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10 Kids Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ADULTS

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Amazing pictures of kid cartoon characters reimagined fully grown-up. How fun!! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/hHvOf8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you watch cartoons as a child? Of course, you did! We all did. Cartoons were the things that got us through the day. After a long, hard day at school, there was nothing better than coming home to an afternoon snack and some cartoons. On Saturday mornings, channels often had a lineup of cartoons dedicated to kids who lived for Saturday morning cartoons. One of the reasons that we loved those cartoons so much was that our favorite characters were kids just like us! They were going through the same things. They had tough teachers, they had annoying siblings, they were extremely relatable. But as we grew older it was hard to maintain a relationship with these characters. While we started growing and experiencing new issues, these characters never got older. Their problems were always the same, no matter the year. But what would happen if our favorite characters aged with us? Take Maggie from “The Simpsons” for instance. She was the baby of the family, so we never really got to see much of her. We would love to know what she would look like as an adult and how she would contribute to the family. SpongeBob from “SpongeBob SquarePants” had such a big personality that there were so many possibilities for his future. He could end up dating Sandy or he could end up single. Would he work at the Krusty Krab forever or would he find an office job? We need to know! From “Hey Arnold” to “Rugrats” there are so many cartoon characters that people want to see all grown up. If you are curious too, check out 10 Cartoon Characters Imagined as Adults! You won’t believe what Dora from “Dora the Explorer” looks like!
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Text Comments (927)
Isaiah Calabro (6 days ago)
If Dora is an explorer why doesn’t she know how to get to her grannys’ house. And why does she use a map. Also if swiper is a robber why doesn’t he ever rob anyone?
lacy channel (11 days ago)
This is myla🙇‍♀️she has no friends 1 like for one freind
Family Guy is not for kids
Korelon (28 days ago)
Kids Cartoons Family Guy What
Why do We exist (3 months ago)
"She will never leave her unicorn" * D 3MOVIE* *_LoL wHy NoT sElL mY uNiCoRn_*
Camila Bautista VLOGS (4 months ago)
R.I.P Adventure time :(
Brittany Bailey (4 months ago)
Brittany Bailey (4 months ago)
Brittany Bailey (4 months ago)
Good show
Aditya Jha (4 months ago)
Star Child (4 months ago)
The picture of Dora is literally a copy of a Lara Croft image. I'm dead.
Jhonrhey Rosales (4 months ago)
Jhonrhey Rosales (4 months ago)
Animes world winter (4 months ago)
Marnie of rose (4 months ago)
tasnuba rifa (4 months ago)
Dora looking so beautiful as adults.. 😍😍😍
alysandra Garcia (4 months ago)
barbies and more bss (4 months ago)
Don,t mind please But u are so much waste ur time in vedios plz say the topic not waste time
who is mickey is that mouse? who exactly know...
Azusena Aranda (4 months ago)
I love the way agnes looks
Jaymee Cordoba (4 months ago)
Omg she talks way to much!!!! Am i right??????!!!!!!!!!
Khari Breedlove (4 months ago)
Actually they already made an episode of the Simpsons all grown up but that is not how they look
rock n roll (4 months ago)
Adult dora was very cutee
i'm a loser gachaber (4 months ago)
Agnes is so pretty💗
Itzjustmesierra 123 (5 months ago)
Family guy is not for kids! 😂
Anetely Graham (5 months ago)
when I was in school I told my teacher I will be Dora 😹😹😹
Kailey Yonts (5 months ago)
Agnes already gave up her unicorn
candle wick (5 months ago)
I'm starting a YouTube channel
Claudine niyo (5 months ago)
Steven in America dad Lala in Cleveland show
I've watched all of them
Chloe James (5 months ago)
I’m not hating at all what so ever it’s just that in despicable me 3 Agnes sells her fluffy unicorn
MayesLife (5 months ago)
Yo i use to dislike watching Dora but if theses predictions are real then am sure gonna watch every episode of new Dora. 😂😂
Nereida Rodriguez (5 months ago)
And I love SpongeBob to
Nereida Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Ilove dora i can speak two language spanishand english
Zaria Artis (5 months ago)
Y’all are talking to much Ik it’s talko but still y’all can just say they names and show them
Chloe Unicorn (5 months ago)
Agnes sold her unicorn in the 3rd movie :(
VEE'S WORLD (5 months ago)
Dora looks so sexy as an adult😍
Emma's Vlogs (5 months ago)
Dora looked weird
Kishaunna Nash (5 months ago)
Cheesy Potatoes (5 months ago)
The thumbnail tho 😂
Addie (5 months ago)
Actually Dora did go up from Dora and friends
J-Hope I HATE SNAKEU (5 months ago)
Bts X Dora Au Ok I'm sorry o_O
BTS LOVER AND MAMAMOO (5 months ago)
J-Hope I HATE SNAKEU uh ok lol army
Alaunna Monroe (5 months ago)
Uh some of them didn't look good as adults
Mohd Zahid (5 months ago)
Boring 😎😫😫😫😫😤😤😤
village ponnu (5 months ago)
Dora adult not good kid only so cute
Tim Stevens (5 months ago)
Wish someone make me cartoon character
Just Lucy ok (5 months ago)
I hate Dora
sanshah001 (5 months ago)
There is a cartoon where Dora is all big and a tennager
Asraf Alom (5 months ago)
I want Diago as an adult
Meagan Clark (5 months ago)
It’s 2018 they made a Despicable me 3
Sair Praveen (5 months ago)
Agnes unicorn was sold in the movie despicable 3
Susie Q (5 months ago)
They already made an adult stewie. I forgot which episode but he was bald & lived alone lol.
Charla Thoms (5 months ago)
i was like wow this is. amazing
Miriame Dupre (5 months ago)
I Use To Like This.... But..... I Don't Watch Some Of Them. Family Guy Is Really Inappropriate.
Leah Ash (5 months ago)
Do peppa pig
Prince Venee (5 months ago)
Sam Dance (5 months ago)
Dora the Explorer has a new show that came on in 2015 where she looks grown up
LoopyM 1 (5 months ago)
All u got to is show a side by side pic and the characters name under
LoopyM 1 (5 months ago)
U guys talk to much
Patrisha Sarah (5 months ago)
The Dora the explorer has a whole series on her as a teenager and diego
Labiba's Little World (5 months ago)
Just show picture 😑
Octav Santifer (5 months ago)
Wow Dora tho😻❣️she Read More
Jesus Villalpando (5 months ago)
May be you can do doug from nick/disney
Jesus Villalpando (5 months ago)
No i dont have siblings
Jesus Villalpando (5 months ago)
Theres a Lilo and stich series were Lilo goes in time as a teen and she went a couble more years as an adult
arvie rustia (5 months ago)
I was expecting Phineas and Ferb
Adrian Lowery (5 months ago)
There's an episode with Stewie as an adult
Rituparna karmakar (5 months ago)
Where is shinchan the famous cartoon
Christina Liccio (5 months ago)
Not even close because they ahow in a episode as a grownup
Abigail Fearn (5 months ago)
Agnes isn't a cartoon character she's in a freaking film
Michael Segal (5 months ago)
I wouldn't mind seeing The Power Puff Girls all grown up
Michael Segal (5 months ago)
There were some episodes such as Bart To The Future we see Maggie as a teen
Michael Segal (5 months ago)
We see Tommy as teen in the show Rugrats All Grown up (which I like better than the original Rugrats)
Michael Segal (5 months ago)
There was an episode of Family Guy where Stewie goes the future and he meets his adult self spoiler alert in that episode Stewie finds out that his adult self was a total loser working in retail
Bartinemus Lawrence (5 months ago)
pali Chakraborty (5 months ago)
What was it 😂😂
TheUnknownOne TUO (5 months ago)
Too much talking Oh my gosh
Thornes rose (5 months ago)
Guess what Read more
Danielle Donohue (5 months ago)
I would like to see nick jr blue dog as an adult dog
jada Pope (5 months ago)
Nicole Shivers (5 months ago)
This person talks so fast I don't know what she's saying.
mem11977 (5 months ago)
I'd like to explore older Dora. BOW CHICKA WOW WOW....
Leigh-anna Blake (5 months ago)
Family guy really that role over the world
Ripton Swaby (5 months ago)
Sandy looks hot
liddlelana (5 months ago)
XxTheUnicorn PrincessxX (5 months ago)
Just so u know there is a third movie of depicaple me and Agnes sells her unicorn so delete the unicorn when she is an adult
Lil Sade 4368 (5 months ago)
I would like to see Rallo from the Cleveland show as an adult
George Is Straight Elite (5 months ago)
I would smash Dora regardless of how old or young
Rico Perico (6 months ago)
the views got
Steve Urkel fan (6 months ago)
Dora looks hot as an adult
Gaby Delcristo (6 months ago)
Tommy Pickles is already grown up. Remember in the spin off series Rugrats all grown up all the rugrats are teenagers and he looks nothing like what you guys showed in this video.
Desiree Soriano (6 months ago)
Why does every girl wear a crop top? And why are the adult tommy, Arnold, dodo etc are drawn differently as adults?
Don't bother imagining Dora, look for "Dora they grown up" in YouTube.
Anna Jones (6 months ago)
Spongebob is already 32 years old, according to the one of his identification cards that were briefly shown in an episode.
Incredible Mike (6 months ago)
We’ve already seen Stewie an an adult, when he meets his future self.
Anthony Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Mel B (6 months ago)
No I was already an adult
Awesome Austin (6 months ago)
Dora croft
Nysguy2003 (6 months ago)
They've shown Stewie as adult on the show. More than once.
KidPlaysGame (6 months ago)

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