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Chris Hemsworth Was Too Distracting for Dakota Johnson

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Dakota Johnson admitted to Ellen that she and her "Bad Times at the El Royale" co-stars found themselves distracted by heartthrob Chris Hemsworth and his good looks. #DakotaJohnson #ChrisHemsworth #TheEllenShow
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kaimenyi vivian (21 minutes ago)
A talented person called dakota . I love her acting skills.😍
DiNOo Gaming (36 minutes ago)
there is somthing going between ellen and this girl already you can tell from their eye lol 69 coming
Daniel Harper (37 minutes ago)
I’m glad that it wasn’t a real tattoo. To me it looked out of place
Margox P (1 hour ago)
Is that a real flower tattoo????
Prakash (1 hour ago)
i am big fan of chris hemsworth.most suitable actor for 'thor' role
Abhi Jake (1 hour ago)
Is she really this shy?
Tom Martin (1 hour ago)
Ellen turned on dosgusting
JohnnyDemarco (2 hours ago)
I think Dakota Johnson was too distracting for Ellen.
Mason Officially (2 hours ago)
Objectifying men - totally fine, objectifying women - national outrage followed by shaming tactics........ yeah they sure want equality
Black Hood (3 hours ago)
She’s trying to hit Chris , doesn’t she know that he’s married to Latina ?
Tomosha Banerjee (3 hours ago)
She's so polite ❤
Txmilx ssi (3 hours ago)
I LOVE HER. she’s just so simple and cute and beautiful and classy😭
Lokesh paul (4 hours ago)
who isn't?
Edwin Pio (5 hours ago)
Her legs were distracting
Shankar Chidambaram (5 hours ago)
Very sweet and serenity actor. Can't see the vulgarity
62Tugo (5 hours ago)
Her giggle is so innocent und cute! Listen to 1:58
Edoardo B. (5 hours ago)
Where are them Thor's gains?
gone2deep (6 hours ago)
Ellen got hard watching the dance scenes
janelle llanto (6 hours ago)
I love the way she speaks hahaha
Lessa Robinson (6 hours ago)
My first impression of Dakota wasn't that great solely because of the 50 Shades movie. I wanted to stay far away from anything or anyone that had to do with it as much as possible. This is my first time ever watching something of her... And she seems really down to earth and sweet. I like her sense of humor.
Avana Vegz (6 hours ago)
She’s precious. 😍
Shaun Murphy (6 hours ago)
Seems like a monotoned blast at parties
sajan sunar (6 hours ago)
Chris Thor
Ricardo Siahaan (7 hours ago)
Bless Those Legs
Tom-Tom’s Vlog (7 hours ago)
It is distracting! 😍
Andy Andy (7 hours ago)
what is distracting in his body? women
rocio zeitun (7 hours ago)
No se porque esta mujer me cae mal.
Jess Edward (7 hours ago)
She's gorgeous
shalom hovav (7 hours ago)
To all of us dear.
Bryan James Ortega (8 hours ago)
It's because he is the God of Thunder!😁
Govind Thakare (8 hours ago)
I see lot of women in comment section
Haokuiret (8 hours ago)
"what if it's a boy?" Anyone else catch that? My girl Ellen quick.
Repins Watson (8 hours ago)
I wanna tie her up
CityofLos (8 hours ago)
Angel night (8 hours ago)
Wow, people actually think this girl is cute?😂😂😂😂
amiya engram (8 hours ago)
She trying to keep it classy knowing she was wanting to say I would rip his clothes off with my teeth
rr (11 hours ago)
She's beautiful but sorry her acting skills are horrible
fire valir (11 hours ago)
She's the real queen
FMFvideos (11 hours ago)
so awkward
gbinct (12 hours ago)
Christ she is so sexy
Matthew Martin (12 hours ago)
She has such nice legs!❤
sprout proud (12 hours ago)
that tattoo ruin her
erik ellis (13 hours ago)
When she bit her lip, I went looking for my tie and whips
Michael Denave (13 hours ago)
If it were not for her parents she would be a lousy waitress.
Jake Green (13 hours ago)
Is anyone wondering how she is in bed ? I’m getting mix signals
otp stylincum (13 hours ago)
She’s the cutest bean. Protect her at ALL costs 😊💖💗😊💞💕💛
Berry Tuala (13 hours ago)
Get a room both of you
Christian Buschmann (13 hours ago)
Dakota Johnson has no clue about german history 70s and 3rd reich does not fit. You do know that the US and their ally won ww2 and effectifly destroit the 3rd reich
epikcyne (13 hours ago)
I love her demeanor and vibe. And her legs. 😳
Beatriz Lobo (13 hours ago)
I thought her arm was art!
alessandra conte (14 hours ago)
Smiley Lol (14 hours ago)
She’s really Anastasia Steel....
Daniel (14 hours ago)
Dakota Johnson should be in more films.
ih8mcfly (15 hours ago)
Switch the genders and he’s a creep and everyone wants him in prison for 20 years minimum
Typhlosion Master (15 hours ago)
Double standard.
stella grimaldo (15 hours ago)
she’s so awkward it’s so cute
Andy trinh (15 hours ago)
Treating men like such objects! You should be ashamed of yourself lol
Lexington Duncan (15 hours ago)
„It takes place in like 70s feminist Berlin during the 3rd Reich?!“ ... 🙄 Good lord, how stupid are you?! Those were like 30 years apart.
RecklessLechuza (15 hours ago)
The third Reich ended in 1945.... and these celebrities want us to listen to their political opinions lol... she’s an idiot
Arvind R (16 hours ago)
whoever likes this will have bright future
Sarah Vanderhoff (17 hours ago)
Chris hemsworth is married...
Damar Pramuditya (17 hours ago)
Time to go to the gym
Michael Wiggins (18 hours ago)
Should be titled "Ellen gives a masterclass in keeping the conversation going when talking to someone with the personality of wet cardboard"
metallicak5 (19 hours ago)
Treating Chris Hemsworth like a piece of meat and nobody cares but men admire a woman’s body and feminists bring upon the world fire, pitch forks, riots, shrieking and the end of times.
Zeany Cheran (19 hours ago)
Who wouldn’t be distracted by Chris Helmsworth?❤️
Parloid Sorcus (19 hours ago)
I bet she memorice all her lines for a movie cause she can bearly speaks straigt.
zayaan ali (19 hours ago)
Dakota Johnsons sense of humor reminds me of Ryan gosling wtf
Ryan Taeza (19 hours ago)
She’s so hoot omfgdaejjsscnuu
Michael C. Zhang (19 hours ago)
Wow, will the two do it strapless?
Havendale Blvd (19 hours ago)
Smitten Ellen
Betty B (20 hours ago)
Such a hoe. Wear appropriate clothing.
Lyka Alidio (21 hours ago)
I love her laugh!
Sourav Bhoi (21 hours ago)
she is soooo cuteee 😍😘
WeirdozChannel (21 hours ago)
shes beyond cute
Phoenix phoenix (21 hours ago)
I'm I the only one that don't see her as cute as everyone says, she is awkwardly weird which made me uncomfortable to even watch her talk🤔
Donovan Nungasak (21 hours ago)
Is Ellen’s job to be cringy 24/7?
Basic Droid (21 hours ago)
overrated actriss
WhoDarestheMAN gamer (21 hours ago)
Even a lesbian like Ellen appreciates Thors body.
Leo19rash (21 hours ago)
God please be more boring
WhoDarestheMAN gamer (21 hours ago)
Mmm she's cute and those legs. Wow!
Pallav Bhardwaj (22 hours ago)
She is So cute❤
jeffcon123 (22 hours ago)
She has nice legs, and is very tan... haha ok she is def easy to look at
T R I B E (23 hours ago)
Well it seems Chris Hemsworth is the millenials version of Matthew McConaughey for gen-x.
Joan Mitra (23 hours ago)
I've been thinking of who she reminds me of everytime I see her speak and laugh, and it hit me just now. It's Tessa Brooks!
Besch Amelsous (23 hours ago)
I love her so much😍
nitroxide91 (1 day ago)
She looks tired
javiera solis (1 day ago)
I'm disgusted at how in every interview Dakota has given so far they've had to bring up the "where you distracted by Chris H.? question. She has a lot more to talk about than just that. I never hear interviewers ask that kind of questions to male actor. Ugh, I hate the sexism present in Hollywood.
I wish i could complain for that!! She gets distracted by THOR and jamie dornan!!!!!!! 🤔😄
simon brown (1 day ago)
Ellen wants to jump Dakota big time! Or am I projecting?
LmfaoYou (1 day ago)
Chris Hemsworth 😍😍😍 Dakota Johnson 😍😍😍 Chris and Dakota in the same movie. My life is complete.
the invisible me (1 day ago)
Ok, did you she just change the topic on purpose or her actual concentration is that short?
Momin Khan (1 day ago)
watching Ellen after graham norton show just feels cringy...
Chaak Girebaan (1 day ago)
Real feminine.
Lan Ashley (1 day ago)
I just found my spirit animal
ShawN TyleR (1 day ago)
She's so Sexy 😍😘😋
Aian Xaharia (1 day ago)
She's dull
Hassanein (1 day ago)
I dont like er... idk why but there is this thing in her face... omg.. i just dont..
Julius Caesar (1 day ago)
How is 70s berlin during the third reich ??? Timeline ???
Bipolar Gamer (1 day ago)
She seems a bit of a slag

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