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Young Girl's Life Is On The Line After Being Hit By A Car | The Kid's Hospital Episode 3

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In episode 3, 8-year-old Lucy is brought in by air ambulance after being hit by a speeding car. And 18-month-old Lilly undergoes major surgery to remove a tumour. Kids Hospital is an emotional journey through the world of parenting. Using a unique prism, we follow parents at The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital as they make hard decisions, comfort their distressed child and have to put their trust in strangers – the hospital’s doctors and nurses. In frank, revealing and intimate interviews parents uniquely talk about the love they have for their child and share the anguish of watching their child threatened and in crisis. For all parents seeing their child in hospital is one of the most frightening and challenging times of their lives. Nurture is the new home for captivating and interesting documentaries and shows about all things parenting. We will be uploading every week so subscribe to keep updated. Subscribe for more from Nurture: https://goo.gl/y8WzCa Produced by Films Of Record.
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Text Comments (1980)
Annette Kingsley (16 hours ago)
10 days that's crazy here in the US you find out the same day right after surgery.
Annette Kingsley (17 hours ago)
OMG parents teach your children how to cross a street. Yes that means taking time and going outside and showing them the right way to cross a street and not to just run out into the street and those types of accidents can be stopped...
Sophie Holmes (23 hours ago)
I could not ever wish this on my worst enemy. These poor parents 💔
socky docky (1 day ago)
they’re in the operation ouch hospital, I hope they're doing well.
Caitlin (2 days ago)
I don’t want kids if there’s a possibility of things like this happening. Y am I crying in the club rn
If you hit me at 40 mph, there’s around 80% chance I’ll die. Hit me at 30, there’s around 80% chance I’ll live. It’s 30 for a reason. https://youtu.be/HeUX6LABCEA
aliyamoon80 (3 days ago)
The level 1 trauma center where I work has a children’s hospital. That is my love. I’m well known in our NICU. I’m often the nurse who takes surgery upstairs to our nicu, when patients aren’t stable enough to travel to surgery. Most staff are afraid of patients who are less than a kilogram in weight. My smallest patient was 430 grams. I love my tinies. I have so much respect for my colleagues who work with the littles and tinies. ❤️
Heather Torres (4 days ago)
Oh the UK 🇬🇧 changing before our very eyes
Andrea Vehvilainen (5 days ago)
I feel like Ive seen the dad before!
Emmy Grace (5 days ago)
Who is watching because of the sad baby at the beginning
Vince Black (6 days ago)
I’m a grown man. But anything bad that happens to a child injury sickness abuse etc. I just can’t stomach it
Kelly Olivieri (7 days ago)
I’m glad they all ended up ok in the end
Mrs. Wolfhard (7 days ago)
I’m never having a kid, only if it’s with Finn
Megan Davidson (8 days ago)
1 like = 1000 kills for that driver
Aesthetically Flav (9 days ago)
My heart breaks for these children... i currently am constantly visiting the hospital myself for an ankle problem that i have had for over a year, still undiagnosed, and weve been to over 10 doctors so far and nobody has had any idea what I could have... but my situation is way better than everyone in this video and i pray for all these children
Rachel Elizabeth (10 days ago)
https://ard.bmj.com/content/61/7/575 r a and vaccines
DurpyRainbow 004 (10 days ago)
The first girl was experiencing something that will change her life forever if she is/ was to live past that hospital stay and they just cut it like that?! I feel like it’s almost disrespectful to just move on to the next baby, unless the parents wanted the cameras off.
Sophia Padorfski (11 days ago)
That’s awful for the mum who’s husband left her while her baby was recovering and 4 other children at home...
Alyssa Beck (11 days ago)
When I have a kid I’m going to make them watch this so they can see what happens if they don’t look.
Alyssa Quintana (12 days ago)
She wasn’t wearing gloves when she put the contact in Jaspers eye!!!! Ewww!!!!!
Nicole & Jenny (12 days ago)
I cried when that little girl got hit j thought she wouldn't make it
M (13 days ago)
Medical professionals are truly real-life heroes. I have no idea how they handle the stress. God bless.
Anri Lark (14 days ago)
I was hit by a car when I was eight. It’s been 7 years. I was stuck under the car but the driver wasn’t realizing a girl was under the car and they just going about 10 meter and my uncle stopped them. If he wasn’t there, I’m not alive. I remember in under the car and thought just nothing. I could see the beautiful sunlight. But luckily I didn’t have broken bones or anything. I just had stitches which was the worst and a few scars. I still have scars and my leg still hurts bad sometimes. But I was the lucky one. This video really made me feel that way.
Elaine Mckinney (15 days ago)
My cousin was born with her bladder outside her Body
Smile Forever (15 days ago)
Such a Happy Ending!! ♥️♥️😭😭
Shamiyah McGee (17 days ago)
Omg all of these kids recovered thank you god and Jesus
Sarah xo2005 (17 days ago)
This is the best video I have ever watched because it makes me happy to see them recover and it makes me so thankful and grateful that I am. Healthy and born with no condition God is good. ❤️
Tay & Soph Gaming (19 days ago)
I wonder what Lucy’s friends feel like?
asmaa mahmoud (22 days ago)
i cant lie i didn't think Lucy was going to survive!!! but we know anything is possible so for you people out there with sick friends and family dont ever say never. there is hope and there always will be
Hope King (24 days ago)
It is so sad the one couple split up🤧
Grace Tandy (26 days ago)
Poor Lucy I feel soooooo bad for her
Mystical (26 days ago)
I broke my left arm when I was 4. I can't bend it all the way and can't lift heavy things. When I was 12 I fell from the pool and hurt my left arm again at a water park. I tried swimming and it felt dislocated and it hurt very bad, but I kept in the pain. I was too scared to tell anyone. This was 2 years ago and my left arm hurts sometimes when I bend it a certain way. I ask my parents to make a doctors appointment but they just say that I slept on it or that Its just pain from when I broke my arm... I don't know what to do
Luciene Curtis (26 days ago)
Who are the 968 who did not like this episode. People sharing helps us to beware, to understand and appreciate. God bless those who shared their stories with us. <3
Alren Videos (28 days ago)
splitting up with your partner is one thing but to desert your sick baby at the hospital is just despicable
Jennygirl86 Wright13 (1 month ago)
My son had his fingers separated when he was 7 months old and after the surgery they were having trouble getting him to come out of anesthesia.so I totally understand that feeling. When you have that fear of thinking am I ever gonna see my baby’s face again. It’s the worst.
Ricky (1 month ago)
no parents should let their kids out with friend at such a young age
Emerson McDaniel (1 month ago)
God bless.
DreamBelief (1 month ago)
A lot of commenters are surprised about Callum's parents splitting during this ordeal. Sadly, you shouldn't be surprised. It is all too common when a child has/develops a disability or serious illness. A pathetic and irresponsible excuse for an adult breaks and runs. It happens all the time. It's atrocious, but never a surprise.
Emma Adolfsson Brogeby (1 month ago)
Split up or not, you visit your child when it's in the hospital...😳
Awesomesauce 101 (1 month ago)
I was almost hit by a car but it was their fault because I was walking in a parking lot wth my mom and this big van came driving to me and I noticed and I ran and I was lucky I made it because it was close
Marlee Siegel (1 month ago)
Please don’t get mad but why do they put tape over the children’s eyes?
It's Sammy (1 month ago)
One minute in and I'm already crying I feel embarrassed oh man.
I absolutely give so much respect for children hospitals cause they were truly nice.... I’ve had to go there for a few months(will not tell) and they had so much respect
Adriana Eskils (1 month ago)
Sending prayers
Samar Hamad (1 month ago)
poor thing
Dragontammer Dragon (1 month ago)
Haley Pennington (1 month ago)
mia point (1 month ago)
Hamdullah ❤
eden botelho (1 month ago)
25:24 umm he was acting happy. creep
Little wolf08 (1 month ago)
Lucy ur so strong im not joking like u had bruises ON UR BRAIN ur a fighter!!
Little wolf08 (1 month ago)
My name is also Lilly and spelled Lilly lol
Bob Jones (1 month ago)
Schoolgirl fighting fit 10 months after serious car accident left her in coma https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/14557500.schoolgirl-fighting-fit-10-months-after-serious-car-accident-left-her-in-coma/
hello it's me (1 month ago)
Does anyone knows why doctors use a lamp on eyes of unconscious pacients? Ps. Sorry for bad english
Seb Jove (1 month ago)
They're checking for the reflex of a patient's pupils contracting due to the bright light! If their pupils stay dilated and don't react to the light it shows that there may be brain injury.
Wendy DILLARD-Dee (1 month ago)
I would love to know how these kids are doing today.
Lily is too cute 💖
Amy’s Productions (1 month ago)
Who else thinks of bondi rescue while watching this?
Mäkki (1 month ago)
I got little sister same age as Lilly. I can't and of course want even think about that situation this little girl and her parents went trough. Remember to be in touch with your loved ones, day by day, you never know what is waiting.
Nikki Rose (1 month ago)
This is why you look both ways more than once before you cross the road.
Sydney Woitowicz (1 month ago)
it broke my heart when he blamed himself
Mary Alston (1 month ago)
Omg- I was holding it together right up untill lucy lifted her head when they asked her to- all these sweet babies. Their all so brave! <3
Juli Willingham (2 months ago)
So, is all this treatment free for these kids in the UK? It's terrible here in the US, because people tend not to take thier children in to hospital because of our healthcare system. NO FREE HEALTHCARE FOR AMERCANS!
Cat Gaspar (2 months ago)
Air And ambulance???
furz kolio (2 months ago)
Ellie looks so so young to have 5 kids
Ariana vs The world (2 months ago)
Poor babys😭❤️
Jordyn (2 months ago)
awh lily is such an adorable little girl!
Lucy (2 months ago)
you either have to be a saint or a psychopath to work here
Paola Aviles (2 months ago)
God bless you all the children in the hospital you are a dear for your family I hope all of you are ok ❤️💛💚💙💜😇😇🙏🏻👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Jessie Gautama (2 months ago)
okay this is really sad but, can i just say that Lilly's bladder checkup doctor is really good looking? PLS MARRY ME
Caitlin Burchill (2 months ago)
Can completely empathise with these parents. Our daughter has a heart condition diagnosed at 6 weeks and it’s the scariest thing being directed to resus and standing back as they try to get a line in and listening to your baby scream for you and you can’t do anything to comfort her. That was when I felt I failed as a parent. I’ll never get over that.
Celeste Marie (2 months ago)
Lillie was such a good patient!!
Daniel B (2 months ago)
Lovely kids and families! <3
Kate West (2 months ago)
Parents shouldn’t give a pacifier when they turn one bc they will get a huge overbite and require braces...
Vanessa Lopez (2 months ago)
I had teary eyes through this whole video. Sending my love and hugs to all the children and their families💕
Deandrea Buxton (2 months ago)
Why put all these ads...wrong time.
I didn’t expect to watch the whole thing, I feel awful for Callum and his family tho. As well as the others, I hope the best for them for the future.
Kid Hlutei (2 months ago)
2:16 his eye is blue
Albany Renata Soto Ruiz (2 months ago)
*Poor kids* :( *poor little angels*
Julia Wing (2 months ago)
Callum’s mom is a little bit annoying
Audrey Bates (2 months ago)
I am sorry for her.but this video is scary.so please dont hate the fact that I disliked the video if I could I would like the video and dislike the video I have not gotten half way through the video yet so later on I might change my mind.
LINDA LOVERN (2 months ago)
SassySista (2 months ago)
what parent in theeir right mind would allow a child of that age out on their own anyway? at 8yrs old your playing at home. full stop.
lixly .x (2 months ago)
I was allowed to go out on my own when i was eight i mean you cant let your kid play at home for 10 years Kids have to make experiences and sometimes accident happen.
Samantha Baker (2 months ago)
1 min 40 secs into this I’m already teary.
Carmen Trance (2 months ago)
To big boy after being hit by a ball
Yap it's Joey (2 months ago)
My mum told me when she was a teenager she saw a child from her high school and he hesitated when he was crossing the road, there was a truck driver and he was drunk and he was speeding. The boy just started running across the road when the truck came and he crushed the boy and there was flesh flying everywhere. The truck driver didn't realise and drove away. This accident still haunts my mum until (more than 25 years later)
Eli H (1 month ago)
Alot of emotional trauma can come from seeing that. I hope your mum has had help over the years. You don't even need to know the person or yourself be in any danger for C-PTSD to develop.
Eli H (1 month ago)
Geeze 💔 I saw an older man get hit by a car in 2014. He died instantly as part of his skull and brain came off in the impact. It's traumatic and tragic regardless but seeing a child in that position would just be so awful.
cinnimonandnoah98 (2 months ago)
What a coward! That man didn’t go to see his son and left his family in a time of stress and need
Gauri Soni (2 months ago)
Awww she is soooooooooo cute
Alex K (2 months ago)
only filipinos or anyone who can understand filipino/tagalog can understand this: So kanina, nakasakay ako sa jeep, gabi na mga 6. Tas may mga humabol na batang lalaki sa jeep. Tumigil si kuyang driver para pababain sil, sagot nung pinakamatanda diyan lang daw, umayaw si kuya. Habang bumababa na sila, may mabilis na motor mg 20kph, tas yun ipit yung pinakabata sa gitna ng jeep pati motor... buti di siya nauntog or what, nakatayo pa siya kaya lang di muna dapat sabi ng mama kong nurse, pero makulit talaga eh, yun di na namin alam nangyari...
? ? (2 months ago)
What's the difference between "wrong" and "wronk" I hate the british accent!!
purpledragonfly4 (2 months ago)
What are you talking about? It's not wrong. Just like any other country there are different accents. Stop being pedantic.
Exotic Pets (2 months ago)
So many 10 year old in the comment section. YouTube is meant for people who are 13+! And so many Christians as well. I wish they would understand that prayers don't work. What about all of the starving children in Africa? They pray every day, but they are still starving. Where's god now?
kody s kern (2 months ago)
The baby looks so cute
Ailene Sang (2 months ago)
I cringed when they had to break the baby pelvis
Daniell Empirio (2 months ago)
Mary Wright (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your sons story i have ra i didnt know that ra can cause you to lose your eye sight no dr has told me
Joaney Mira (2 months ago)
It is so heartbreaking seeing these children in this situation bless them all and their families
Josephine Hartmann (2 months ago)
Don’t give up, daddy just fight is the exact same thing I said 💔 07.23.18✝️
Makenzie Lappin (2 months ago)
At first I thought callums mom was the sister
Ida L (2 months ago)
Ida L (2 months ago)
Nooo not children😥
Morilin (2 months ago)
All these children needing surgery. Its gotta suck so much. Well. Hopefully they won't remember it later. Unlike me heh. I can't help but remember those last few moments of consciousness right before the gas knocks you out, watching these children get prepped. Well. At the very least, whenever there's a complication, from my own experience - the patient usually doesn't remember it. They really don't /wake up/ until its been fixed; as well as it can be. That's how it was with me at least. post op stroke - and as bad as that sounds; I'm lucky. I had open heart surgery, that ended up taking a good four hours longer than first thought.. All I can remember is them showing me an xray of a brain with a black spot, and some documents so I could consent to the operation I needed. (I was 24 at the time) I didn't even have a chance to be scared. I can only hope its the same for these kids. I was already an adult when that happened to me. I understood what was happening and why. They ... have no clue what;s going on. Mum and Dad are leaving them alone with strangers and its cold ... especially that lil girl who was hit by a car - gods, I hope she isn't paralyzed in any way. the brain is so delicate ... so many things could go wrong.
Tiny Kimmo (2 months ago)
Michelle GIRLLOVE16 (2 months ago)
No it was a desinfection cream that keeps infections away it's something like jodium

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