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How to use Evergreens! The foundation to your Garden/Garden Style nw

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Awesome Evergreen plants that keep their color year round and provide the foundation to your garden.Some of my favorites! How to advice for the new and advanced gardener. http://gardenstylenw.com/ Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (27)
Fabio Leonhardt (27 days ago)
Oi parabéns.jardem.e muito .VC fala .eu auditivos .para VC beij😇
Sunny Day (4 months ago)
Garden Fun (4 months ago)
What zone are they?
Richard Habicher (4 months ago)
As always spot on info. but is 6 months out to where I live, does not matter cold now but spring will come and than 30o. so where is that? You will not guess it, try?
Richard Habicher (4 months ago)
Spot on, near Melbourne now 15o later in Feb. 40o Greetings from the South Sea
Garden Style nw (4 months ago)
Richard Habicher Australia perhaps? :)
Nicole Chew (5 months ago)
What is the blue rody's called? I couldn't make out the first word. All I could make out was "blue rhododendron". Thanks! Love your videos!
Sheila Mchgee (5 months ago)
A foundation is everything that comes after good or not!
Stacey Hepburn-james (6 months ago)
What’s the plant in the back left?
patricia griffin (7 months ago)
Very informative, thank you. Here in Pennsylvania, as in many other states, we have deer problems. I'd love it if you could include information regarding deer resistance when you are recommending plants.
Truth Finder (7 months ago)
Hardy? What Zone ??
gym pump (7 months ago)
Truth Finder frost hardy, probably upto zone 3
nappynew (7 months ago)
Did you do a video on where you added these to the garden? Beautiful selections.
Sharon Slater (8 months ago)
Very nice video, it would be nice if you would list the plants you mentioned so that I can look them up. That would be really helpful. Lovely!
Holly Hocks (8 months ago)
Thank you I enjoy your videos you present them so well. I am a new subscriber so I have a lot to catch up on !
Mabel Goddard (8 months ago)
Thank you for all the wonderful information! I found your channel, love your shows!!
LuvleeLaydiieeLynne (8 months ago)
What is the name of that flax? I couldn't catch it
gayla gavin (9 months ago)
Love your choices. The golden euonymus is stunning. Wish i knew exactly which one, but i hope to find it. The periwinkle rhodie and the euonymus would be perfect in a dark corner, so i will definitely be on the lookout for those. And, i also love the variegated rhodie! That will be perfect for a wall that has been empty for years! The golden arborvitae is also great. And, i already have that exact phormium, lol. I was thinking you might be in my general vicinity (Kitsap peninsula), but maybe not because we dont get much snow. Either way, i am loving your videos and i hope you will make more, and longer ones, not just showing the plants, but also site selection and the actually "doing". I lov gardening and, no matter whether I akready know the info, i enjoy watching the process, so more detail and longer, please. :)
Evelyn Castro-Lake (10 months ago)
Beautiful garden! How do you amend your soil for your azaleas and rhododendrons?
Garden Style nw (10 months ago)
Evelyn Castro-Lake Not much to amend just organic compost.
Teena Thompson (1 year ago)
Beautiful video and oh so informative, thank you.
Nadine Pollak (1 year ago)
I just discovered your channel. Gee, I just hate binge watching. LOL Love all the information you provide. Will be watching all your videos and I know I will be prepared for the Spring. Thank you Debbie
Fabulous garden....luv'd those blooms...my favorite month of the year...when blooms are starting...weather in the NW are so beautiful in spring....
Dolly Santi (1 year ago)
You are such an inspiration.. Very much zen I never get tired listening to you!
Garden Fun (1 year ago)
I love your videos thanks for those candy eyes.
tricia ferner (1 year ago)
please say zone on plants as i hope i could use some of these in my zone
doowopshopgal (1 year ago)
Great review

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