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Best Of Blossom

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I'm re-uploading this and the other Best Of videos (again -_-) because YouTube decided to take them down. Hopefully this can stay up. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this. ^_^ Disclaimer: I don't own the show. I'm just using clips for entertainment purposes only.
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Text Comments (603)
Joshua Chow (6 hours ago)
The beginning is just Monika in a nutshell
Gregory Amicar 57 (15 hours ago)
0:31 brick is lucky
Doris Collins (10 days ago)
...a hair that crazy
Blossom was clumsy once
De'Markus Henderson (11 days ago)
1:44 LMAO
Jose CastroRamos (12 days ago)
The Powerpuff Girls, celebrating 20 years! (1998-2018) 🎊🎉🎂♥️💙💚
Creative (12 days ago)
Blossom is so cocky tho.
6:21 How did they allow this?
PinkBomberPPG (16 days ago)
When cn was good
Z Z (26 days ago)
2:52what episode...?is it
rose 4kid (1 month ago)
Which episodes are these
Karo Valenzuela (1 month ago)
When did blossom had fire breath
wow blossom... *claps*
shadowcipher04 (1 month ago)
blossom is my favorite
MULT Starl (1 month ago)
1:13 Ahahaha!
roblox 3 (1 month ago)
noya pint (1 month ago)
8:05 mizik raodi rooff bois
Yelsa Hani (2 months ago)
Isabella Garcia (2 months ago)
She just blew on her corn flakes
FeltFahrenheit (2 months ago)
1:33 me
I love the Powerpuff Girls I love Bubbles
I love the Powerpuff Girls I love Bubbles
Alex McGillvrey (2 months ago)
Blossom shouldn’t have been in Miss Bellum’s body because we see Blossom ‘s face all the time while Miss Bellum’s face, we don’t se at all. Because of how expressive Blossom can be it’s had to expressions while in the body of so,done like Miss Bellum’s. That’s why I think she’s better off being in someone else’s body in across Cross Crisis.
Anton Paulson (2 months ago)
Blossom got Professor Utoniums brains
Bluewing RRB (2 months ago)
I’ve seen worse.
Jordan Stone (2 months ago)
Who made bubbles the cute one I'm cute look at this bow
CrazyK (2 months ago)
I miss the old blossom the new blossom is annoying ashell
PinkBomberPPG (2 months ago)
Blossom is having a mental break okay
Ashley drouin (2 months ago)
I love the Powerpuff girls. I have two older sisters and I’m the youngest. When I was younger we decided to each be a character, so I was Blossom and my sisters were Bubbles and Buttercup. Their personalities fit us perfectly 😂
Jermane Anyoha (2 months ago)
5:35 All of hs math
Jet Buttercup Studios (2 months ago)
Way better than Atomic Betty
Văn Khánh Lê (2 months ago)
what the crap
adja 101 (2 months ago)
I don't understand why this have the least likes from the other girls
2:07 Super smash bros brawl anyone?
Blossom was the first twilight Sparkle.
Blossom Is Way Better Than 2016 Blossom, Right?! Agree? Everyone? ...
Pikavee PPGxRRB (4 months ago)
Justus 2 (4 months ago)
Blossom is the pretty one, bubbles is the cute one, buttercup is the tough one Blossom is #1 powerpuff girl, NONE CAN PERSUADE ME OTHERWISE
Terry Lohst (4 months ago)
What're ya doing, Recommend-Bots of Youtube? Tryna bring up memories again?
Leafoe278 (4 months ago)
A cute, tough leader. A.K.A. Everything I lack
Richard Eubanks (4 months ago)
6:45 wrong pants
Bean (4 months ago)
8:03 Am I the only one who noticed that the tune playing was the original Rowdyruff Boys theme?
Stormy the cat (4 months ago)
Tell that to the monsters I beat up!
Lidya Animations/Edits (4 months ago)
Lol bubbles was always MY fav
Cookie Crunch (4 months ago)
Seven doesn’t have a square root *IT’S PRIME*
SprinkleCake 4017 (5 months ago)
Blossom is my favorite character! I love her! =3
Ahsan Outlaw (5 months ago)
Ahsan Outlaw (5 months ago)
The powerpuffgirls was the actor of Cathy cavindini and she’s the actor of tiny mouse
Clostridium Tetani (5 months ago)
제이든진 (5 months ago)
How cute. I like blossom.
Saira Ailia (5 months ago)
"The fly is open".
Matthew Bolitho-Jones (6 months ago)
I like Blossom
Boi Boi (6 months ago)
Watch 20th century fox television
Boi Boi (6 months ago)
Watch 20th century fox!
Boi Boi (6 months ago)
I don't care 😣😞😣😞
Boi Boi (6 months ago)
Violetta Ambrozy (5 months ago)
Is this a joke?
Violetta Ambrozy (6 months ago)
I love u blossom your my favourite :)
Violetta Ambrozy (5 months ago)
Blossy/Blossom PPG oh ok
Violetta Ambrozy (5 months ago)
Where are you blossom :( 😭😢
joseph race (6 months ago)
Hot swapping an N64 cartridge is the most diabolical thing you can do because it could Break the console or the game itself if you are not careful. 😁( I Had a massive crush on Blossom when I was 7 which is why I used to watch the show all the time between 1998 and 2000.:-)
Dollcity3000 (6 months ago)
2:10-2:22 reminds me of that Spongebob episode when he got his Picture Day look ruined...
None Of Your Bizznizz (6 months ago)
I'm blossom out of my gang so I take personal offence to her being people's least favourite. 🤣
None Of Your Bizznizz (6 months ago)
+Blossy PPG don't you worry Coco. They know not what they do...
Road S (6 months ago)
Professor? What are you doing in bed?
Shaun Bates (6 months ago)
1:12 Dere a smurf(?)
Gacha Nerd (7 months ago)
I think Bubbles Is the best powerpuffgirl! Shes Sweet But Can be tough Not to Rude And Not to Nice! Just Right! :D
JJ Adame (7 months ago)
Aaron Oania blossom has always been my favorite of the three by far and it’s not even close. She’s the smart one, the leader, the cute one for me, and she’s the closest to resemble my favorite color, red.
Aniyah the unicorn (7 months ago)
Violetta Ambrozy (5 months ago)
Your mom is lame
Amos Maka (7 months ago)
Blossom: "I'm cute. Look at this bow.... *LOOK AT IT!!!!* "
Blossom can speak and understand Chinese? Holy shit that's Impressive because Chinese Is considered by far the most difficult language on earth. It's also a lot harder than Japanese.
You sure are. I take back what I said about you Blossom. You're actually my most favorite PPG because you're like me In a way. You're very smart but you're also not too soft nor rough but Instead a controlled upbeat medium which what I am.
Angel Squad (7 months ago)
I love Blossom❤🌸❤
Clash with Adekoya (7 months ago)
1. Buttercup 2. Blossom 3. Bubbles
Angel Squad (7 months ago)
Clash with Adekoya Blossom is way better❤
Clash with Adekoya (7 months ago)
Angel buttercup better
Angel Squad (7 months ago)
Blossy PPG Alt Thank you so much I already subscribe to your channel👍❤😉
Angel Squad (7 months ago)
Blossy PPG Alt Ok I will can you subscribe to my channel plz thank you😉❣
Patricia (7 months ago)
Blossom is always my favorite out of the girls!
Otaku nation (7 months ago)
6:39 watch that profanity missy 🙎
Le Derp Master (7 months ago)
Blossom: your fly is open
Foreverchris01 (7 months ago)
4:40: Seeing miss Bellum and professor in bed. Well, there goes our innocence as a kid. We are morally scarred. If you know what i mean
Gacha Rylee (7 months ago)
Blossom is my favorite ppg
Kim Connel (7 months ago)
Blossom is so smart
solitonmedic (8 months ago)
coolboystudios 5255 (8 months ago)
Violetta Ambrozy (8 months ago)
Gosh I love 💗 blossom she’s my favourite
Sunshine Ueltschy (8 months ago)
6:53 Best part
Galvatrix (8 months ago)
Blossom has always been one of my number one favorite characters ever hands down l love her so very much she’s so awesome ❤️
Yohan Lxzx (8 months ago)
♥♥♥♡♥BLOSSOM cheuveux♥♡♡♡★★☆★♡♥
Jade Angelz (8 months ago)
“Your fly is open” 6:21
Zan Partizane (8 months ago)
Awesome I love blossom she's my favorite character IN ppg she's so cute and pretty good video
sam grimes (8 months ago)
blossom is one of my favourite powerpuff girls characters and the only one
Aaron Fenton (8 months ago)
4:51 thicc af
Jenna (8 months ago)
I liked bubbles as a child but my friend Hannah liked blossom and my friend Riley liked buttercup 😙
2:30 Ed: * Laughing * Edd: * Laughing * Eddy: * Laughing * Bloo: * Laughing * Billy: * Laughing * Dexter: * Laughing * Dee Dee: * Laughing * Ami: * Laughing * Yumi: * Laughing * Numbuh 4: * Laughing *
Ayesha Sabouni (9 months ago)
Blossom is my favourite powerpuff girl, ever! :D 💞💞💞💞
Violetta Ambrozy (5 months ago)
Me too cause she smart like me!😂💖💖💖
Sami kitty (9 months ago)
Bubbles is the sugar,buttercup is the spice,and blossom is everything nice
Noah Partic (9 months ago)
Blossom, let thy brains shine.
Feathersong (9 months ago)
2:07 my life in one clip.
Spaghetti Sultan (9 months ago)
'And who made Bubbles the cute one? I'm cute. Loot at this bow!"
MrTailsprower7 (9 months ago)
I kinda always thought Blossom was cuter than Bubbles lol. Maybe it’s the ribbon.
Blossom PPG (9 months ago)
“I’m smart cute and tough I’m the whole package!”
Elijah Scott Scott (6 months ago)
maya summers (9 months ago)
Blossom is very arrogant and conceited. I don't dislike her, but I'm just saying those are a few reasons why I'm sure some people don't like her. But... Remember that she *is* the leader and not for no reason. She's quick, calculated, witty and very sharp. Despite how full of herself she is, she does know when to put all that on hold and calm it down. Especially when the people she cares about are in danger. Need a quick reminder of why she's truly the leader, watch the first fight she had with PrincessMorbucks. Blossom put that girl in her place.
maya summers who cares stfu hater she’s better then you
maya summers (9 months ago)
"I'm cute! Look at this bow!"
CTRail1996 (10 months ago)
Cathy Cavadini, spoken like a true leader
M. Morrison (10 months ago)
Buttercup and blossom is my favorite Carter but buttercup is my favorite Carter then blossom and finally bubbles.
Woah buttercup can laugh i never knew 😂😂😂😂😂
Buttercup is like a boy
Violetta Ambrozy (5 months ago)
Buttercup is a girl but she’s a Tomboy
Kartoffelhorror (10 months ago)
4:12 Omg, I can't handle this amount of cuteness! Christ in staples, that is adorable ...
Taivia Milligan (10 months ago)
"I'm happy, I'm driving, I'm happy and im driving." 😊😆😁😂😭

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