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Have women lost respect for men

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goodtagosoloo (8 months ago)
Women respect noone. They dont even trust or respect each other. Its pretty much every man and woman for themselves. At least thats how its been in NewYork the last 30 years
Dunhill Dunhill (9 months ago)
I respect men.
Dunhill Dunhill (9 months ago)
I respect women. Fuck feminism
Stephen Ray (1 year ago)
You mean.... make it harder for men my age to where good men get the shit end. The past of how people treated each other fucks good people born later!
Stephen Ray (1 year ago)
Do you realize what men have built for women in history and these times. Let's look at the men who made everything we see today. Thomas Eddison: the light bulb D.C (Direct Current) of a resistor against protons and electrons. Nicolas Tesla: invented A.C (Alternating Current) and made it possible to turn D.C into A.C of reverse polarity of positive and negative charged particles. He also invented (Radio Transmission) in which "Amplifies" and repeats signals through "Hertz" (Radio Frequency) to other object's to make them operate from distances. Henry Ford: inventor of  the "Model T" if you don't know why that is, can't help you. Anyways.... the moral to the history lesson is.... not all men are bad! And men do have it worse than women. "No Contest" because women "manipulate" men thinking it's all about them. I could care less about your vagina, because it most likely isn't all that great in passion love making anyways. I kmow a lot and it's never about " ego" it's about living in this Society in which women nowadays make it impossible for men. And trust me, I have heard it all. If you read this far, tell me something that makes you different. Yes, you can reply however you want and that's your choice. Do know thst I can block women too and I..... am giving you a chance, not the other way around. I don't need your "approval" to show you who I am. 😙😉 Name one invention a woman has made that changed history dramatically? Besides having kids.... Look it up in Google. Women only claim 5.5% of any invention ever made and yet they are based on what men have already helped to produce. So........ You Women are equal to men?  Doubtful!
Indie Originals (1 year ago)
DRUM AND BASS (1 year ago)
I think I've found my perfect wife! haha

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