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Let's Play Secrets of Grindea Arcade Mode Episode 21 - Dirty Dirty Cheater (But Floor 6 Cleared!)

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Whoooo! The Roguelike mode has finally been released! Named "Arcade Mode", this game type resets your character every time you die and features room-based progression. It also has many of the items and enemies you may find while playing the story mode as well as unique events and minigames. Spoiler Alert: I LOVE THIS MODE :D. In this series, I'll cover a particular build each episode and hopefully identify the pros and cons of each. Meanwhile, I'll also try and get as far as I can in the progression tree as far as quests, town upgrades and levels go. Many Pies will be slaughtered, none will be missed. Ever wanted to play Zelda Online? While developing your own character with unique skills? With a very robust/fluid combat system? And having a side roguelike mode for longevity and challenge? If any of this interests you, Secrets of Grindea is the game for you. Secrets of Grindea is an online ARPG with many hints of zeldas tossed in there. The combat system is very combo-able and rewards skillfully timed actions. A room-by-room Roguelike mode is currently being developed by the Secrets of Grindea development team (Pixel Ferrets) Secrets of Grindea main website: http://www.secretsofgrindea.com/ Secrets of Grindea is currently in Closed Beta with the beta sign up here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/secrets-of-grindea/forum/thread/register-here1 Follow Secrets of Grindea Here: @PixelFerrets Developer Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/fred_pixelferrets/profile Music in middle of video: Curious Critters Music by Matthew Pablo http://www.matthewpablo.com http://www.youtube.com/user/letspretendxc0re ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Check out my channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/IHeartPieGaming Add me on Skype (iheartcakez) if you want to meet/talk to/play with some cool people! Music from outro is from MiTiS Find him here: https://soundcloud.com/mitis Intro music: Happy Lullaby (Song 17) - Cynicmusic Find it here: http://opengameart.org/content/happy-lullaby-song17 Follow me on Twitter @IHeartPieGaming for updates + gaming stoofs :3! Recommend me games by email at [email protected]! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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Text Comments (17)
HighlandYuki (4 years ago)
Impressive. I came here because I have a hard, hard time to make it past level 3. I wasn't sure what to invest my next 10 essence in (I got the 25 extra HP one). You said that the squire sword sucks? A 2h sword gives more range, i never thought of it like that.
HighlandYuki (4 years ago)
Ok, thanks. Might be what I need to defeat the Slimey boss.
IHeartPieGaming (4 years ago)
I said the squire sword was useless cuz I already started with the 1handed sword talent :3. 2h sword has longer range, higher per hit damage and higher burst skills. 1h sword has faster attack speed, better stun lock and better sustained damage skills. This makes the 1h better for monsters with long delays after attacks and stun lockable enemies. The 2h is better for big mobs of enemies and bosses with short delay between attacks :3.
Blaise Vought (5 years ago)
Just noticed that the boss thing for Halloweed says Helloweed and the attack thing in the bottom right says the correct spelling >.<
IHeartPieGaming (5 years ago)
Huh... that's actually interesting. Which name is right? Maybe it's supposed to be Halloweed, but since it's a boss, it's a "Hell"oweed? xD No idea =P.
Misaky Darkwalker (5 years ago)
There was a statue of you in town! :o congratz on beating it XD
IHeartPieGaming (5 years ago)
Yeah! That has been there for a while tho =P. I think it updates based on highest score got? And thanks! :D
Cole McEgg (5 years ago)
FINALY MOAR also I love you and will love your videos forever you deserve more subs :)
IHeartPieGaming (5 years ago)
Thanks again! :D. Love you too, kind sir! :3.
SecretsOfGrindea (5 years ago)
Haha, someone finally found that exploit! We stumbled upon it ourselves about a week ago, so it will be removed when the Steam patch comes though. :( Exploit or no exploit, I think you deserved seeing the end screen :P Btw, I'm really sorry to disappoint your viewers, but the Steam stable build actually isn't public! It's still restricted access, but those invited can choose between playing a stable build (for making videos and such) or a fresh build (for testing new stuff).
IHeartPieGaming (5 years ago)
Damn, I thought I was the most amazazingest tester ever for finding it =P. Awwwwww.... whoops. My bad on that one then. I'll notify people in the next video then =P. Thanks for the info!
Frenxir (5 years ago)
IHeartCheatingGaming... Dishonour on you, dishonour on your cow... Mulan quotes aside, thank Cernunnos you found out about this exploit, it kinda breaks the entire challenging part of the game
IHeartPieGaming (5 years ago)
My cow is shaking his head at me right now. He disowned me after seeing this video.... I am now a cowless man =[. Apparently they found the exploit before and fixed it already T-T.
SoyBoyGaming (5 years ago)
Cheating? Mexican behavior. Upvoted.
IHeartPieGaming (5 years ago)
Haha, if you can't beat them... change your shirt repeatedly =P. That's more like Fashion Model Behavior =P.
DrZebraPoison (5 years ago)
Congrats! You finally did it! It doesn't feel right that the mayor shank'd you at the end, but congrats all the more!
IHeartPieGaming (5 years ago)
I know right! I mean, I'm doing all this for him, growing his town, killing bandits for the umpteenth time... why's he gotta be so mean?

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