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Jesus Christ this is like a really bad dream I think him is a hermaphrodite Enjoy
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Vagner Silva (3 days ago)
*P A B L O V I TA R*
DustyMusty Crusty (3 days ago)
His limbs give me anxiety
Lucille Payne (4 days ago)
he was always my favourite villain from the show and looking Back he's the reason I love drag queens...
PhoenixFIrebird (4 days ago)
HIM is the Joker of the Powerpuff Girls.
Reilly Abrams (5 days ago)
Wat da hell is he?
Reilly Abrams (1 day ago)
No way dat thing is a tranny
Manuela Veiga (1 day ago)
Reilly Abrams Satan himself
Fandom Girl_20 (6 days ago)
Cartoon Network really did know how to do scary creepy villains.
Ella Osterman (8 days ago)
if he’s in hell, i’m excited to go
Feri :v (12 days ago)
Mr K Les (13 days ago)
One of my fav cartoon villains of all time
Louie (14 days ago)
HIM: Giving kids sexual confusion since the 90s.
Orecon 125 (15 days ago)
adam farah (17 days ago)
Anybody else though Him was hiding under their bed as a kid or just me?
Kareem (19 days ago)
crispy bacon gal (21 days ago)
Him always made me uncomfortable
B-but he's my fav character of all times-
Dour Trentis (23 days ago)
Him along with Mojo Jojo and the Rowdy Ruff Boys was my favorite villain from this show
HeroT (24 days ago)
I remember getting nightmares as a child from this. Now I'm 17 and understand why.
vincejr100 (30 days ago)
This fuckin guy
city taxi (1 month ago)
Is that James Charles?
Chelsea Oguike (24 days ago)
SkribbleDaFish (1 month ago)
Lobsters. I'd eat him since he is boiling.
ScionStorm (1 month ago)
Mister Quackers best adviser to pure evil.
Zukka 88 (1 month ago)
So glad they kept him in the reboot
MotAKross XL (1 month ago)
One of my favorite villains
Larry Wingfield (1 month ago)
and ill finally get rid of those girls forever lol
Larry Wingfield (1 month ago)
u hate them to ? oh I knew I could count on u lol
Larry Wingfield (1 month ago)
aww I hate the power puff girls lol
emma butcher (1 month ago)
His voice disturbs me the most. It's bone-chilling...
Nick Lancial (1 month ago)
sometimes nice mostly troublesome.....whenever HIM was in an episode I knew something big was gonna happen.....even now i wonder if HIM was suppose to be the Powerpuffverse version of the devil or just a very powerful demon because just hearing his name made even the girls nervous and serious
Manny G (1 month ago)
This is the stuff of nightmares, like a testicle with teeth
Erick Castillo (1 month ago)
Satan in lobster form
Chelsea Oguike (24 days ago)
sweetlenore (1 month ago)
Devilman crybaby season 2 looks great
Sprout (1 month ago)
garko (1 month ago)
Chayy Beann (1 month ago)
is anyone going to point out how much he or she reminds me of the demon in insidious
Jacques de Tounens (1 month ago)
Him? More like Xir. A demonic tranny
candleblue (1 month ago)
Anybody else thinking of HIM (the band/singer)?
Jack Johnson (1 month ago)
I wonder why "Him" has those Big Meaty Claws?
james snow (2 months ago)
Favorite character
Night OwlYG (2 months ago)
Skintel N.Keychain (2 months ago)
I always thought this was the coolest character in the show Tbh I thought he was quite funny due to his fluffy dress and futility to win over the girls No idea why anyone found him disturbing, however
The 05 Head master (2 months ago)
What is HIM
Manuela Veiga (1 day ago)
The 05 Head master His Infernal Majesty aka Satan
EmilyLucille523 (2 months ago)
First time i saw him he made me cry cause i thought he was the devil 😆
Chelsea Oguike (24 days ago)
He kinda is
Cell (2 months ago)
Madres qué pedo?!
As a 5 year old I stopped watching this because of him
Fazdolanguy Flores (2 months ago)
Very understandable .....i was always frightened of him also
Jo Dunk (2 months ago)
HIM was the epitome of 0 to 100.
Delta 61251 (2 months ago)
Or a Him-aphrodite
jason voorhees (2 months ago)
That motherfucker scared the shit out of me as a kid
Shooting Star (2 months ago)
He is a demon Who can shower in hot lava no one but a demon can and what is his real name? He is so bad villan
Tati K (2 months ago)
A gemini in its natural habitat
Anthony Gutierrez (2 months ago)
I always thought he was the devil
Chelsea Oguike (24 days ago)
He is
She’s Nicole (1 month ago)
Anthony Gutierrez because he is the devil ..
Sam (2 months ago)
Anthony Gutierrez Well... you weren't wrong. He's called "HIM"... which is an acronym for "His Infernal Majesty"... which is a nod to the devil. Satan.
Ryaquaza 1 (2 months ago)
Besides being a ultra powerful demonic entity that gave me nightmares as a kid, something about him is strangely adorable,.. idk that’s probably just me
Suremie Howell (7 days ago)
Ryaquaza 1 the real creepy show was adventure time
Potato Jesus (18 days ago)
Kareem Ikr
Kareem (19 days ago)
Y'all weird
Potato Jesus (29 days ago)
Maybe it’s his dress
Adventures with Kewpie (2 months ago)
Poor ducky
Bruno Čavlek (3 months ago)
Oh look it's James Charles
Autumn Ibarra (8 days ago)
More like Jeffrey star ⭐️ lol
Chelsea Oguike (24 days ago)
Lmao I'm done
Antonio Taylor (3 months ago)
Him...(The Devil)
MrRaficho#LILSCOOBY (3 months ago)
Eric P (3 months ago)
I live for HIM
Brandon Kohout (3 months ago)
That HIM really creeps me out.
Joshua Cramer (3 months ago)
Wow this show must not be scary
Why has god abandoned us (3 months ago)
Fuckin gay satanic drag lobster weirdo
Butters (2 months ago)
NiggerSlave 69 XD
Matthew Trotman (3 months ago)
I know it had an effect on it but the voice acting on this was absolutely top notch . Goes from fairy tail whimsy too terrifying monster in a blink . Music was on point as well.
Robert Vissi (3 months ago)
Nina bonina Brown before She was famous
・Sadako (4 months ago)
Horror? This is fabulousness
The_Emerald_Universe (4 months ago)
this scene makes me feel uneasy. Creepy dude talking about little girls in a bathtub to a duck. KILL HIM, KILL HIM WITH FIRE, BURN THE DEMON!!!
WindyE Bowerstone (4 months ago)
Why is Him so lovable?! ._.
Eden H (4 months ago)
him from the powerpuff girls & episodes of courage the cowardly dog kept me from sleeping at night as a kid... still find him just as disturbing now
Hayden Lumière (4 months ago)
I remember how fascinated by Him I was as a kid, never been even remotely afraid. There was something I needed to understand and I couldn't quite grasp it yet, like I could see the meaning of life through Him or some shit. Him was my first LGBT icon and I was just fucking dumb struck each time he was on screen.
Webkinzjammer866 AJ (4 months ago)
What did I just watch. XD A villian planning to destroy the powerpuff girls with his rubber duck in a bathtub.
Toni (4 months ago)
Looooooool the way he said Yeeeehhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzz Like EJ Johnson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lord Wallace (4 months ago)
Slashbash (4 months ago)
And Him is played by Tom Kane, the same guy who plays Professor Utonium.
Heavy Sharkski (4 months ago)
This was my favorite character in the old ppg (I haven't seen the new one)
Frequent Blondie (5 months ago)
The horror of this is that he has a hot body 😍
Lucent Shadow (5 months ago)
Whenever I say or even think of Him, I cringe up, get super mad, and my eyes start watering for some reason...
BigBah Bug (5 months ago)
HIM literally gave me nightmares as a kid, might still do....
Christopher Moore (4 months ago)
Yeah, remember when the narrator said "what did I tell you about HIM? EVIL EVIL PURE AND SIMPLE".
Robert Vissi (5 months ago)
She’s serving us some fishy queen realness
Griffin Kegley (6 months ago)
I couldn’t watch this show because of him it freaked me out
Water Urplants (7 months ago)
the background music used to scare the fuck out of me
Littlebody bigheart (7 months ago)
0:51 Oh my f****** God! That's so creepy!😨😨😱😱
Lyndon Edwards (7 months ago)
Proper version of a proper cartoon. Should of left it like this instead of bringing it back.
MAXCXT (7 months ago)
in the Bible, the devil is referred as he. him and he literally come on......
Mychal Taylor (7 months ago)
Him vs king Ramses.
obreezy martinez (7 months ago)
He looks like robot devil
Laura Macdonald (8 months ago)
Something about the way his mouth moves when he talks unnerved me as a kid
Sam (2 months ago)
Laura Macdonald "What's that you say? Yeeeaaazzz..."
neodecadencia (8 months ago)
red pill of truth (8 months ago)
Stay an is gay because he's horny and flaming
L Lawliet (8 months ago)
That voice would've haunted me as a kid.
Eclipsa Shadowbolt (8 months ago)
0:57 can I just say, HIM has high heels for feet... No wonder HIM disturbed me
XTheCrystalBeastGuyX (8 months ago)
Wreck it Ralph: Thanks Satan
The fierce Lion (8 months ago)
This is not terrifing
Edward 2012 (8 months ago)
He was definatly the scariest character
Katelyn Bodiford (2 months ago)
Edward 2012 Yeah and HIM should be the main antagonist of The Powerpuff Girls instead of Mojo Jojo because HIM is more evil than Mojo is.
Luv Flowers (8 months ago)
Back when cartoon creators can get away with making villians like this. Nowadays if someone made a villain like HIM, they will be forced to make him a heterosexual or put him off due to soccer moms and SJWs. No offense to the LGBT community.
Fazdolanguy Flores (8 months ago)
Luv Flowers soccer moms and LGBT need to consider suicide especially LGBT
Joseph X (9 months ago)
Reminds me of Koh from avatar.
THANOS MEGA FARTED (9 months ago)
Gaweł Przydatek (9 months ago)
Ernest Przydatek POWERPUFF GIRLSSSSSSSSSS. Him said!
composite badguy (10 months ago)
He goes from flowery feminine tones to demonic masculine tones with no mediation
Sakura Art Studios Amber Lucifer and Satan are the same but in a sense they are alter egos of the same person but in another sense, Lucifer is the former name. Satan is the nationally accepted name for the solitary leader of demons, the father of all lies.
Sakura Art Studios Amber Don't worry. I am a civil and polite debator. I don't bite.
Le Dan Theman Playlists well True, But I meant Lucifer. (i hope this doesn't turn into a Argument)
_INFINIS _ I know I said HIM is lower level demon at best. No I'm wrong. He has extraordinary ability , that of higher principalities, not Satan himself, but very powerful. It makes sense that he would be assigned to such special children as the PPG's.
Sakura Art Studios Amber Actually Satan , when not in disguise, is very repulsive. He lost his graceful looks during the fall as did all fallen angels. "HIM" is ugly but still too pretty to be Satan, also another hunch I have is that Satan himself would never be so concerned about one town. Demons are assigned to areas to utterly destroy those areas and that is what HIM is trying to do. Just because "HIM" is the epitome of 100% evil does not make him Satan.
Sarah Crawford (10 months ago)
River are used to watch Powerpuff Girls that scared me so much
The Smellies (10 months ago)
When my mom won't buy me candy. 😂
Fazdolanguy Flores (10 months ago)
Mad Zoroark (11 months ago)
He's actually the first villain I truly feared. I was three at the time.
Manoj Kumar (6 months ago)
Who're the others?
Bryana Aguilar (1 year ago)
This was my favorite show, but Whenever HIM would appear, I would either quickly get up and walk away, or changed the channel😕
Mark Marzan (1 year ago)
This what made cartoon network so great back then so violent and me liking it! 😂😂

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