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What Men Don't Get About Women - Dr. Emerson Eggerichs LIVE with Dr. Tim

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http://www.TimClintonBlog.com http://www.LoveAndRespect.com http://www.SpiritFM.com In this video Dr. Emerson and Dr. Tim talk about what men just don't understand about women. Everything seems to come back to that "crazy cycle" Dr. Emerson talks about. Men and women BOTH need love and respect, equally they do. But, God has created us to need each in different ways and in varying amounts. Check out the video... Produced by: http://www.HometownDomination.com
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A D (26 days ago)
Male headship and authority over women is Jezabel! A spirit of control and pride. No man, not even my husband has authority over me. I am my only authority. Ephesians, 1 Peter, and the Pastorals are all forgeries written by the second generation Bishops. Scholars know this well. Not all "scripture" is inspired and the only place that claims so is in the Pastorals which are forgeries to begin with. Male headship has nothing to offer a woman other than minimizing her dignity, controlling her, and ballooning up the male ego. I can think and make decisions for myself thank you. I am not my husband's helpmeet, nor his assistant. I am half the shareholder of the marriage, half the owner of the family assets, half the income, I carry half the house and workload, and I am the main parent as life is formed and birthed through me. Co-owner, Co-sharer, and Co-heir, not a sidekick to a thief called a husband who takes services and resources from the wife but robs her of her rightful authority and equal voting power. The day the Church wipes the ass of Christ when he gets sick or terminally ill, is the day a man can claim to be the head of the wife like Christ is head of the Church. Boy were the Romans cleaver, they painted over their long-held misogyny and degradation of women by using "spiritual" language, same garbage new face-lift. Ephes 5 is the same poison Aristotle spewed out, only masked by Christ and the Church imagery. The church body is a corporation of hundreds of millions of people through the centuries, not a model suited for a wife who is the husband's equal in both being and function. If God created me to be subservient, then why do I have to dumb myself down, destroy my abilities, and make myself mentally ill in order to fit the role? What about a woman makes men like you guys think she cannot use her own judgment and make decisions for herself, do you think women are retarded or something? The man is an average person like the woman yet he wants the respect of a superior when he is not superior by nature. Genesis 1 and 2 in the original language is the only thing God said about marriage, everything else is post-fall and marred by culture and the male bias of the authors. If it's not stated in Genesis 1 and 2, I don't accept God's authority behind it.
Jasmine Deanne Andrews (3 years ago)
Leah wanted love so she devoted herself to Jacob. The men of Persia wanted respect so they banished a woman from power because she said no to her drunken husband, and issued an edict threatening all women with the same consequences if they disobeyed their husbands. The issue isn’t love and respect, it’s a power imbalance that men have abused since Adam. Find out the truth and read my book, Sullied Bride. http://www.amazon.com/Sullied-Bride-Jasmine-Andrews/dp/1629984949/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456085213&sr=8-1&keywords=sullied+bride
Victor Funk (1 year ago)
I think you may have missed your calling.
Zach Abbott (4 years ago)
delivery is important listen with what this man says. also he has scripture to back it up. I think that he is right on. a little is over my head being not married yet. I did this as simply home work seeing this book at church for a few seconds.
Paan Tomar (4 years ago)
Paan Tomar (4 years ago)
Zach Abbott (4 years ago)
New York Times best seller
Jo Pierce (6 years ago)
she has stop communicating with me what do i do?

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