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Top 10 Unanswered Endgame Questions

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As the finale of most MCU storylines, Avengers: Endgame tried to wrap up most of the storylines over the 22 films, however here are a few questions we still need answers to! From the multiple timelines, to Captain America and Red Skull, as well as who will replace Thanos, these are the questions that were left unanswered. How many times did you see Avengers: Endgame? Check out these other great videos: 10 Times Marvel Trailers Lied To You - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fINkaJoRnl0 Does Avengers: Endgame’s Time Travel Make Sense? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_QQMhZIITw Top 10 Things You Missed In Avengers: Endgame - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbd4j2tfaoM Watch the video at http://www.WatchMojo.com/ #AvengersEndgame #MarvelCinematicUniverse #AvengeTheFallen Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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WatchMojo.com (4 days ago)
Hey so the Russo's confirmed that Loki created an alternate timeline when he took the Space Stone. Do you think we'll learn more about this version of Loki once the Disney+ show is released?
Raja Kohli (42 minutes ago)
+Dan Rather you are right but remember that Loki escaped in a time when strange did not have any powers and he went to space where strange won't go because he only protects the earth
Dan Rather (4 hours ago)
+Raja Kohli That's an interesting theory you have there. But why would Dr. Strange not go after Loki AGAIN like he did in Thor: Ragnarok..? Strange obviously feels Loki is a real threat to Earth after all..??
MLG GAMER (2 days ago)
Hopefully so. I wonder what mischief he'll get into?
STEAMPUNK (2 days ago)
Ryan Beers (3 days ago)
I'd hope we did learn more about that once the disney +show comes out 🤬..!!
ConorK9 (25 minutes ago)
Loki has been falling FOR 5 YEARS 😂
Gerald Herrmann (1 hour ago)
i cannot follow your argumentation that a new cap must necessarily have the same powers like the old one. "captain america" is a function that is all about heart and spirit.
Lucien Molina (1 hour ago)
I personally think that Kang the Conqueror will replace Thanos. Considering that time travel has been introduced properly it just makes the most sense!
I feel like 2014-Gamora had a small hope of thinking her Race, the Zehoberians, were revived by Bruce Banner when he snapped his Fingers while wearing the Nanotech Gauntlet since they were victims of Thanos. Even if we saw Hela, Surtur, and Thanos kill off a lot of Asgardians. The Asgardians were still revived in the snap and came to battle Thanos and the Chitauri. This is just my thought but maybe she went through the Mystic Arts Portals whenever the Ravagers were sent back to their part of the Galaxy in order to gain access to a working Ship to hypercruise it all the way to where her Home Planet was at to check to see if her Mom and Dad are back. This would be a good step at 2023-Peter Quill gaining the trust & favor of 2014-Gamora if she does meet her Parents because her people might be in danger and Peter + Thor + Nebula are gonna come in to save the day. If Gamora does end up not finding her Parents revived, then she’ll have no where else to go but to go back to Nebula...who is with Peter Quill and Thor. James Gunn is back again to finish the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and it would be a shame if Gamora couldn’t be apart of the Movie to “continue” her Story + Development. Peter and Thor will encounter Gamora again DEFINITELY, because the Plot and James Gunn demand it. I don’t believe she was killed in the Tony Stark Finger Snap because 2023-Nebula would have told the story to Tony Stark that 2018-Thanos sacrificed 2018-Gamora for the Soul Stone so why would he even decimate 2014-Gamora when he saw Gamora, Pepper Potts + the other 8 Women available guarding Captain Marvel while she was carrying the Nanotech Gauntlet?
Cheyenne Brewer (3 hours ago)
Bro Loki is dead idiot
Gus Ramirez (3 hours ago)
Professor hulk in the endgame was some sjw bullshit.
neha imran (5 hours ago)
Ahemmm Loki was killed by thanos in infinity war
Random man Dan (5 hours ago)
Loki died from thanos and the snap only revived people from the snap dummyyy
Travell Fitzpatrick (5 hours ago)
I was wondering who that guy was
PJAvenger (6 hours ago)
walkers only (6 hours ago)
Im thinking loki is cap. (Cap doesn't have a selfish bone in is his body. Yet he would stay behind for a dance?)
Jose Coby Cobian (7 hours ago)
I got one.... How the hell is Peter Parker still in High School??? If it’s been 5 years from the Snap!!!!!!!
Gaff3r1976 (8 hours ago)
how cap lifted stormbreaker without dying
Martin Craw (8 hours ago)
Hopefully we’ll see Galactus as the next big baddie in the MCU
David Ramirez (9 hours ago)
Dude just face the facts that loki is dead R .I .P MUERTO
Ze Gomes (10 hours ago)
If Thor take's mjolnir...what weapon does Thor uses in that period of time?
Jay Chamerally (10 hours ago)
In endgame we saw the part where thanos was torturing nebula which means the reality was changed after that so everything before still happened including the death of loki
Jim Kyl (10 hours ago)
Where's Loki? He's dead!
Shark Puppet (10 hours ago)
Number 1 question is easy either galacus or dr doom
Dan Rather (3 hours ago)
Overall, Galactus makes more sense to me as the ultimate villain at the end of phase 6, with Victor Von Doom making an appearance along the way. Doom was ONCE able to defeat Dr. Strange by using sorcery in the comics, as well as being a general badass in the comics.
Ethan McCloskey (11 hours ago)
"Where's Loki?" 6 Feet under lmao
shakur steadman (11 hours ago)
AŠΔI⃟A⃟H (12 hours ago)
loki is dead they just brought back the people who got snapped
Fady M.Goubran (14 hours ago)
actually , yes there's tons of timelines now ... and yes multiverse , watching the arrow-verse and comics .. soo .. yeah about those. and Gamora is undone gone. same ... with Natasha :'( the other Gamora (from the past) remains , and apparently with high chance of not joining the guardians , in fact Thor goes with em instead... WEIRD! and yes the original timeline has no stones, yes. and yes no more Thanos and his entire race and army. cause LITERALLY they're all removed from existence . about red skull , i dun think there would be any confronting of any sort , red skull is changed in personality , you don't know how time can change a person in few years but now imagine , decades if not more into another dimension or planet of some sort. about the red aether , the only way to return it , is to actually the same way took it (creepy and trippy). about cap other life ... based on how timeline theories that i've been watching during the arrow-verse series ... THAT itself is fucked up , cause if he did this .. that means there shouldn't be captain america at all in that entire war cause he'd be too old and powerless ... cause from what it showed , the end of that showed Steve and Peggy lived together and got married. that's some serious fuck up in the timeline i tell ya that ! :'D sooo ... yeah , the entire thing is just a whole fuck up , don't get me wrong i LOVED the movie , cried over Natasha and Tony , but this whole idea of messing with the timeline ... that's just fucked up. unless the sorcerer supreme got ways to handle everything EXACTLY as it should be and put everything back together since she's super smart too. otherwise , i duno how else it would go with all this mess in the timeline lol
Sif A.W.E (15 hours ago)
Y’all Loki died😭
chulachak chakkaphak (15 hours ago)
Galactus will replace Thanos
Noah Suptho (17 hours ago)
Harley definitely was one of the only good parts of Ironman 3
Eduardo Hernandez (17 hours ago)
terrible list
Its RDC (20 hours ago)
Deadsnake98 (23 hours ago)
all know loki is evil but he always love thor even if he don't see it it self
DJ Mastoor (1 day ago)
Brie larson, as much annoying as you cam expect
Reality Check (1 day ago)
Galactus, Dormammu, Dr. Doom are really big villains but they require the prwcense of fantastic 4
a i (1 day ago)
My unanswerable questions: (1.)Will Cap now go looking for Bucky? (Having learned about him earlier than in the primeline.) (2.)Did the "other" Thor notice his Mjolnir won't be summoned? (3.)Is Agent Coulson alive as a result of time contamination from the "Endgame" events? (4.)Did Howard T. Duck get affected by "Infinity War" (while in the "Guardians" continuity)? (5.) Just for s---s and giggles: Wouldn't it be funny if Edward Norton Banner popped into the 616 universe after Professor Hulk snapped the gauntlet? "X-Men" & "Avengers" Quicksilver traded places? As well as Terence Howard & Don Cheadle Rhoades? 😂
Toots With a T (1 day ago)
👏 L 👏 O 👏 K 👏 I 👏 D 👏 I 👏 E 👏 D 👏
JoeyRedGames (1 day ago)
Hey @WatchMojo.com I have a theory how same becomes Captain America here's how so they go back in time to save the doctor who made Captain America and they probably learn from him.
Ryan Sage (1 day ago)
Maybe in the show falcon will have, maybe he will learn he does not need a super soldier serum to be Captain America
Potrimpo (1 day ago)
As to replacing Thanos, they could cross universes and deal with Darkseid.
Kirby Main (1 day ago)
Gamoura (sorry if spelt wrong) was actually got snapped away with thannos’s army plus when Loki escaped he actually created a new timeline where he lived
What happened to the frozen cap when he went back? That would mean there are 2 unless the stopped unthawing him after he went back and got married to Peggy Carter
Evan Teed (1 day ago)
Heres my big questions from the movie: -Whatever happened to Sharron Carter? She disappeared after Civil War, and odd considering all movies with her were by the Russo brothers -What became of the Sokovia Accords? Were they repealed after the snap as it proved them ineffective?
melon lord (1 day ago)
i know who will replace thanos donald trump will use his indinity walls to destroy half of mexican
melon lord (1 day ago)
infinity walls
James Delacruz (1 day ago)
What about Mjolnir? What happened to it? What did Captain America did with it
AVPboy (1 day ago)
He is Death, damnit.
David Saber (1 day ago)
And your forgot - probably one of (if the not) most important. When Thanos did his snap... he had done his homework. Half of life had to be erraticated to balance the universe or chaos and something far worse would happen. Not a nice thing to do but necessary as he saw it vs. what would have happened otherwise. We've learned through novelizations or other official explanations that it's "half of life" instead of "half of humans on Earth" since it impacted life other than human and beyond Earth. It was mostly random who got dusted and who didn't. But now two things have happened. #1 The Hulk's snap brought back the life lost from the original. And then #2 Stark's Snap was directed at Thanos' armies. But that's not anywhere near half of life in the universe or even half of life on Earth. So here's the question... what about the balance? Even when Thanos becomes enranged and decides to kill everyone on Earth, it's concievable that he felt he would win and then snap away afterwards since Earth is obviously not the only planet with life in the MCU. He would still be able to bring balance. But now that hasn't happened and Tony nor the Hulk would have done such a thing. So the question everyone seems to be missing... For each action, there is a equal and opposite reaction. Cause and Effect. Without the balance that was originally there... what's going to happen when the 'other shoe drops' and whatever Thanos was trying to prevent now is allowed to occur? Thanos wouldn't just end half of life for no reason. He saw it as absolutely necessary. It makes him a good villian with a reason behind his perceived madness. So going from that to just killing everyone because he gets mad makes no sense. So I'm sure he was angry but planned on winning and then just snapping away again. But now that didn't happen. What's so powerful and out-of-balance that it needed the Infinity Stones to keep it away? And didn't any of the Avengers think about this? Now whatever that is... is being allowed to continue or happen. And with the stones gone/returned... will anyone be able to stop it now?
TheBlackBasketball (1 day ago)
6. is also answered... Yes
Arnold Damo (1 day ago)
Here s a question Will we see stan lee as a CGI effect in the next marvel movie
9. Is not unanswered because of a deleted scene of Cap returning the soul stone
Noob Master (1 day ago)
It’s confirmed that 2014 was dusted after tony snapped because used the nano gauntlet to get rid of the thanos army including 2014 nebula and gamora
hunter jakson (1 day ago)
The stones were not completely destroyed, they were atomized that’s why the universe is still in balance but nobody else can use the stones, thanos says it himself “I used the stones to destroye the stones. Atomized...”
Sitruk (1 day ago)
Loki is dead. Thor and the others caught him shortly after that scene where he grabs it, again, and that's why they have the tessaract and are taking him to Asgard in chains, just like in the original timeline.
Marcus Handley (1 day ago)
The whole concept is a bust. If you return the stones, this movie never happened
Wolvo 57 (1 day ago)
loki died in infinity war and its only the peaple who thanos kill come back!STUPID
Aminah Aziz (1 day ago)
the russo's clarified that 2014 gamora vanished along thanos after the snap
Ivo Kovacevic (1 day ago)
Marvel fans: Where is 2014 Gamora Bambi: Where is my fooking mom
Expert (1 day ago)
I want to just see how awkward it would be for Cap and Red Skull. “How are ya doing pal?” “How’s the wife? Oh wait.”
purpleiguana (1 day ago)
If 2014 Thanos got dusted, how could he have destroyed the stones several years later? If Thanos destroyed the stones, but thanks to time travel, he got killed before he destroyed the stones, how are the stones destroyed?
David Rosales (1 day ago)
Biggest unanswered Endgame question...What Kind Of Soup Was Thanos Making? 🤔😂
David Rosales (23 hours ago)
applejuicejunkie316 😂
applejuicejunkie316 (1 day ago)
Lobster bisque with cheddar bay biscuits and a nice Chianti
CHANTO (1 day ago)
The infinity stones weren't destroyed they were reduced to atomic level. They are still there but nobody can find them.
Spectrum gaming (2 days ago)
*"Lokis in the space graveyard"*
Justice4Ever (2 days ago)
if the soul stone is "soul for a soul", wouldn't returning it free the souls of Black Widow or Gamora?
Brandon (16 hours ago)
Justice4Ever they said it couldn’t be undone
Cole Riley (2 days ago)
WHY hasn't anyone asked as to how long the stone were "missing" in the past, maybe what seemed like days in the future, where they take and use the stones is only a few minutes in the past, if the stones WERE only missing for a short time would they really have altered anything?
Bassult Doom (2 days ago)
Noobmaster is Loki that destroy thor on fortnite in disguise.
kpaddack2 (2 days ago)
I just saw Endgame, and wanted the experience to continue. But videos like this kill my buzz. Sorry I watched it. It's like seeing your team win the Super Bowl, then, instead of celebrating, just immediately start researching the next draft to see where they could improve...
hadia sy (2 days ago)
so i get if Spiderman could be the same age but would"nt all of his friends be 4 years older now?
Katherine Demps (2 days ago)
All i know is that i wish loki wouldve helped fight...lol
Shirotora Godsbane (2 days ago)
#4 WAS answered. Those sacrificed to the Soul Stone are gone forever.
Jesus Chavez (2 days ago)
I recognized Harley Keener at the Funeral.
diamondbackdt (2 days ago)
I saw Steve Rogers live the quiet life when he returned to Peggy. Gotta stay out of history and all.
Sokie Williams (2 days ago)
Juana Sanchez (2 days ago)
Loki died in infinity war
Dr Leak (2 days ago)
He didnt literally put the stones back exactly where he got them
ff3player (2 days ago)
What about Cassie Lang Mom and Step dad were they victims of the snap or were they killed during the general chaos after the snap?
debanjana banerjee (2 days ago)
Noobmaster69 is the next super villain😜
Vlad the Impaler (2 days ago)
With time travel and alternate realities introduced my vote for the next MCU big baddy is Kang the Conqueror. What's better is the introduction of Kang can also lead to the Young Avengers with an ancestor of Kang in the present as Ironlad. The sett up is really just perfect and it would be kind of stupid for the producers not to take the opportunity.
Vlad the Impaler (2 days ago)
+Shawn Thompson Either that or a descendant of Tony Stark through his daughter's line. Or even an alternate reality where Kang is actually Iron man himself.
Shawn Thompson (2 days ago)
Kang is my choice too. Also since Kang is a distance relative of Reed Richards, it would be a good way to introduce the Fantastic Four into the MCU.
Salah Zeghoudi (2 days ago)
😱😱😱😱 i have a theory What if the old captine america is actually loki and he stole the stones fron cap when he was returning them and cap is stoke in the past and it woild explaine the multiverse
Marcos[LS] (2 days ago)
Everybody whinning for S8 of GOT and this movie was the mayor dissapointment in the last 10 years.
Midna78 (2 days ago)
But they also traveled to 1970 and so Loki had nothing to escape with ;)
King Dave (1 day ago)
Midna78 right
Bradley L (2 days ago)
I hate watch Mojo they are always so clickbate, mis informed and that commentary/ voice is annoying... so many videos break down why with facts and details.... im only here because it auto sends me to these terrible videos constantly.
Michael Valic (2 days ago)
Top ten questions I dont care about
Zachary Donoianby? (2 days ago)
Everyone always asks, "Where's Loki?" But no one ever asks, "How's Loki?"
Jose Serrano (2 days ago)
Loki turned into a cat !!
Simon BRUNIER (2 days ago)
What happened to Mjolnir? Because Cap left with it and didn't bring it back.
storm Zilla (2 days ago)
He is in California.
ywygsyay isushus (2 days ago)
*That awkward moment between Cap and Red Skull while he was returning soul stone*
Susan Dolan (3 days ago)
If you want to understand time travel, binge watch Doctor Who from 1963 - current. 56 years The Doctor and companions have been traveling through the fourth dimension so he'd have a better idea of how to do it properly.
That thumbnail is so dumb Loki is dead ffs it’s not like he died by the snap
Karen Evans (3 days ago)
The Devil will replace Thanos.
RoninAquila (3 days ago)
Loki is noobmaster69 😛
SoaR MyxKl (3 days ago)
Ayyyy weres Loki idk maybe he dies in infinity war
InfiniteCaliber (3 days ago)
Much better than the answered questions list
Hockeyman Panthers (3 days ago)
Theory. I think Loki actually died in Dark World and the Loki that escaped in Endgame back during 2012 was the one who came and exiled Odin and was the Loki we saw in Ragnarok and the one killed in Infinity War. That's how Loki had the tesseract in Infinity War.
956 stoner (3 days ago)
No adds
David Graham (3 days ago)
The real unanswered question is with his knowledge of the future does Cap use it to become wealthy in the past with Peggy
John Contralis (3 days ago)
Easy next supervillian Kang the conquer, they messed up the time line he will fix it
John Contralis (3 days ago)
Marvel comics logics state the stone must be remade
Jayvee Ocampo (3 days ago)
the stones are not destroyed, they're only reduced to atomic level.
Ryan Beers (3 days ago)
what says anyone will replace thanos in the first place 🤔..??
Ryan Beers (3 days ago)
my lord is brie Larson Hot or what 🤔..??
Dan Rather (3 hours ago)
M_ B (3 days ago)
Loki was actually old captain America at the end. That's my guess

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