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The Weirdest, Craziest & Most WTF Secret GTA 5 Websites You Might Not Know About! (GTA V)

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The Weirdest, Craziest & Most WTF Secret GTA 5 Websites You Might Not Know About! (GTA V)►Elgato Gaming Products: http://e.lga.to/MrBoss ►Cheap GTA 5 Shark Cards & More Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/mrbossftw ZAXCOX: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZacCoxTV My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrBossFTW My Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/mrbossftw My Instagram: http://instagram.com/jamesrosshudgins Follow THE SQUAD: ►Garrett (JoblessGamers) - https://www.youtube.com/Joblessgamers ►DatSaintsfan - https://www.youtube.com/360NATI0N ►MrBossFTW - https://www.youtube.com/MrBossFTW Check out more of my GTA 5 & GTA 5 Online videos! I do a variety of GTA V tips and tricks, as well as funny moments and information content all revolving around the world of Grand Theft Auto 5: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4P1Iz2th7dUuZBXXYz8Wj5G4gQrM4bf1 Hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks guys and have an awesome day, Ross.
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Text Comments (501)
Land Creature (20 days ago)
I didn't think the psychotic thing was going to be funny since I saw it coming, yet it still was. You should be doing this video on what works with GTA 5 Online not offline.
Melted Wogs (4 months ago)
Cool I guess
Benito (5 months ago)
Anyone realise FTW is WTF backwards
Fahad Kk (6 months ago)
Yandere Queen (7 months ago)
Do they have any working websites 😂
Julian Priest Alcala (7 months ago)
Look at my family name: Julian age:16 surname: priest
Zombie Hunter28 (10 months ago)
I am 25
kye12 yt (11 months ago)
Mark Mccormic (11 months ago)
Trevor psychic reading is funny as hell
Zeus Z (1 year ago)
A heartwarming (uncensored) family recipe that isn't fucking gross!
Zeus Z (1 year ago)
uhh franklin's last name is franklin clinton ???
Ian Norton (1 year ago)
6:48 it says "@pussycatporn" read the bleet its strange
Kenny McCormick (1 year ago)
how do you get to bleeter
God Xemplar (1 year ago)
learn how to read
SimplyAna13 (1 year ago)
They dont work T-T
crisanto de guzman (2 years ago)
Hey yu can run facebook in gta v websites
Kyriacos Omonoiakka (2 years ago)
How do you search??
sxmiyah (2 years ago)
there's and actual location on gtav to get those implanta
Adam Ferguson (2 years ago)
How come he said psychotic instead of psychic?
Xx_Raul Ayala_xX (2 years ago)
What if the tsunami that hit los santos is the picture that is in the barber shop behind a health pack ??
GetWooked (2 years ago)
Australian lol
Board Game (2 years ago)
I'm Australian
Funny Nimrod22 (2 years ago)
Fabian is my website
wow u earned a new subscriber!!
roblox man (2 years ago)
Love your videos
zac turner (2 years ago)
I found a website bid binder
Nadia Asif (2 years ago)
Hi guys.I'm having a real hard time with my YouTube page(This One)So please help me.Thanks
Nadia Asif (2 years ago)
Hi guys.I'm having a real hard time with my YouTube page(This One)So please help me.Thankd
nice lauchpad never heard before
DEAD ACCOUNT (2 years ago)
Wonder if you can contact the chicks from the website as any of the characters I wonder what Michael thinks about his wife on the site
DEAD ACCOUNT (2 years ago)
If my teacher was hot and tried to seduce me for a good grade in return I'd take the offer
Alfredo (2 years ago)
MrBossFuckTheWorld is kewl c:
L.Tjuston Senack (2 years ago)
I tape in my frist and last name and it said that my greatgrand father like too dress up as a women and go to chcrth and make out with men in the bush and it also said that I was fotenit eneth to have a peson in my family tree who was denset I also put in my sisters name I forget wat the sarth relsets were but it still is a vary funny website kind of insieting to the people who use in ls and  bc
Patrick Holensaber (2 years ago)
"Psychotic shoutout" "Psychotic shoutout" *page clearly says Psychic and not Psychotic* PSYCHOTIC SHOUTOUT
Comment_User (2 years ago)
Yeah very secret if its on the first fucking page
Kompoism (2 years ago)
It's PSYCHIC Shoutout, not Psychotic. Very different things.
qs10101 (2 years ago)
it is psychic shout out not psychotic
MrBlazeDemingo (2 years ago)
Fabrizio Corbino (2 years ago)
You Prerecorded the voice
Gatekeeper1122 (2 years ago)
lol nice find
J M (2 years ago)
Hypryno 22 (2 years ago)
I love you Mr Boss keep up the good work
Cmanuel Luna (2 years ago)
nigga macaroni dick (2 years ago)
ho ree chit,
Coconut Head (2 years ago)
Some of the sites on the in-game internet, damn..Rockstar are savage!
King Dezz17 (2 years ago)
Hey that map on that lil click to play God website might be the map expedition DLC
Electro Wheel (2 years ago)
6:47 second last "bleet"
Aapeli Keilamaa (2 years ago)
hi, our crew in gta online is deticated to military roleplay, our main goal is to play tactically. PM me on social club http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/global_marine_corps http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pinkipantier
dueck20 (2 years ago)
Theyre so secret you can find them on the home screen of your phone...
God doesn't exist. (2 years ago)
These aren't secret though..
Gorim33 (2 years ago)
Wouldn't that aethiest site be contradicting itself by saying God is bad because aethiests don't believe in god
Don McCollough (2 years ago)
Bleeter does update during the game, so does LifeInvader
Action Studious (2 years ago)
Space gray
GeneralJoemalia (2 years ago)
Umgezogen (2 years ago)
You didn't get the DMV website :P
Slim Shady (2 years ago)
In Himplants there is Nipple Removal XDXD
Marc Alexander (2 years ago)
lol cj died in the tsunami
Suicide. Kori (2 years ago)
__________________★IT'S REALLY GOOD NEWS GUYS!!★__________________ ===============ACQUIRE THE iPHƠNE 6 FOR FREE HERE================= ►►►dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/viz7e8vscw9y66s/wdjw5ibS.html◄◄◄
Krislann (2 years ago)
Why would they use so much time and resources to make all these websites? sure, they're funny and all, but only around 20% are actually useful. Isn't it just a general waste of time?
cliq (2 years ago)
Umm.. Psychic Shoutout not Psychotic Shoutout..
Just Too FAT (2 years ago)
5:45 Spoilers man, i mean i know it has been 863 days since launch but damn i would have gotten around to it eventually.
v leano (2 years ago)
"psychic" shout out dumbass. you said psychotic like 4 fucking times
twat face (2 years ago)
ha ha ha ive already seen all this
Dayson Boon (2 years ago)
lol. when he pronounced psychic "psychotic"
miguel ramirez (2 years ago)
not psychotic
miguel ramirez (2 years ago)
psychic shoutout*
James Mcgill (2 years ago)
none of these are secret...
Jasper Knight (2 years ago)
looks attractkve. hi, what's us? creature sprout what's your opinion about vhis
Dan D (2 years ago)
I'm sorry, but religion - bullshit!
getmoney (2 years ago)
It was always weird to me to go online in when GTA 4 came out cause I was gaming on my PC atm...once I walked away from the computer and left the game running and a friend jumped on my computer trying to get to google and was like wtf are these weird pages! >_<
CL Chaos (2 years ago)
Secret GTA 5 websites and yet you clicked links that took you to them? How is that secret? I clicked to watch this video to see if you had to type in sites manually that alot of people woulndn't know but nope not at all secret.
Jaden Walter (2 years ago)
Not secret websites, but nice clock bait though
Sebastian Gonell (2 years ago)
Or steam
Sebastian Gonell (2 years ago)
That's only computer right
vRayza (2 years ago)
I have nothing to say Now like this comment Pls
Evil Spyke (2 years ago)
psychotic shoutout. ahahha. you fool!
Paz (2 years ago)
Mitch Marks (2 years ago)
Didn't realise this was a new video, wow what a dead fucking channel lol
BluffCreek Gaming (2 years ago)
That lightsaber handle needs to be bigger so you can hold it.
Cas Lynch (2 years ago)
stop saying psychotic!!! it's psychic
BandjoeSwagner (2 years ago)
The Atheist website's acronym is The ASS MUNCH..
FetchQuestAssigner4423 (2 years ago)
Mr. Boss I realize you are Child, however I implore you to pick up a book. Just 1 or 2 a year bro, half these words you don't understand are super basic. Please, please.
Rzdawg (2 years ago)
"athiests think God is bad" wtf we don't believe in him moron lol
Steven Gibb (2 years ago)
on the accept the chaos site the first letters from their name spells ass munch
Lance Smites (2 years ago)
"Psychotic shoutout" (there's not "ot)
7.5 inch pp moses (2 years ago)
Well this is Satan world when eve and Adam ate the Apple we were screwed
Cal L (2 years ago)
Lmao psychotic? Psychic****
Cole Gerdemann (2 years ago)
Thanks buzzfeed
Whiplash (2 years ago)
Psychotic or psychic....?
Jake The P00 (2 years ago)
I did the phyic shoutout with Trevor and she called the cop on me XD
nikos2004p gaming (2 years ago)
no comments???whaaaaaat?!?!
Mein Kampf Spieler (2 years ago)
Princess robot bubblegum is my favorite
Big Tim (2 years ago)
you are stupid, it is Psychic not psychotic . learn how to read
gregory4297 ` (2 years ago)
How about the trashed food? The website says The Los Santos is trashing food 1M times a day, and it says we need to eat trashed food, yuk
Apiz Gaming (2 years ago)
Wait a sec... eight? as in Infinity 8?
Franz Marcos (2 years ago)
of course everyone knows about HushSmush! it was all because of MessYourself
Sebastiony (2 years ago)
psychotic? psychic
JakeMBee (2 years ago)
Did you know FTW is WTF (What the fudge) backwards
georgie j (2 years ago)
I knew about all of these. I'm stupid for wasting my time on such a dumb thing.
Fredrik Wikström (2 years ago)
Hope you know the difference between "psychotic" and "psychic"...
Frederik Modz (2 years ago)
The first is old

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