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Mercedes SL63 AMG video review - Auto Express

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We travel to the south of France to test the lighter, faster, more powerful and more efficient new SL63 AMG. Read more: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/firstdrives/282664/mercedes_sl63_amg.html Subscribe to Auto Express magazine and get 6 issues for £1 plus a free gift: http://subscribe.autoexpress.co.uk/yt The Mercedes SL has always been a dream car, but it's the range-topping AMG versions that have regularly appeared on the driveways of the rich and famous. This new SL63 AMG is lighter, faster, more powerful and more efficient than the old flagship, so could it be the best yet? New editor Sam Hardy travelled to the South of France to find out. The new SL63 AMG is powered by a 530bhp 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8 and has a price tag of around £100,000. Mercedes also offers a Performance Package, which adds another £10,000 to the price, takes power to 557bhp and increases peak torque from 800Nm to 900Nm.
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Text Comments (202)
Jean Hubsch (2 months ago)
I don’t get how these people review these cars and where their knowledge comes from. The SL predates both the R8 and 911 by years and in the case of the R8; decades. These cars are not built to nearly do the same thing nor are they built for the same buyer. Comparing the SL and SLS is also ridiculous. Over the decades the SL has truly become a class of its own. There is simply nothing like it. Not even Mercedes can built a competitor for it
Jim (1 year ago)
There is nothing wrong with the looks of this Bad Ass Benz!!!. The SL63 AMG Kicks Ass!!!!!!
Alexandre G (2 years ago)
This is not comparable to an R8 or 911.
crackuhjack123 (3 years ago)
Lol biturbo not twin turbo lol
AllenonStage (3 years ago)
My sl65 is v12
666demonknight666 (3 years ago)
The look is starting to grow on me.
quadassio (3 years ago)
Can you take the bumper off the amg and put it on the sl550?
darrenle84 (4 years ago)
Gullwing doors are for sls ... LoL....
Lindani M (4 years ago)
Great review except the closing line....Saying the car lacks the Gullwing doors, come on!
Narrowc ross (4 years ago)
Shame it had to be red, as Black or white and a number of other colors would look much better on this car
danger450 (5 months ago)
Petty much?
Ruozhuo Li (4 years ago)
True! Silver and black for Mercs, red for Ferraris, orange for Lambos, white for Lexus, purple for RRs. 
Narrowc ross (4 years ago)
+Konstantinopoljski Even better 
longhanfei (4 years ago)
hows this car not pretty? it's effin beautiful!! 
666demonknight666 (3 years ago)
it does take a while to warm up to it.  At first I didn't like the headlights and thinks that's the main reason why the front end doesn't look as pretty as it should, but after while it looks pretty damn good.
Mondo (4 years ago)
Hmm ...not sure I'd agree.   There are better looking cars available. Having said that, it is not ugly either.
Levent Ismail (4 years ago)
Rubbish review
Levent Ismail (4 years ago)
+Mo D watch it again and then watch the Chris harris review
Mondo (4 years ago)
How is the review rubbish?  I thought it was unbiased and objective. I have noticed how sensitive Mercedes fans can be whenever their favourite marque is not being unquestionably praised and worshiped. The SL is a wonderful machine ....but that doesn't mean it's perfect.
Gildo Bacci (4 years ago)
great car awful review
03clarkg (5 years ago)
Sorry, but how could you say this is a cheaper version of the SLS? Terrible review
Francia Ortiz (5 years ago)
I like the car but I dislike the guy.
Gaetan Holtz (4 years ago)
You can say that again.
Snakebloke (5 years ago)
He just sounds like the sort of up-tight monotone-voiced Warwick University psychology student...get rid of him
Snakebloke (5 years ago)
What a tool, the car is fantastic looking!
MegaJerryH (5 years ago)
One of the best looking cars there is imo... Maybe he should review Golfs instead.
IKnowBetter (5 years ago)
Really? Lacks Gullwing doors? It's a cabrio, how the hell would those fit? And AMG version looks awesome...
crowman62 (5 years ago)
If a car has an auto box then it's not a sports car.
Pratheesh Srinivasan (5 years ago)
i like auto express but i have a doubt that in normal package have red colour car or in perfomance package only have red colour mercedes
TheGodfatherSahil12 (5 years ago)
This is why I prefer Autocar.
Sam Jones (5 years ago)
I like the look
CarTech (5 years ago)
Looks a lot better in person. Gorgeous car. That guy has frog eyes
Francisco Ricano (5 years ago)
Beautiful car beautiful place!!
Baerchenization (5 years ago)
It's British envy... all Brit reviewers seem to agree that it is ugly. There was another douche bag who said that the front, middle and rear had been designed by 3 different people who didn't talk to each other :) Whatevva... I'd take it! But realistically, I am looking at the previous model, pre-facelift.
Luís Oliveira (5 years ago)
definitely for the guy, such an idiot
Hawaiian Drink (5 years ago)
i WILL have mine in few weeks. Thanks for the video
K JOSH (5 years ago)
So this guy is saying that SL63 is a poor man's SLS...???
Hawaiian Drink (5 years ago)
Mine is on it's way! I'm
Josh Charlie (5 years ago)
Looks amazing in red
graciousSenor (5 years ago)
really diggin the music. if anyone happens to know the name, reply back please!
Snakebloke (5 years ago)
mine is for the guy, the car is fantastic; he on the other hand was about as interesting as a 12 hour lecture on soil composition
Callum Jones (5 years ago)
The water comes out from the wipers on the downward movement, so it's not actually sprayed over the window into the cabin.
Narrowc ross (5 years ago)
Its a great looking car, woulda been better in Black, White or Grey. This red is kinda fruity
johhnny93 (5 years ago)
One of the ugliest cars in the world...good engine & sound though...
Anik Adamali (5 years ago)
if i had 100k to spend on a car i cant think of anything i d rather have
Alaa Boubekri (5 years ago)
dislike for the guy
TheJoeMB (6 years ago)
Many journalists have remarked about the looks of this car. I.e. it isn't all that good looking.
stephano1990 (6 years ago)
Environmental hippies!
stephano1990 (6 years ago)
My desk started vibrating from the engine sound at 1:26! Nice!
Hada Cakraningrat (6 years ago)
I'll take on in red just like this one thank you
hotstixx (6 years ago)
dullest man in the world.
GoFar (6 years ago)
I prefer the the looks of the R230 SL-Class.
Antonius Tyaswidyono (6 years ago)
Antonius Tyaswidyono (6 years ago)
WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. Looks is a bit like taste. I personally liked it. I won't object if you wan to say this car is not pretty, but don't fill your sentences with swearing.
drmanos1 (6 years ago)
135 mpack
bluediamondprincess7 (6 years ago)
are you fucking kidding get your fucking eyes checked you stupid German fuck yuck someone needs to push this shitty car off the side of a cliff
bluediamondprincess7 (6 years ago)
ugly as fuck stupid german fucks
Disinf3ctant (6 years ago)
182 dislikes for not being able to afford one.
Sebastian Damstedt (6 years ago)
What a shitty review...
OfficialHiddentest (6 years ago)
I'm thinking of getting a 135is or a slk 350, so which one should i get?
mammothborderDC (6 years ago)
but the headlights... ugh
Idy N (6 years ago)
what is this accent?
saleh fayez (6 years ago)
2013 911 turbo and this car and thats it pepole
CzarVladimir83 (6 years ago)
This car looks great in person, but it's very unphotogenic, kind of like the ferrari 458, hated it untill I saw it in person at the cavalino
Joao Lamberio (6 years ago)
This guy sounds like human sedative. It's an SL63 for crying out loud man! Nothing personal, but fly me out to Monaco to drive an AMG and I wont be talking about a "lack of Gullwing doors"....I'd be eulogising about how those exhausts lift women's skirts from 50 yards under full throttle!
Diogo Nunes (6 years ago)
it's a monster ;) a monster :)
Law19157 (6 years ago)
Na....its great engine no arguments here i wish I had one, but I say 800+ hp cars are monsters, beasts, Godzillas, freakin ridiculouses etc. :D
Diogo Nunes (6 years ago)
It's a Monster car.... AMG BEST
Law19157 (6 years ago)
It's not a Muscle car...n
Law19157 (6 years ago)
mainlymusicman (6 years ago)
hes right about the car not being involving. the geearbox is crap. waaaay too much lag when using the paddle shifters, not to mention throttle lag. driving experience is not mercedes strong suit. for that you go with BMW.
Zwili Pagliuca (6 years ago)
What a beatiful car :-)
Eugene Nienaber (6 years ago)
What an idiot, even James May sound fun in comparison to this fool.
CarTech (6 years ago)
What a fcking loser... this car in person is amazing and even looks good at 3:10
okiedoke (6 years ago)
this dude sucks balls.
FoxRS (6 years ago)
i'm bored listening something about a Mercedes SL63 AMG. That's not right!
zackmouses (6 years ago)
of course for the man!
shaheertanveerakhan (6 years ago)
Yaawwnn...this guy has the ability to make a Rolls Royce seem like a Ford Fiesta, with the way he talks about the cars.
bosaleh74 (6 years ago)
bosaleh74 (6 years ago)
yes the reviewer is so bad @flamurimercedes
Justin Huynh (6 years ago)
great car. but why would you get this over a 911 turbo cab???
Kilo (6 years ago)
lovely car! boring reviewer...
biglounumber12 (6 years ago)
The car is nice!! He should have drove a SILVER one.
mark marshall (6 years ago)
its always fucking raining overthere
FR (6 years ago)
Thumb up if you agree---All the DISLIKES go FOR the Reviewer.The Mercedes-Benz SL is Beautiful<3<3<3
set2light (6 years ago)
Overrated, overpriced, and absolutely flogged by the Nissan GT-R. Finally, the exhaust note is a cop cat of the american muscle car.
mainlymusicman (6 years ago)
wanna bet? i just bought and sold(because it sucked) a 2012 cls 63. i posted a vid of it. and you will see in the comments what i thought about it. exhaust note is ok, but way over rated. and that was the only good thing about the car, other than exterior looks. glad im rid of it.
Sebastian Stanglmeier (6 years ago)
Why does every reviewer of the SL want it to be a super car? It's a Grand Tourer that is meant for luxury and speed and isn't meant to be their flag ship supercar unlike the SLR and SLS.
Sebastian Stanglmeier (6 years ago)
You clearly have never owned or been in a mercedes
AmbienceLover (6 years ago)
Did he say...... "SR63" ?? 0:16
dolgabarctique (6 years ago)
157 dislike for the guy or for the car
luskimarli (6 years ago)
well... allmost fell a sleep, damn this brat is a boring fellah
CarTech (6 years ago)
Who the fuck is this reviewer? GTFO loser
mainlymusicman (6 years ago)
you gotta hand it to mercedes, they sure know how to pull the wool over their customers eyes,. offering lower quality interiors(ie fake leather) horrible seats(too narrow) and interiors are slapped together and start to rattle and fall apart a moth after you get them. BMWs are then cheaper and rape mercedes in every category.
valerie59999 (6 years ago)
Should have given the car to TheGetawayer ! He just reviewed the new SLK 55 AMG ...Check it out, great great sound : watch?v=8nHePRU_k7U&feature=g-­­u-u
Abdulraheem Al-Kurdi (6 years ago)
moran koole (6 years ago)
sorry that car is the guy
moran koole (6 years ago)
that guy is hot
Jason Gallardo (6 years ago)
I'm sorry, but the guy driving a car that expensive and wearing white tennis shoes to me is just tacky. Should have went with black instead.
Van brewski (6 years ago)
i think they were smoking something at mercedes when they came up with this design
Łukasz Kotkowski (6 years ago)
haha, true. After seeing Mat's reviews anything else just cannot even compare with him ;] Great one
CarTech (6 years ago)
GTFO where is Matt???
Terrance Collins (6 years ago)
The front of the car is so ugly, they need to do a facelift quickly!...The rear is amazing though
Armin Dizdarevic (6 years ago)
oh and it doesnt compares to r8 or 911 it compares to jaguar xkr or bmw z4
Armin Dizdarevic (6 years ago)
why does everyone says that this car is ugly, its beautiful. I think its better looking than any other sl and one of the most beautiful new mercedes models
Justin_ (6 years ago)
It looks better than u
monacoer (6 years ago)
what is wrong with the designer .. Damn
monacoer (6 years ago)
i think that is ugly

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