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Nic (22 days ago)
Why arnt pedos castrated ?
teslagirl1 (28 days ago)
Whether he becomes a police officer or something else, he'll probably be a great father someday.
Fistful Pennies (1 month ago)
Cee Bee (1 month ago)
That sick bastard needs a sexual assault charge
taffybananna (2 months ago)
Brought tears to my eyes!!
hatednyc (5 months ago)
Aww what a great little kid. Good for you, TJ. You deserve to be rewarded. If there was anyone who deserves crowdfunding for college it’s this Kid That shithead actually admitted he was turned on and wanted to have sex with a 7 year old? Wow.
TJ did what we hoped other kids would do with a little bit of child safety knowledge.
Candy Elliott (6 months ago)
it's a good thing that the guy got him instead of me they would of found his body
Marie Roper (6 months ago)
What a brave young man!!! Definitely my HERO!!!!!
Zig Zag (6 months ago)
good job tj your a hero.
Awesome kid.
bobby gungadin (7 months ago)
Brave young kid, hatt off hero.This man should be put in jail for life, never come out again.
OR just look after your children. please.
Tracey Minnis (10 months ago)
well done little man 😋
Margie Lyons (10 months ago)
Splendid boy.
stand4something (11 months ago)
What a remarkable young man! His parents must be so proud. Happy he saved this lil girl. That wicked pedo needs to be locked up for life
He's a kid who took action, i applaud him.
jaee. jaee. (11 months ago)
The badge was a damn sticker that cops give out to all kids lmao wtf cheap ass cops
Rachel Garber (11 months ago)
Oh good, send him to prison, the worst murderers hate child molesters. Big ole bubba with make this skank his bitch.
Mona V (1 year ago)
I'm sure that Ray-Shawn Perez Wilson has done this before !  The government needs to put these people down just like they do vicious dogs that attack children!  This man is much worse than a vicious dog! A pedophile should receive the Death Penalty.  But, instead they receive light sentences and are shielded from the general population while in prison!  Place them into the general population and let justice take its course!  They should be "preyed upon" by the inmates -- just like they "prey upon" our children!  Let the other prisoners show them how it feels to be assaulted and possibly killed! Pedophiles do not change -- there's no rehabilitation for them!  They should never be allowed to walk around in free society where they can just snatch up a child (just like this guy did) and take off with them !! Kill them !!  If you need someone to pull the switch -- let me do it!  If you need someone to place the needle in their vein -- I'll do it !!  I can do it !!  Let me do it !!
Cee Bee (1 year ago)
wow God bless these children
Marie Roper (1 year ago)
What an Amazing young man:) Parents of this boy, You have done a wonderful job instilling core values in your son. You should be so proud of him <3 He is my Hero :)
Claire Mahony (1 year ago)
Wow! Good job TJ!!
Shaynee Michelle (1 year ago)
Policeman in the making. What a little hero 😍👏👏👏 As for the ugly ass pedo.... shoot on sight 🔫
+Shaynee Michelle A very smart boy
Anewvoice (1 year ago)
Folks, we really need more of you licensed and trained with a concealed weapons permit. That abductor shoot have been shot and killed on the seen. There never should've been any transport to a detentions facility. When they make their actions clear, and you have them with a child victim. You need to remove the threat from society, entirely.
Mona V (1 year ago)
Yes!  They should be put down the same way a vicious dog who's attacked children is put down !!  Pedophiles are much worse than vicious dogs!  Kill them !!  I could do it in a heart beat !!
E Kramer2 (1 year ago)
What an awesome little kid.
gamer4life (1 year ago)
Put this evil human in prison forever.Salute to the brave boy.
Janie-May Doe (1 year ago)
That Is One Smart Boy.
+Janie-May Doe Most kids are not so in tune with their environment, he was awesome.
rainbow dash (1 year ago)
kill that nasty piece of shit...
skybluexxx0 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much, TJ!
Ree Spectre (1 year ago)
That young man should never have to want for anything.God bless him & his neighbor who sprung into action without hesitation. I pray the little girl is not suffering emotional trauma since the incident. Glad an innocent child was spared.Having children of my own...The cops would've been writing up his homicide! Keep the cell for the next low life.
+Ree Spectre Yes an amazing kid that he was able to pay attention which is the whole premise of this channel, that we need to be aware of what's happening around us when it comes to child abduction.
Katie Slattery (1 year ago)
That little boy should become a police officer
hatednyc (5 months ago)
Katie Slattery ewww Gross. Why would you say something so awful? He deserves better than that. Like a scholarship to university to have a real career. Education. Police don’t save lives communities do, as evidenced here.
Rogelio Olguin (8 months ago)
Katie Slattery ikr
+molly and Katie Definitely, what a hero, awesome ending.
Sinead Campbell (1 year ago)
what a little champion! that little girl is so lucky he was on the ball. I hope he got his face smashed in when they got him
Sinead Campbell (1 year ago)
+Missing Kids Rescued Kids 2 most adults dont take notice lol. Very cool little dude
+Sinead Campbell Most kids don't take notice but he was very aware.
Alto perfection (1 year ago)
this just shows how much more awesome kids are than adults
+Kloey Beck very smart kid
Martha Perez (1 year ago)
put him in jail forever!!!!
rainbow dash (1 year ago)
Martha Perez kill him.
+Martha Perez Agreed 100%
Sonya Smith (1 year ago)
Sonya Smith (1 year ago)
they should have best the fuck out if him til the cops showed!!!
marrie k (1 year ago)
Blessings and strength to this yng girl.happy future to this yng hero he deserves that bravery medal.this inhumane pedophile deserves castration n death penalty as they r evil dirty perverted sickos.
+marie kalas He sure does, he helped stop a vile predator 👍🏻
Monica I. (1 year ago)
Very good outcome!!
+Monica Iacobelli a million percent
Denise Gregory (1 year ago)
Its frightening how quickly this happened. That young man is definitely the hero; if he hadn't reacted so fast, this would be a whole different story. I'm happy that the perpetrator was caught, but would be happier if to learn that this monster was going to be kept bars, so that kids can carry on being kids safely. 'People' like this monster, aren't going to change, no matter how many times they get caught & put into prison. Its part of who they are & as such, they.need to be kept away from children, preferably by segregation.
+Denise Gregory Yes it's absolutely scary that it happens so fast, I don't like think of the outcome of that young boy hadn't of been there. These kind of evil perps need to be taken off the streets and locked up for life.
Cherokee M (1 year ago)
💜💙💚❤💜💙💚❤💜💙💚❤Thank You!!!!!!💜💙💚❤💜💙💚❤💜💙💚❤
+Mama Bear Cherokee Miller 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
gypsy star child (1 year ago)
pure thanks for the neighbor man its amazing to know we still have block parents thank u
Brad Ware (7 months ago)
mica Lynk I am the man that cought Rashawn Perez.Brad Ware is my name.Yeah this might be old news to alot of people,but its something I think about everyday.I check the status on this sick individual atleast once a month.This dude doesn't belong on the streets at all.If it would of been one of my children,I would probably be doing a life sentence.The judicial system is messed up.I dont believe these kind of people deserve a second chance in society,but alot do and are supposed to register.its sad.2 live behind me on Lucile.
Brad Ware (1 year ago)
Michelle Lynk U know I would want someone to do the same thing for me.I am Brad Ware the one that was holding him down.Hes lucky to still be alive.People like him dont deserve to be on this earth
Nathalie Ramirez (1 year ago)
2nd comment
+Michelle Lynk Exactly, a lucky young girl indeed to have such good neighbors.
NorthShoreMoana (1 year ago)
Time to start eliminating pedophiles. Pointless to lock them up. .
Evan AB (1 year ago)
TRC TC (1 year ago)
7.756.935 (1 year ago)
*The kid had his surroundings under control, and that he didn't do what many grown ups do, namely "minding their own businesses" probably saved her life.*
Mona V (1 year ago)
Absolutely agree with you!  He is a super smart little kid!  I wouldn't be surprise that someday he will become a cop and then maybe make detective !!  Very fast thinker for someone as young as he is! One brave little dude -- for sure!
+NickandM He was alert and aware for a young kid, amazing.
Boldie 600 (1 year ago)
Nancy Webb (1 year ago)
What an amazing little boy!! Bless his heart!!
+Nancy Webb He is definitely a brave awesome kid.
SandyzSerious (1 year ago)
Omg.... I hope he ends up behind bars. If not he'll do it again.
trixluck (1 year ago)
what a super kid :-)
+trixluck Absolutely awesome kid 👍🏻
Laura Metheny (1 year ago)
Thank God for this courageous selfless young man! Another WONDERFUL ending to another HORRIFIC AND SENSELESS attack. May this little man be forever blessed for his heart! Raised right. Thank God the little girl is ok and for the other man and people who assisted the hero. ThankYOU for sharing.👼😘👦👧🎄
+Laura Metheny I'm so glad that he was quick thinking and was able to get an adult neighbor to help him stop the abduction. He put himself in danger to help save her. I love when we get these outcomes because as we all know it could easily ended in tragedy. A very brave boy indeed and a video that needs to be seen.
CECI CEO (1 year ago)
Good for everyone, especially the little boy. Hope the scum stays behind bars.
+CECI CEO She was a lucky girl that he was paying attention to what was happening, a great outcome.

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