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Dee Santiago (1 month ago)
This was my childhood best friend - we all felt her murder - horrible - her family are so strong and were DEVASTATED. I remember this like yesterday - my other friend coming to our door that cold day screaming....christine is dead ... WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU - 125th family
Donna G (4 months ago)
I know one of the cold case detectives who was working on this case in the 1990's.  He is retired now, but it has haunted him all these years.  I hope with all my heart that the new technology enables this crime to finally be solved and justice brought to the guilty so that this poor little girl's loved ones can have closure.
Taliea Washington (8 months ago)
Terrible I pray they find those guys
dominick strain (9 months ago)
RIP sweetie, I pray they get the bastard that did this to you!!!
Denise Gregory (9 months ago)
That poor, poor girl. She died horrifically. I’m glad that the dna from the scene has been kept safely & really hope the lowlife(s) responsible is already in the system once they get the results. R.I.P Christine.
Hopefully one day it will lead to the killer.
Madd Maxx (9 months ago)
Poor baby girl😔 my heart aches for her father..Justice for this sweet angel.
Trust No One (9 months ago)
Can you do one on Jholie Moussa
Jonathan Turbide (9 months ago)
Poor cutie. Glad these investigators are not giving up hope to find the sick fuck who did this. Thanks for sharing. 🌹
No I'm hoping they will solve it, especially now they are having a second in depth look.
TISH KerrVille (9 months ago)
Can't believe the HELL NYC detectives see on a daily basis ...damn,,,evil!
TISH KerrVille (9 months ago)
Missing Kids Rescued Kids 2 have to unsuB,,,sorry, had a horrifying childhood myself ..if i was wealthy i would leave this disgusting country for good,,thank you for your awareness
I know, they are some of the strongest people because I don't how they could do it and not want to take these guys out and but a bullet in them.
Claire Mahony (9 months ago)
OMGolly ..... What a heartbreaking case! I feel for the father! Where is the mother in all this? (Has she died not knowing what happened? 😢)
Her Mother was beyond heart broken, she is still alive as far as I'm aware and so her Father is the one who has faced the media. Christine also had a younger sister who was 5 at the time of her murder.
Laura Metheny (9 months ago)
RIP poor young lady. So horrible and ridiculous to kill a child-anyone but a child?-for THAT. No reason no excuse. They have plenty of other outlets. SMH. I hope and pray that the DNA will catch this sick monster. Sadly they have probably never stopped since they weren't caught. Unless they offed themselves out of guilt....thankyou Missing.😡😥💔👼
At least they have DNA in this case, I'm hopeful that one day it will used to eventually catch the killer. It seems to me that some perp has been lucky up until now but I never give up in these cases as Jacob Wetterling case has proven with the DNA from Jarrod bringing down Jacobs killer.
Trust No One (9 months ago)
Justice for Christine!😭 #notificationsquad
Trust No One (9 months ago)
Missing Kids Rescued Kids 2 your welcome ❤️ this is my favorite channel. You cover cases that I don't hear of or not big on media.
Definitely and let's hope the investigators will find it, thanks notification squad 👍🏻
SandyzSerious (9 months ago)
Poor little thing.
SandyzSerious (8 months ago)
Missing Kids Rescued Kids 2 Sorry, I didn't mean it harmful.
Claire Mahony (9 months ago)
It may not have been written / meant as a bad thing but I'm just putting it out there that is very disrespectful to refer to a girl as a thing.
It's ok, Sandy didn't mean it in that way. We are all friends here x
Claire Mahony (9 months ago)
SandyzSerious ..... poor little girl you mean ..... she wasn't a 'thing'!
Seema Wati (9 months ago)
So very tragic for any child to go through... i hope they find the culprit someday
They have DNA so there is hope, there is always hope x
Louisa Jenness (9 months ago)
Poor girl. But what took the police so long to test the DNA? We've had the right technology for a while now.
Police tracked down Cherokee and his friend and collected DNA samples from both men. The strategy was to match the DNA to evidence found on Christine’s body. But the technology available in the mid-90s couldn’t link the DNA to either man -- or any other suspect for that matter. Once again, the case went cold.
Gia *diva* Kenzo (9 months ago)
OMG! Poor girl, she deserves justice. My heart goes to her father and all her loved ones... I really hope that justice will be served :'( R.I.P. Christine❣️
Gia *diva* Kenzo (9 months ago)
I hope they'll give everything in their power, to close this sad case, asap!
So do I and I'm glad after 30 odd years the investigators are not giving up.

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