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Picking up hotties | ++Accidental Broadcast

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This is my friend Mike. He rents dual sport motorcycles here on Maui. Check him out if you want to go on an adventure of a lifetime : ) Mr.Mikes Maui Moto Adventures : http://www.mauimotoadventures.com Check back on the site for updated informantion on Mr.Mike's newest venture into all island adventure riding! FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/accidentalbroadcast MAIN CHANNEL : http://www.youtube.com/accidentalbroadcast Stickers Stuff : http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/stickers/ Spoke Stuff : http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/spoke-skins-red/ Photo Stuff : http://www.accidentalbroadcast.com/limited-edition-prints/ More vids to come.. Kalani
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Text Comments (301)
Fumonchewmon (4 years ago)
Was mr. Mike on top gear
Chris Ewing (4 years ago)
when I can afford to go and rent a bike I wanna ride one of the ktm's hopefully that's still a  thing and yall push my skills to the limit that's what im looking forward to
Tyrone Clarke (4 years ago)
get the ktm 650 I had one love the bikes
Isaiah Smith (5 years ago)
james leatherface (5 years ago)
wtf is tofu
George Pace (5 years ago)
i have the same monster hat. the little things
Brian H (5 years ago)
4.69???? It's only 3.03$ here in Wyoming
bimdun milr (5 years ago)
Harder to import gas to Hawaii, or so I think. The cost of living there is ridiculous because import is super expensive and not much can be farmed there. Things like macadamia nuts and pineapples are cheap, because they can be grown, but not much else..
Pearce Imfeld (5 years ago)
Daniel Schneider (5 years ago)
MR Mike I'd love To Work For You!!!
Andrew Fallon (5 years ago)
Damn i really want tofu and orange chicken right now!
M750 (5 years ago)
Down to Dirt! Missing the mock chicken...
Ethan Hennessy (5 years ago)
you should send me some of that tofuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. please
Snoopyfan1000 (5 years ago)
Never eaten tofu
IndigoCrimFilms (5 years ago)
I wish I could have seen your face reveal a little more spectacular..
Jesse Leonard (5 years ago)
Im so glad i found this channel
harry scott (5 years ago)
dude u should do a vid like u did for the quad one but trails
andrew rhodes (5 years ago)
The black one is thunder
rebelyell22 (5 years ago)
That was a Hawaiian Airlines 717 landing :)
JLynnCognito (5 years ago)
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
check out the description :)
zman NJ (5 years ago)
nery salguero (5 years ago)
Bro so im planning in living in Maoi(not sure if I spelled it right) in a couple years. Do you think its a good idea to live there?
TJ Bosch (5 years ago)
i never had tofu
KiTSaRaS86 (5 years ago)
u was like more motocrazydude and now more like a dad its nc 2 but let it again grow(my opinion)
Andrew Diddens (5 years ago)
You kinda look like Johnny Knoxville
lampard8soccer (5 years ago)
i never noticed because i never really wanted to know but i will look out for that
Hoosier Throttle (5 years ago)
Tofu is great. If it's wrapped in bacon.
akbychoice (5 years ago)
I refer to the face voice as the Casey Kassem effect when you picture a person by voice one way having never seen them, then you see them and think not what I pictured. No biggie still nice to know what you look like.
TheStoryTellerSounds (5 years ago)
I don't mean to sound rash, but if you were a long term tribe member you definitely would have seen his face a hell of a long time ago in earlier videos. Seeing his face in his videos is actually a pretty regular occurrence.
James Joul (5 years ago)
Kalani where'd your beard go? :P
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
should be good! check your spam folder for activation email ; )
PotatoFarmProduction (5 years ago)
Matt Smith (5 years ago)
Hahahaha you looked exactly how i imagined you!
Mongo (5 years ago)
Hey AB, I am going to start motovlogging soon and I need a helmet that will get me audio close to yours, but a bit cheaper. Have any recommendations for a helmet? Thanks :)
lampard8soccer (5 years ago)
I'm happy that I now know what you look like but at the same time I'm not because you look absolutely nothing like I imagined and now my mind is messed up but I'm still happy that we got a face reveal :) and as a long time tribe member myself I need one of those t-shirts :D
MrBmxandmxforlife (5 years ago)
Kalani! More videos!!!! You're making my summer boring. I'm so used to everyday videos! And tell jake the jungle snake to do so also
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
more vids coming soon : )
IRideBMXLikeaNinja (5 years ago)
Just sat all day watching your videos! So sick man, keep riding. :D
steven walsh (5 years ago)
what is the name of name of kz 900 you should name JAWS of something thats sounds like Athena
steven walsh (5 years ago)
i have watch this video abut 10000000 times AB upload part2. when well it well be out comment back plzzzzz
SSHAMR0Ckk (5 years ago)
i found where you get all your music from AB! gotta say he has some awesome songs!!
steven walsh (5 years ago)
steven walsh (5 years ago)
why not video
mike p (5 years ago)
How's Athena
jim jimmy (5 years ago)
is MR.Mike millionare??and did he just buy you all a bike???
2ofEverything (5 years ago)
AccidentalBroadcast is Johnny Knoxville?!
Donald AC (5 years ago)
Kalani drop the intro bbbbbrrraaaaaaappp lol
Donald AC (5 years ago)
How long to DAMM edit
Donald AC (5 years ago)
Oh kalani❤❤❤❤ nah I'm just fucking with u u need to put part 2 and I'm a guy!👨 And do u sell the tshirts on your site
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
It's my iconic representation of circles of inspiration. One "+" is you, one "+" is me! Zing!
sirarrgh (5 years ago)
Dunno, just a thing he does. Not sure if there is any real reason other than he likes it!
Muddy Treadz (5 years ago)
when are u uploading part 2 kalani.i need to see mr mike's new machines lol.
Muddy Treadz (5 years ago)
oh noooooooooo! lol
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
i tend to change it up a lot.. you'll probably see many versions of my face in years to come : )
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
ughh, don't remind me.. she needs work to get back on the road!
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
probably in your dreams : )
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
lol, tell her it's CGI!!
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
I wish it were that easy : ) gotta find the time first! Summer has been filled with wild 7yr olds. coming soon
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
see f.a.q viddy : )
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
Zing! ab.com baby!
AccidentalBroadcast (5 years ago)
cause I'm always having fun? ; )
Uber Tubes (5 years ago)
I wish i could ride with you guys but i have problems I am 14 I cant afford to get a plane ticket from belfast to maui
legit376 (5 years ago)
I'm pretty sure the f-350 is turbocharged not supercharged
icenyne1 (5 years ago)
hahaha, the hotties are the motorcycles.. perfect
dyllenger (5 years ago)
tell mr. mike to put tribe stickers on all of them :D
WordToTheWise (5 years ago)
Kahulani Kat Davis (5 years ago)
I have no problem buying a sticker KlemzeTV - didn't know they were for sale until After my comment :)
Kurtis Snyder (5 years ago)
dude put the rest of the vid up like u said at the end. Im checking your channel like every 30 min hoping you put it up. YOUR DRIVING ME CRAZY MAN PUT UP THE VID
Jonathan Reichley (5 years ago)
Mr. Mike! can i invest?
slopestyler95 (5 years ago)
hahaaaaaaaaa touratech parts!! you know where they are produced?? in my hometown!!!!!!!great man!!
th1dood (5 years ago)
Great! Now I have to unsub! Thanks a lot. My wife watched this with me, saw your face..... Needless to say she now wants a divorce and a plane ticket! Dammit kalani!
The V The S (5 years ago)
Pym=ktm ducking spell check
The V The S (5 years ago)
I had a dream last night I had that new Pym of Mr. Mike
Donald Doney (5 years ago)
The shop fucked my bike up what do I do
KlemzeTV (5 years ago)
Buy it like the rest of us! :P
sirarrgh (5 years ago)
Kalani, why is that not the first time I've seen your face? Where else have I seen it before?!
Filip Harrysson (5 years ago)
Awesome video !! But we're are the kz 900
Bob808 (5 years ago)
Those are some sweet looking machines!
Dark Souls RS (5 years ago)
is mr. mike rich?
daniel cain (5 years ago)
Thanks for doing this man, o really enjoy watching you (no homo) lol got any 3xl shirts?
GnrlBond (5 years ago)
He should of got a cummins
MrCdawg94 (5 years ago)
KiTSaRaS86 (5 years ago)
u saved your beard? or u never had?
nanahc (5 years ago)
I think i messed myself watching this video it was that epic :D Thats it its settled, im going to work out a costing and start saving because im coming to ride with you. Any recommendations on a good place to stay?
jim8o (5 years ago)
I've never been more excited for the NEXT video!
Logan Lightfoot (5 years ago)
i want tofu now!
Aaron Holoike'kai (5 years ago)
Hey isnt that right by island Hobbies?
MrJoshiba (5 years ago)
love it! Im trying to plan a trip over there to ride dual sports with my buddy. Is Mr. Mike still gonna have the ktm 350 available to ride?
mdemory (5 years ago)
fuk u guys ballin now - im def comin ovah
Eli Peoples (5 years ago)
. hahaha
CursedPurse (5 years ago)
New Business Loans
Marc-Antoine Lévesque (5 years ago)
Mr. Mikes is hell of a rich son of a bitch!! :D
Tequila (5 years ago)
One day Id like to be initiated into the tribe and ride around on this beautiful island with the coolest motherfuckers around.
Kahulani Kat Davis (5 years ago)
Haha yay! A Face. Lol. I love your videos. I want and need a Tribe sticker. Please :)
Dirt Hounds (5 years ago)
ikr haha
Dirt Hounds (5 years ago)
surprise !
KlemzeTV (5 years ago)
/threads/blanca-r125-the-quest-for-uniquivity.5502/page-2 Kalani, search for the upper stuff on google and watch how the TRIBE++ stickers on my bike turned out! (and some other small mods) Love youuu all the way from Sweden. FROM SVIDEN? FRÅN SVERIGE!
John Grammaticus (5 years ago)
I love it how non ++facebook people are suprised by everything in these videos lol.
Sean (5 years ago)
Ughhhh getting new bikes is like christmas :)
stacheDaily (5 years ago)
As the TRIBE emerges from the dark, wet jungle the TRIBE knows not what it will see....... *ping*
baallen98 (5 years ago)
So is he gonna sell them in the shop?

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