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X-Men: Apocalypse: Storm | 5$ Costume | How To

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How to make X-Men: Apocalypse: Storm | 5$ Costume FOLLOW ME HERE Vine: https://vine.co/u/970998140843220992 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/koalipops Twitter: https://twitter.com/koalipops Instagram: http://instagram.com/koalipops MyRecipes: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyRecipesTV How to make X-Men: Apocalypse: Storm | 5$ Costume
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Text Comments (32)
Roblox Nerd (1 month ago)
Brooklyn Grace (2 months ago)
I love your smile
LMNOPopsicle (2 months ago)
tell jeremy i said whats up. id say im a solid 5 on 1-10 scale ;)
Tibia Jones (2 years ago)
Hair tutorial??
Susan Ludovico (2 years ago)
can you make a wolverine claws
Aspie Cougar (2 years ago)
I think Jeremy is half horse
Master Crafter165 (2 years ago)
Turn Jeremy to the hulk
Master Crafter165 (2 years ago)
Or falcon
Master Crafter165 (2 years ago)
Or Thor
Alonso Ochoa (2 years ago)
Cesar Salaz (3 years ago)
Angelica Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Do ant man
Joey Leone (3 years ago)
Make a batman costume and. Do it step by step plz
That_STRANGE_ Girl (3 years ago)
1000 it is cool I 💙it
I'm aianao (3 years ago)
This was hilarious. I loved it!
chologamer lopez (3 years ago)
Wow i like your videos
chologamer lopez (3 years ago)
Wow i like your videos
Hello Denise (3 years ago)
Is the label at the back a new thing ... ? Love it!
Matthew Carta (3 years ago)
can you please make a kylo ren costume from star wars the force awakens
Cat_Chan Duck (3 years ago)
Can you try Harry from DHMIS
Andrew_inc. (3 years ago)
Can u do mega man?
Luis Navas (3 years ago)
Halloween is next month I'm defiantly going to be making a costume from yur channel
Paula Robinson (3 years ago)
cool costume. ...uuuum Jeremy. ..keep trying in the muscle department...looks like your almoat there...LOL. ..gorgeous eyes n smile though!!!
Sparks Gaming (3 years ago)
More likes he derstervs it
Maxtina7 (3 years ago)
Definitely crafty lol love it!
ngatiramona (3 years ago)
LOVE STORMY!!! Jeremy is fit, the model is gorgeous and you, sweet lad are the best. 10 out of 10!
flame games (3 years ago)
Roberto Ramirez (3 years ago)
This is awesome do orange is the new black
chetah lover (3 years ago)
I'm just can un subscribe it
chetah lover (3 years ago)
boo!!! yea!!
chetah lover (3 years ago)
how is she
Rici Mercury (3 years ago)
it is awesome

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