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I was 13 and pregnant with two possible baby daddies | The Maury Show

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Mya and her boyfriend Tristin broke up when she was 13. Upset over the split, she went to a party where she slept with another classmate. Now Mya has a two year old daughter and is positive Tristin is the father but he feels otherwise. Subscribe NOW to The Maury Show: http://bit.ly/MauryTV Watch The Maury Show weekdays! Check your local listings for show times: http://bit.ly/WatchMaury #Maury20 #MaurysOn Get more of The Maury Show: Follow The Maury Show : https://twitter.com/TheMAURYShow Like The Maury Show: https://www.facebook.com/mauryshow The Maury Show on Instagram: http://instagram.com/OfficialMauryShow SnapChat: @OfficialMaury Visit The Maury Show website: http://www.mauryshow.com/ The Maury Show explores compelling relationships and family issues including: sexual infidelity, out-of-control teens, domestic violence, paternity testing and much more!
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TheMauryShowOfficial (4 months ago)
Check out one of our most watched Maury clip..."Did my husband get my daughter pregnant?" https://youtu.be/QsXAFeCETJY
Oliver Clarkebpxi (20 hours ago)
5000 subscribers with no videos I want to subscribe
Waliya Bhayat (1 month ago)
Gummie Worms (1 month ago)
Maury you are a straight G. I Love you how you tried to help that young man. He just doesn't know he dodged a bullet 😔
Tressa Williams (2 months ago)
you be to chose another ggfgfckdgfff vb 💖♥️♥️💙💖♥️😛🤦tghuh
ThickSyrup (7 hours ago)
Damn i felt this dude
Sugar Brooklyn (20 hours ago)
she got her tongue pierced cause her mom is only pretending to care for the camera which is how the thotty little bastard was given time to get herself pregnant to begin with
Sugar Brooklyn (20 hours ago)
wow she has a toddler and she's thirteen
Phiona nabafu (1 day ago)
At 13 jeez
RecklessInspirer (2 days ago)
why does little girl even got her tongue pierced
Norma Ramirez (2 days ago)
OMG How SAD!!! Only 13. Girls, have self respect, love yourself. You don't need to have sex to feel loved! If you are going to sleep around USE BIRTH CONTROL!!!! Please!!!!! Stop this HORRIBLE cycle!! STOP having unprotected sex!!!! Girls, at 13 you're WAY TOO YOUNG!!!! You have your whole life ahead of you...... with getting pregnant you're repeating a CYCLE and you're not giving this precious new baby a chance at life...... the statistics are SO LOW that a child will have both parents and the statistics are so HIGH that the child you have repeats the SAME CYCLE!!!!
BaRbiE GaNG (3 days ago)
Any updates ??????
Rayvon Lampart (5 days ago)
Get some help!
Kayla Fastlay (6 days ago)
Why where they even having sex in the first place I’m 13 and my mom would beat my ass if she found out I was having sex
Mo'Chieffa's Garden (6 days ago)
That poor guy 😢😢😢
Sundày Queen (7 days ago)
fast n its sad
Sashoy Green (7 days ago)
Hush its life
Marie Dyer (7 days ago)
She should have kept her legs closed and said no!! Why are people so fast to say yes to everything!!
Lil Ceel (7 days ago)
At 13 I was even not at that age..
James Bond (8 days ago)
Tristan your dad needs to kick your ass! How in the world are you crying about not having a baby? You sound like a girl. Single mothers stop raising boys to be pussys and Super sensitive wimps. Tristan "You don't understand Maury we was gonna be a family." Maury "No,I don't understand; why you are using the wrong verb! It's we were ! Not, we was gonna be a family!"
A S (8 days ago)
Tristan got a lucky break!
sarah monsegur (9 days ago)
This story is sad 😢
QUES - CANADA (10 days ago)
Being pregnant at 13...and a 16 years old dies to become a father???? Terrible parenting
Kevin Garner (11 days ago)
When he said we talked about having a first kid together we talked about getting married we talked about everything and you just break up with me if it was the old me and if I was and who I am about the month and my girlfriend broke up with me I would say welcome to the club but she broke up with me and that’s OK it was her choice and to be honest it was definitely meant to be a song confirmed it I said God when we are on a temporary break I said God will get back together or will we just move on with her life because I was for sure thought she was the one but I guess not but I know for sure there’s a girl out there I have not met or I met before but just don’t know what yet we’re gonna connect and I have my family this is not time yet when it’s meant to be it’ll be it’ll be baby just let it be. My first hopes and support is with these people as well
Zaynah Graves (11 days ago)
He acts just like my cousin arshad
Erica Fields (12 days ago)
Snapped And Snatched (12 days ago)
When I was 13 I was still watching Disney channel...and laughing at stupid memes
Sabrina (13 days ago)
why is nobody talking about how messy maury is? he literally brought these people on his show and after seeing how broken hearted the young man was he was like "you gotta get over it" like nah why cant maury encourage him to be a father towards that baby? who cares if he is not her biological father, he can be a father figure to her! she needs that in her life just like any child. smh i would be so embarrassed to be on national tv over some bs like this. having sex at 13! smdh
Native Doll (13 days ago)
"I know u don't get it Maury!" Oooh that boy getting on my nerves, talking to Maury like he's the ONLY person to ever feel heartbroken, boy bye
Kelley Braun (13 days ago)
When I was 13 boys still had cooties. I couldn't wait to get my scheduled cootie shot!
Michael Garcia (13 days ago)
I'm sorry Road versus Wade, has got to be changed. Its obviously to me that females are irresponsible with their bodies. cuz they give it out to everybody and here you are Maury Povich on the who my Mulatto daddy shows. like it so how irresponsible and they should not be in charge of their own f****** bodies because every man is paying for it and Society is paying for these f****** whores spreading their legs like a pussy they have is worth everything in the world. when in fact it is just a hole... You treat a pussy like a present. It's the box that the dick cums in. The only way mulattos know who the father is they have to go on Maury Povich
Christy Harris (14 days ago)
It's called CONDOMS and any way ur too young for having sex
Ӽan-chan җ (14 days ago)
Tristin did nothing wrong
ultra uwu (14 days ago)
i am not shocked she had sex at an early age. most kids do. when i was in middle school, most of the incoming six graders would lose their virginity to the students already there. and everyone would know about it. they would all literally hook up at the skating rink down the street from the school and looking back, i'm shocked that we were all so young and they were doing all that.
Rayna Tripp (15 days ago)
at 13 i didn’t even know what a penis was ..
*I'm* *24* *extra virgin* never even *hugged* a man other than my dad and my brothers.
yt. quan (16 days ago)
that's my name
xav pratt (16 days ago)
WolfAnarchyVonCreepy (16 days ago)
This is why we need birth control in our schools
Mary Snook (17 days ago)
How was she 13 with 2 sex partners? I'm 20 and still a virgin. My god.
Brinna Mollett (18 days ago)
You shouldn't even be having sex at 13
storm sky plater (18 days ago)
awwww I think he really love her😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤💔💔
Savage GameZ (19 days ago)
The mother is pathetic and a sorry excuse for a parent... No father in the household
Averiala Sin (19 days ago)
I was playing with my Tamagotchi at age 13 :"/ and I'm only 25 years old with only 2 furbabies lolz.
Asia Williams (19 days ago)
Y’all little girls need to stay in a child’s place , y’all move so fast and end getting pregnant 🤰 so easy by boys who never wanted y’all There is some boys out there who just wanna hit and run and there is the ones who doesn’t move fast with there girl Like grow up , reality hit this girl hard and she got herself in this situation at the age of 13🙄
Kimmy Estwick (19 days ago)
So sad😔
Daniel Posey (20 days ago)
Keep your legs closed!!!
Youth it tuff its hard to trust even when you want to love. So sad man but don't give up on love but don't be a fool for love either. Some people have the heart to play games with your love but like myself I think there is faithful people out there.
Courtney Edwards (21 days ago)
Shoot when I was 13 I was still playing with barbies 🤷🏽‍♀️
mike brown (21 days ago)
Eh boy love are 💛 smh woman fuck up sometimes
Little slut
Odesta Singh (22 days ago)
Everyone calling her a Thot..makes me sick just shot tf up because it could happen to anyone go criticize ya mama an leave the young girl alone she made a mistake y'all going on like y'all perfect stewww
Reupniyaa AA (22 days ago)
Who tf cutting onions 😩😔
High Dollar (22 days ago)
Put in that work lmao yeahhhh no thanks
kemykat100 (22 days ago)
The mother failed . Tristan your be fine you dodged a bullet. She’ll be on baby daddy number 6 by age 25
Kiera McGrath (22 days ago)
When her daughter is 13 she will be only 26😶
Ngozi Obi (22 days ago)
Mya's mom has failed her as a parent. How can you support such nonsense from your children?! No wonder America is doomed!
Khanyisile Philisile (22 days ago)
Channel o
Danielle Berry (23 days ago)
I just want to hold this young lady
Tayria75 (23 days ago)
Talking about marriage at 13? Babies at 13? Fighting about who the baby's father is at 16? Wtf?!
Anyiam Igwedestiny (23 days ago)
Stupid teen
R.C. 2141 (24 days ago)
Stfu audience, clapping when she says “I moved for a better life for my children” the hell you mean, your daughter sleeping with 2 guys and partying at 13.
fipher vlogs (25 days ago)
Dude fell in love with her and she just treats him like a game
Hope (25 days ago)
I’m still 10... WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?!?!
Kyle White (25 days ago)
I used to go to the zoo cuz my favorite exhibit was the primate exhibit. But then o started watching Maury, now I can watch the primate exhibit without leaving the house. Ahh technology gotta love it.
De’Azeia SPENCER (25 days ago)
He’s very handsome. Cut your loses and move on.
pretty green eyes (25 days ago)
On top of that he was in high school and she was only in elementary school like rd that some shit right there now he 19 and she 16 he should go to jail now because that's considered rape cuz he 19 and she 16 but she shouldn't be having sex at 13 anyway
Rangerlab (25 days ago)
ahh we have the same name and I am 13! DX
Bulky Spark (25 days ago)
He is a good man badly brought up girl at 13 you are already fucking around dammmm
Castasia Thomas (25 days ago)
7th, 8th grade 🤰 pregnant ?!?
MasterX MasterX (25 days ago)
corrupt society makes stupid children having illegal sexual relations next 10 years going to see 7 year olds having sexual relations -_-
Da queen of da queen (26 days ago)
Baby:wtf?! Like wtf is going on here!?!?
49jubilee (26 days ago)
Wheres myas dad?😝 I wonder IF she was molested by moms old boyfriends? Also, what's a 19 yo, doing with a 13 year old..staturory rape😟 Tristan father was a negro who abandoned him, and his mom, may not have decent family to help mentor him..they've been abandoned as well by the white side. (I knew that baby didn't have a white grandparent)
Lauren Flareon (27 days ago)
0:11 - 0:24 explains the whole video so why do they even think he’s the father
Juilette Vella (27 days ago)
This really is a wake up call for me 😕.... Wouldn't want to end up like her so i best keep it in my pants😅
queen cha (27 days ago)
God why I'm crying??
Ntaira Patricia (27 days ago)
me at 13 I didn't even how to kids
DEZ (28 days ago)
I'm 18 and still a virgin. Pregnant at 13 tf, this guy is a good guy. You guys better get a paternity test with every child your woman has. The results could be heartbreaking like this one. Honestly I believe most men today are Fathering some else child and they do not even know.
SuperTjss (29 days ago)
I was thirteen I didn't belong to nobody...not even your mother???? They sitting up there talking like they grown mind you they're talking about three years ago when she was barely a teen. And her mother next to her like wassup?
Heidi C.H (29 days ago)
She'll be 25 when her little girl hits puberty. Just WAW!!
diedie723 (1 month ago)
Heartbreaking for both smh
SC deL (1 month ago)
Toth, whore
Konstigo (1 month ago)
AT 13!!!
Catherine G. Sindani (1 month ago)
A Mother is a Mother always
por-shi-a green (1 month ago)
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Jennifer Cheong (1 month ago)
Many of young girls had been brain washed by the media..Is better let's them to know about Sex which is Sin . God does not like human to do such a bad thing to harm each others.Tell your children when they are twelve and not to feel shy to tell your child cause they have rights to know before is to late. Must know the consequence.
Pierreisna Archille (1 month ago)
Parent wrong thing teen young pregnancy 13year old mine and mother know better and run rounds get pregnancy
Pierreisna Archille (1 month ago)
Pregnancy 13year old teen to young mother bother in trouble and problem too
BJ Da Drummerboy (1 month ago)
Tristen better pick his head up and move on!!
Angel Sinclair (1 month ago)
He seems like a smart and trustworthy young man who was willing to stay with her and raise the kid... feel bad for him but he has to move on and make the right decision for him and not anyone else
no offence girl but you need to get this shit together.. you seem like you lost a nice guy.... i would never dream about cheating on my boyfriend who ive been with since i was 19.. been together for 5 years
Shaniya Smith (1 month ago)
He look like zac efron
Charlotte Colley (1 month ago)
its her life they should get back together and have a child xxxxxxxxxx
Kennziie.!! (1 month ago)
Her mom look like the mom from the Parkers 😂😂😂
Kennziie.!! (1 month ago)
Mo'Nique that’s her name! 😂
Lashawn Weaver (1 month ago)
first off 13 teen having a baby is amess then why didnt her mother get her on birth control then turn around and have another child this is sad.
tanisha tamina (1 month ago)
He looks like Zac Efron
mummy keisha (1 month ago)
I got pregnant when I was 21and everyone was looking at me as a hoe
they just dumb don't listen to em
Sensual Yoshi (1 month ago)
I'm laughing. These are legit children. *shake my damn head*
wan heda (1 month ago)
When I was in 5th grade this girl told me to meet her in the gym for sex (btw she was in 6th grade)
Para Bina. com (1 month ago)
Maury that is a wrong time to give that advise, that boy just felt being stabbed at the back and you go like "its ok, good life comes ahead" bullshit. What he need at that's moment is negative empathy. Negative moment + negative empathy = positive enlightenment. Or just simply give him some space if you don't know what to say.
Shay Sitney (1 month ago)
Anybody got her @? I need an update
Sosuke (1 month ago)
Oh you're a thot.. something to be proud of?
Dåví Àññâ (1 month ago)
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