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I was 13 and pregnant with two possible baby daddies | The Maury Show

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Mya and her boyfriend Tristin broke up when she was 13. Upset over the split, she went to a party where she slept with another classmate. Now Mya has a two year old daughter and is positive Tristin is the father but he feels otherwise. Subscribe NOW to The Maury Show: http://bit.ly/MauryTV Watch The Maury Show weekdays! Check your local listings for show times: http://bit.ly/WatchMaury #Maury20 #MaurysOn Get more of The Maury Show: Follow The Maury Show : https://twitter.com/TheMAURYShow Like The Maury Show: https://www.facebook.com/mauryshow The Maury Show on Instagram: http://instagram.com/OfficialMauryShow SnapChat: @OfficialMaury Visit The Maury Show website: http://www.mauryshow.com/ The Maury Show explores compelling relationships and family issues including: sexual infidelity, out-of-control teens, domestic violence, paternity testing and much more!
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Text Comments (7896)
TheMauryShowOfficial (2 months ago)
Check out one of our most watched Maury clip..."Did my husband get my daughter pregnant?" https://youtu.be/QsXAFeCETJY
Tressa Williams (6 days ago)
you be to chose another ggfgfckdgfff vb 💖♥️♥️💙💖♥️😛🤦tghuh
Lex Kinzo (18 days ago)
I can safely say there is a negative disproportionate representation of Blacks on your show. Equally, I am shocked to know the vast majority of your audience are Blacks who don't question the negative representation of themselves.
Pam K. (29 days ago)
Pam K. (29 days ago)
Hey, the more babies the more cash assistance, food stamps and WIC!
Sean Glover (11 hours ago)
Thot. Had a good niggah and fucked it up. The mom is pitiful. Sorry excuse.
BOOTY eater (20 hours ago)
Nah gone front, that baby cute asf lol... butttttt why age 13 lol
Nappystorm (23 hours ago)
What kinda damn party was she going to at 13 where she was fucking?
jay man (1 day ago)
The mom is a fucked up parent. Where was she when her daughter was going to parties at 13
Road Rants (1 day ago)
Your daughter was letting multiple dudes fuck in the 7th grade. Sterilize the whole family. Hogenics.
deandravr (1 day ago)
Sorry ass women raising children. She got this whore behavior from her mother if thats even what you want to call that.
Teague Hewlett (1 day ago)
I was afraid to even make a mistake next to my crush at 13 but people having kids at 13... Well I’ll be damned
InternetCancer (1 day ago)
You fucking retard lie detectors do not work watch Adam ruins everything
Raul Laguerre (1 day ago)
why the mother is not jail for allowing her dauther to sleep around
Bella ORTIZ (1 day ago)
So she a thot??
Jasmine Quisenberry (1 day ago)
That's a beautiful baby broo
Angel Joachim (1 day ago)
dumb and dumber
Eric langat (1 day ago)
13 and pregnant
Uxnicorn Lati (1 day ago)
0:56 woah... that's intense :O
Dawn Rhoads (1 day ago)
Is anyone gonna ignore that he was 16 and she was 13 🤨🤔🤢🤮🤮🤮
IamMonster DMS (1 day ago)
Im confused at this story
shifty_nibba_420 (2 days ago)
he blew the load and hit the road
Lola Green (2 days ago)
Who else just feels bad for the children in these stories. They’re gonna grow up knowing that their mom made bad decisions and most often, they won’t grow up with a responsible father figure in their life. It’s sad that children these days have to grow up with such bad parents and grandparents who are also irresponsible. I hope they grow past this and be successful in life.
glitchez (2 days ago)
Its simple. Dont be a hoe
Dialan 14 (2 days ago)
At least Tristn did not have a baby with a girl that is underage
saleh al jard (3 days ago)
I will never cheat on my left hand...
saleh al jard (3 days ago)
I’m 28 and still version , not even ashamed😂❤️
Denise And Monae (3 days ago)
Thomas Mistretta (3 days ago)
Begone ho, 13 yr old THOT !!!
Kristy Renae (3 days ago)
Umm no 13 year old should be having sex.
dumb baby (3 days ago)
At 13 i was still playing with barbie and ken dolls
rambo_ rides (3 days ago)
sis still has her baby teeth she can’t be out here havin these issues
Recommend For You (3 days ago)
Yikes always the ghetto kids having unprotected sex so young and getting pregnant
R King (3 days ago)
If u have a baby as a minor u shouldn't receive aid from the government it's ur mistake u take care of it
Toy Toy (3 days ago)
Damn that got to hurt poor baby
oyounes (3 days ago)
Wait so when she was 13, he was 16. That's not ok..
MM E (3 days ago)
A 16 y/o boy should not be with a 13 y/o girl like that to begin with. The way he was talking to her was obvious that he was controlling. The mom should really check why her daughter was sexually active that young.
sidharth chand (3 days ago)
Hope he’s not paying child support now
sidharth chand (3 days ago)
I was playing power rangers at 13
ferdinand awn (4 days ago)
I AM a very macho man and i don't deserve a Crap like that
Braniyah Harden (4 days ago)
thast what she get for being tf grown you 13 yrs old keep your legs closed bitchh
Randy Boone (4 days ago)
I'll bet both of them don't have a dad in the home but now the mother is a terrible person look what you taught your daughter. and he thinks he's a young man really you're too stupid to pull.. and look another generation with a broken home I wonder if you Fashions himself like a little Obama.. you said you wanted to make 1 million little Obama's you must be hard at work.. what kind of job you think he has what do you think his mother works where do you think her mother works mainly in front of a TV on the couch.. yeah I am being judgemental because it's probably true.. she was 13 and pregnant now she's 16 he's 19 and they're together what there is no arrest or charges filed I mean it's on TV you filmed it,, it's undeniable why isn't he in jail..
Nicole Chery (4 days ago)
They too young for this shit!
Delpriest Stokes (5 days ago)
She to pretty to be fucking
Braniyah Harden (4 days ago)
shes too grown periodddttt
NotoriousNoe (5 days ago)
Hoe at a such a young age. Wft
radar 211 (5 days ago)
Lucky bloke.
SCUFFED BJORN (5 days ago)
SarriaXVI (6 days ago)
😭🙏🏽Jesus Bless
Mommy 2 Be (6 days ago)
@ 13?? Damnnnn!!!
Jani Gallagher (6 days ago)
Parenting at its finest.
Jani Gallagher (6 days ago)
What else is new?!?! 🙄🙄
Lillian Harshaw (6 days ago)
When I was 13, I was riding my bike... in the front yard😒
Taicieann Clarke (6 days ago)
13!!!!!!wow..I didn't knew how to kiss..I wasn't even matured properly tbh!!!#
يريدون يلفقولو التهمة عاهرات
Hipster Black Metal (7 days ago)
Fucking young thot. Stoopid ass hoe.
Liyah 4 life (7 days ago)
The baby is TWO cute!!!
political assassin (7 days ago)
Man fuck dem hoes!
political assassin (7 days ago)
Hoes man! Y'all young bloods go learn.
LoV!n mEn3 (7 days ago)
PREGNANT @ 13 🤔🤔🤔🤔 then with a "MAYBE" 2ND father.... Then look at how he talks to her... Where were there PARENTS??? THEN IT WASN'T HIS.... I THINK ILL STILL HAVE MY FOOT UP HER ASS WHIE SHE IS THINKING ABOUT WHAT SHE HAS DONE.....
najima farah (8 days ago)
She was 13 she get pregnant I'm 14 I didn't even get my first kiss
The Golden Emperor (8 days ago)
Bruh 13... whyyy
Emily Medero (8 days ago)
Wow she didn't have proper guidance.
Tatiana Goode (8 days ago)
I think all people are at fault in this the girl knew what she was doing all it takes is a little common sense to figure out what you should and shouldn’t be doing at that age. The boy was wrong for messing with her at such a young age. The mom should have been more strict. I think kids should have freedom but a mom should know when you need to be more strict. Not every child is able to handle that kind of freedom.
Macario Sentenciador (8 days ago)
Slut's reward!
GMS HA RAAM AHMATH (8 days ago)
Word get over it cause it make u treat the right girl like shit
Carolyn Peercy (9 days ago)
Mom how you letting her sleep around and get pregnant at 13. She needs stop and get a education
Feng Gao (9 days ago)
in China they will go to jail
belle enigma15 (10 days ago)
At 13, you aren't in love and you can't possibly understand what marriage and having a baby actually means. I'm 30 and I'm only working it out.
dave miller (10 days ago)
Be thankful you are not the father that whore is a cheater and always will be and be thankful you don't have to pay the bitch
Kaliese Bent (10 days ago)
I'm 13 and I can't even go outside without being watched There's a whole tracker on my phone.
CONTENT DELETED (10 days ago)
How you cheat on somebody and then say that your ex is the dad
CONTENT DELETED (10 days ago)
I cant even go to my room without my mom stopping me
MandalaWorld (11 days ago)
Magdiel Betancourt (11 days ago)
Lmao I was on episode the other day and the dad said the 7 B's "Books Before Boys Because Boys Bring Babies" lol I'll never forget this
Magdiel Betancourt (11 days ago)
Wait why are they so young tho. Like do they not know the consequences of sex? Lmaoao I'm done.
Awakened Crossroafs (11 days ago)
You a hoeeeee. You a hoooooeeee. You be sucking dick on the loooooooow
Arrianna Desaussure (13 days ago)
Beautiful baby and hat baby had look lost as hell
the puginator (13 days ago)
manslayer1972 (13 days ago)
What an utter slut
THE SHAW (13 days ago)
This is why I like Maury because he actually takes the time to talk to his guests and he tries to make them feel better
Jessica Sanchez (14 days ago)
Why is a 13yr old going to parties???
Namjoon's Dimples (14 days ago)
There is girls that are 17 that can’t even hold hands with someone and this girl got pregnant with two possible baby daddy’s... DANG
Ai Ai (14 days ago)
19 years old guy & 13 years old girl...They are both too young for this especially the girl omfg
Damian Corbett (14 days ago)
Lol..total slut..raised by useless parents..total filth
nee grows (15 days ago)
This is undeniably, unequivocally fake
Proud2be White (15 days ago)
Meh. Typical negro. How many of them even care who the father of their bastard kids are?
Emara Vili (15 days ago)
Wow i cant believe women..if you know the father ok if you dont stop trying to bring another man to your case
اصف محمد (15 days ago)
I am 18 and I didn't kiss girl
Dulcelina Cabral (16 days ago)
That is what happens when kids have kids their brains dont develope until 25 years old
Miranda Perez (16 days ago)
what a whore
Marissa Hildebrandt (16 days ago)
“naw maury, she is my family” 😭😭aww
RockTown (16 days ago)
13 and having all this sex? Wow!
Mariam Osman (16 days ago)
This whole situation is effed up n all but like that baby is cute as shiiiiiit 😍
angelia xoxo (17 days ago)
the bad thing about teenage pregnancies is that as soon as the girl gives birth to her baby she spends a lot of time looking for a baby sitter.
Amber SoAmazing (17 days ago)
Baby girl is one of the most gorgeous babies I've ever seen, (besides mine, lol!)... She is adorable!.
Ally OMG (17 days ago)
She cheated on tristin
brandon williams (18 days ago)
Fucked up show
Siara 826 (18 days ago)
“I was 13 and didn’t belong to nobody” bitch you belong to your MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to marry her... can you arrange my marriage with her
Jacinda Peters (18 days ago)
That poor little girl
Kiki ! (18 days ago)
Ooo she look just like her momma
Life Of Everything (19 days ago)
What’s their Instagram?
sophia martin (19 days ago)
Well... That’s unfortunate.

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