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Weird-looking cat Wilfred goes viral with Michael Rapaport voiceover

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A WEIRD-looking cat called Wilfred has taken the internet by storm after going viral in video by US comic Michael Rapaport. The bug-eyed Chinchilla Persian's grumpy appearance has social media freaking out after the actor uploaded the hilarious sketch to his Instagram page. In the dubbed video, the US star loses his mind at the straggly white cat in his backyard. The sketch sees Michael shouting, "What the f*** is that?" at the wild-eyed puss, before warning his mother that the cat was threatening their family pet. At another point, the comic yells that the cat "looks like Grandma, the f***ing thing!" Michael, who's best known for his roles in Friends and Prison Break, uploaded the clip on Instagram where it got more than 760,000 views in two days. Continue reading: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7737727/wilfred-the-cat-michael-rapaport-video/ Sun Subscribers receive the latest breaking news and videos direct to their feed. SUBSCRIBE NOW and hit the bell to be the first in the know. http://www.thesun.co.uk Like The Sun on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesun/ Follow The Sun on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSun Subscribe to The Sun on Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/discover/The_Sun/1633225139
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Text Comments (2888)
The Sun (5 months ago)
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Michael The cat (29 days ago)
He so ugly! 😹
Lizard Llama (15 hours ago)
I dont think that cat wanted to fight Lucy...
Don McCrum, Jr. (17 hours ago)
Luan Souza (4 days ago)
Legend says if this Cat blinks, he'll wipe out half of every living being, just like Thanos did.
JL3997 (4 days ago)
It's been exposed to Reggaeton crap for too long, it's effects are worst than those of Ebola...
Landon's Adventurers (6 days ago)
I'm not subing because it's mean
Landon's Adventurers (6 days ago)
that's mean to cat
Melissa Chavez (7 days ago)
I would take that cat in, even if it looked like that
kodey tignor (8 days ago)
Rose Thompson (15 days ago)
It looks like grandma 😂😂 hahahahaha grandma with black eyeliners .. It gaves me life 😆😅😂😂😄😆😅
천사Lovely (16 days ago)
“It looks like grandma the fkn thing”
Wolf Corporation (25 days ago)
Чет мне жаль этого кота. Я бы для себя его взяла
_SweetKiller666 _ (25 days ago)
KiKey Tea (25 days ago)
На самом деле он весьма даже любезный.
Video Random (26 days ago)
I will take it for you ITS SO CUTEEEEE
\NA ME/ (26 days ago)
Пришла от аниматора а вы?
Vinyl Scratch (1 month ago)
Other than the face, it's a beautiful cat. Maybe even with the face.
Demo Destroier (1 month ago)
What a sunny thing
It looks kinda funny wen he walks up to him I think he wants a home or attention
Just nature <:3
christy contois (1 month ago)
I can't stop laughing it's so funny
kagan blade (1 month ago)
Joy Van Veenendaal (1 month ago)
Blink !!!
kangaroo king (1 month ago)
He said f**k alot
Venom (1 month ago)
That cat:meow meow motha fucka
Michae Thompson (1 month ago)
Wow nice rare found footage!
donna poshefko (1 month ago)
O my God I love it
Looks like someone drew the face on it
Billy Myers (1 month ago)
That is crazy 😜 video you have made
artist one (2 months ago)
u don't even care that the cat is lost and looks sad and forlon and needs water and milk and food. u just scream at the poor animal. makes me want to cry. he needs to find his owner and u don't even take care to take him the a no kill shelter.
Billy (2 months ago)
I think its cute
TwilightGalaxyMoon Stars (2 months ago)
poor thing
WILL JOHNSON (2 months ago)
hes cute not u
Jexreel MTZ (2 months ago)
Soy el unico que abla español?
bootstrap925 (2 months ago)
H E Y M A '
Faith Suarez (2 months ago)
That’s my face when my mom sees my report card
Cheyanne Ramsay (2 months ago)
Momo’s pet cat
SweetCupcake (2 months ago)
Lol I’m dying
барсик (2 months ago)
why so rude
Blue Eyes (2 months ago)
Was für eine hässliche Katze?
KnockOutGamezPL (2 months ago)
freaky... eyes..... WELPP
Natalie Troy (2 months ago)
I made a clean version. Not sure if they used it but that’d be cool if they did lmao
ivan tadić (3 months ago)
The guy sound like Cormier DC ...
Christina Marie (3 months ago)
I'm sorry but This is funny as hell! He says it looks like grandma!! 😂
Tija Tutic (3 months ago)
You Matter tracker you m*********** let the cargo you f****** kidding me that's a little Edis the cutest cats stop at backpack
Jacob Cross (3 months ago)
That cat got punched in the face at birth lol
Sal Camposano (3 months ago)
That cat won't even chase mice they'll just RUN FOR THE HILLS
derpness (3 months ago)
It's kind of cute
wolfyfox (3 months ago)
I laughed my head of when i saw thud
Albi Miftari (3 months ago)
Maaaaaa! Blink motherfucker! Aaaaaaaa
I NIGHTCORE (3 months ago)
I came here just to see if its planned
Valentina Cavic (3 months ago)
That cat hasn't even blinked what tf🤣🤣
Ugly Fucking Cat (4 months ago)
Alexisminas (4 months ago)
Poor grandma
minet dbrogs (4 months ago)
Im sorry sir...but english people also do like us arabs ...?... Lucy...msww... mswww...msww..mswww ( kissing sounds)....
Emin Muhammed (3 months ago)
BananaMan (4 months ago)
Venomex Poisonex (4 months ago)
I wish he would be nice to that cat I feel bad
Kaitlyn Valkarie (4 months ago)
that cat is me when i ANGRY😡
Shadow (4 months ago)
Axis Galaxis (4 months ago)
All i see is sara Huckabee sanders in cat form..
misno sino (4 months ago)
Blink ok
Dang dao (4 months ago)
Wait this it realy cat?
Digital 01 (4 months ago)
Thea Haze (4 months ago)
I don't understand this guy, it's a cat, I'd pet her and give her food, I'd even let her come inside ❤️
xXOdinzXx 01 (4 months ago)
Is Cute But Your Wierd
MoonOfTheblood 66733 (4 months ago)
Guys stop being so rude,the cat got different looks but it’s a normal cat,It’s cute in it own way,I’m crying bc it’s so cute
emma (4 months ago)
This cat mad in china
Lycan Wolf (4 months ago)
This cat has an Instagram "WilfredWarrior" <== that's his Instagram
son nguyen (5 months ago)
It's not it's fault it was born ugly hahaha
Kawwai Kitty playz (5 months ago)
Me: ok so guys this is my roo- See’s spider* that is how the cat looks* me: AAAAAAH NONONONO
amr salah (5 months ago)
the cat is very famous , he has over a million followers on instagram , and his owners love him . Its not stray the guy is just joking .Search for Wilfred Warrior on google .
Dillon D (5 months ago)
blink motha fucka
Aleister Villaseca (5 months ago)
The first cat with down syndrome
Ricardo Gonzalez Corona (5 months ago)
Vine por xolo fail
Tyler Turner (5 months ago)
He's mad cuz it's by his bed on the sorry excuse for a lawn 😂
LittleBlu Sofia (5 months ago)
PandoraTheFoxx (5 months ago)
Larsson (5 months ago)
Luna Foxgirl (5 months ago)
It looks adorable, even if it's a weird cat, it's adorable :3
I'm stupid (5 months ago)
Poor thing.........looks like me
Espeon804 (5 months ago)
*Asking those who read Erin Hunter's "Warriors"* If this cat was in the Warriors series, what would its name be?
TH3#1Man LOL (5 months ago)
Could be the monster from "THING"
TH3#1Man LOL (5 months ago)
Nw3HD (5 months ago)
This cat is a payed actor
Just_AutumnYT (5 months ago)
Aidan George (5 months ago)
aww man it was a voice over?
xxblue_yerinxx and solji (5 months ago)
It's so scary that cat is scary
CrowWing AKA Yel1owFang (5 months ago)
Sheesh. Leave the damn thing alone. Have you not yet realuzed the poor thing looks better than you ever will?
neocryptic GRAMMAR (5 months ago)
jev il (5 months ago)
It looks like my grandma
Phassarayute Charanwomg (5 months ago)
The​ cat look cute
Antonio GS (5 months ago)
王不留行 (5 months ago)
^ ^ (◐ . ◑) ∧
Lightning McQueen (5 months ago)
What The F*** XD
Victoria Lundja (5 months ago)
HA! « Blink mother******! » LOL😂🙂

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