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Swiss Style Mag: Challenges And Opportunities of the Swiss Affluent Retail Market

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In this, the 20th anniversary of Swiss Style Magazine, Swiss Style Broadcast is Co-produced with Geneva-based Dukascopy Bank and is cast to be a new audio-visual channel featuring interviews with visionary thinkers and Swiss and global world-class leaders of industry and finance. Broadcast is conceived to complement rather than duplicate the articles in our magazine. Broadcast shares the same production values as Swiss Style magazine, the same global outlook and the same attention to detail. Moderated by Michael McKay, founder and president of McKays, we are delighted to have two special and important guests for our first instalment: Elisabeth Metzger, CEO of Clarins, Switzerland and Thierry Outin, CEO of Hermès, Switzerland. They have a conversation about the challenges and opportunities of an affluent retail market remarkable business sector of both luxury and up-scale products in this country... and you will learn why we use the word "remarkable" as the conversation develops.- See more at: http://www.swissstyle.com and http://www.dukascopy.com/tv/en#105372
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