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Jesus Christ this is like a really bad dream I think him is a hermaphrodite Enjoy
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111xelent (1 hour ago)
Most evil villain: Mr. Quackers!
Jmsilvestro fromyoutube (13 hours ago)
Yeess that's brilliant. 0:51 >:) >=)
Absol Trainer (19 hours ago)
Him has a serious passive aggressive voice. I love it. 😊😊😊
Facts (19 hours ago)
I love Him
Grace Jensen (4 days ago)
This show gave my brothers nightmares when they were little, so I wasn't allowed to watch it when they were home. The show never bothered me though.....
TheGreat Octoguy (8 days ago)
What episode is this??
anzizes - (10 days ago)
Gargantesful (11 days ago)
When i was a kid i never Got scared of him but now...shit i see how disturbing he is... Especially in Polish version tou should check HIM.
1312 Revolutionary (18 days ago)
10/10 would bang. That leg in the bath got me feelin some type of way
Paige Lynch (18 days ago)
Him was always my favorite. Believe it or not, every time Him and the Powerpuff girls fought, I rooted for Him.
R C Towse (20 days ago)
This is a fever dream
KoolKid 12 (23 days ago)
pronouns 2018.
P1NK (24 days ago)
Him who?
Darth Veles (24 days ago)
Reminds me of Marilyn Manson
Jayden100 (27 days ago)
I used to be scared of this fucker as a kid voice was so gay and menacing
the krusty krab (29 days ago)
He used yo scare me when I was younger
it's lit (30 days ago)
Chief said that this ain't it.
Mike Waves (1 month ago)
I blame Him for turning kids in my generation gay
Rodrigo Souza (1 month ago)
0:51 *oh shit*
Vulgtm N'gha (1 month ago)
Weeaboo Jones (1 month ago)
This guy always fucking scared me as a kid
Karman Bassi (1 month ago)
fucking trannys
Lucifer Laveaux (1 month ago)
His voice was amazing
CMC 123 (1 month ago)
Pineapple_zek (1 month ago)
This thing gave me nightmares,
Master Wave (1 month ago)
what's so terrifying?
Randolph de Leon (1 month ago)
0:55 enter random porn music
Ken-1999 (1 month ago)
This Freaked Me Out as Kid 😖
Johnny Eternal (1 month ago)
He was pretty cool actually.. femine.. but kinda cool.
Element Ravenous (1 month ago)
Bottom to total top 😂🖤
Boozer (2 months ago)
Nightmare fuel.
9,999,999,999 views (2 months ago)
He scared the shit out of me as a kid. This clearly wasn't a girl's cartoon
ANGEL6OF6DEATH6 eibes (2 months ago)
Ben SWOLO (2 months ago)
Him is a gay right?
eren luin (1 month ago)
Ben SWOLO yep
Joseph Wasson (2 months ago)
Ppg had it right. Gays scare me to this day.
Joseph Wasson (2 months ago)
Fazdolanguy Flores 1488 brother
Fazdolanguy Flores (2 months ago)
Death to the LGBT
Muhannad Al-adam (2 months ago)
That wasn't scary at all
Oozing Pussbrain (2 months ago)
I saw this episode when I was 14 & I was on my first shroom trip.
Z Luv (2 months ago)
This villan used to scare the shit out of me as a kid and the dead mummy who asks for his slack and that cat with the spiders (sorry misspell) Imagine you fall asleep watching tv as a kid and suddenly wake up at 3am and this very scene is playing on your tv, the house is quiet except for his voice, yeah i was that lucky kid hahaha never again did i ever want to watch HIM without it being daylight out lol cant imagine how many kids had nightmares because of "Him" lol
Brielle M (2 months ago)
He always scared the shit out of me and still does
Bunny Speed (16 days ago)
The only way to make less scary is by drawing HIM as a "cute little butterfly".
FlyingFocs (2 months ago)
You know, of all the episodes of PPG I saw as a kid, Him was the villain I think I saw the least. The one episode I saw was Speed Demon, I think it was called. How Him and that episode didn't scar me, I will never know.
Bunny Speed (16 days ago)
Did you watch the episode's All chalked up,Power-noia,or the boy's are back in town?
Dominic Abbs (3 months ago)
mr quackers is HIM side kick the moost evil villain of all time move over him Mr Quackers is the most villain of all time
BizzarreProductions (3 months ago)
This is NOT the most disturbing Powerpuff Girls scene.
Bunny Speed (3 days ago)
Then which one is it then?
Noor Plays (3 months ago)
Him scared me a lot when I was so little!!!
144meatwad (3 months ago)
i think him and the narrator are the same voice, doesnt it kinda sound like it?
Eevee Luvv 394 (3 months ago)
This devil and King Ramses from Courage the Cowardly Dog, gave me nightmares. I'm 20 and I'm still afraid of both
Omar Moyao (3 months ago)
Is that James Charles?
Freddy Gili (3 months ago)
His leg tho
Larry Wingfield (3 months ago)
Am I the only 1 who hate those loserable brats ? u hate them to ? :) lol
Luis Loaiza (3 months ago)
Tell me what anime character could beat him
ender DJ games and music (3 months ago)
I think hes gay cause he licked tje proffesprs neck in a ep
Gilmar (3 months ago)
The villains in this cartoon are all psychotic
tomboy890 (3 months ago)
Insidious totally ripped off HIM
Kitkatninja OwO (4 months ago)
That dude gave me nightmares as a kid and now again it’s gonna happen
Boi (4 months ago)
Ace (4 months ago)
"kid's show" i cant w8 to see Him in the Gorillaz lore
Ace he was soooooo scary to ALLLL . I want to see him back I questioned it a lot but at the same time I love creepy and scary things
amadelyn rosario (4 months ago)
I first i thought he was a girl which made him creepy then I found out he was a boy and that made him creepier
Ruach (4 months ago)
Ahem... "Satan Claws"
Devito D (4 months ago)
Lol he brought The Rowdyruff Boys back to life. At least he did one goodthing
Bunny Speed (6 days ago)
And became their new father."I brought the boy's back.So i am their father now"
mytruepower2 (4 months ago)
I must respectfully disagree. It's close, but HIM was far more terrifying in the episode "Speed Demon." "Don't you know that the faster you go, time slows down, and your time stopped for fifty years while you were racing around!"
ChiquitaSpeaks (4 months ago)
HIM is real and came into existence through the creation of the Powerpuff girls and is the mastermind behind modern day feminism. As he never was able to destroy the cartoon world he sought to destroy the mortal world. HIM IS HERE! YAAAAASSS!
Devoshun Scott (4 months ago)
Him: well uh Oh well delightful blossom: freak
Takashi Kurisagi (4 months ago)
Man, this use to terrify the hell outta me when I was a kid.
stray kitten (4 months ago)
he’s sexy
abby (4 months ago)
What the hell did I just watch
VelvetRhapsody (4 months ago)
I could listen to HIM talk for hours
Vortiac (4 months ago)
HIM belongs in Courage the Cowardly Dog
GOTZ DEAOMA (4 months ago)
I found this funny! And his voice reminds me of Rupaul I don't think he looks like Satan. His voice reminds me of Dory speaking whale. His deep voice reminds me of a heavy smoker or a nerdy boy with glasses & that type of voice. This is still creepy.
Matthew Guzman (4 months ago)
Imagine Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy 3 (FF6 in Japan) sounding like this? I think its fitting.
TF you lookin at (4 months ago)
Who knew a Drag Queen Demon lobster would make such a good villian.
Internauta Aleatório (5 months ago)
*P A B L O V I TA R*
GOTZ DEAOMA (4 months ago)
No! A mixture of Rupaul Dragrace and Alaska Thunderfuck, you dumb Portuguese speaking Mexican.
DustyMusty Crusty (5 months ago)
His limbs give me anxiety
Cory (5 months ago)
he was always my favourite villain from the show and looking Back he's the reason I love drag queens...
PhoenixFIrebird (5 months ago)
HIM is the Joker of the Powerpuff Girls.
Reilly Abrams (5 months ago)
Wat da hell is he?
Reilly Abrams (5 months ago)
No way dat thing is a tranny
Manuela Veiga (5 months ago)
Reilly Abrams Satan himself
Resist Girl_20 (5 months ago)
Cartoon Network really did know how to do scary creepy villains.
Ella Osterman (5 months ago)
if he’s in hell, i’m excited to go
Bunny Speed (16 days ago)
Well he kind of moved into a fucked-up reality world when he was beaten by powerpuff girls in power-noia.
Feri :v (5 months ago)
Mr K Les (5 months ago)
One of my fav cartoon villains of all time
Louie (5 months ago)
HIM: Giving kids sexual confusion since the 90s.
BLAHhappy7 (3 months ago)
Orecon 125 (5 months ago)
adam farah (5 months ago)
Anybody else though Him was hiding under their bed as a kid or just me?
Kareem (5 months ago)
Him always made me uncomfortable
Breakfast at Dimminie's (5 months ago)
B-but he's my fav character of all times-
HeroT (5 months ago)
I remember getting nightmares as a child from this. Now I'm 17 and understand why.
vincejr100 (5 months ago)
This fuckin guy
siu baek (6 months ago)
Is that James Charles?
Poison Ivy (17 days ago)
Sister Satan himself
悲poories (19 days ago)
NOELIA CASTILLO (29 days ago)
Chelsea Oguike (5 months ago)
Frummy (6 months ago)
Lobsters. I'd eat him since he is boiling.
ScionStorm (6 months ago)
Mister Quackers best adviser to pure evil.
Zukka 88 (6 months ago)
So glad they kept him in the reboot
3DX Nations (6 months ago)
One of my favorite villains
Larry Wingfield (6 months ago)
and ill finally get rid of those girls forever lol
Larry Wingfield (6 months ago)
u hate them to ? oh I knew I could count on u lol
Larry Wingfield (6 months ago)
aww I hate the power puff girls lol
emma butcher (6 months ago)
His voice disturbs me the most. It's bone-chilling...
Nick Lancial (6 months ago)
sometimes nice mostly troublesome.....whenever HIM was in an episode I knew something big was gonna happen.....even now i wonder if HIM was suppose to be the Powerpuffverse version of the devil or just a very powerful demon because just hearing his name made even the girls nervous and serious
U.S Marshal Service (6 months ago)
This is the stuff of nightmares, like a testicle with teeth
Erick Castillo (6 months ago)
Satan in lobster form
Chelsea Oguike (5 months ago)
sweetlenore (6 months ago)
Devilman crybaby season 2 looks great

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