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Richard Caballero (3 years ago)
can anyone tell me what song is being played in this video? :(
Richard Caballero (4 years ago)
what song is playing in this video?
JacobBMX_DH (4 years ago)
Rocky Taylor (5 years ago)
I love the closing scene!
chris page (5 years ago)
Ur the man
Supermoto Punks (5 years ago)
I think you should make more video montages Kalani! This was crazy good, loved how you timed the video with the song perfectly!
Owen Grantham (5 years ago)
why is the title i miss my bike
JaegerWrenching (5 years ago)
where is this?
sjjw91 (5 years ago)
That time lapse at the end was magnificent! 
Nathan camilleri (5 years ago)
CrashTestFetus (5 years ago)
Nobody Cares (5 years ago)
beautiful video bro
KillingMachine2323 (5 years ago)
That last shot though, so gorgeous
DJmorex (5 years ago)
totally agree!!!
toadstool (5 years ago)
you live in a very beautiful place dude :)  
NAMze86 (5 years ago)
Wish I lived there....
boogiman007 (5 years ago)
dude that last night sky scene was epic.
Jack Setian (5 years ago)
swetuna (5 years ago)
Very cool, it shows not always wheelies and glamour :) just as it supposed to be 
Blake Patrick (5 years ago)
When u gonna fix it
DS Rider (5 years ago)
Damn! That time lapse @ the end is Fricken GORGEOUS!!!
JacobBMX_DH (4 years ago)
i agree
Kathryn Casey (5 years ago)
makes me miss you guys
Jobert Magbanua (5 years ago)
kalani i miss athena too.................you guys should ride here in the Philippines
luke sleeman (5 years ago)
I think we all miss ur bike kalani
TheOfficialRATZ (5 years ago)
I am a new viewer to your channel watch you every day now amazing guy can you not fix ur bike? and are you gonna get a new one
austin washke (5 years ago)
I got those clip deletes but they were old ones I think. Why are you not making videos? Just make a video of something. If there is nothing then just make a short video, say hi, then upload so I know my iphone is working right lol.
Bilbo Swaggins (5 years ago)
well... that was embarassing
Joseph Kent (5 years ago)
We miss your viddy yos kalani! You needa fix miss Athena!
Jared Anthony (5 years ago)
when is there gonna be more updates
paul buttigieg (5 years ago)
I miss your awesome moto vlogs.
Sam Lloyd (5 years ago)
Failed live streams, not up to Kalani's high standards.
Sam Lloyd (5 years ago)
Failed live streams, not up to Kalani's high standards.
Ronnerz (5 years ago)
whats the song?
Slightly Fast Paced (5 years ago)
Kalani i never got to watch your last videos before you deleted them can you at least tell me why you deleted them?
Damien0803 (5 years ago)
I think you misunderstood him, he was just surprised to see that many thumbs up.
sage w (5 years ago)
I miss the moats famous bike on YouTube
TriHard (5 years ago)
Why did you delete your new videos?
Webhead (5 years ago)
Autkiller (5 years ago)
why did you delete the 4 last vids right after you uploaded them
MrGreen653 (5 years ago)
Yeah! Terrible that you have no bike to ride! Yamaha should definitely sponsor you with parts to fix your bike!
Ho mer (5 years ago)
plz upload more of ur older stuff man, i am sure u got a lot of nice footage on ur pc, share with us
sr biker (5 years ago)
wow you put athena though some shit haha but she lived a good life and hopfully will be reborn soon!
Nicolas Birdcage (5 years ago)
wtf was those 3 random clips that you deleted?
Chris Issac (5 years ago)
icenyne1 (5 years ago)
Seen some sheeeeiiiitttttt! Athenaaaaa we misss you! Artax!
Topen Lamp (5 years ago)
What helmet do you use?
Branden Holmer (5 years ago)
++ I miss you :(
teethree22 (5 years ago)
That bike has seen some shit!
tbjimcollins (5 years ago)
Nice video and great editing. You guys are real dare-devils! I loved the stairs!
Theblue-rider (5 years ago)
poor bike lol
mdemory (5 years ago)
how's the head AB?????????
Tyler Lapierre (5 years ago)
Why does this have only 9119 views?
Ronnerz (5 years ago)
you must move like butterfly if you want to get across the river
xXLoneDroneXx1 (5 years ago)
Seriously need more of these.
Joseph Johnson (5 years ago)
That time lapse at the end was absolutely amazing. Great vid
User Almost Found (5 years ago)
EPIC VIDEO... IS FUCKING EPIC! Everybody misses Athena !! :(
DontGotAnnyName (5 years ago)
More vids :D!
Roy Karny (5 years ago)
Wow! Everything about this vid is awesome.
LeonsLifeOnWheels (5 years ago)
I just got my DRZ 400 SM but can't ride it on the street because my test is in a few weeks for the A2 (UK) bikes. I ride it off-road sometimes but it sucks not being able to go places on it yet
YourGraveDigger83 (5 years ago)
such and epic video...If i had the money i would hand deliver a bike for you bro!
NessedUpProductions (5 years ago)
Sick video man!! That is now my new favorite :)
tanner zomchek (5 years ago)
++accidental broadcastFTW
mototrippin (5 years ago)
That was awesome. BTW, 0:45 = thought i was watching one of my own videos. Get that bike fixed dude!!! March is coming soon!!
Seanskee (5 years ago)
Your editing skills are on point! Love your vids. Keep em coming.
Brandon Melvin (5 years ago)
Your time lapse at the end is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen.
David Blyth (5 years ago)
Love the great videos and good attitude. Subscribed.
Nick Apap (5 years ago)
hey newest suscriber from australia!! loving ur vids i ride a kx250 2 stroke braaaaap!!!
kenny watkins (5 years ago)
Kalani man i hope athena gits better soon btw amzing vids ++tribe
tomas kidman (5 years ago)
whats the song for this and hope you fix your bike fella, great looking bike aswell
noah a (5 years ago)
thats a beautiful shot at the end there
David Daavettila (5 years ago)
this video deserves a big fat smelly delicious like
Konnor Kuebler (5 years ago)
Are u buying another one
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
You Rule!
Haakon Roll Sverdrup (5 years ago)
hey man, nice video! (diddnt feel you needed too add the dubstep music in the backround tho) ;)
mrbmxman333 (5 years ago)
the beginning sounds like a porno
Dank Roller 420 (5 years ago)
Mad me weep when I saw you autographed the back of my sticker!
Shawn English (5 years ago)
I just started my motovlog. The community just isn't the same without Kalani and Athena leading the way. Hope she's better soon.
seth jackson (5 years ago)
awesome music but sad for athena
drienkm (5 years ago)
I miss her too! I'm really tempted to get on a plane with my tools :) Beautiful time lapse at the end!
Sam Reynold (5 years ago)
I feel ya bro!!! Get that bike back and running asap... ++Tribe
DuckInCrosshairs (5 years ago)
I miss her too.
Gurve (5 years ago)
I know how you feel accidental, blew my cylinder and piston on my 2011 Husqvarna sms 125, but im getting a 144cc kit in a week :D
Caden Holmes (5 years ago)
These dudes deserve WAY more views.
Rekluse22 (5 years ago)
Maximilian Kohler (5 years ago)
Or you geht a bike of mr.mike
Maximilian Kohler (5 years ago)
Get a YouTube Partner and you will earn a Bit it cash than you can buy a new bike it repair athena
Jeremy Holmberg (5 years ago)
Try pull starting your bike if it starts then its valves for sure .what happens is the intake valves lose their clearance and will be tight therefore holding the valves open slightly.this is usually caused by a dirty air filter.funny vids hope I could be some help.
sage w (5 years ago)
I agree
Trevor Wolfe (5 years ago)
This is a good vid.
Spencer K (5 years ago)
that last shot was SWEET
joshua rugg (5 years ago)
athena come backkkkk!!!! :(.. !! i wish you could borrow my CRF250L but i need to it commute to keokea everyday
Devotedport13 (5 years ago)
R.I.P Athena?
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
; ) Much love
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
The TRIBE does not fbeeepk around with thumbs up bombs.. geez ; )
cronza2 (5 years ago)
your bike has been through so much shit that you put it through but it stayed with you until it was its time too go
sage w (5 years ago)
hey everybody subscribe to yoteslaya he was the best and now he's gone ....... his goal was to hit 1mil let's do this
bardsjr (5 years ago)
Because when you take the bike apart and do your own work you are on your own.
Peter Punch (5 years ago)
I bought spokeskins to finance yer new one!
ButterBall467 (5 years ago)
My bike is down too. I feel your pain and it hurts :'(
GodfatherMaxi (5 years ago)
yamaha for life
richmoto1 (5 years ago)
Great compilation!

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