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10 Royal Couples That Will Make You Forget Harry & Meghan

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Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have delighted you long enough, we’ve got just the thing for you – a whole lot of other royal couples to obsess over! Watch our video to learn about 10 royal couples that will make you forget about Harry and Meghan. Of course there’s Kate Middleton and Prince William, but what about other members of the British Royal Family? Autumn and Peter Phillips have an interesting story. As do other royal couples, like Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Hellqvist. You’ll fall in love with Crown Princess Victoria’s honesty. Learn about how Bhutan’s Dragon King was betrothed from childhood. Get the scoop on Queen Letizia of Spain’s scandal with her mother-in-law. Find out how Americans Kendra Spears and Tatiana Santo Domingo married into royalty. Discover how a single mom became Princess Mette-Marit. Which royal couple is your favorite and why? Let us know in comments. And please give this video a BIG thumbs UP. Thanks for watching! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (744)
Trumpet-01 Rocket (1 day ago)
Nope! I’m still remembering Harry and Meghan. I like William and Kate also. The Fab Four are my favorite.
katana evelyn (1 day ago)
Why isn’t princess Mary here , I love most
Harli Warli (3 days ago)
So a women can be a prince. Interesting.......
pasi eskelinen (6 days ago)
My favorite couple is Crown princess Victoria and prince Daniel of Sweden. But why aren't Crown prince Fredrik and Crown princess Mary of Denmark on this list? Their love story is so beautiful!
Jhully Amilly (6 days ago)
“commoners” models, rich people, journalists, actresses...
Stacey Dash TV (14 days ago)
felix is not a prince he a rapist
Carolyn Argabright (14 days ago)
Can someone tell me what is so wonderful about Meghan Markle that she should warrant so much attention?
Tuula westra (15 days ago)
Harry and Megan so boring couple,
Dark Shadow (17 days ago)
Prince Harry❤❤ lot of love nd respect from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵
Elizabeth Aleman (21 days ago)
The most beautiful wives have the sickest husband's.hate
EllieHell (26 days ago)
As a Swede I love how they start off with my Prince couples!!! Am so proud of Princess Sofia, sadly I had a flu at their wedding day else I would had stood outside the castle since I live in Stockholm... also had a flu for Victoria and Daniel's wedding!
Lyn Parish (28 days ago)
Favorite I William and Kate. Beautiful couple
A. Ahmed (1 month ago)
Imagine someone telling u when ur a 7yr old that they're gonna marry u. Loool
Denise Dargan (1 month ago)
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge of course
Rachel Pollock (1 month ago)
There is NO comparison between Princess Claire and Waity Middlebum.
A K (1 month ago)
This is brilliant 😂
phoenix risi (1 month ago)
why this kids all blonds
Alison Thomas (1 month ago)
Yes so so sad they lost their mother Shed of been a doting grandmother and those beautiful children will never get to meet her O of course granny Camila O the irony
Leigh Leigh David (1 month ago)
Meghan gives royalty a bad name!!!!
MissAllison 1234 (1 month ago)
Prince William and Kate Middleton because they are so adorable together and they make adorable kids together
Gemma Thiel (1 month ago)
You forgot Mary and Fredrick of Denmark. They are my favorite.
Dorian Nichole (1 month ago)
I don’t know any of these other couples so I’m still uninterested in their weddings as well!
Bobby V (1 month ago)
The most stunning of them all was Diana she had everything beauty, grace, kindness and charisma.
Veronica Suarez (1 month ago)
Letizia wasn't working at CNN, she was working at Television Española as a news anchor when her engagement was announced. And what about the crown prince and crown princess of Denmark? they are a stunning and ver interesting couple
Ana Eugenia (1 month ago)
Actually Tatiana SantoDomingo is from Colombia
Nimisha Narayan (1 month ago)
0:33 Peeta is that you?
My favorite royal couple is the queen of Spain , because she challenges all royals in Spain and don't care about their titles and privileges she rules her self !
maddie masked (1 month ago)
Maureen Hunter (1 month ago)
Meghan and Harry is my favorite couple, they are beautiful and they are just so natural together, none can compare they can try, but they cant.   William and Kate they are next those four are just beautiful, I wish them all the best in their lives together.
Syeda Hoque (1 month ago)
Wow what a title "10 royal couple that will make you forget Harry & Meghan" Why does she wants us forget them? none of the brides has Megan fresh look and beautiful smile! Wow the lady in this video sound jealous.
Yoo HanNa (1 month ago)
Will and Kate💖💖💖💖💖
Ladybug /Marinette (1 month ago)
didn't work at all
Cutie Cat (1 month ago)
666 Comments? I must write something! You forgot Princess Eugenie and Jack (in my personal opinion, they are a more stylish, classier couple than Harry and Meghan)
Mike Williams (1 month ago)
Harry and who?
Anja (1 month ago)
THE POWER OF POWER (1 month ago)
what english is this to write Prince William "trumps" prince Harry? trumps the US president? or trumps over someone? while it is the right spelling to write William "triumphs" or "trumps" over Harry, it is wrong totally to assume being the future king makes him topple every brother and brotherhood he has! they are good sons, stop your baseless and careless cheap attention-seeking video! malaysia loves good hearts and William is her son, and her son will not betray his little brother.
drdbinds (1 month ago)
homophobic royalty
Geoffrey Brown (1 month ago)
Frederick and Mary who else?
Patsy Degannes (1 month ago)
Nope didn't work, who wants to forget them anyway?
Margit Levay (1 month ago)
I am getting exhausted about PH and MM being so special ... enough😄 there are royal couples that are just as interesting for their unusual marriages to mere mortal girls ...
Vani Anup D (1 month ago)
It’s really Megan’s overactive Hollywood PR which made her story sound so extraordinary by tabloid journalism. There are many other kings and princes from other countries probably more powerful and richer than prince Harry is and they have married among commoners. Just their partners don’t have a Hollywood PR.
bluepixie25 (1 month ago)
The Bhutanese royals are GORGEOUS! Than you for including POC in this list!
bluepixie25 (1 month ago)
The music in these videos in atrocious.
Laura K (1 month ago)
5:44 Why is she wearing a cake on her head?
jimena abrego (1 month ago)
falta maxima !! de holanda (neverland)
Rox Angel (1 month ago)
Nope.... haven't forgot them yet!
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade (1 month ago)
The best the duke and duchess of Cambridge are the best and the best king William and Queen Katherine
Ivonne Villagra (1 month ago)
Kate and Williams my best royal couple!!!!!!
Chloe Rose (1 month ago)
Why Royal Princes like women who used to be whores and sluts. Guess you gotta be Whore to marry a Prince these days.
Valerie Fenech (1 month ago)
Hallmark movies Hallmark movies
Valerie Fenech (1 month ago)
Hallmark Christmas
katreniad1 (1 month ago)
Speak for yourself, not one of those couples made me forget about Harry and Meghan.
Birgit (1 month ago)
Any other royal couple in the world > Harry and Meghan
Zara Matthan (1 month ago)
We don't want to forget them!!! WE LOVE THEM!!! So, go away with your disgusting videos. Nobody cares about them. By the way, I paused this stupid thing, to write my comment.
Brenda Murphy (1 month ago)
William and Kate they are down to earth and Kate doesn’t have to be the center of attention , they are wonderful parents .
Sally Goozee (1 month ago)
Happy everything begins with H & M and ends with H & M. Thank you!!
Riisa Gaming (1 month ago)
Naaaaaah HARRY & MEGHAN FTW!!!!!! 💛👍🏻💛💛💛💛👍🏻💛👍🏻💛👍🏻👍🏻💛💛👍🏻💛
Suragi Algar (1 month ago)
6:43 omg I love the dress!
Justyna Maj (1 month ago)
"Paradise Hotel" is like "survivor"?? LOL the two shows have nothing to do with each other, the former is known for drunkenness, sex on tv, nakedness etc.
Simon Skourup (1 month ago)
Btw Denmark chance birth succession right in the 1950s
Beverley Lloyd (1 month ago)
It has to be Duke and Duchess of Cambridge they are so natural, very much in love, classy and regal , but I also think Prince Fredrick and Princess Mary are a beautiful couple, very much in love and regal.
Leia Ysonesse (1 month ago)
The Swedish royal family are just ridiculously lovely. And King Felipe...wooh, still a looker.
Sandra Smith (1 month ago)
Gawd! really!? Not even in the same world as Meghan. Waaaaaay too much mayo! Girl bye!
Loulou (1 month ago)
Forget Harry and his actress... the most loving is Victoria and Daniel. They look so natural, so in love and together, their love for each other is so obvious, contrary to Harry and William.
Max Tickner (1 month ago)
Sweden makes fabulous cars...I know, I drive one....
Corri Burman (1 month ago)
Nothing will make me forget the Duke And Duchess of Sussex! Have several seats!
terry south (1 month ago)
Bernice Booker (1 month ago)
No one would take the place of Harry and Megan
Nedie Brozovich (1 month ago)
10 Royal Couples you have shown us on your YouTube channel that will make us forget Prince Harry and Megan. "WE DON'T THINK SO." No Offense. There's a lot of pretty women and good-looking men that look like them. So it's not something that is unique or something that we're eager to see anymore. Because there is an abundance of people all over the world that looks like them specially when they have there make -up on. And the men here have look alike all over the world and in the MODELS MAGAZINE. SO OUR EYES NOW ARE USED TO THE SAME FACE SCULPTURE IF YOU WILL AND BECOMES MONOTONOUS. It's just like if you eat chicken everyday, pretty soon you want to eat somethings else. Don't get me wrong, All of these Royals you showed us, we see there look alike on magazines and in person, even in ASIAN countries. Asian marries Europeans mostly produce. beautiful children. Europeans have dominant DNA than Asians. That's just one example. Conclusion: It will not make us forget Prince Harry and Megan. The 10 Royals you presented here sure are beautiful women and handsome men who belong to Royal families. We are just not excited about them. I'm sorry. I keep saying WE because it's my friend's birthday and there's quite a bit of people here and we have a lot of foods. We invite you, wish you were here.
Sammantha sandoval (1 month ago)
how you gunna say you didn't know love before you met Sofia but you had just got out of a 10 year relationship?
Kiki (1 month ago)
You are wasting your time ,we still prefer and love meghan.
Ainiewainy (1 month ago)
One thing that is wrong about this video. The men who married into a royal family do not get a title. Some woman don't even. I'm Dutch. Our Queen isn't even legally a Queen but we do call her that!
Savannah Proctor (1 month ago)
You gave me absolutely no reason to pass on Meghan sorry
Vida Pfeffer (1 month ago)
Really?? Nothing is going to make me forget about Prince Harry and Meghan
Gina Johnigean (1 month ago)
Definitely Entertaining 😍lol
martha spurlock (1 month ago)
It's not 20and15 or 20 and anything. 2015, 2016 no and. for goodness' sakes
Dee Dee (1 month ago)
Sooooo, they have no newsworthy notariety without mentioning Harry and Meghan. The fact that Harry and Meghan gives them relevance speaks volumes. Of course they too are royal in their own right, but the Rock Star Status Crown goes to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The entire world is watching them. They have extended beyond their region.
Joanne Samuel (1 month ago)
Harry and Meghan
Carolanne Titmus (1 month ago)
When the European Royals get as involved in things like The Invictus games or fight in the military for their countries...we will see!
lise ingvarsen (1 month ago)
well some have been there and done that. ribbet ribbet
Gwendolyn Wade (1 month ago)
Are you kidding?? We'll never forget the duke and duchess of sussex
Raffaella Vitiello (1 month ago)
Ilt is very interresting but the tone of voice talking so fast make it very inconfortable to listen too. It feel very disrecpectful at time pity....l wonder if they listen to their video before putting on
Tina (1 month ago)
Really I have never heard of any of these people and non of them are as famous as Meghan and Harry.
Matt Dougherty (1 month ago)
That's amazing that woman switching from Catholicism to the Church of England wow another example of how love blinds people.
Ernest Tyler (1 month ago)
Get facts straight Andrea Casaraghi is Not a prince his late father Stefano was killed in Boating accident. Mom Is HRH PRINCESS CAROLINE(PRO NOUNCED "CARO- LEEN))OF HANOVER".
Bella Simba (1 month ago)
I have never met an American who at least tries to pronounce foreign words correctly and this speaker is no exception. I would really appreciate it if you at least tried to pronounce the names correctly when you publish something. This has to do with respect towards others.
Sara Lin (1 month ago)
Frederick and Mary will always be my favourite, hands down. #SORRYNOTSORRY. How could you not include them on this list? Is it cause people don't like she is Australian, cause America had to make a whole 4 movies about it with the woman of a different Western Nationality
Ayi Agustiasari (1 month ago)
Is it only me or Princess Claire of Luxembourg seemed like a princess material from the get go, kind of? Just impressive.
Brindha Manojkumar (1 month ago)
Harry and Meghan are one of a kind.. Unique couple .. Depressed that u compared them with others.
bibi aysha (1 month ago)
Am I the only one irritated with her pronunciation of the names? Even the video about the Kpop controversies...
carmenl163 (1 month ago)
Why all these 'royals' no one has ever heard of? What about the Japanese crown prince Naruhito who proposed three times before Masako accepted him, or the Dutch crown prince Willem Alexander and Maxima, where her father was not allowed to attend their wedding?
Brenda Stephens (1 month ago)
Why compare to Meghan and Harry?  UNBELIEVABLE
but whose the best...guessing is really difficult
Vibha Shukla (1 month ago)
This list is completely incomplete without Mary and Frederick
Camilla Svanberg (1 month ago)
"Half of all children in Norway are born by single mothers" funny when Americans don't know what they're talking about,and makes something up that is no way coherent or true
Caroline Nelson (1 month ago)
Yeah, there are other royals. Are they're actually kind of decent people.
R. Joshua Reynolds (2 months ago)
so wait... a 17 year old tells a 7 year old he'll marry her when they're adults? that wasn't considered inappropriate?
Life with Tia (2 months ago)
Why is it soooo important to forget Meghan and Harry??????? Is there a video like this for every royal couple that gets married? Did you do a video like this when William and Kate got married?🤔
Savannah Hunter (2 months ago)
Yay I have the same name as a princess lol😂
Norma De Hoag (2 months ago)
Get so sick and tired about meghan markle
J N-Windsor (2 months ago)
Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Two of the most beautiful down to earth humans ever.

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