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I was 13 and pregnant with two possible baby daddies | The Maury Show

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Mya and her boyfriend Tristin broke up when she was 13. Upset over the split, she went to a party where she slept with another classmate. Now Mya has a two year old daughter and is positive Tristin is the father but he feels otherwise. Subscribe NOW to The Maury Show: http://bit.ly/MauryTV Watch The Maury Show weekdays! Check your local listings for show times: http://bit.ly/WatchMaury #Maury20 #MaurysOn Get more of The Maury Show: Follow The Maury Show : https://twitter.com/TheMAURYShow Like The Maury Show: https://www.facebook.com/mauryshow The Maury Show on Instagram: http://instagram.com/OfficialMauryShow SnapChat: @OfficialMaury Visit The Maury Show website: http://www.mauryshow.com/ The Maury Show explores compelling relationships and family issues including: sexual infidelity, out-of-control teens, domestic violence, paternity testing and much more!
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TheMauryShowOfficial (8 days ago)
Check out one of our most watched Maury clip..."Did my husband get my daughter pregnant?" https://youtu.be/QsXAFeCETJY
It’s not Maury typing is it
Fatal-Homer - (6 days ago)
TheMauryShowOfficial Lol wut
maria lewis (6 hours ago)
Maaannn when I was 13 I didn't get to do stuff like that I couldn't even say the word sh*t. I was climbing fruit trees and shit but they're daughter is pretty as hellll 😍
Tsitsi Zinyemba (7 hours ago)
Do these people get paid to appear on tv
Heaven Blake (7 hours ago)
GIIIIIIIIIRL that's your fault for making those naught decisions
Bro skiers green (10 hours ago)
Books before boys my mom says !?:-D
Jojo BEAN! (11 hours ago)
Jojo BEAN! (11 hours ago)
Bruh Maury be OVER it wit the audience like I swear in his head he be like “ SHUT DA HELL UP! DAMN YALL LOUD”
Karen lynne (14 hours ago)
They are all stupid, including the parents. As for the kids (the boy and girl) they'll realise just how stupid they were at around 25-30
Stephania Celine (14 hours ago)
13 years old don't belong to nobody. Shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Floyd Roberts (16 hours ago)
One young hoe
Háłłïē B (18 hours ago)
A hoe at 13. Bet her mom is proud her daughter slept around
Srod Baliti (21 hours ago)
Damn yaki kadafi is in the maury show
Victoria Kuye (23 hours ago)
At 13 years old chaii
The girl MOMMA talking all that crap & the baby not even his!
Blayke Hindman (1 day ago)
So let me get this straight this bitch was 13 YEARS OLD AND PREGNANT from a guy she hooked up with (did she do it to her back at her ex??) Some kids these days
She sure has daddy abandonment issues...
You Damn right your 13 you should've been keeping your legs closed
Jay D (1 day ago)
She shouldn't even be having sex at that age tfff 😂
Hana Gaxash (1 day ago)
When I was 13, when I was 13... alright guys we've heard it all
Red Wagon (1 day ago)
Hoe,Hoe,Hoe-merry chistmas
King Wezy (1 day ago)
Not suprised my mom gave birth to my brother at the age of 14
SKULL TAKER (2 days ago)
Shadow 284 (2 days ago)
I know what she did was wrong but he's being to harsh
shayla Diamond (2 days ago)
13 ??? Girl you need your ass whoop that makes no fucking sense I was a virgin at 13 I was focusing on school that make no sense
Arra Jones (3 days ago)
I am 13 and my whole life is sponge bob
HANTA NITSHTAKA (3 days ago)
Why do every baby seem so confused
Sundus Omar (3 days ago)
I really feel sorry for him i cried with him😭
peppyluscious (4 days ago)
MAURY is so caring!!
Nyokabi Waweru (4 days ago)
ooh no 13 so young
Jordan Thornton (4 days ago)
ok first of all at 13 the only we worried about was who had polo and jordans
123 P (4 days ago)
Move on young man you don't want to be with her she already used up by other guys
123 P (4 days ago)
13 years old promiscuous. Send her to Asian country she will get her ass beat for getting pregnant at 13
Elizabeth Walthall (5 days ago)
Dang I love my grandma. I was a teen I was a teen. No boyfriends no sex. It was just school and staying home minding my own business😂 all my girlfriends had like two three or four kids before they were 20. Their parents either weren't home, didn't give a hoot or let them have boyfriends living in the home. Wtah (What the actual hell)😁
Heavenhillz : (5 days ago)
You is a hoe a hoeee a dirty musty crusty hoeeeeeeee
peachezj (5 days ago)
This y babies shouldnt have sex
peachezj (5 days ago)
Dude u 19..y the fuck u want a 13 yr old..u dumb ass
peachezj (5 days ago)
Sex at 13 not even necessary...be a young girl..cheerlead or step or somethin..have slumber parties and go mall..boys can wait..be a girl first
N. M. (5 days ago)
I started my period at 15... at 13 the most action I got was making my dolls kiss /:
Lissa Lavender (5 days ago)
Dude how he mum allow dis! Wtf
niyah 4 realz (5 days ago)
They too young to be talking about having babies. And I was not even allowed to be going to parties lol I was too young to be going places without adult supervision.
Fatal-Homer - (6 days ago)
Mean while my mom is yelling at me for not washing the dishes while these hoes getting pregnant
Dhani Jones Parrish (6 days ago)
Kees Nuggets (6 days ago)
But he was 16 when she 13 🤢
sheda McLeod (6 days ago)
Hot ass! she look like she don't respect her mother. An we know she don't respect her self (2) different boys at 13yrs old 😞😞😞😞😞😞
Steke Viddy (6 days ago)
That's the first time maurey gave the dude good advice your young fuck that hoe🤣
Llamacornz XD (7 days ago)
Close ya legs!
FateAndFurie (7 days ago)
Fathers, this is why it's essential to love your daughters! Sad all around
rottimus prime (7 days ago)
Babies having babies. 19 talking about getting married and having a kids together. Crazy. You don't want your daughters to get pregnant. Put them on birth control. As soon as they have their first period. There are about 11 forms to choose from.
FluXXed (7 days ago)
When I was 13 I was playing Mario Kart at my friend's houses wtf 🤣
Money Chaser (7 days ago)
Why is tristan messing with under age girls he’s 19 and mya is 16
Rheagan Clark (7 days ago)
Dna test at 1:55 your welcome
Tyra Bandz (7 days ago)
omg we don’t give a fuck about what y’all did when you were 13 💀💀
Nyoka Woitko (8 days ago)
You gotta put in that work,work,work,work
Leah Chalmers (8 days ago)
She was too young to be going through that. That little girl is cute though but my goodness why y'all tryna have babies so young. Babies having babies
tinybrownin (8 days ago)
What kind of party is this 13yr old goin to?!?!
Admirador (8 days ago)
What the heck is a 13 year old doing to get pregnant? If I found out my 13 year old was sexually active. I would put her on birth control.
Rob Medies (8 days ago)
Her face look like will smith
Angil Miller (8 days ago)
All y'all keep saying when y'all was 13 y'all was doing this and that ok it's not the same for everybody at least she's being a mother that's all she can do at this point I have a 2 1/2 month old baby and I'm only 16 sooo say something about that
Maya Garcha (8 days ago)
Kia has a big ass nose
Zara kelly (8 days ago)
This boy is handsome😍
Anorexia recovery (9 days ago)
Follow me on my journey anorexia recovery
janson janson (10 days ago)
disgusting cheat.. people who cheat don't deserve to find love
Assas (10 days ago)
Wtf is that
Jackelyn Coto (10 days ago)
What a mom
Jeiden (11 days ago)
Lionni looks EXACTLY like Tristan.
Bruhitzgenesis ._. (11 days ago)
If I would have been pregnant at 13 my mom would beat the shit outta me
•Giselle • (11 days ago)
More game than me I'm the same age 😂
Kenneth D. Aston Jr. (11 days ago)
Talk is cheap, youngster
Moonlight Dr3mer (11 days ago)
Ayomen Lyrics (11 days ago)
Fucked up america
Shaddai grace (12 days ago)
Crazy as hellll
Trunks (12 days ago)
I'm confused is he done with her or what
Calandra Cooper (12 days ago)
This girl is literally a child.
Starr Alina (12 days ago)
This kind of proves that young kids shouldn't have babies or being relationships because half of them don't even know what the f*** they're doing. And I like how the parents are sitting there and letting this happen. Saying trying to lead a good example if this is the worst example at the end of the day if you're a good parent you should make sure that your kids don't do stupid s*** like this and this is the reason why teens get pregnant every f****** time because the parents don't know what the f*** they're doing!
Stepz97 • (12 days ago)
At 13 I thought I had to be at these parties at 18. Tbh I was glad I didn’t go to those parties at that age. It would’ve been filled with young teens trying to be adults. No 13 year old should be at those kinds of parties, it can do negative stuff to your mindset and mentality.
Elijah Hunt (12 days ago)
This is all her fault shes a while whore
iiiuuvgtfgd kihhftdffg (12 days ago)
such in America called kornrose hair style came from Ethiopia its Ethiopian invention and its called (gamé albazo) only middel age woman and woman general its allowed to have this hair dress so in Ethiopia is this african American hair a daily joke and a disgrace 😀😀😁
Real Deal (12 days ago)
Better than that shit dr phil
charachi dragon (12 days ago)
She knew he wasn't the father but she still wanted him tested. She knows who the Father is
Jay (12 days ago)
13 and having sex? 13?????????? I wasn't even thinking about that sex. Got my first sex ed lesson at this age.
Cameron J (13 days ago)
The only black man I know who was hoping to be the father...
Grady LeRoi (13 days ago)
How the heck did I get here?
James Johnson (13 days ago)
Why the fuck was she messin around with boys yo age girl I’m not trying to be mean but she is a ho
princesses lovely (13 days ago)
KIMOYA SAPPLETON (13 days ago)
all i wanna know is why this chick having sex at 13 am so 15 and still not sexually active what was she rushing
Jennifer Brooke (13 days ago)
The baby has like green ish eyes. How did they not know if they both have dark eyes? It’s obvious that the baby is someone else’s.
Merlene Taylor (13 days ago)
Mom why was this child so unsupervised at 13 that she was able to have sex period? And icing on the cake with multiple partners. Don't cry now boo boo.
Madison butt (13 days ago)
She had a baby at 13 now she had a touge ring what age did u have that?
Jazmenn Ijeoma-Ihechu (13 days ago)
That's what she gets for being out here with her legs wide open.... close those legs hunny...you are too young!!!!
♪Stephy J.♪ (13 days ago)
And she has a tongue ring? Damn. Very bad parenting... Smfh
annaesty ancar (13 days ago)
This is my favorite episode
Matilda Chole (13 days ago)
so no ones gonna talk about the fact that they were sleeping together when she was 13 and he was 17... k
Boitshoko Pule (13 days ago)
Americans and their fast [email protected] I had all the freedom from my parents but boys were never ever in my mind.
Crystal Nance (14 days ago)
Idc what anybody says but that sad what she did and she needs to learn how to keep her legs closed to I fill bad for him
Samuel Eyosi (14 days ago)
Like mother like daughter......I’m ashamed of both of you......both of you still need to be under a good parent
Melisande Douglas (14 days ago)
I love how her mom doesn’t look mad that her daughter got pregnant at 13 ;-;
DELTABOY04 (14 days ago)
13 yr old slut bag lol
Life Power (14 days ago)
Only in America!
Hello My Name Is Bob (14 days ago)
Don't be a slut, boom, a solution to not getting pregnant.
Shana Medley (14 days ago)

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