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Why Women Can't Respect Men - MGTOW

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Why Women Can't Respect Men - MGTOW Women can't respect men because most men are only attracted to physical beauty. Men can't respect women because most women are only attracted to a man's resources. Find out how this dynamic plays out between men and woman and don't get trapped by your instincts. Join me, Howard Dare for Why Women Can't Respect Men - MGTOW and other MGTOW related topics. Please support my channel. PayPal Donation Link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RP7SAZRNRT3QL Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106716618... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/howard.dare Twitter: https://twitter.com/Howard_Dare Picture in video licensed and paid for through https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-beautiful-blond-girl-healthy-long-hair-brown-background-image48152671
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Text Comments (412)
Suzanne Blaylock (7 hours ago)
What's with exploiting youthful girls. This is a horrible video.
Ronny Lump (1 day ago)
This guy doesn’t sound like he pulls any girls. Sounds like an older fat male who still watches porn and gets SSI 🤣😂🤣
Alexander Gravois (16 days ago)
I like listening to this guy. Hes a pompous dick who sounds heartbroken and jaded.... but every now and then, he hits a point that is pure gold.
qing ye (26 days ago)
It depends on what culture they’re from. (Using someone’s account)
THE GAMES (1 month ago)
Fuck women i don't respect women
This is England (1 month ago)
There should always be give and take in a relationship, she gives and you take, and this is the way it should be and then everyone is happy.
Paul Okada (1 month ago)
Makeup makes a women attractive and money make a man attractive. What are you gonna do?
Biblethumpr (1 month ago)
Vanity and the mirror on the wall, is who women are in love with.
S Wes (2 months ago)
It goes back to the Garden of Eden, people- it really happened. When are you all going to understand this? They're EFFED UP (the vagina bearers) because they were deliberately BROKEN by the first. Thankfully, with the mention of that event the remedy was also given, in the same book: we men must be their MASTERS in EVERY WAY.
Everything else is a lie.
It's base on the bible, That my opinion and that's what i believe.
Omar Cervantes (4 months ago)
Women can't respect men. Cause they can't respect themselves.
Ace Spade (4 months ago)
wow sounds like men like you are nice guys who can't get laid because you have poor character and generally creep women out...
Ace Spade (4 months ago)
Howard Dare or complain about rejection.
Ace Spade (4 months ago)
Howard Dare I fuck everyday. I have a girlfriend. because I don't generally approached woman with an entitled attitude that they owe me sex because I did something nice for them or give them a bit of attention. I don't creep women out with a rapey "I'm going to be your boyfriend whether you want me to or not" vibe. women respect me because I am a confident masculine man not because I coerce and manipulate them into sex.
Howard Dare (4 months ago)
Is that what it sounds like to you Ace? Because to me you sound like the one with poor character and a creepy attitude. Good luck getting laid ... Ace.
Seb McDonnell (5 months ago)
If they can’t respect men they will not get men
Epik Hell Sword (5 months ago)
No wonder so many women go for fuckboys.Who you like is a reflection of yourself
Chazz Ram (5 months ago)
I Dont despise women at all in fact I love them dearly I just Dont like what they stand for as opportunist to men that treat them well cause all they do is screw them over and yet the trash they treat with decency and respect a lot of men have not gotten that memo yet that most women from a woman's mouth herself are about opportunity and outcome you do the math and its been this way for 40 yrs. Wake up...
Shane Strickland (5 months ago)
Women are pampered by and treated like their always right. The devorce court are biased towards men and in favor of the women. As a result if it's the fault of the women for the divorce. The women gets everything. Despite the fact that that men are cheated on emotionly abused and half the cases of demestic abuse victim's are men. Despit this truth people are not sympathetic to men that go through hell in a relationship. But if it is a women that goes though this hell it is made 1st priority to bring awarnes. The fimenist movement in American make up false rape claim's. That are proven false the man's life is stile ruined. As a result Men do not want to Mary anymore which is smart. Plus cheating women have excuses made for them in the research that proves women cheat just as much. Which always blaim the husband. But if a man cheat's he is an asshole for cheating.
Christina Ostil (5 months ago)
I did respect my husband even though he had been making of hitting most of the time. But I always wanted him to spend him, I just wanna him to stop drinking and driving. I still love him until the day he died.
Billy Jenkins (6 months ago)
I like to make women cry, I make my girlfriend and my slut both cry all the time HAHA learn to be a real man, and you will be happy.. don't be nice, real men aren't
Calm Guy (6 months ago)
yeah I just want a girl who can respect guys
BLUE MOXIE (7 months ago)
WOW this is the TRUTH and its sooo FCUKED up...LOL
On The Lamb (7 months ago)
Howard, great video! Who died and left them in charge anyway? Who are women that "they" placed themselves in such a lofty position where their opinion matters? Laughable! As a men, our opinion matters, not some lame and decrepit woman. Since a woman's emotional maturity peaks at around 14, they should just be seen and not heard just like children. Nothing good ever came from a woman's opinion, thoughts or deeds. There are only 3 uses for a woman's mouth anyway. They are to eat, give a man pleasure and to piss a man off. Ok, enough said. Thanks for listening to me. Have a great rest of your day. -OTL
Ahmed Adel (8 months ago)
Only god knows how much i hate them ...
hmm PATHETIC (8 months ago)
let me fix. why women cant respect men ❌ . why women dont respect men ✔
باحث جزائري (8 months ago)
I'll tell you why : only men know what's the meaning of respect because they FIGHT their whole life for it. Personally I was very skinny when I was young at school but I NEVER RUN AWAY from any fight challenge, I was fighting at least one or twice a week and I was loosing most of the times but I GOT RESPECT within 1 year, I was accepted by men and no one challenged me anymore...women don't know what is it to have honor, they evolved this way: trading pussy for power and money and food.
David Hill (8 months ago)
Telling men to respect women just because they’re women is female supremacy.
K B (9 months ago)
The way men act today is not attractive to Women, and we can live without them today!
Marrio Gandy (9 months ago)
So that expanded why women can't deal with men who base his love for her by how she look inwardly. I guess I am complex
Syrena Xhaferi (10 months ago)
Why because men are liars.
Calm Guy (6 months ago)
Syrena Xhaferi so women aren't? are you kidding me
SuperQdaddy (10 months ago)
these videos are superficial. .Mr dare
Howard Dare (10 months ago)
Not all of them. Your comment is barely legible. If you are going to leave such a short and virtually meaningless comment you should at least present it properly. I will try harder and so should you Mr. SuperQdaddy.
MishuTaste (10 months ago)
Whenever I watch Howard Dare videos, I ask this question: "How does he know all this stuff?"
PixelGoesRetro 2.0 (11 months ago)
The comment section just made this sexist for both genders even know it wasn't meant that way
KanchoKomancho (11 months ago)
Summary of what is disrespectful to men: - Implying he is not (sufficiently) competent - Rejecting his choices - Telling him what to do and what to think / bossing him - Undermining his authority as a father - Implying he is not a good father - Implying he is not enough sexually - Withholding sex from him, for whatever reason - Implying he’s not providing enough financially - Lack of acknowledge for his hard work / providing for the family - Taking control of the family/marriage - Criticizing and insulting him - Asking him to do something, then doing it your self before he has a chance - Mothering and smothering him - Second guessing him - Correcting him when he’s telling stories - Making light of something that he think is important - Refusing to apology or conditioning the apologies - Saying ‘I’m sorry but ...’ [reiteration of the original complaint/disrespect] - Lying to him - Taking credit for things he did - Treating him like he is her personal assistant - Spending too much money - Nagging, because she doesn’t trust he will do what he said he will; on his own time and in his own way
Megolactus Supreme (19 days ago)
elli o (11 months ago)
everyone please stop... i can tell that so many here hate women and i dont know who you've met to make you feel this way, im sorry that you went through that, but the truth is, not every woman is like that. you've probably been hurt before but please remember there are gonna be good people and bad people in any group. i respect the men in my life who care for me too, who are positive, respectful, humble, patient, honest, funny, sweet, brave, the list goes on and on... i LOVE them, they make me feel safe and accepted and i respect their masculinity. i wish you guys can one day put your shields down and realize the many loving and caring women in the world too, i know we can be a whole rubiks cube sometimes but...there's a lot of inner beauty in us too, and i hope that you guys will one day meet a woman who will help you see. until that, let's try to speak positively about each other and treat others with kindness because hatred is not gonna get us anywhere
Calm Guy (21 days ago)
You are in 10% (good girls) 😉😉
Highland Kingman (2 months ago)
"they make me feel safe and accepted" - you're a child
Highland Kingman (2 months ago)
Omg shut up, you're merely a recipient.
Calm Guy (6 months ago)
elli o I know but most of girl like 80% are like that. I hate them
elli o (10 months ago)
MishuTaste that's completely fine i think, since it's your choice. on the topic of feminism though, i do agree that in some cases it can be extremely toxic, belittling to men's feelings and issues, and as a woman i sometimes feel kind of patronized by it, but i think with some women it comes from a place of extreme hurt from past experiences. men hate women, women hate men, the cycle continues. so i kind of understand even though i dont agree. idk overall i think a lot more listening and being kind should be happening on both sides and it can never be eithers fault completely, both should take responsibility for a better environment. as for the rule and exception to rule thing, in my opinion thats pretty subjective and varies from person to person, i've had a different experience to what you implied but then again we do have different lives so i cant exactly tell you that you're wrong, can i 😅 (anyway sorry for rambling, its too interesting of a topic)
Blade (1 year ago)
Since when does respect is based on your gender????
Omorede Ekhator (2 months ago)
I cried when I heard these bad news 😟😳😢😭
Calm Guy (6 months ago)
Bladeye cloud well most of women are like that
Efalonda (1 year ago)
Maybe they can't respect men because they beat them for no reason?..
Seb McDonnell (5 months ago)
Just because women have been beaten by a man you can’t say all men are like that
anwesh Kumar (1 year ago)
Women say kill all men ban all men all men R rapists etc & then why the fuck they aspect men to respect men?
Firstname Lastname (1 year ago)
"what's left to respect? virtue. " Kudos on a damn good point, Sir.
Curt Christensen (1 year ago)
where can I meet that clickbait girl? OUCH!!! my mom just hit me !!!
Curt Christensen (1 year ago)
what? nobody knows who she is???
Bigjig2011 (1 year ago)
Its a mans' world so should we really gaf about a woman respecting us? Lets keep it real. The world is civilized because of men. When I see 100,00 women storm an enemy beach then things will change. Other than sex and babies women are in the way.
Senada Pasic (1 year ago)
Mr. P. Is outdated . In Islam ,especially, during the time of the prophet it's all about respect for women . Chapter two says "Revere them" . Men are only allowed to look and talk a certain way to them and they are usually virgins before marriage . Respect for the vulnerable , and neighbours , and parents is also important . That sexist patriarchal attitude only exists in alcoholic or dysfunctional societies which is half of the world .
DarthYuYevon (1 year ago)
Howard, you say that women can't respect men because most men are only attracted to physical beauty. What I'm going to say will sounds crazy, but I think those men who are only attracted to women on a physical level, tend to be heavily emotionally attracted to other men. They tend to have sex with pretty women, and spend the rest of their time bonding emotionally with other men. . Men who are both emotionally and physically attracted to women have a much easier time getting women to respect them.
QUAN 1202 (1 year ago)
For one thing people listen up I'm going to say this and say this once so shut up and listen. Respect has nothing to do with gender we all as human beings should and I mean should and need to respect each other as human beings not because of gender. All that shit saying that okay you guys need to respect women and women saying they don't have to respect a man that's that's fucking bullshit. And another thing if women always crying seeing that man don't respect her half of that shit is her fault any damn way. I mean we got women out here dressing like thots shaking their asses all over YouTube opening their legs especially at a early age. And we got these grown men out here what's the piece of that ass. And these young boys out here not respecting themselves. And women on the other hand needs to learn how to be women act like women and stop trying to act like a grown man and want to act all big and tough and stuff and hitting a grown man if you don't want a grown man hitting you then don't hit a grown man don't expect somebody to be on your side when he beats your ass.
Dat Nigga (1 year ago)
We have VR porn, and the world is over populated already..... what man gives a fuck about women anymore? Come on guys.
Dat Nigga (1 year ago)
Nah. I can bag bitches all day. I just find western women not worth the trouble anymore at age 30. Been there done that. Nice try though, but you're wrong.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Every other man but you. You too care, but are trying to appear so tough. Want to go on a date? I bet you do. You want a loving me so much, you are just coping with your strong desire in this way. Oh you poor thing.
Nico Bellick (1 year ago)
pump then dump....theyll be back next weekend. they are like buses there's one coming around the corner every 10 minutes
renge99O9 (1 year ago)
What's that? College is about 60% women, and probably 20% of the dudes are gay because that's what you wanted. Good luck, but I think you are going to end up walking a very long way, you can't compete with the college girls. LOL
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Ok, women, hear this? We are buses. Stop giving pussy to buss drivers. Start wanting PhDs and Programmers and Doctors and Lawyers and educated men. Bus drivers should not get pussy, but from other bus drivers. (I am really kidding here about bus drivers. Just joking around, being silly.)
Love this guy
Stefano Dogg (1 year ago)
The only things that can make me respect and be interested in a female are chastity, virtue, low level of crazy, submissive and hard working with a desire for children. OK, anyone have a time machine?
Lucy A (1 year ago)
There are plenty of women like that. Submissive only out of respect that you would have to earn my dear.
Ali Ahmed (1 year ago)
Stefano Dogg 1. Chaste 2. Virtue I live in a Muslim country. Virtuous women are a myth. When women in society turn to religion, They do two things 1. They worship simple-minded preachers Who speak to them about the superstitious part or magical part of religion, never ( The Sufi/ mystic) part of it And they believe every story told by him to them without noticing the( hypcrisey or the shallowness) . 2. They immediately believe that God is about ( love, repentance and forgiveness) So they postpone anything religion says about ( immediate change or repentance) .
P Ciprian (1 year ago)
5:58 no, women respect authority. That is it.
marcus24000 (1 year ago)
the point is people should do things for love and compassion,anny other thing wil end up in distortion unless it can be kept up. but even if you keep it up you can ask youreself is what i have with this other person real or just based on resources. we as humans have been trained to forget love and go for whats shown to be popular and trendy where trained to go for safty and whats cool and that has created distortions in us,at our core we all want to be accepted and not judged and want to have fun in what we like instead of having to do as is expected of us,at te core we are beeings who like and need compassion attension and love and in this profit money resourced based society wel its greatly distorting us.
marcus24000 (1 year ago)
atm its stil pretty good we stil got a desent temperature but its slwoly getting colder,we had a slow summerstart but eventualy it got good,last weeks we had occasional rain but thats nothing new here ^^ where is baltimore somewhere in the us? i heard of it but thats about all i know of it.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
marcus24000 I am from Baltimore USA. Hi Holland! How is the weather there?
Lucy A (1 year ago)
marcus24000 I am in Baltimore, USA :)
marcus24000 (1 year ago)
where are you from then? am from holland ^^
Matthew Haney (1 year ago)
Thanks Howard great video! This videos really made me think. A lot of mgtow videos say the same shit and talk in the same redundant Circle saying all the same things and I like how you put this into perspective. I have to look at my self diffenerently I need to better my self other than just physically. Maybe I lack a few of the male qualities you spoke of. Thanks for saying some shit I might not wanted to hear but needed too.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Yes, thank you. I see many available women wanting to be with a man. I also see many man so jaded by their divorces and so careful with their money, that they offer nothing to the relationship and sit there and expect someone to care. What a stupid idea. Stop searching for love and start taking risks and giving love first. The more you give, the more productive you are, the more you get, period. You give nothing, you get nothing. If you are cute, you might get ridden, but then you will be tossed back to your pond my dear. Men who stop providing, need to start doing house chores. It is a companionship, this life and teamwork. Hire me to tally the value you are providing and you will see why you have no women. You give value, you will be liked by people, not just women. In any case... Most people love others who can do something. Who wants a lazy couch potato growing a belly and drinking beer while watching sports? Not me!
Michael Craig (1 year ago)
It is not just people on the left that believe all this modern corrupt b.s. It is people on the right, middle and everything else. Remember, lots of folks are not right left or anything. Lots of people are not political at all, but are followers of the current trends, like sheep, they just sort of go along with anything.
Ricardo Campbell (1 year ago)
you should force yourself upon her. if you're endowed; she will respect your manhood after.
Calm Guy (6 months ago)
Ricardo Campbell lol you should say some.most of women are like that
renge99O9 (1 year ago)
Certainly can't get pregnant if you can't get a dude to touch you.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Another genius with a horse dick. Thanks for your PhD begotten advice.
Ricardo Campbell (1 year ago)
Ann Mitchell your name sounds like an actress. I am sorry about the fact that you have menopause. now I'm a man in pause.
Ricardo Campbell (1 year ago)
Ann Mitchell trust me hun!, if I make you ride seabusuit and I came; you'll have more confidence in yourself.
civlengr68 (1 year ago)
Howard this is one of my top 10 favorite Howard Dare videos! Keep it up!
NukeEm Puke (1 year ago)
All this simp and mangina posturing by men is pointless and a waste of time, unless you're a Brad Pitt lookalike or a Brad Pitt playboy with inherited millions, women don't give a fuck about the rest of men outside this range! Men should instead focus on positives, and forget the pussy worship mentality. There are other more meaningful things in life, remember life is too short to worry about this shit, so go with meditation, hiking, watching action movies, war games on your PC, anything other than the self destructive crap of trying to impress and pussy worship women!
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Yeah, and all of us married women are married to Brat Pitts right? Do not be ridiculous. Stop justifying your lacks with this dumb ass talk. Aha, great advice you guys. Go be selfish and then you too will become an old geezer just like this specimen. Alright, go have hobbies, but women, well, we make your life better. You just need to start loving us and not hating us. We love you. We totally love you. Love love love love adore you. Old geezer green, you go and enjoy your loner life and don't spoil the chances of others of finding their mates and companions who will love them.
Amit (1 year ago)
I am sure there are amazing women out there...but filtering thru crap to reach them is just too time consuming and exhausting. The only way seems to be that of shunning marriage till about 35-40...while you build up your skills. It does involve controlling your physical urges...but now a days you do have easy access to porn. After 35 ...if you have invested in yourself both physically and mentally...that's when you are truely born...and with a level and clear head....you can take much better life decisions.
Howard Dare (1 year ago)
Well said, thanks for stopping by and the comment Green ThisEarth
Bad Blood (1 year ago)
She acts like a bitch she gets treated like a bitch. The only solution to this is stop being nice...and stop giving a fuck about some of them. It worked for me...I'm loving myself. Some of these bitches can sink for all I fuckinh care.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
You got the order wrong. She gets treated like a bitch and she acts like a bitch. Treat her like a lady. Who is stopping you? There is another solution that is even better. Start being nicer. May be you are not nice enough. May be your idea of nice is not how she is interpreting it. Ask her what nice is and calibrate your nice to her nice. One angry dude. He must have really sucked in bed or something.
John Saunders (1 year ago)
Howard, I would check the assumptions within your arguments. There are a few that need to be turned over and explored.
John Berry (1 year ago)
This is a fucking university
Charles Granata (1 year ago)
Story time: In college at a bar, an attractive girl came to the bar next to me with boobs over flowing from her push up braw. I said, "Are those real?" in a joking tone. I even spit out a little beer saying it and that got my friend to crack up. She got pissed stomping feet. Telling the bartender on me, he was grinning. Then she got her boyfriend and she told me, "Now what did you say to me?". I retorted, "Are those real? You never answered my question!" And turned my head towards the guy and said," Why do you let her go out like that!?" He was stunned, acted like he was going to fight. I said really, go ahead. My friend and out would have obliterated his weak ass. So he backed down. Later that evening, she was still lurking around the bar, she apparently left and came back because now she was covered up with a blazer on that was buttoned up. I also had social capital. The bartender lived on my dorm floor and he was cracking up watching it unfold. I knew the owner to the bar. The head bouncer was friends and roommates with my old dorm roommate. Point is I called her on her attention whoring and upset her apple cart. She tried to use men to get me, cause she was witless! Any other men had similar tales?
Lucy A (1 year ago)
No need to disrespect her none the less. Young and stupid collage student. We all had been there.
Epartners Marketing (1 year ago)
I agree that men are attracted to what they see and women are attracted to his resources. Sad, but true.  Never looked at it that way that women are not taking care of themselves and it's because of environment. In other societies people are forced be in shape and all of the food is organic.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Not sad. It is only one side of the coin really. Men like to excuse their lacks by calling women Gold Diggers. All I know is when I meet a man who calls women a gold digger, I run the other way. I am in finance and I have to say why are we so sensitive towards wanting resources. We are human. Resources is good. No resources is not good. Resources is always better. Too bad resources are not equally distributed. Then women would pick Brad Pitt because he is cute. So you are not cute, figure a different strategy. Thanks for us earning our own income. Please, earn your own income. Do not let men treat you like shit. My non cute friend married a non cute gal and they are a very cute non cute family :)-
CYB ZER0 (1 year ago)
as long as captain save a hoe exists ...women can't respect men even if they want to.....🙄
Defender ofOasis (1 year ago)
I'm not really fully MGTOW I still have an open mind to relationships but I'm looking for what probably doesn't exist. I, like probably all guys, just want a female to like me for me. I am glad I came across MGTOW content because prior to learning about MGTOW I thought that being in a relationship would automatically cure all my loneliness pain lol. I now know better. Maybe one day I will find a female that really enjoys science and technology and likes me for me. someday. maybe. hopefully....
D A (1 year ago)
This is excellent commentary - anyone who knows any transgenders (who are the only people who have experienced both roles), MtFs will tell you, it's NICE to be complimented by someone - but when 100 people say it and don't have anything else _of substance_ to say, its just vapid "I want to bang you". And what? It's pretty empty talk.
Ruby Hypatia (1 year ago)
I respect people as individuals, not because they belong to a particular gender.
Bruce Morgan (1 year ago)
I must commend you on the audio quality...it is amazing
Beige Reige (1 year ago)
I'm glad you at least put 'most' women in your description.
Regular Joe (1 year ago)
man I just wanted to say you are like the father I never had lol. you literally saved my life and inspired me to start my own mgtow channel, check me out when you get a chance #mgtow2.0 #mgtow3.0
Torgo1969 (1 year ago)
With all due respect, I don't know any man that would say something that hyperbolic to a woman. But still another valuable video, I wish I had this mindset in my youth.
Power to Truth (1 year ago)
read Eric hoffer "the true believer" and the "ordeal of change"... and you will understand that many people do prefer their slavery in whatever form
Power to Truth (1 year ago)
one of the better mgtow channels out there... more insightful and logical especially vs that annoying sandman channel
Vivian Vennicia (1 year ago)
Women do care about a man's character. But the majority of men have major character flaws that they are indoctrinated to believe are either manly or unchangeable. Then they instruct women to lower their standards. So the lowest bar one can possibly set is "are they at least able to pay the bills?" This is what men have demanded. Then they advise one another on what women want, which is money. It is a false dichotomy. If "nice guys" actually were nice, maybe they would get the girl. If "Bad Boys" were not hiding their soft sides in an effort to be "manly" they might get the girl.
NEMS 100 (4 months ago)
steph412017 (5 months ago)
NEMS 100 If men weren’t the problem from the beginning, feminism wouldn’t exist!! Isn’t this all common sense haha geez! 🙄
NEMS 100 (7 months ago)
Vivian Vennicia so men are the problem?
Vivian Vennicia (1 year ago)
Curt Christensen people in general do not know what they want. If they did the world would be filled with go getters.
Curt Christensen (1 year ago)
Vivian Vennicia you obviously fail to see the infinite difference between what women THINK they want, and what they ACTUALLY prefer. most men today are basically girls who are wimpy and desperate. that is why they are not respected.
Steven Kevon (1 year ago)
MGTOW rocks !!
Steven Kevon (1 year ago)
MGTOW rocks !!
5tonyvvvv (1 year ago)
Brad Pitt= Confident Handsome man Regular everyday Guy=Creepy Stalker Loser
Calm Guy (21 days ago)
That was sad but on point
Alex Summers (1 month ago)
And even HE wasn't good enough for Angelina Jolie!
Pinnacles49 (6 months ago)
Brad Pitt looks like a beta chipmunk
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Exactly. Brad Pitt is at least handsome. What a free dick has to offer exactly?
5thsciecle (1 year ago)
ThankU... This is one of your best video's yet
e rumscho (1 year ago)
Where the ho's at
TheOmanJam (1 year ago)
Boy, Howard, you hit it on the head about men telling women they are beautiful. Never do it. Oh shit, I am actually listening to the other video - Why Women Can't Respect Men - MGTOW.
mr robopig nippples (1 year ago)
Name 3 famous women inventers without google lol cant
B Alan Eisen (1 year ago)
Marie Curie, Hedda Hopper, and, Mike Nesmith's mother.
mr robopig nippples (1 year ago)
Lucy A that is sad I think of twenty without any help
Lucy A (1 year ago)
I can't name men either.
Taylor Parker (1 year ago)
Alfonso Mena (1 year ago)
Kevin bask sewing machine lady, Parker, and eve
jennifer86010 (1 year ago)
"The perfect couple is a blind man married to a deaf woman" - jennifer86010
Thane36425 (1 year ago)
I've been a watching a lot of the old silent through about 1950s movies lately. Many of them are quite honest about all of this, and not just the Hitchcock movies. It is interesting to see the gold digging, cheating, and scheming so plainly presented. Of course you also have the sappy romance movies, many of which have the same angle only presented as a positive. Then there are the ridiculous war movies where the older man, usually an officer, loses his wife to a younger man and the husband kills himself somehow so she can be happy. Disgusting. The thing to have done, if the man was under his command, was either to reveal him as an adulterer and ruin his military career, and probably her attraction to him, or pull a King David and send him into danger every chance possible.
Pink Lady (1 year ago)
Women who can't respect men are either wrong for you or that you are wrong for them. Wrong types of women to avoid. 1. Lesbians who cannot reciprocate your feelings, though many of them use you only for your money and your sperms for baby making. 2. Shopaholics and spendthrifts, especially those who shop for all designer clothes. Potential gold diggers. 3. Those with too many tattoos, face piercings, goth fashion, etc. Most with these usually lack self-respect and have antisocial problems. So they have problems with drugs and alcohols. 4. Those being obsessed with your money, especially those who press you to buy things for them. 5. Narcissistic arrogant types. Watch how they treat waiters, bartenders, shop assistants, etc. Red flags. 6. Spoilt rotten ungrateful princesses. Watch how they treat their rich dads. Spoilt bitches berate their parents for buying them cars of wrong colours. See them in Youtube. 7. Women with stuffed cars. They are probable HOARDERS who constantly run out of free spaces at home and also in their cars. 8. Mental illnesses on meds. Unstable in relationships and motherhood. 9. Women who constantly talk about money. Watch out for their money-related adjectives or phrases that they use to describe people in their conversations. Ask them to describe their sisters' partners or spouses and watch their adjectives and phrases. Gold diggers constantly talk about their sisters' men as being "loaded," "filthy rich," "good heads for business," etc. They don't use such words as "wonderful," "romantic," "funny," "kind," "considerate," etc. 10. Party animals who go clubbing too much. Potential cheaters. 11. Women who shoplift. Nearly all gold diggers are like that. 12. Insanely jealous are violent ones. Right types of women to approach: 1. Loyal caregivers to ageing/sick parents. Those who do smallest things for their parents: for example, shopping errants, carrying coals, cleaning, etc. 2. Good listeners. Those who give you real quality time and really listen to you and your non-money stories like your hobbies. 3. Unspoiled women with happy, tough love parents who have taught them right ways of thinking. 4. True ladies with clean criminal records for over the last 5 - 10 years. 5. Well-adjusted, clean living ladies without alcoholism or drug abuses. 6. Those who have virtues, not vices. 7. Those who respect your belongings as strictly yours. 8. Those with self-respect. No tattoos or very little tattoos. None or very little jewellery. Too many are signs of frivolity or greed. 9. Those with positive attitudes to life. I could add more, but I am short of time. Must dash.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Exactly. Women need to find men they would respect. If a woman can't respect a man, then is just not a good match. I cannot stand babble mouth men who talk talk talk talk talk and do not do do do do do. I also cannot stand dumb men that embarrass me in front of my classy friends with their rude, uneducated comments. It means I am with the dumb ass and that I do not respect myself enough to find a man who is intelligent.
David Carter (1 year ago)
Pink Lady OMG, Im so sorry to hear that, that's heart wrenching! I can't believe that your guy picked up and left you, especially to have settled for another in a foreign country. What kind of guy wouldn't have the God given sense to realize that he had left a lady such ss yourself for another who obviously wasn't the same caliber person as you! That certainly is a slap in the face but as your say, I suppose we must move on? I feel terrible for you, what would ever possess someone to do such an ignorant thing as that, it gets a person to wonder how much sense he had to start with.... That statement was intended to be an obviously rhetorical as I would've never imagined a person would pull such an obviously bad move like that! Talk about bad taste and poor sense! Either way it would be tasteless for me to dwell on that any longer... So tell me, what state do you reside in, are you on the east or west coast or located somewhere in the middle of the country, I would feel incredibly pleased to get to know you, slowly & respectfully of course....
Pink Lady (1 year ago)
David Carter, I lost the one guy I have loved. He is long gone out of the country. He had met a woman abroad and is now married to her. He has one biological daughter with him. For his wife, he had bought two babies from an overseas adoption agencies that are rife with corruptions. Incredibly, two adopted kids were collectively almost the price of a house. With our losses, we all have to move on and get on with living.
David Carter (1 year ago)
Pink Lady 😊 You should be flattered, you're a wonderful lady who righteously deserves praise! Now, all I've got to do is to meet a terrific lady who thinks the same way that you do, now that'll be the difficult task! I'd love to get to know you, but I'd place a wager with very heavy odds that you already have a special guy in your life. 😊 You needn't answer that, I'm highly confident that you do....
Pink Lady (1 year ago)
David Carter, I am flattered. Thank you for kind words.
CHAD LE CHAT (1 year ago)
CHAD LE CHAT (1 year ago)
*Sexist Google developer fired!* The Google developer, who had expressed himself in an internal letter to female programmers and thus caused much attention, has been fired. The workforce is divided. Some are indignant in internal forums, stunned and criticize the accumulation of sexist stereotypes. There are, however, isolated opinions on the controversial theses.
The Busy Monk (1 year ago)
11:50-12:16 Great question!
ForwardSlash (1 year ago)
When my wife gets together with her sister for a few days she comes back a bitch. It takes me about 15min to get her childlike brain back in the real world. Women are truly children in adult bodies. Men age like fine wine, women age like milk.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Then why do you stink so much fine cheap wine? You married her dumb ass. Genius!
RuddsReels (1 year ago)
+Liz G Yes, every woman IS the same, because this is not a personality trait, but an instinctual trait. That's like saying "not everyone has to eat or sleep". There are some absolutes in this world.
Taylor Parker (1 year ago)
Because EVERY woman is the same, right? Also, we live longer.
Advisor Lover (1 year ago)
borderline personality disorder BPD is the key to understand how women thinks,, and now men also BPD a days with majority of them grow under single women parent
adamcrookedsmile (1 year ago)
you know I don't *care* why they can't respect men, I only know they don't and I never like when they don't. The why is nearly irrelevant.
Advisor Lover (1 year ago)
borderline personality disorder BPD is the key to understand how women thinks,, and now men also BPD a days with majority of them grow under single women parent
Armando Calderón (1 year ago)
Women are dumb.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Yes, especially I am with 4 degrees and a successful career in the finance world. I am super dumb. Where did you go to school genius? Duh Here, have some beer Homer.
Ricardo Campbell (1 year ago)
Armando Calderón not necessarily!.
Mo Mo (1 year ago)
The attitudes towards women in the Old Testament prevented women from being assholes.
Roger McMillion (1 year ago)
Their jealous....
monkeythehedgehog (1 year ago)
you kinda sound the guy who narrates for comicsexplained
Seer Pro (10 days ago)
Thats what i was thinking, i agree with you.
Michael Embree (1 year ago)
Acting superficial gets you a bimbo, and a lifetime of thoughtful adjustment to someone devoid of thinking of anything other than self.
Rainstorm R (6 months ago)
+Michael Embree : 'lifetime of thoughtful adjustment'...well put
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Exactly. A bimbo that is well suited for "what is the male version of a bimbo"? Michael is onto something. Stop dating younger women you old geezers.
Sun King (1 year ago)
Michael Embree that was poetic 👏
James T (1 year ago)
The bottom line is, who gives a shit. You have to care about what a woman wants to give it to her. If you don't care to become a baby daddy, wage slave, wallet (this is what she want's) or cuckold. Then walk away. There is no sugar coating this. Maybe you will hit the lotto and get that 1 in 10 unicorn who loves you and stays throughout life no matter what. I have a rusted out Pinto I will sell you for 100k. I will tell you all about it's virtues too.
Lucy A (1 year ago)
Unicorn idea is so ridiculous. Different women fit different men. There aren't enough of them, just as there aren't enough princes out there. Women are at least learning how not to breed frogs, but men, are they learning on how to provide for a princess? Get a book! Read my friend and you will get enlightened. You can too open up your eyes and check out what men do who are successful with women and try doing the same. Can't help you if you are terribly ugly, but just look for an equally ugly female who is nice.
Kate (1 year ago)
Dear Mr. Dare… Given; people, both men and women, who are respectable and have the virtues mentioned are generally passionate about what they do regardless of remuneration.  Observation; such people are busy and do not have the time or patience for the gaming aspects, or for the usual arenas (bars, clubs, social events) in which the ‘games’ are held. Hypothesis; meetings between such men and women are therefore either nil or totally random given the usual social arenas. Perhaps I should review Dawkins et.al.???  BTW…  An excellent topic.
Kate (1 year ago)
Dear MikeTO...In truth...how many men truly respect themselves?  Or for that matter, how many women respect themselves?  We all are being sold a bill of goods that we must project ourselves in a certain manner.  Men must dress a specific way, own a specific type of car, live in a specific type of abode in order to 'score'.  Inversely women are told what cosmetics to buy, what clothes to wear, how high their heels should be to score.  And, to further complicate the matter, we are all told which clubs, bars, restaurants and events are the best to attend to 'score'.  Do people with any self respect, any true self love, spend their evenings in bars and clubs dropping heaven only knows what kind of money simply to add another notch on their belts?  And all this money foolishly spent (in my very humble opinion) winds up in the hands of a very few very smart people with the government getting their piece of the action.  You are not a simp.  You are simply, like me, trying to figure things out and it becomes tougher ever day.Strength to You...Kate
Kate (1 year ago)
Dear MikeTO...I agree with you completely.  The only resource none of us can buy is more time.  Wasting it on anything other than one's personal or professional pursuits is sinful at best and self destructive at worst.  I've been going my own way for several years and it's affirming to know that others feel as I do.Truly...Kate
Benson Parker (1 year ago)
Total BS
Ramon Sitanala (1 year ago)
Women who can't respect men is because they don't respect themselves. Women who respect themselves can respect men.
ewmism (1 year ago)
Bitches be GOOOOONE !!!
Psycrotes HighPriest (1 year ago)
Good points. They can't respect men because they only view us as objects they can extract resources from. They are incapable of loving anything other than themselves.
Epik Hell Sword (4 months ago)
Alin Mihai Oh wait,I meant by my first reply is that since fuckboys disrespect women,that's a reflection of themselves
Epik Hell Sword (4 months ago)
Alin Mihai LOL!!! No,I'm a dude,and my perspective has changed a while ago.Some women are chill,but most are succubus'.Most have double standards and absolutely suck. Keep in mind I made my reply a month ago so my view has changed as MOST women have double standards,are sluts,feminists that want WAY too much power,etc.
Alin Mihai (4 months ago)
Epik Hell Sword Are you crazy ladie or feminist. What happent? The true has hurt you dumby? Tipically for women..."Fuckboys" ? Oh really? What was that? What tried with that? To see all the world how many are you? Pathetic can be.
Epik Hell Sword (5 months ago)
Psycrotes HighPriest No wonder so many go for fuckboys.Who you like is a reflection of yourself
David Sarabia (1 year ago)
Also women are becoming more violent. Female crime is rising. Everyday I'm starting to see on the news more crazy shit coming from females to murder to being bad mother's leaving their kids in the car in 90+ degree weather.
Portuguese MGTOW (1 year ago)
Keep it cumming Howard! Let your manly voice be heard!
gar y . (1 year ago)
How bout following the ethics of the early protestants instead of devils like Nietzsche who promoted the tearing down of the highest civilization ever built? Any rand was a whore of the Rothschild, her whole philosophy favored the super elite who run everything.
Bill Phillips (1 year ago)
gar y You are dead wrong on Ayn Rand. She applauds capitalism and the individual. Soros, Rothchilds, etc want to rule over a socialist, mongrel slave world.

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