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Men and Women - The Coolidge Effect

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What is it about men and porn? Why do so many of them watch so much of it? Here is the brilliant Gary Wilson with the answer: The Coolidge Effect. In case you don't know the story, here is how this phenomenon got its name: It is said that President Coolidge was once visiting a farm with his wife. At some point they went down separate paths. When Mrs Coolidge got to the chicken-yard she saw the rooster vigorously 'performing his duties'. Upon asking the farmer whether he only did it once a day, she was of course informed that the rooster was far more active. 'Tell that to Mr Coolidge' she instructed her guide. The farmer dutifully conveyed the message, whereupon the President asked 'Hmmm -- is it always with the same hen?' 'No -- it's a different one each time' came the reply. 'Tell that to Mrs Coolidge!' :-) To download an article on this phenomenon, just click on this link: http://nic313.wix.com/nickmi#!articles/vstc2=men---women---relationships [NB 1: To download documents from the site, you need to use Firefox or Internet Explorer] [NB 2: I do not own the copyright to this video clip. I have uploaded it here for educational purposes].
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SKYRULE-49 (4 years ago)
Check this out. https://www.facebook.com/303452403113081/photos/a.306261922832129.1073741829.303452403113081/387213031403684/?type=1&permPage=1
Digital Cleaner (4 years ago)
Was it a farm or a science fair? I read it was a science fair and the subjects were rats that were intentionally being studied for the purpose of proving a predisposed innate or inherent ladened genetic attribute in all living things with the need to spread your genes. If we didnt spread our genes by seeking new sexual partners the gene pool would be tainted. If you are struggling with this and don't want to ruin your marriage then don't cheat. Control yourself, after all you aren't an animal you have an intellect. You have a choice in controlling your urges to a higher purpose. The purpose is loyalty, honor, morality, love, dedication, empathy and pride. Maybe I left out common sense. But since when does common sense come into play where emotions this powerful are working on us? Especially when this is programmed into all of us!
Constant Z (7 months ago)
Dafuck is higher purpose?
TENNSUMITSUMA (4 years ago)
I guarantee you, nature said nothing about the female having to be willing.
Quantum Axe (4 years ago)
@Nick Michelioudakis oh, thank you for that honest comment. females are the ones who set the standard for the males of the species. if only foolish men understood this.
Nick Michelioudakis (4 years ago)
@AndyDufresne987 I take this as a 'joke' - though IMO the topic deserves to be treated more seriously.
Nick Michelioudakis (4 years ago)
Well, the focus here is this need for 'novelty' and 'variety' (apparently far more pronounced in males than females - for good evolutionary reasons). Re this 'willingness' issue, lots can be said, but in most species the female is far from passive; in fact, in many cases, it was female choice that has shaped the males.

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