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Mom Cat Washes Her 3 Week Old Kittens

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This tortoiseshell cat led a rescuer to her cache of 5 kittens in the window well of an abandoned house in Philadelphia. She is one smart kitty! She needed a safe place to take care of them and knew just the right person to reach out to for help. The whole family is now safe inside and doing great. They will be available for adoption through Green Street Rescue in November.
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Text Comments (11)
Cat child of Ohio (4 months ago)
Wonder what the gather looks like
Gleunji (1 month ago)
+Munzarin Khan I thought you don't know
Munzarin Khan (1 month ago)
+Gleunji I know, I was making a joke.
Gleunji (1 month ago)
+Munzarin Khan g n f is beside each other
Munzarin Khan (2 months ago)
What's a gather?
Mimi E. (7 months ago)
I want all of them. Sweet babyangels
Joe Sawyer (10 months ago)
I love It
geneline mooney (10 months ago)
Soo adorable
Rosiane Monteiro (10 months ago)
Oi oooooo
Elizabeth Carroll (10 months ago)
Aww they're so cute
Cleo D nile (1 year ago)
So cute

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