Bulgrin (4 years ago)
Congratulations on being one of the coolest dad's ever, every kid should be so lucky! And by the way,Suave coconut shampoo, el cheepo.
worthypoo (4 years ago)
Great work sir, awesome!
Chuck Case (4 years ago)
Very nice, very nice! Wish we coulda stayed out there for at least another week, but I guess vacation has to end at some point.  Love the "secret" spots!  Red sand (and the ride out on the KLR 650) was AWESOME!
decomposing1 (4 years ago)
Just ran across your motovlog. Looks like a killer time on the island.. Are these falls kind of secluded? 
Cowanbulldogs1 (4 years ago)
Who kid is Alex
Latitude (4 years ago)
I wanna try the shampoo. All natural, bet it's awesome on the scalp.
Bushman Canuck (4 years ago)
Mad editing skilz! Another very enjoyable day out with Kalani and family.
swetuna (4 years ago)
You are awesome 
AndyRenner (4 years ago)
i wish i could go there looks so fun
Hank Crooks (4 years ago)
you have kids?
RevUnstableBoy (4 years ago)
my god that place is beautiful. ++AB.. adopt me so I can move out there and live in the dark wet jungle... :)
MiniBike Mayhem (4 years ago)
Loving this stuff man!
Smoky Moto (4 years ago)
must be amazing for Alex's parents to watch these awesome videos so they can see what an awesome time their kid is having with his best friend, cupcake and you, and YODI!
DosierKrunk (4 years ago)
Man, you get so pretty shots when you're on these places. I just dont understand why you dont get more views. Like you put alot of effort in your videos and you do so much. And still. People who just play stupid games all day gets alot more views. Like what the fuck. You deserve alot more man. Keep it up!
waszzzzz (4 years ago)
What breed is his dog? If anyone knows
Frejborg (4 years ago)
I use Shampoo pretty much whatever's in the bottle.. I don't really care. =P
RC DRIFTERS (4 years ago)
do more of these there fun to watch
Alex Roberts (4 years ago)
Where are all the off road videos through the "dark wet jungle" I thought this was a moto-vlog channel? TBH
skatedorado (4 years ago)
Just awesome! I love these summer vlogs and wished you would do them langer than the summer. Good father skills btw :Dim injoying these vlogs:)
Beaver 314 (4 years ago)
so fun to watch, even when it has nothing to do with motorcycles!
kg311 (4 years ago)
We're is Athena
Marc-Antoine Lévesque (4 years ago)
Is living in Hawaii expensive?
Craig Martin (4 years ago)
Awesome video mate, the places you go and the things you do all look so fun.  keep doing your thing!  from Brisbane, Australia :)
CaptainsNetwork (4 years ago)
2:11 look at yoti haha
TheDirtyAmigos (4 years ago)
Loving these summer vlogs!! keep up the great content AB!!
Braaaap815 (4 years ago)
poor Alex.. lmao!!
Derek G (4 years ago)
my favorite youtuber 
EvilClowns69 (4 years ago)
Awesome vid gotta say this is one of my favorite non motovlog videos you've done
Shari Moehnke (4 years ago)
LOVE these summer vlogs! Thanks, Kalani! The music in this one reminded me of the Indiana Jones movies :)
Tommy Joyce (4 years ago)
I wish I was your son having fun in Maui's Dark Wet Jungle
seth adkins (4 years ago)
What's your job
Pablo Escobar (4 years ago)
I use nivea FOR MEN.
NITRO COWBOYS (4 years ago)
Dude you are great at holding the camara still
LordTimelord (4 years ago)
Sweet spot where those waterfalls are!
BlueGram 13 (4 years ago)
I am looking forward to your summer vlogs with the boys and cupcake and the neet places you are taking them to, keep it up its a great joy to watch.
nick meattey (4 years ago)
you outta get cuppcake a channel :)
Richardson Lopez (4 years ago)
Nice shots and editing
Chrisgixxer (4 years ago)
Awesome video man. Loved it!
Angel Loeza (4 years ago)
++AB's cinematic shot skills though  Maui looks like paradise to live in though hopefully one day i'll make it out there shampoo: Head and Shoulders 
Bryce Petersen (4 years ago)
Awesome vid man!  My shampoo......Axe
ZipKickGo (4 years ago)
Dat face when chased by Alex tho.
Rec Helmet (4 years ago)
Hi bro, take a look at my channel, it´s my new motovlog. It has only a few days, but i hope be able to improve it a lot with time.  Thanks for your support!!!
v3ltrucci (4 years ago)
spudsgaming3 (4 years ago)
You live in heaven :-)
Christian Montrose (4 years ago)
AB++, Love the vlogs bro! It's a Hawaiian adventure everytime! Keep em comin' bra!!  
Mr. Moto (4 years ago)
Man i really hope i get to visit Hawaii some day 
sapman71 (4 years ago)
Awesome way to start a day. Thanks for sharing. Love Yodi, what a little champ
Orion Kacey (4 years ago)
Its still weird to me to actually see your face.  How many videos went by before we actually saw what you look like?  Many videos.  also ROFL @ the kid friendly part!
Trevor Wolfe (4 years ago)
My shampoo always changing but right now it's lavender mint!!! By the way I just got a now 250xcf you need one kalani they are awesome! Just don't tell Athena
Dale Teal (4 years ago)
Love your videos :) My favourite Vlogger I n Want to start with a style like yours its less mysterious more friendly :)
Dale Teal (4 years ago)
Love your videos :) My favourite Vlogger I n Want to start with a style like yours its less mysterious more friendly :)
steveo1kinevo (4 years ago)
Watching this video you would think you had a camera boom, crew and professional camera…your angles and camera sweeps are spot on! :)
Diefullah (4 years ago)
Nice, loved this.
David McGregor (4 years ago)
You have the best vlogs! I wish you did this every day <3
saltysalttheagent (4 years ago)
your dark wet jungle is so much cooler than mine... all we have are leaves that are dead and pine needles, granted pine needles do make a decent green tea with a few other things =)
Ho mer (4 years ago)
DoctorMaddix (4 years ago)
Kalani, where do you get all the music from? :D
Rafael Soares (4 years ago)
So good to see you having a good time with your family! Happy bunch of people! Cheers, man.
thenewfietexan (4 years ago)
Kalani, what was the song at the end with the ukulele? Im getting tired of playing over the rainbow!! Haha
William Seibert (4 years ago)
what breed is Yodi? 
thenewfietexan (4 years ago)
Kalani what song was that at the end of the vid with the ukulele and whistling? In getting hella tired of playing "over the rainbow" and need a new song lol
Carson Branscum Media (4 years ago)
Carson Branscum Media (4 years ago)
OMG! Love the summer blogs KALANI!!! Please keep it up!
MrProjekts (4 years ago)
Just beautiful man!
tristen murray (4 years ago)
I was waiting for you guys to knock out alex when you were putting shampoo on his head
Rhaner Media Works (4 years ago)
Great family 
Freddyonabike (4 years ago)
Great video, editing is brilliant!
Cody McMillan (4 years ago)
loving these summer Vlogs! I really need to get back to Maui, i wish i had found this channel earlier, would have loved to rent a bike and go riding with you guys 
togogot0 (4 years ago)
What do you need to do if you want to move to Hawaii and live there but you are not a US citizen? Is it even possible?
MarcLloydz (4 years ago)
@2wheelLove  or marry someone from hawaii
Robert Robb Sr. (4 years ago)
Dj troll master whatever! you too stoned on you medical marijuna to read or  you can't read? No I don't agree with everything you said. You need o go back & re read my 2 post and get a clue oh that's right you too stoned to do that sorry for you & your mom who probably supports your lazy ass 
Muddy Treadz (4 years ago)
@Robert Robb Don't write a book about it ROFL am not wasting my time reading that lol  .i'll just say you agree :P
Robert Robb Sr. (4 years ago)
DJKaySwift being an ex stoner I know what I'm talking about you obviously are too stoned to make an intelligent remark so you state the credo of stoners, "weed aint a drug & it isn''t adddictive. It's not harmful to you & dosn't lead to use of harder drugs. "BULL SHIT!" I grew up in the 60's most all my friends & I were stoners. Most my friends went onto heavier drugs, stole to support their habit, O.D., etc. Luckily I & others smartened up & quit. You keep sitting on your ass getting stoned it'll catch up to you. Then you'll be dependent on that Govt to support your fat lazy ass from years of getting stoned & getting the munchies while you lived with Mommy.  How's that for stereo typing? Yes DUI are mostly alcohol related until recent legalization of medical pot & anyone given a card. DUI pot crashes has sky rocketed! Try watching some local news instead of cartoons. If you want to spend your life in your bedroom at Mommies house getting stoned watching cartoons that's fine. Just don't go out to make a munchie run and kill my friends. Pot is phycological addictive the fact you can't quit proves it.
Muddy Treadz (4 years ago)
@Robert Robb stereotypical stoner lol .killing pedestrians ? are you sure that's not drunk drivers and people hooked on crack or other hard drugs lol.the people that kill pedestrians and rob people probably have a different habit like crystal meth or something and weed isn't a additive habit. you just think cause the government calls it a drug you stereotype it the same as heroin and meth when its not even in the same ballpark. weed is a medicine unlike meth or crack or heroin.no need to tar everybody with the same brush.weed doesn't kill people.stupid people kill people lol
BSMotoVlogs (4 years ago)
dandruff sucks so HEAD N SHOULDERS
Chris Brocato (4 years ago)
don't worry, hopefully the tree will save them from the fall
Hooligan_ADV (4 years ago)
Loving the vlogs. Even my kids are watching  some of them now.
Bayou Chilehead (4 years ago)
Nice hiking video!! I never knew there was such a thing as a shampoo plant!!
eveRide ADV (4 years ago)
I really dig these vlogs man :) Moto is good, family is good, it's all good!
NinjaxBart (4 years ago)
Awesome man!!
Ed Parry (4 years ago)
I use radox shampoo or the Addis special sham
Joaninha Motovlog (4 years ago)
You live in a paradise, thank you for sharing with us! Cheers from Brazil!
Joaninha Motovlog (4 years ago)
Opa! kkk Curti lá!
Rafael Soares (4 years ago)
Já que estamos aqui, já faz parte da Tribe Brazil? https://www.facebook.com/thetribebrazil PS: Sua pombocida... ¬¬ hahahah

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