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The Goose Chase and Hurling | The Secret Of Kells

51 ratings | 22533 views
http://shop.cartoonsaloon.ie Beautifully drawn and refreshingly calm, The Secret of Kells hearkens back to animation's golden age with an enchanting tale inspired by Irish mythology.
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Text Comments (5)
Dan Shull (8 months ago)
Watch out for the sleeter!
Marmonery (5 years ago)
Well, It is a beautiful dynamic film. I am not surprised that it won an award.
Max Barr (7 years ago)
@boru25 Well it's beautiful.
Missable (7 years ago)
@SidChastity it's on netflix if you have that
boru25 (8 years ago)
It's amazing something so simple got an award. I guess big things come in small packages.

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