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Do OR Can Women Love and Respect Men - MGTOW

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Do OR Can Women Love and Respect Men - MGTOW I ask the question do or can women love and respect man and I try to provide the answer. Join me, Howard Dare for Do OR Can Women Love and Respect Men - MGTOW and other MGTOW related topics. We Need Your Support: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RP7SAZRNRT3QL Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3190267 Howard Dare YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs-brcHDxKqrOGU9cEWuCMQ Thank you everyone.
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Fortunat Reiser (9 months ago)
Sometimes I wonder about the backlash the inevitable breakdown of the current godless and men-hostile system will produce...will there be vicious attacks on leftists, minorities and women by the white men looking for revenge and to reestablish the benign patriarchy that has through its very success allowed this absolute nightmare to happen in the first place? I certainly hope so - I can't wait to see the ensuing political carnage from my new residence country in orthodox Eastern Europe...
Wishfull ThinkN (11 months ago)
I think it is howardly possible in this day and age...
City Hunter (11 months ago)
Excellent progression in the deconstruction & explanation of ideas in the video! @Howard Dare at 0.42secs: there's actually two videos you made with almost the same title ("you" / "men"), which one should i check? the oldest one with 98 thousand views o the following one?
Howard Dare (11 months ago)
I have to reuse them. I've only got so many title in me. I've at least three 'she's the boss' thumbnails as well. Thanks watching and comment City Hunter.
BlueJayRobin (11 months ago)
Is it Good Thinking to respect your Thots?
ajones990 (11 months ago)
As the population grows, the significance of the individual is diminished. Carl jung talked about it in one of his books.
Male Empires (11 months ago)
Youtube took it upon itself to unsubscribe me from you. FUCK YOU YOUTUBE!
Kenneth Kaiser (11 months ago)
Women don't respect any man unless they fear him. That's the only way they will respect a man. About love - a woman is capable of love but it is only a fleeting feeling. It doesn't benefit women to love or to fall in love. It isn't in their best interest and since the time of cavemen women knew that loving a man was a.detriment to her own life. If she loved the man she is with and maybe has a child with and that man got killed during the hunt or a fight with another tribe or just another member in his own tribe, and died or if he got injured and could no longer hunt or move when the seasons changed or to follow the Buffalo or whatever, he cannot provide for her and she has to be able to move on to the next man who is willing to take her and provide for her. If she showed any emotions over her previous provider being gone she could be thrown out of the tribe for good and her children also. The kid(s) could be killed by the new provider because he doesn't want to feed another man's kids so, he kills them and if she showed love and got upset for them she could be next. Women need to be able to jump ship and monkey branch on a minute's notice. It is a risk to her life to love someone. So, over the course of time, women inherently can turn on the act of love to trap her choice of provider for the resources he has or she can turn it off like a hose bib in an instant and say things like she never loved you or treat you as if you were just a one night stand when you were together for eight years. They have the ability to cut men off and never look back and that is one of the things that gets men so crazy and bewildered because its so unbelievable how women can just instantly become the coldest, most hateful, evil cunts when they want to be. Most of you men who have had a wife or girlfriend that you loved completely and thought she felt the same only to have her rip out your beating heart and take a bite, spit it on the floor, and throw the rest in the street and stomp on it, and you are in disbelief and it just doesn't make sense how she can be that way. That's her inherent female nature at its finest act of self preservation. A woman will kill her own child if it comes down to her or the kid, most of the time. That's why abortions are done. It may have a slight impact physically and maybe emotionally for a short period but it's just another day in the life of being a woman. Love for a woman is what she feels about her shoe collection or her jewelry or the alimony check she gets. Hell, they don't even love themselves.
Kenneth Kaiser (8 months ago)
ace0577 --- thanks, ace I know most people won't take the 30 seconds or minute required to read a comment as "long" as that one but, I truly believe it sums up the subject pretty well. It's not a difficult thing to come up with that answer. It's all really basic and for anyone who has been treated this way by a woman, will see how it makes perfect sense on why women do what they do and act how they act. As mysterious and secretive women seem to be to men, which they are, their basic instincts are just that, basic instincts. That will never change. Their bottom line is to survive by being provided for. They will do whatever necessary to insure that happens. Thanks again, Ace for the compliment
Save (8 months ago)
Kenneth Kaiser Best Comment
windwisper89 (11 months ago)
Nah, i don't care pretty much about everything other than her fertility. As long, she can be that useful, i pretty much don't care what she is. Oh, i want loyalty and commitment, i don't want your love. I don't need it. Marriage is contractual job for me.
r91325 (11 months ago)
One thing you are not considering is replacement rates - fewer families equals fewer children; fewer children equals extinction of any culture within only a few generations.
r91325 (11 months ago)
2254. Yes, I did that in my head - simple. (23*100) - 46 = 2254. Easier to understand than your grammar and spelling, LOL!
DUDAH (11 months ago)
okey just one last thing i am writing PROPERLY i do not use punctuation but the case is this i make you get through an obstacle course and you make me go through an obstacle course with no marked end or ways to get through any of the things on it so at least with a bit A LITTLE bit of efford you can understand it does not take as much brain power as mathematics like 23X98 now this conversation is disbanned
r91325 (11 months ago)
Believe it or not, I would prefer most women, particularly my wife, to care for my children rather than any robot. Even with Moore's law, it would take decades, if not centuries for AI to replicate the behavioral and decision making capabilities that humans have, even against modern women. Not to mention how important it is for children to engage in human contact, especially with their mothers while young. Meanwhile, thanks for your MGTOW musical recommendations. The only other constructive comment I have is that anyone can write the way they want to, but you are not T.S. Eliot, nor are you writing poetry, but prose. Therefore, consistency with English grammar counts. ajdjaeirupeiii......Did you understand that? I didn't think so.
DUDAH (11 months ago)
r91325 i know that punctuations matter but this is the internet i have teh freedom and i choose not to use them so i will make my comments simpler so okey you are a man who has decided that robots should not take care of kids okey well let me tell you something yes i said the same stuff MGTOWs say but i mean come on better have the robots take care of the kids than women and us men working on ourselves and mankind like i imagine we will still be doing our best to make sure that mankind continues even if not fine what is the problem NONE but i mean if it ain't broke why fix have you though about it like every year the speed of development of AI increases about twice so in a few decades 2 3 maybe 4 we will have them right here nurchuring young men i personally do not want kids many men do on the otehr hand so i see it as a thing taht will work and hey oil was once considered an annoyence until a man though of it workign the same with thchnology teh idea is it will all be fine when women die out and i imagine men will mutate themselves or naturaly to have no more balls maybe a dick to piss but they will lose sex drive tho what negatives this may have i do not know like now if a man does not fap or have sex he gets this HIGH ENERGY but will we still have it in the future this is why i think genetical mutation will be great so taht we become the good mankind the best there ever could be also here are 2 GREAT MGTOW SONGS FOR YOU if you want of course "The Greatest MGTOW Song Ever | TrueGritProductions" AND "Going My Own Way - MGTOW song"
r91325 (11 months ago)
Yes, women are the same instinctively everywhere, but their behavior will differ with how they were raised along with cultural expectations. That provides a better advantage for any man willing to consider Eastern Europe, Asia, or Latin America as their stopping ground. But your success as a man will depend upon the quality of your decisions along with your behavior. As you know, you are ultimately responsible as a man whereas women are never responsible for anything, no matter where they are from, just like a dog will only behave so well as it is trained by its master. As a man, you are your own master and must master your environment, including any woman in your life if you so choose. Otherwise, life is fraught with risk, and was certainly much more difficult for most people around the world even 100 years ago. That's why patriarchal values worked so well up until recently. Modern advances create modern problems with all our spare time and propensity toward thought, imagination, and higher ideals. But in the hands of a woman, time creates a void that is more difficult to fill from a relative mental vacuum, and that's when women start imagining all sorts of problems that don't exist while blaming men for them. Like I said before, it depends upon how any man decides to handle that risk, if at all. Therefore, your personal composure, insight, and leadership skills will always be the key. Meanwhile, are you going to raise your child with a robot or do it yourself? Your ambivalence with this statement indicates to me that you haven't really given it serious thought, but are just parroting various MGTOW ideas without realizing how they should apply for you. But a robot? You can't be serious! On what fantasy land do you live? Star Trek? I don't care how advanced our technology becomes, you will never see AI on par with human intelligence and behavior within the visible future, perhaps ever! Lastly, it would be helpful for all of us reading your comments if you were to use appropriate punctuation to more clearly define your thoughts and ideas with grammatically correct sentence structure. Otherwise, your posts are a nightmare to read.
531greyghost (11 months ago)
women have no capacity to love and never had it. A woman's display of indearment for anything or anybody including children (even her own) is for the purpose of what is in it for her.
Chris Ashcroft (11 months ago)
They keep wanting to impose their will and be the boss. That position is taken.
joegoogle68 (11 months ago)
women don't even hide their hatred and disrespect for men any more, then come right out and berate you, esp. in 1 on 1 conversations (b/c afterwards they can make up whatever they want and have everyone believe them, even if they attacked and insulted you and you just took it and smiled...they will say you were disrespectful to them and made them feel afraid and sacred of that big bad man! - everyone will take their lies as GOSPEL, the police even will too...which is why DON'T EVER HAVE 1 ON 1 CONVERSATIONS WITH ANY WOMAN...ALWAYS MAKE sure there is at least 1 witness with you, even if it's another woman).
MandrillMonk (11 months ago)
It all comes down to morals and they have none. People always try and shame me but I not the one that was sent to prison, I work they don’t, I built my life with hard work and suffering, they sponge of the state or lay on the backs. I show respect for others and they use and manipulate others. These are the ones bringing up the next generation, no wonder things are going down the toilet backed by the government.
Mene Freghista (11 months ago)
Howard is so right!!! Don't go MGTOW with the sole hope that you will live to see the collapse. That's not victory. Go MGTOW regardless of what will happen to society. Go MGTOW because it is what is best for you, even if it means that you may end up being the only MGTOW left on the planet as all the men return to the plantation.
devilmike (11 months ago)
Women just have small man syndrome that's all.
George Wallace (11 months ago)
You know, Michael? You have just about summed it all up perfectly
Robert Coughlin (11 months ago)
The original vows for the bride was "to love, honor and obey". So, marriage is dead. Women killed it.
Mr Man (11 months ago)
I respect myself as a man.
George Wallace (11 months ago)
Speaking as we must in general terms, and not wishing to get all Jordan Petersen on you 'cause he does offer a lot of drive-by opinions (and made himself a rich superstar doing it), women no longer have the capacity to love as their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers did. It was to be expected. It may not even be entirely their "fault" given the feminist indoctrination and hyper-competitiveness of modern society. This shit show is began in the Sixties.
DUDAH (11 months ago)
george wallace women have NEVER had the ability to love if they fell in love like men then while we were still cavemen and cavewomen they would b less productivve for the group after their man dies because of the emotional damage it would cause and if there was a better man in the group as in his genes better she would not mate with him and so there would not be such strong kids which decreases tehsurvival capabilities of humanity so plain and simple women can NOT love
George Wallace (11 months ago)
Let's not swoon over Jordan Petersen-the man who said MGTOW were "weasels" before he knew the slightest thing about MGTOW. Or -a personal fave of mine-"chronic pain is a symptom of depression in middle age older men." The assertion that chronic pain is a psychosomatic symptom of depression is the most breathtakingly asinine statement I have ever heard from an ostensibly knowledgeable, erudite person. Chronic pain most certainly causes depression in males (and females, children and chimps), but depression most certainly does not "cause" chronic pain. There has never been a case in medical history when a torn ruptured lumbar disc was caused by a bad mood.
George Wallace (11 months ago)
Sure, Howard, if that's your real name, you and I and about three million others have watched JP's videos. You can hang or mix it up with me as you please. I am certain it will be fun and informative. Gosh knows the Clinton voters had a real blast with me in the Fall of 2016. I was really referring to Petersen's tendency to base conclusions on very wide general samples (and get shit wrong often as not)-the "drive-by" thing-, again, as we must do when we are discussing social issues or sociological phenomena in macro terms. I have commented on many of your videos and have commented in many of your live chats and you and anyone who is familiar what I have written in the past, or, indeed, have commented in a thread in the comments section of this very video know damn well that is NOT what I am suggesting at all. IAM suggesting that women have lost the capacity to love and be loved because of the choices they have made. Furthermore, I am firmly convinced that there is a great deal we can do to turn this tide and I believe the current men's movement which MGTOW is a part has begun to do it by calling bullshit loudly and often on a fallacious modern social construct which has made men AND women miserable, poor, and alone.
Howard Dare (11 months ago)
Don't try to get all Jordan Peterson on me because I've watch many of his videos and I will go Jordan Peterson on you. But, seriously are you suggesting that women are little more then vassals into which social expectations are poured? Is there nothing men can do to turn this tide?
Tango Mike (11 months ago)
Should they and, if so, why?
Mark Moore (11 months ago)
jason speratos (11 months ago)
Women are a liability, no shame in living monk.
Man on the street (11 months ago)
I was watching a movies as the hero was giving toast to his wife saying: I am not worthy of having this great lady; and bitches all over got all wet thinking that all guys should tell us so. I am not sure, please correct me if I am wrong, did anyone watch any movies as a wife stood up to say to a crowd: I AM NOT WORTHY OF HAVING THIS MAN?
Prune Juice Power (11 months ago)
Great insight into the importance of differences in ability and status between partners. How can a woman respect a man for what a man has earned and built if she instantly claims it all as her own.
Steve (11 months ago)
It used to be; "When hunger knocks on the door, love goes out the window" but when they bureaucratized compassion in the mid 60's it's more like; "When love goes out the window hunger/greed knocks at the door."
Dnizzle25 (11 months ago)
All romantic love is conditional
tjhammer24 (11 months ago)
Dnizzle25 go over to an ear for men and be red pilled on the catastrophic fallacy that is romantic love
UltimateBargains (11 months ago)
A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so. Guess who is the scorpion and who is the frog?
J. P. (11 months ago)
Traditional women's wedding vows were to "Love, Honor, and Obey".
Conrad Kujur (11 months ago)
Which they definitely should dominant men are needed for better sexual and romantic dominance. They should know their place
Howard Dare (11 months ago)
You're right.
UltimateBargains (11 months ago)
RESPECT is far more important than love. I recently learned a very harsh, painful lesson about the difference between love and respect. Any woman who disrespects you, dump her.
tjhammer24 (11 months ago)
UltimateBargains proper healthy pair bonding I understand to be a healthy exchange between cherishment and respect. Not at the expense of respect. A higher level red flag
Mr Man (11 months ago)
UltimateBargains. Respect is everything
Wolf Dude (11 months ago)
Women will never respect men, because the modern man has no more self-control on his basic desires, and i'm not saying it's his fault alone... no! but there is also this sexualisation of almost everything in this era, that made men receptors go crazy, and become easily stimulated. On the other hand... women! and as we know... they have a gift of spotting interest of men (even if it's just a judgement interest with no intention of mating) , this interest gives their ego a big boost, and manifest their superiority causing a really fast change of mood (accordingly)... so in a blink of an eye she's another person (i think most of you can relate to...) Why superiority cause disrespect? ...well you don't need to be a woman to be able to relate to this, just be honest and tell me how much you respect the people you feel superior to (unless you're practicing... honestly, some Religious, Buddhist, or Moral principles that state you should respect humans no matter their statue or sex... which is highly improbable... otherwise you'll be disrespecting people without even noticing, since it's a human nature) So in conclusion, women DO respect men, you just have to be a man! (a real one)
BlueJayRobin (11 months ago)
A woman will always respect a man's Fat Wallet. She may even respect it enough to take it and all it contains for *her own* , no man needed at all. Let the man sleep in the street. She has got what she wants.
531greyghost (11 months ago)
A woman's respect is based purely on her necessity to display it. The government that (she voted for) at gun point gets her what she wants from men. No need for loyalty or respect needed and none given because it is not natural for a woman.
Joseph Velasquez (11 months ago)
Turkish March on the background :D
Jaco (10 months ago)
Joseph Velasquez And “Flight of the Bumblebee”. haha
EsotericOccultist (11 months ago)
Women love what men can do and provide for them.
I value purple haired, overweight, foul mouthed, pierced, tattoed gender fluid oestrogen carriers. Lovely...
adryssss (11 months ago)
I am done with them . Less problems happier life .
Wolf Dude (11 months ago)
First age has nothing to do with what i've said, but experience does (and i'm almost 30 if that makes you feel better). And believe it or not, i've been accused of rape in my own country (a country that idolize tourists) from a British girl who came to my home by herself, ate my food, slept under my roof for a whole weak for free, and using me as a sex tool while making me think i was the one who beg for sex (in other words saying amen to whatever she want). I'll be honest back then i was a kid who's just experiencing women from all the colors and shapes, while telling them whatever they want to hear to have sex (First mistake: giving hopes). Also i didn't show my real interests, and i was easily manipulated (and women are good at this), and tolerate drama, and lot of other mistakes that i'm really shameful to even state. When the girl discovered that i wasn't planning to marry her nor thinking something serious (i was a kid just digging his way through life), she returned from England and set me up with the help of some "weak men" who were gladly helping her in the hope of getting some sex in return. The only thing that save me from this rape accusations is her lust, a sex-tape that we did (believe or not it was her idea) and she thought i deleted it, but i didn't otherwise i'll be serving in jail until now. And no one to blame but me for being stupid and underestimating women, but her mistake thinking i was that stupid just for being from a shithole country. honestly, now i don't trust women... not even my mom or sisters, i have special treatment with them but no trust.
George Wallace (11 months ago)
man, if you don't know how easily a chick can set up a guy, now.... Dude, she can pick a fight and have him in cuffs in ten minutes and it is GAME OVER for him. If you don't dig that, then I respectfully suggest your experience with the "fair" sex is limited. And FFS don't come around here with your "weak men" jazz, bro. Who ya think is getting accused of this shit every day- the 'weak' guys?? Not trying to jump your shit, man, but really??? Did you tell some female at work that her hair looked nice? Bingo, homeboy! You were sexually harassing her! Doesn't matter what YOU were thinking or that you'd rather have your teeth drilled than get in her bloomers It's what SHE thinks YOU were thinking. The STRONG guys are getting swatted like flies till only the weak are left which is exactly what they wanted. Wake up. I remember bein' 22, too.
adryssss (11 months ago)
Ayoub Douidi if thats your choice by all means go for it . Just be warned once you step in that game you can be fucked side ways even you did nothing. Sure go for it . For Others people out there we been there we tried and most us got tired of it. So we said fuck it and chose to walk away from it. We won't try to stop you from doing rather i would warm others about some form of danger .
Wolf Dude (11 months ago)
I'll be honest with you all, it's just today i've heard about the MGTOW movement, and i've been charmed with it on many levels, and i can relate to the perspective you're putting here... yet i have no attention leaving "Fake men" making more "Fake men", spreading their weak genes, and giving us a generation of wimps. I love women... true women in nature not the brainwashed, not the even the one with the slave mental disorder. woman as the compassionate and respectful being, who is willing to push her man forward emotionally so he can make your way in this dark ages where women are just a peniseless men. I do believe a real man can summon this nature in any woman if he's smart enough and willing to invest time, to know where she went down the hill. I was able to experience this in my relations and i noticed that women are willing to treat you as a man if you behave as a man. (believe me some of them even offered to clean my clothes and appartement, and showed indirectly a skill to handle kids , even tho they never did this before, since they've always seen themselves as "strong woman". I've believe in all the above and I'll marry and love (in a sense of caring and protect), and be moderately passionate about it, BUT i'll never lower my guard, not even once, mistakes are unforgiving and passively punished! (i know it's a hard way of living at the beginning, but by time it became natural.) Also I'll rise my son as a Man son of man and i'll never let him frequent his mom too much, and supervise my wife on the rising of my daughter in feminine way (or i'll be making another Feminist that think she is a man) Just be man, and know that men in nature are exclusive.
George Wallace (11 months ago)
The MGTOW thing is probably a passive-aggressive response. On the other hand, why would any rational man enter into a negotiation with someone who is not acting in good faith? Why would any rational man compete, and make no mistake about it-the dynamic between males and females is entirely competitive and not co-operative as it once was and it starts in kindergarten and stops on the Olympic alpine course-when his competitor has every advantage? Why would he bring his competitor home to live with him? If he is more successful with a better career, he could find himself in jail-no more career. Why would a rational man allow himself to be used as a sperm bank for his genetics and the material goods he can provide to be discarded later? Women will always want to breed and though it may well be politically incorrect, it entirely rational that he should wish to dictate, or at the very least, negotiate the terms. if you get any of this, you understand the man movement.
Bain Matasaran (11 months ago)
Woman are manipulator and user
bkolban (11 months ago)
Some hunters respect their prey -- and still kill it
9unner22 (11 months ago)
respect coming from an unrespectable source is meaningless
bkolban (11 months ago)
Jakab Gipsz (11 months ago)
There are no female hunters because they can't just nag the prey to death.
Legendary (11 months ago)
When did women start to respect men?
Legendary (10 months ago)
I watched a video about some old Sumerian or so stone tablets, and one of them had a personal message from her the wife to the husband, the message contained nagging, saying you took the textiles to sell them, sell the textiles and send me money, as well as when are we going to get our second store/floor on the house, our neighbours have one in construction, when are we going to have one. This stone tablet was around 4,000 years old, the disrespect has been going on since ancient times, they never will respect men, deep down love and respect is not in the cards. Now you pose an interesting question, when WILL they respect men, that is simple to answer when there are far fewer men-(Utilities) than women, something noticeable like a 70% women to 30% men ratio, maybe then, and I am stretching that prediction. And yet I believe even if there is respect in some form or shape, it won't be because of one being a man, it would be respect towards the utility part.
Jaco (10 months ago)
Legendary You mean ... “When WILL women start to respect men”?
Luc Chasse (11 months ago)
I repeat GO MONK!
MGTOW-J (11 months ago)
Luc Chasse monk mode is the best life
toneman335 (11 months ago)
Too many men are Beta and have the go along to get along mentality Women don't respect a a male that thinks this way and in effect does not like a man as desires.
Common Man V.3 (11 months ago)
No women can't love or respect men.
Flemish Templar (11 months ago)
Good video howard!! +first ;)
Flemish Templar (11 months ago)
You can always try, those who are persistent, will at the end get the victory.
Howard Dare (11 months ago)
Thanks Flemish, I don't think YT is going to let me release it.

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